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Rainbow E2

Rainbow E2

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Very Happy with Performance

We purchased our Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner after having a friend refer us for a demonstration. We have a relatively new house and carpet, with no children or pets in the house, other than occasional visits from grandchildren. Our existing vacuum cleaner was a respected name brand upright bagless vacuum cleaner.

We were really surprised by how much the Rainbow removed so much extra dirt and dust when first used to clean the carpet, and continues to keep it clean. While not a cheap unit, the performance is excellent, and we are well pleased with its useability on hard and soft floors, furnishings and using the pressure cleaner attachment to clean flyscreens.

The air freshening function is a real bonus, and we are always left with a sweet smelling home after use.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great piece of equipment

It is very simple to use, light, easy to maneuver. Quality machine, we had our first cleaner for over 20 years, upgraded, there was still nothing wrong with the older one. The carpet looks clean, after vacuuming, stains easy to remove. You need to be the type of person that does not mind spending money on a quality machine for a long term investment. Knowing that you saving on bags and filters. Love the fact it is filled with water.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Best Vacuum cleaner ever invented

In my opinion what's sets this Vacuum apart from other vacuums is that
1-It never loses airflow (suction)
2-It does not smell bad when you use it, in fact it smell fresh and nice.
3- It does not affect my bad allergies and it's the only vacuum that does not do that.
4- Deep cleans the carpet and filters dust and pollutants in the air (again very good for allergic people like myself)
5- Good for wet pickups.
6- multiple and versatile uses and has plenty of attachments available for shampooing, cleaning hard floors, cleaning and shampooing cars and upholstery.
These are the advantages that I have observed from my use of the vacuum system. Manufacturer and distributor claims fantastic durability and long term usability which seems to be confirmed by other online reviews but I would not be able to comment on that objectively because I have only owned mine for 2 years.
I have never had any trouble with it and it works with the same efficiency as when we first bought it.
The Rainbow cleaning system is obviously and with no dought the best vacuum I have ever used. With that being said there are few things that need to be clarified.
This vacuum is heavy especially when filled with water. It is also not meant for quick pick ups.
This vacuum is for certain type of people and not everyone would fall in love with it.
You need to be the type of person that does not mind spending a lot of money on a machine for a long term investment, knowing that you will make your money back by saving on buying multiple vacuums that are cheaply made and by saving on bags and filters.
You also need to be the type of person that is very particular about cleaning their home and does not mind the extra effort in setting up and cleaning the machine after you are done with cleaning.
No other machine currently on the market will do what this machine does.
If you have carpet at your place, you like your house very clean and don't mind putting the extra effort and money then this is the machine for you.
One thing I forgot to mention is that this machine is bagless and it uses water and a HEPA filter to clean the suctioned air which makes the dirty water disposal a dust free job.
The usual price in Australia is about 3500 dollars with basic attachments and it comes with 8 years warranty.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Lasts a lifetime!

Light, quiet, easy to maneuver! Industrial quality unit we can move from home office. We had our previous rainbow for just under 20 years. Great quality machines well worth the money! You will spend more replacing cheaper ones every year or two. Definitely recommend any

Date PurchasedNov 2016

most important piece of appliance we have

its an all in one cleaner and also a vaporizer. very simple system which looks like will last a long time as others have experienced. carpet feels much cleaner with this vacuum and has kept my allergy symtoms away with the air cleaner functions. the price might be a deal breaker for some but its well worth it

Date PurchasedNov 2016

The best by far

Purchased in 1990 and still going strong. Cleaned pet hair, family spills and anything thrown its way, never leaves smells or gives you that horrible dusty after taste, best vapourisor ever with no wet walls, did an excellent job extracting water from sodden and flooded carpets. 27 years strong with one bowl and one brush head replacement and only one ever service.
Something's additions/ modifications I would love to see added... retractable cord, maybe a slimmer less bulky style, bumpers or rounded base with wheels. Even without these I would still purchase again ... strong, reliable and has stood the test of time.

Date PurchasedJan 1997

Best Cleaner by far

I bought our Rainbow in 1989, it has been incredible!!! We have only had it fully serviced once and had to replace the bowl and the floor tool brush once (at the time of it's only service). It has not had an easy life, with 4 children and a heap of pets to deal with in a rural setting, not to mention how often it has been lent out to family and friends for emergency clean-ups. It does not very attractive now, with the crown having been self-mended a number of times, various tapes on the hoses and the electric cord, that got chewed up by a dog, is now considerably shortened, but, as far as the cleaning job goes, it worked as well two weeks ago as it did when we first used it 28 years before. One week ago, however, it just died.
I have been doing some research and asking retailers for their input on alternate vacuum cleaners, but, in truth, I just can not imagine cleaning the house with anything else, so I am now here searching for a distributor to get myself a new Rainbow.
When you consider 28 year of excellent results, the financial outlay is not so huge. As a salesperson told me this morning, if you buy a Dyson or Miele for $600 - $700.00, you will, more than likely, have to replace it in 3 years time therefore making the Rainbow an amazing investment.

