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Radford Supplies

Radford Supplies

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Misleading information.

Was offered a special "introductory deal" although it was not cheap. Then was sent more, and when I said "no more, my company is too small for this amount of toner" they said I had a contract with them. They have now sent more, yet again, and as this is unsolicited I have accepted it as a gift. They do not reply to return calls to an office number. Same tactics as welfare groups sending greeting cards and pens, hoping that you will feel pressured into paying. I will not be blackmailed.

Product Quality
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Never deal with this company. Bought one package and they sent another months later unordered and unauthorised. Rang them, spoke to [name removed] who continued to tell us this was part of a deal, no we didn't agree to anything. We have made many phone calls, some were hung up on, ring back and they say Oh our phones are playing up! I call crap.
Never ever deal with them

Shocking service

Tried to cancel order multiple times. Very difficult to deal with. Kept sending us unwanted stock. Rude when called to rectify problem. Would not recommend this company ever. Worst customer service.

Return Claim MadeNo

Shameless Scum.

Disgusting behavior from representatives who continually call and harass whilst refusing to disclose the nature of their call. When pressed further the female representative became irate and rude. Do not deal with these scum bags.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Rude, Scammers,

I ordered 2 inks form this company that was ok then more ink turned up that i didn"t order and then kept ringing & ringing I told them i didn't order this but they said it was part of the deal that I should have listened when i was on the phone. that was rubbish!! Then they became rude on the phone abusive then threatened me with court costs for debt collection.
Don"t buy from this company you will be sorry.

Product Quality
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Stay away from this company

This is one of the worst companies that my business has ever dealt with. Initially they split my order into two separate deliveries, but charged me for both before I received the second. Then they sent the second and tried to charge me for that. They then reckoned that I had ordered a third lot. I told them not to send it, but they did anyway. In the mean time I had sent back two lots of ink cartridges, the first were leaking upon delivery, and the second lot printed photos a bit pale. I kept the third delivery in exchange for the two previous bad batches. I was out of pocket slightly, but I didn't care, it was just agony dealing with these people. Then a man rang. He was rude and angry and threatened to destroy my good credit rating. I rang back later and spoke to a lady who said she would sort it all out. She did, but the facts remain that the Radford product is rubbish, they tell a lot of lies, and they don't deserve any honest person's business.

Completely Unethical

Do not buy from this company! I agreed to one order split into two deliveries a few years ago from Tridex Imaging. Same as others, I have been scammed into accepting more and more deliveries of toner from (now) Radford over the space of 3 years. I now have a huge stock of toner which I will never use. The toner is not good quality either and regularly leaks in the printer. Have spoken to a number of people at Radford and been assured each time that each delivery would be the last and "finalise the order" but it never does and they just keep ringing and telling me we have a contract for more. Today I have told them they are completely unethical and I would not be dealing with them anymore. If they deliver more toner I will not be accepting it or paying for it.


Absolute scam artists here! They ring offering free gifts (which you never receive mind you) and cheap cartridges then they send a second lot out almost TRIPLE the price of the first lot! We refused to pay for the second lot and told them multiple times to send their courier back to pick them up as we won't be needing them, nor did we want crap cartridges at a over inflated price. They refused and engaged a lawyer and tried to put it through small claims court (wth right for $500?) my boss end up paying just to make them leave her alone (great sales tactic there). I will be letting every business owner I know to steer clear and I am currently looking at options I can take to make these people accountable! Scum of the earth trying to rip off hard working small businesses with disgusting scare tactics!!!

Big - Repeat, Big! Scammers - using ugly sick america sales methods to rip off decent ozzies

They conned us into buying 1 lot of 3 printer cartridges, then sent us a second lot of 3 and when I queried this second lot by phone I was told I had contracted to buy 2 lots of 3. I accepted the second lot and told their employee, I did not want any more, did not want to deal with radfords again and to delete our name from their records! The person to whom I spoke said they would attend to my instruction. I have just received a third lot. As I have no contract with Radfords I will accept their gift. I will report them to Fair Trading as SCAMMERS and publish this comment on Face book.

Scam warning to all will take this up with today tonight

Never buy from this company complete scam told me I can return cartridges free of charge and are genuine quality but failed to tell me they have a cooling off period can't return my cartridges. Will not be paying for these cartridges. Tried to contact them multiple times but no one was available. Avoid this company like the plague. Will also be putting a claim with consumer affairs and scam watch if this is not resolved.
I will be sticking with my other supplier.

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Not resolved. Consumer affairs now investigating. SHAME ON YOU.

Overpriced hard sell but prompt service. Never again

WAY Overpriced PUSHY SALES PEOPLE. The only good side was the goods arrived quickly which I didn’t need.

NEVER again


Unbelievably bad customer service and threatening behaviour. Will Scam you with free gifts then bill you.
Please do not use these guys, not sure how they are allowed to operate.

