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Bad service

Always canceled Inspection and they didn't come Inspection time. I was upset, rude agent. It wasn't first time this problem . I wouldn't recommend this agent and feeling bad. Waste of time.

I would never rent with Raine & Horne Ipswich again

I rent a property through R&H Ipswich, which was a total nightmare from day 1 until we vacated the house and that was only 2 weeks and 4 days.
This house was not clean, a number of things were dangerous and broken, missing or just not working.
I only hope the owner is aware of the condition of their rental property.


One start is a compliment for this company

During my leasing emails where never replied, always been ignored no matter the issue that arise and at the end of the tenancy they just make all the excuses and problems in the world to keep your bond. They are dodgy and the only way I got my bond back was by having fair trade and NCAT involved. They were charging me for broken things inside the apartment that were like that when I first move in. thankfully I took photos of all and since I never given a condition report even though asked for several times.


55 Venezia promenade tenants

Great work very professional in there work highly recommend would go back if need to in the future thank you Olivia ,Farrah , Janna for you’re great work really appreciate it


Raine and Horne Dapto, Terrible!

Didn't do inspections or collect rent which left our property trashed and abandoned. Thousands of dollars in repairs and lost rent. Charged us extra unknown fees which we were awarded back by Fair Trading. Have no idea what they are doing. Dont know how to property manage. Save yourself money and headaches. Terrible experience and a costly one


Unprofessional, obviously don't communicate with each other

I've gone through raine and horne for a rental and since the 3rd week of living in the property they have been hounding us saying we are in arrears even though we've been up to date with paying rent. I'm already under enough stress being home with a broken leg and now I've been sent an email threatening eviction if we don't pay the arrears that we don't even owe!! My partner went into the real estate the other day to clear it up and they agreed that it was a issue on their end because of some sort of mix up with the bond and few weeks rent that were paid. But I'm still receiving emails about being evicted. Very unprofessional will definitely not be going through them again. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!

Raine & Horne Glenroy Strata & Property Management

Stay right away from these frauds. The director Anthony Romano books way too much work than his team can handle, then he puts overworked staff who barely know how to use emails onto your strata management. Due to this, you'll never get replies from his staff, you literally need to cancel work and drive down to their office and speak to them in person to get any movement. They single-handedly managed to turn our owners corporation from having an active committee to a dormant one, no doubt so that their work load with us would be minimal. The only thing they are fast at is sending invoices, but not collecting the money unless there's no money in the kitty for their fees. We have multiple owners owing a total of over $8000 that's been due for a few years in a block of only 12 units. Be very careful of these guys, steer clear. Anthony Romano is a good sales person and comes across friendly but the reality is he isn't willing to fork out the cash to hire the appropriate amount of staff to manage your OC efficiently. As for their property managers, don't even go there they never rock up for the inspections and are rude to you and your tenants which create angst and bad vibes between all parties, this will never get fixed since it's Anthony's wife who has a large role in the property management side of things. We tried to contact head office of Raine & Horne to seek improvements from our service but they told us they can't help, so basically you get stuck in a franchise where no one is accountable. Also tried taking them to VCAT another waste of time - the result of VCAT was simply 'if you don't like their service we can't force them to work and honour their agreement with you'.


Deceptive people that don't pay their bills

I did work for Kav Sehgal at Raine and Horne in Brighton to repair the window in their office. The work was completed and they were happy with the outcome.

The invoice is still outstanding almost 2 months later.

They refuse to reply to my requests for remittance for this small amount of money.

Another staff member has threatened to have me executed if I seek the outstanding $146.
These people are unprofessional.

Great Agents

My husband and I are in the business of building and selling warehouses. We would not be as successful if it wasn't for Derrek Blacker of Raine and Horne. Our relationship with Derek started when we had two warehouses that had been on the market for two years without success. We heard about this amazing agent working for Rain and Horn and changed agents immediately. A month later both warehouses were sold for the price we were only dreaming of. Every member of the company that we have had dealings with have been wonderful but Derek Blacker is the one person that works for us selling our properties. I have wondered over the fifteen years that we have worked together about how he achieves what he does, and I know now that it quite simply comes down to his honesty and integrity. Derek is working for us to sell our warehouses but his concern is always with our prospective buyers, they are paramount to him and should be. Derek is an agent that works so hard to make the buyer and the seller know that all is how it should be and all is absolutely fair and above board. If Derek Blacker left Raine and Horne we would follow him wherever he went because we know our business would completely fail without him.

Deborah Meyer

St Mary's location. Snails are faster. Unfriendly and not understanding

When signing the contract, they are the nicest real estate on earth. They follow all the rules, give you all the right answers. Friendly, smiling and ready to accommodate to anything you have to say.