Date PurchasedMar 1997


Although quite pricey, these vacuums are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and well worth the investment. Look after this machine and you will literally keep it forever - just to clarify, I purchased the new rainbow E2 Black Illuminate (the newer machine released in 2012), but the review is appearing under the Rainbow E2 Gold (link to what mine looks like - http://rainbowsystem.com/ )

I will admit, the whole Water Pan thing might seem a bit of a faff for some people but it's actually not that bad once you start to use it and it means you keep your machine in tip-top shape all the time. And you can put nice smelling oils (I use D'Oterra) which is a nice change from the 'vacuum' smell of my old vacuum.

I had a Dyson before this machine and although my carpet was pretty clean, the Rainbow did pull out quite a bit of yukky stuff and continues to do so. Very, very fine dust seems to now come out of carpet and soft furnishings.

I regularly take my Rainbow to my mums house and my sisters house - on first use you will always pick up a lot of gritty, sandy dirt but you will find ask you keep "Rainbowing" the amount it pulls out of the carpet becomes less and less - not because the vacuum isn't working but because its pulled all the really yuk stuff out and now you only need to clean the surface of the carpet (no more ground-in dirt). It also lifts the pile of the carpet or rugs beautifully.

If you Shampoo your carpet, i strongly recommend vacuuming with a Rainbow first, as the shampoo job will be so much better afterwards.

I also bought the RainJet attachment so now I vacuum and mop with the same machine and it is wonderful. Way better than using a Steam Mop.

As mentioned earlier, it is a pricey machine but definitely worth the money as it does an EXCELLENT job and if maintained well, will last for a lot longer than most other machines around.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

One vacuum my family cannot do without

We bought our 1st Rainbow in 1996 in Singapore. We traded-in for a new one in 2007. Still works well and hasn't broken since then. It is a high grade and quality product which never fails to deliver.

My sinus issues with dust and dust mites are gone. Our pillows and beds are clean and smell fresh after using it.

Excellent product that I recommend for every family that could afford one.

Date PurchasedJul 2007

Works well

The machine works well. Best thing is no dust smell at all. Air remains fresh.
Easy to clean - just wash it out.
No power lead retractor is a negative. Needs to be manually wound each time.
Also quite bulky - needs a good storage cupboard.
Not sure how long the plastic fittings will last.

Date PurchasedNov 2011

BEST Cleaning System

We purchased the Rainbow back in 2008 through a door-to-door sales rep. After watching his demo I was in love with everything this cleaning system do. Even though we were not financially fit to buy one at the time but I wanted it so bad that my husband invested in this product. We can confidently say that even after 6 years with this machine it still amazes us.
The main reason why we purchased this cleaner was for my daughter who suffered highly from asthma & had several allergies but mainly to dust & dust mites. Prior to owning the Rainbow I would at least be admitting my daughter to hospital once every 2 months due to an asthma attack. Since we owned this cleaner we have only taken her twice within 6 years.
I've tried many other vacuum systems including Dyson & Miele unfortunately they still fall short of what the Rainbow cleaner can do. Rainbow is fantastic because its based on water... the other systems may be good but at the end of the day it is still a dry system! i love their quote "wet dust can't fly" because its true.
I honestly can't live without my Rainbow and everyone who knows me will say that. Even when i go out to help families or friends with anything that will involve tidying up I would take along my Rainbow too.. because I know how good it cleans. If your considering getting one - GO AHEAD its worth every cent!

Simply the best

I have a rainbow and it is now 6 years old and going like a brand new one. You can taste the difference in the air every time it is used. Wonderful if you have breathing problems. I showed a friend just recently and vacuumed with a normal cleaner and then used the rainbow, you wouldn't believe what was picked up that the other one missed.

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where to buy rainbow vacuum in Australia? thanks

Lasts and lasts

I bought a Rainbow vac back in 1996 and also its Aqua cleaning system. Its still going although now showing its age. I have 2 long haired dogs and a large home. . Adding fragrance to the water barrel in the Rainbow is a bonus and makes the expelled air even better although its not really necessary.
Wish they were more readily available here in Perth.
As the Rainbow got older I did buy a barrel Dyson in the last 3years after listening to all the hype but still find the dog odours are in the Dyson system even after emptying and cleaning it
Very reliable. Sturdy. Powerful. No smells emitted at all. Easy emptying and cleaning of barrel.
Getting parts in WA for this older system. Pricey, but then considering its age, mine has been well worth it.

Best vacuum ever!

