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Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp

Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp

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    BevHunter Region, NSW

    • 3 reviews

    Great product


    Why would they discontinue such a greAt product very disappointing can no longer buy the refills a very good effe tive product PLEASE bring it backas it was very popular and affordable

    Bitterly disappointed no longer available


    I used the Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp for a number of years and find it very frustrating that as.c Johnson & Son no longer supply them with product in Australia. Not sure why because they were by far the best product on the market for keeping mozzies away! No doubt some beauocrat here in Australia decided it was bad for us and banned it. Bring it back please!!!!!


    BarbCanberra Central 2602, ACT

    • 3 reviews

    Raid Lamp Refills discontinued - hence the 1-star rating


    These Raid lamps were THE BEST. Mozzies and midges kept well clear. Simple and easy to use and lightweight. We used the lanterns for camping, caravanning, and outside in the gazebo at home. We have used them in remote areas throughout Australia. No need for electricity or a need to carry a pile of spare batteries for new-fangled contraptions.

    Sadly, no longer available.

    Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp


    This was the excellent in saving me from sand-fly bites. Not happy that I cannot by refills. How disappointing for RAID to stop producing these. Can you please start making the refills again.

    Kay W

    Kay WBrisbane

    Best product ever


    I have been using this product forever only to find you can no longer buy refills. Not happy at all. It has been the best most effective product of its kind. I cannot understand why a product is taken off the market if it works so well...most likely because the newer products cost more.

    best mosquito deterrant ever


    I purchased 3 raid outdoor mozzie lamps for myself, one for each of my family members & now am so annoyed that I cannot purchase the refills, I found this product so effective & easy to use, I am allergic to the spray on repellants so the raid mozzie lamp was a godsend! many people have the lamps please bring back the refills!



    Buy refill mats on ebay, and use tea lamps in original candle holder.


    I have purchased mats on eBay, and as they are slightly thinner, they need to be held into place with a paperclip. Another paperclip threaded through the first stops it falling into the lamp.
    Use a tea lamp held in the original candle holder.
    This works well!


    AnnabelSouth East Queensland, QLD

    • 7 reviews

    The best so far


    Why take off the market the one thing that works? Refills weren't cheap but did the job. I bought 2 new lamps then couldn't buy refills. Please bring them back. Whenever we had visitors we would light the lamps and there would be no mosquito bites for the whole afternoon or evening. I am now back to spraying the patio before people come. People won't come to your house if they are going be bitten. I don't go to certain peoples places because of the insect bites I know we will get and the citronella coils make me feel sick.

    There is a cheaper way!!


    Buy a box of tea candles, & mosquito mats from EBay. The candles needs to be closer to the mat, so use a spent one. That will fix the buggers!

    Where can we get refills


    I'm disgusted that I can't get refills. I support all other comments and would certainly buy more if only I can track them down. When are suppliers going to listen to the people who buy and use their goods?

    can't believe that this product has been discontinued


    Can't believe that this product has been discontinued. Best product on the market. Bring it back i am sure I am not the only 1 that will buy it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Please rethink your decision. Will not buy alternative raid product because it requires electricity

    Paula Blake

    Paula BlakeMelbourne

    Not Happy


    I too am ticked off that this product has been discontinued. I've been using it for years and i too will never buy another raid product again.

    Need Refills!


    Can't add much more than has already been said, Why the frig discontinue a product that works? God knows there aren't enough products that really work in this world!

    Best mozzie lamp. Cant buy refils!


    This is/was the only effective mozzie lamp around. About 10 times as effective as mozzie coils. An excellent product. Extremely disappointed I can't seem to buy refills anymore. I will be contacting fair trading. I expect to be refunded for my lamp.



    Useless product without the refills


    A great product but totally useless as it is very difficult, in fact virtually impossible, to buy refills. It should be illegal to sell this product as it is useless without the refills.

    Refills no longer available


    This was a fantastic product but we can no longer buy refills. Why remove such a useful product? A similar product by another company that makes insecticides doesn't work at all.


    LeonaSouth East Queensland, QLD

    This is the only mozzie killer that really works and is portable and reliable with a good coverage


    I have been using these for at least 6 years and have a number of lanterns (great for parties) I put them all around the garden. When we want to swim at night I just light the candle and not 1 mozzie attach. But now we I have not found anything that can do this. Masters was the last place to sell these but not now. HOW COULD YOU TAKE SOMETHING AWAY THAT WAS SO SUCCESSFUL. Just bring it back!!!

    Raid mozzie lamp


    Sick of buying this type of product only to have size,shape etc changed or not able to buy refills. Warn consumers if you are discontinuing a product.

    Very disappointed that I can't buy refills anymore.


    I have used this product for many years. I am surrounded by bushland & have found it the most effective protection from insects & the nice glow from the lantern blends into the surroundings. It's easy to replace the candle & repellant unlike other products that are far more complex to set up.

    Raid Protector Insect Control Mozzie Lamp Refills


    I am also very annoyed that I can no longer buy refills. It was a great product.
    Why discontinue a good product that customers have and are loyal.
    Be assured that I will not buy another Raid product that involves an initial complete purchase and refills. Come to think of it, I won't buy another Raid product at all.

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    Questions & Answers

    carol foster

    carol fosterasked

    where in newcastle new south wales can i get raid outdoor mozzie lantern refills

    2 answers

    I have sad news for you, Carol. You can't get lantern refills because Raid doesn't make the little thingamajigs that created the smoke. The lanterns are now redundant. I was sorry too because those Raid Lanterns were the best. No need for batteries and we used them travelling around Australia. I have a couple of lanterns which will now get tossed into the garbage bin.


    same here. they are no longer available but I managed to get some that were similiar(after doing a few adjustments) on line on ebay. Give that a try. Wish they would bring them back as they were a great product.

    Gill L.

    Gill L.asked

    Dear Raid reps,
    Please return the refills and lamps to our shelves. They were the best mozzie deterrents ever!

    No answers



    Why were these taken off the market when they were so good? I was never bitten by mossies with these.
    The new ones just don't work.

    1 answer

    I wish I knew. Ask the manufacturer. Maybe they were too effective and were affecting sales of their other products.

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