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Big Time Waster. Impossible to contact.

Neighbour rolled car into my fence. Her insurer RACV. I called RACVwith the claim number and was put through to a third-party service centre (they do not even deal with claim internally!!). E-mails sent, calls made, put on hold for hours. I do not insure through RACV and now I NEVER will. Still on hold..... It seems to me that they just want me to go away and not deal with the claim.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim ApprovedNo
Claim DateJanuary 2019

Storm damaged

made another claim last week winds pushed my cazzeeboo.
They said not covered as water damage from a down pipe which was flowing the opposite way rotted post. They even couldn’t check posts as they were in concrete. Canceling my policy and going elsewhere. There happy to take your money.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimStorm and Rainwater
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedNo
Claim DateFebruary 2019

Watch out for sneaky increase of your house and contents value

I have been with RACV for 15 or so years.

A 30% increase on my annual H&C premium was hard to swallow and caused me to start asking questions and seeking competitive quotes. Apparently, the majority of the increase was somewhat based on storm from last year that i did claim.

However, when I started looking into the details further; RACV seem to also annually increase the value of your house and content by 5% to fatten up their premiums; so higher than inflation or CPI. A little bit sneaky I think.

Additionally, when I did get the claim approved, RACV's preferred approach was to just give me a cheque and request that I project manage the repairs myself in my own time. As a busy professional, studying part time at the time and a father of 2 kids - this was not my preferred approach and I did request they reconsider and they refused.

Insurance claim madeYes

Home and contents insurance - Increase in premium for 2019 of almost 300%

I have been a multi policy owner since 2000. Home and contents and car insurance. I have made 2 small claims on home insurance and 1 on car.

This year received a premium increase on house and contents of almost 300%. The explanation was that the underwriter has now been able to correctly map the property and the risks warrant the increase.

Insurance claim madeYes

So much for being a loyal customer

Been with RACV for house, contents and car insurance for over 12 years and never claimed. Had part of ceiling fall down in Melbourne storm yesterday. Called RACV to ask what we should do and was told that the building insurance ran out on 20 Oct and wasn't renewed. Probably on oversight on my behalf as I was overseas when the renewal arrived, but I haven't received any reminder. Anyway, they give 14 days grace, allegedly, which ran out on 2nd or 3rd Nov! So they won't cover the claim. Pretty short sighted if you ask me. With $500 excess and the fact it is only a matter of replacing a maximum of 2 gyproc sheets, the cost to them would be less than $1000. Well they have lost me as a customer and my annual building premium was over $2250. My advice is to go elsewhere for you insurance. I have.

Insurance claim madeYes

$200,000 of members money spent on accommodation and bogus testing and still no home to live in!

16 months of lies and deception. Water leak that lead to mold infestation throughout my property. Ill children even one hospitalized and I am the one that is mad? nearly 14 months in temporary accommodation at $3000.00 a week and still I ado not have a home to live in. Tradesman after tradesman, test after test lie after lie fabrication after fabrication. I am now out of pocket more than $15,000 and still no home to go back too. 3 children that again cannot have a tree for Christmas as RACV like to bounce families around at a click of their fingers. 5 times in 14 months a lot for anyone, little own 3 Kids.
I have spent over 70 hours on the phone to be bounced around. They lack any customer service skills at all. No one seems to know who looks after what or it is simply someone else's problem.
They even brake rules that have been set down by outside bodies and get away with it. Once you have dealt with a so called customer relations manager that will do nothing they will bring in their so called big guns who is actually who you are insured with all along NOT RACV but IAG. More lies!
Trust me stay away!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Long time member of racv very disappointed

I have been paying racv insurance premiums for car and house and contents for years.
When i rang them to assist with a first time claim for water damage in our bathroom they put me on hold in order to check if they could find a technical loophole to get out assisting with said damage. When i asked what my premiums actually covered all they could tell is what they would not cover.
Extremely disappointed. It seems taking out in insurance in good faith counts for nothing, despite being a loyal member for many years. Essentially we are all paying good money to corporations who are happy to take it for nothing in return. It's laughable to see these insurance companies, and banks advertising themselves as being friendly and helpful when clearly its only about making a buck.

Insurance claim madeYes

Never an easy process, will find ways not to cover a legitimate claim

I have been with the company over 15 years, never made a claim. Had a water leak and will only cover a portion of the area as they used a term stating there was a break which I accepted given there was a door the first time. This resulted in me being out of pocket over $6000. Unfortunately 12 months on had another leak in larger area with no doors yet have stated another fixture is considered a break in one open living area, even though no dividing walls, doorways, arch or change in floor coverings. RACV you are a joke and will never come recommended to anyone. You will find every reason tot to pay or fulfil a legitimate claim. I gave you a chance to prove yourself second time and again I ended up in a worse position again. NEVER insure with RACV will find every loop whole to not pay or deny a claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

How did RACV become so bad, what happened

Impersonal call centres, no one person looks after your claim, no effective claims management, incredibly and unnecessarily slow repair process. Trades people call the client for instructions and not RACV, how come? My advice is RACV no longer has a customer service focus. You would be better off not having insurance. Their call centre operators do not know what they are doing, they give incorrect advice and do not return promised calls. I would have been better off not having insurance at all. Thirty years of loyalty with hardly any claims. It is time for me, my extended family, associates and friends to look elsewhere. Worst service ever experienced.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst experience ever

I was given misinformation by their trades - when I attempted to hold them to account they lied - denied what was said. I don't mind an honest disagreement on reading the policy or definitions but when you are lied to and treated with contempt to avoid payout you know it's a terrible insurance policy and time to get out.