Terrible customer service

I had a lady phone me out of the blue. Took a while to get my business name correct and when I could not hear where she was from clearly and then asked again to confirm she said "Oh my freaking god" and then hung up. As if I would ever use their product with those type of people working there.

Sales people were rude!

If The people selling the product are that rude, imagine what the actual product is like? They don’t identify themselves when they cold call you and when you ask who they are they continue to demand to know who you are, like they are already trying to defend a bad reputation.

Expensive and Bad Quality

Cartridges did not work well at all. Very disappointed. I also had someone try to tell me that I had ordered a further set which I would have to pay for when I didn't. Thankfully they agreed to cancel "my order" so hopefully that happens.

Highly Recommended

I was contacted by Radford Supplies some time ago, the gentleman i originally spoke to was very helpful, I gave him my printer number and he very quickly told me what cartridges i needed for my printer. He also said i didn't need to pay for the goods until 30 days after, which i thought was very good. I needed the cartridges straight away as we were running low, he said no worried i can get them out to you in 1-2 business days and he was correct the goods arrived a day later. I now deal with a lady at Radford Supplies on a regular basis and have always received the goods promptly and have continued to pay on a 30 day invoice. I did once forget to pay on the due date so i got a friendly phone call to remind me that my payment was due. The cartridges print to a high quality and last longer that the standard cartridges do. i am very happy with Radford Supplies and will continue to use them.

Rotton Product and overpriced refills just junk

Half of them showed up leaking, Called they said will replace. Then charged me for them, the ones I used destroyed my printer. Would not help at all, Just abused me, threats and harassing calls. Avoid at all cost.

Ripped off by con artists

I was cold called about ink cartridges that would outlast other brands and had been informed they might cost a little extra. Not being the person who normally buys our ink but at that time thinking I'd give it a shot ordered 2 sets. I later found out from shocked friends, including an ex-printer salesperson, I'd been ripped off big time! After researching online I realised I have paid up to many times more than other competitors with a similar product. Of course it is hard to find someone to talk at Radford about this as I can't find a contact number to ring on their site... I wonder why! Suggestion: stay well clear.

Can I give less than 1 star

Scam company, agreed to try one set of cartridges at higher price then a generic one, they worked fine but no different to them at double the price. keep getting call saying Ive ordered more as they only never only send 1 set. Told them never agreed to it and prove me wrong (never signed anything or even agreed via voice)..this repeats every month and they say Ill get someone to call me back..like that gonna change anything....stay away from them

Happy with purchase!

I was contacted by a lady calling from radford supplies who told me about their products, I have tried non genuine cartridges before and was a bit sceptical, but the chat was great and I was generally intrigued by the product. I told her to give me a call back, she agreed without being pushy and went she called me back a week later I decided to try a few black cartridges. They arrived with the free portable charger they told me they were sending out. Shocker I actually got something for free! And I haven't gotten through the first one yet and it been months!

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone managed to stop Radford Supplies from continually sending & billing these ink products? My friend has been trying to cancel them for ages. She only ordered from them once from a cold-call. Ever since then, they keep sending her products she'll never use. When they ring her, she tries to cancel the order. They say that she has a split order. SHE DOESN'T. They say it'll be the last order. IT ISN'T. They say they'll send a confirmation fax/email. THEY DON'T. They send her paperwork about breaking her contract OR there'll be large fees if she sends their product back to them but they're allowed to continue sending her bills. How is this possible? Can she just ignore them? They now don't have a return address on their parcels or letters so she doesn't know who it's from until she opens it. She never signed anything. She never started a contract. She only ordered 1 set of ink cartridges on the phone. Has anyone sorted this company out so they stop?
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Having a similar experience.... best thing is to get onto the Department of Consumer Affairs. That's what they are there for.They tried same with me..they said try one order..was generic cartridge no different to one half the price they called saying I agreed to full order and that was only half..i said prove it, they cant.... repeat 3 times, ame phone call..Im guessing they were hoping for someone different on the phone....they never sent an order or called after that..if they send without approval refuse if its sent via courier you dont have to accept...if it just arrives dont open and just leave in the corner...they have no right to charge you and if they threaten legal action..tell them to come pick em up at there own cost..they wont pursue as they know on wrong side of the law....full on scammers.Department of cosumer affairs would best, because it is a breach under the consumer law of Australia to be doing this kind of stuff to people. Apparently when you receive your first order if you do not read the invoice correctly and you just sign for them, in tiny writing there is an agreement or contract stating that you agree to them been sent out every few months. Basically they trick you into buying the first order of inks, them keep sending out more. It's a scam and rip off, also be careful because they change there name every few months and cold call again under a different name, I figured this out few years ago. Do not buy anything over the phone. If you have purchased some, read the invoice before signing for them. Hope this helps in some way.

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