We recently had a demonstration of the latest Rainbow and it was amazing. I previously owned a Dyson and during the presentation the representative showed me the difference between air flow and suction. It immediately made sense as i was always sold on the "bowling ball" advertisement and thought that suction cleaned. But if suction cleaned, why do i have to pick up the bit on the floor and stick it down the pipe? Also it is great for cleaning the mattress and seeing the dead skin cells on top of the water was truly revolting. With 8 year warranty and great interest free payment plans im telling everyone about the Rainbow!!!
Logical demonstration, Mattress cleaning and overall cleaning ability, cleaning the air

Still going strong since the early 90s

Although not this specific model, my mum used to go around selling Rainbow vacuums in the early 90s. Even though they were expensive they were the best! She still uses hers to this day, and I've inherited one off her which I share with my sister. Still picks up all the dirt and traps it in the water. Had a small crack in the water bowl and found a replacement for $40.
No bag, no dust. Great suction. So many attachments. Leaves everything very clean.
If you leave the water in the bowl after vacuuming for a few days, bacteria builds up and it will stink like a$$.

Worth the money, the rolls royce of machines!

We bought a rainbow 6 yrs ago. It is still going like it did on its first day. I became a rep for them in the UK and was surprised on how many people bought them despite the price. It pays for itself over the years as it won't break easily. My mum's neighbour has one that's almost 30years old and is still going as good as new. Just one negative point. I find it a bit heavy for carrying it upstairs as I cant be bothered to take the water bowl off first or the pipes.
The job it does consistently for years on end.
Just a bit heavy when carrying upstairs.

This is perfect, Can't live without it.

I've had my E2 for six years now and still impressed with the amount of dirt and skin cells etc that it pulls out of the carpet. Having recently moved into a new rental house, the loungeroom floor was absolutely disgusting, I vacuumed twice and still pulling out a lot of gross black stuff. It is very noisy but for what it does, you need a strong motor.

I use the vacuum to blow leaves and dirt off the outdoor entertainment area, can't do that with a standard suck only bag machine. I have the shampoo kit which is great, there is a new shampoo kit out now which I'm busting to get but you can buy the US model for $199 US which is about $180AU, however to purchase the same thing in Australia, we have to pay $500-$600!!! How can the massive mark up be justified????

Service and parts are hard to come by, I do feel like the people in the Rainbow business are out to rip off their customers which is sad because the vacuum is good, however, I don't think it's worth $5000.
exceptional ability to remove inground dirt from carpet, wet and dry system, endless usability
expensive vacuum, parts and service, bulky, noisy, motorised head needs frequent cleaning out

Love it!

My Dad had one when I was 13, had to get one myself. Was wrapped when they knocked on my door as I had been waiting to buy a rainbow for over 20 years, Great payment plan, I recently shampooed my carpets with it, turned out awesome,although I had to refill and empty tank quite a few times, but it is a household vacuum and not an industrial carpet shampooer, we were suprised with the results. I also know someone else who has owned one of these for over 20 years and it still doesn't miss a beat. I have owned a Dyson, Kirby and a range of other vacuums and this is the best vacuum is the best I have ever used, highly reccommended, it also has an asthma foundation approval on it....love it.

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How much was it?

Great for vacuuming the dirt you can't see!

The rainbow is great for any households with pets. You really don't know how much dirt and dust is in your carpets or floors until you've used the Rainbow. After each clean it's quite shocking to see how much fur and gunk is vacuumed up! These bagless vacuums are great for families with allergies too, as all the waste is captured in the water bowl and does not circulate in the air as with traditional vacuum cleaners. There is no dusty smell.

The air filter feature is great for deodorising a room and cleaning the air.
Great for deep-down carpet cleaning
Heavy and bulky and due to its size, it's difficult to use on stairs effectively

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Can u give me the rainbow sellers contact detail, I wanna see one.

Missed my old one

Bought our first Rainbow in 1986 - our friends thought we were mad paying $2000, until they saw a demo of it - one week later they also bought a Rainbow. It finally seized up about 6 years ago after I'd used it to clean a number of new homes after the builders had finished/before the home owners moved in. After unsuccessfully looking for a Rainbow Sales Rep we settled on another reputable brand of vacuum until one day my husband saw a reconditioned Rainbow at a trash & treasure market. Our other "reputable brand" vacuum got passed off to our daughter and we're happy with our reconditioned Rainbow.
The suction never diminishes; you can suck up water; it never leaves a musty smell.
I hate the swivel base - when you pull it along, it crashes into furniture. Don't enjoy dismantling & scrubbing air separator, & lubricating the screw and brass nut after each use. Have difficulty finding somewhere suitable in the yard to tip dirty water as it is full of wet fluff and hair.

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Rainbow E2
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