Insurance claim madeYes

Home and contents

Very quick and easy cash settlements, without replacement photos or at times replacement quotes provided.
Sue scoble was great to deal with and very understanding.

Insurance claim madeYes

poor service

My mother-in-law has been insured with RACV for a long time, and although I had heard stories about poor telephone service and low claim thresh-holds for the Premium annual cost, I only now have had first-hand experience of it.. She was in tears over the service, so I took over and although I had 2 good experiences out of 4 with them, in every instance the staff sounded weary and defeated. My last experience with her Claim was when I rang them this morning to check that all was done for the small claim to be processed, I was placed in a queue and after 10 minutes waiting was cut off. The Home Policy she has is significantly more expensive than mine but what does she get back for it?

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible - Incompetent Product & Company

The consultant explained it different when actually trying to claim ”unclassified items”. Before it was not restricted to items, now only certain items and what I needed to claim is not listed on there suddenly. Very unhappy as it doesn't help that we had stuff insured but end up losing at the end of the day.

Insurance claim madeNo

Waste of money

We were with RACV for 30 years we only tried to make a small claim twice in all that time and each time there was some small print clause that rejected our claim.
We are now with AAMI and pay less premium and are covered for way more and going by my parents experience with AAMI we won’t be knocked back on a claim.
And don’t try calling RACV as you will start and finish a movie before they answer you

Insurance claim madeNo

The best

I am with RACV more than 25 years and never had any problems with them. Any claim during that time was handle quick and profesionally. It was like a family member will care.

Insurance claim madeYes

Stress free,fast claim process

I had a self accidental insurance along with home insurance.My wife's phone was damaged accidently, claim processed next day after all the documents were supplied,RACV supplier replaced new phone next day with excess.Awesome instant service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worse customer service

I having RACV insurance and requested certificate of currency for banking purpose first said will send you in 24hrs.
after 24 hrs nothing , called back send invoice after 1 hour, called again for certificate said will send you in half hour, well still waiting nothing received .

Just thinking i am not making claim and they even cant send simple paperwork what to excepted from them if claim, totally unacceptable, changing my insurance for sure

Insurance claim madeNo

Do Not Insure Your Home With RACV

My husband and I made an insurance claim because of leaking tap spindles, in our laundry, which led to water damage to our subfloor. This is the first claim we have made in 30 years of living in our home and 30 years of being insured with the RACV. We made the claim at the beginning of February 2018. An assessor from Beacon Building Services, the builders assigned to us by the RACV, came out to assess the damage on 7 February 2018. A plumber came to make an assessment on 21 February. We paid our excess and signed the Scope of Works document on 2/3/2018. We are still waiting for the repairs to the laundry to be carried out. The whole process is taking too long. I have made so many calls to Beacon Building Services. Finally, Beacon Building Services sent a subcontractor out to inspect the work to be carried out this week on 19 March after many phone calls to them. We were told work would commence this week but then I got an email from the subcontractor to say that the job would be allocated to somebody else. Once again I rang Beacon Building Services. They have allocated the job to another subcontractor who might be coming tomorrow to have a look at the job. Pathetic! I will not be renewing my insurance with the RACV.

Insurance claim madeYes

Read the PDS carefully

You are not really insuring with the RACV but an relatively unknown insurer IAG Insurance. All the brochures make you think you are insuring wholly with the RACV but you are not. If they advertised it as IAG, most people would look elsewhere - to the big name players in the insurance industry. My advice, stay away.
I can't believe that everyone thinks they are insured with the RACV, your not! The RACV only owns 30% of IAG. From the IAG website "IAG’s short tail personal insurance products are distributed in Victoria under the RACV brand, via a distribution relationship and underwriting joint venture with RACV established in 1999. These products are distributed by RACV and manufactured by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited (IMA), which is owned 70% by IAG and 30% by RACV." All correspondence comes from IAG assessors, nothing from the RACV.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very impressed with RACV with both claims

I am surprised at the amount of negative reviews so even though our experiences are old, I felt that I should add them. Our first claim was well over ten years ago but RACV were extremely quick to get the leak fixed and carpet replaced. About 10 years ago we had our second and hopefully last claim when a truck hit our garage and did a lot of damage. RACV were fantastic, we were very impressed at how quickly they responded to assess the damage and immediately organised the trades to fix everything to a very high standard. RACV has always been an excellent insurance company to us in the past.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

I have recently lost a gold and diamond earring whilst out walking in local area and despite spending two days looking for it I cannot find it. Is this covered by general contents insurance?
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I recently had my house burgled with a number of items stolen and television smashed. I am a little concerned because jewelery given as a gift 10-15 years ago I have no proof of purchase or photos who does Is this an issue?
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I have my RACV contents and buildings renewal in front of me. My premium for the buildings insurance has gone up by 20% since my last bill in 2014. The only thing that's changed in the meantime is the value of the buildings which is automatically increased by 5% each year by RACV. No change for the excess, no change in the building. So why has the premium gone up so savagely? Has anyone else found this?
2 answers
My guess is that people are leaving RACV as they don't cover claims. You only have to read the reviews. I have left. Vandals trashed our house last Easter, RACV covered our windows, but said to me to prove the house wasn't trashed before they trashed it. I thought our 50,000 trashed house was bad, but people have had houses burnt and no cover????? RACV should be held responsible!!! Outrageous disgusting to there own customers! Leave now b4 you have to claim!!! And get nothingCheck "Racv policy rejection" on fb. It will explain alot

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