The only issue is, when you have a problem at home. And you need repairs! I have used many real estates in the past, but have never in my life come across snails working in the real estate. An emergency work, took them 10 days to fix!!! And that took me at least 10 emails and 15 phone calls and had to quote fair trading to get some progress. And when they were out of excuses, they wanted to hang up!!!

They need permission from the owner for the smallest of jobs! It’s faster to go through TAFE, get a certificate and do the job yourself, than to tell these people to do their job.

Their contractors who come to fix are another type of creature all together. I had to literally call RnH again and make them push their contractors. If you ask them when they coming – “we will come when we can”. Yeah but when? “We will text you when we can come”. Umm!!! I work, and have to arrange someone!!! They literally live in another world. Not to mention did a half-done job.

The receptionist, now she’s a lot of fun, or not. Probably it’s easier to talk to the queen than talk to her. Use “my highness” or she may not want to talk to you.

Their computers are literally, and I mean literally using windows 95. They are still using dot printers!! I am not joking. This is literally what they use.

To wrap up, if you can, just avoid these jokers. You are the one paying and you don’t need problems in your life. Especially if you are like me - one of those who always pays in advance and never complain unless absolutely necessary. There are real estates who are there to make your life easy and they understand that. The warnings here are real. It’s best to take heed than suffer like me.

Burpengary office

Having left a property in better condition than we entered, we were shocked to find a condition report stating items that were alleged not to have been done.

Samantha, although nice at the start, turned out to be very nasty and didn't appear to care that her staff had not conducted an accurate report.

No thanks for the repairs we made in our 2 years in the property or the constant cleanliness, Just a condition report that suggests (to me) that someone is getting a kick back for having cleaners "attend to it".

Want to feel like scum? Then Raine and Horne, Burpengary are your agents.

Agent at footscray location is not good,the reception staff is rude with customer...the owner dont resolve the problem

I’m not happy with this agent.
- The reception is rude when she talk with customer
- About the owner dont resolve the clean fee problem for us:
They said the top of kitchen is not clean and they will ask their cleaning company to clean with the fee around $70-80, but they will be give us the quote and if we happy they will start to do it...but after a few day,they sent us the clean invoice is $200 with out any call/text/email to let us know the quote... $70-80 with $200 so different

Amazing agency to have

After my time with raine and Horne, I could not recommend them enough. Natalie has been an outstanding agent and I would hope for anyone to experience being her tenant. I have only moved on due to personal reasons and wish them all the well in the future.

Raine & Horne Castle Hill

After five years living in the same apartment without any problems with the real estate or the owner we decided to look for a bigger place to live. We have had the worst experience eve when we decided to rent a house with this agency.
We have applied to rent a house with them. In the advertisement they said that the property was already available but we had to wait two weeks because the agent (called Melani) told us that there were some stuff to fix and that they would fix them in those two weeks.
The problems started at the same time that we got the keys. They did not have ready the remote from one of the garage, the house was filthy with a horrible smell in the main room with the carpet and the main bathroom. It was quite clear that the house had not been cleaned, though they said that it was. We had to rent a machine to clean the carpet and clean the entire house ourselves.
The list of problem that had not been solved is quite long. Some of them has been fixed since we moved in but there are still a lot of them that are not fixed.
I have lost a lot of working days (that I am not going to be paid as I work with ABN) waiting for people that should come to fix stuff and some times no one came nor phoned even when we had an appointment.
Today I have wasted another working day waiting for a technician that should have fixed the oven. He did not came on time. I called to the company and the real estate really angry (as I was losing money) and they told me that if I am not happy I should leave the house. They repeated it several times. We have been living for six weeks in the house and always paid the rent on time and this is the treatment that we received. This is the level of professionalism that they have with us.
I cannot use one of the garages (we had two cars) because I still do not have the remote. I have been waiting for it the last 6 weeks. I asked them when would be ready the remote and they told me that I still have to wait for another three months.
I do not recommend this agency to anyone. If you want to live in peace on your own house do not use this agency as they are the most unprofessional company that I have found in Australia.

Raine&Horne - Terrigal

I have a pretty good track record as a tenant. This is my flirst time signing a lease agreement with Raine&Horne. I e-mailed our entry condition report through requesting feedback with regards to repairs required (broken oven, leaky kitchen sink, bathroom tiles falling off the wall etc) Sent follow up e-mail x3 working days later due to no acknowledgement of my e-mail. Today I left x2 voicemails (x1 mobile, x1 land line). Out of professional courtesy, not one acknowledgement of my correpondence. What gets me is that I have signed x1 year lease and a rental payment debit order. Why would they even bother or care to contact me? When I google complaints, I am stumped as EVERYWHERE it mentions if you rent with Raine&Horne -
You are treated as scum! This is absurd! Who treats families and people like this? I am forced to contact and proceed with a complaint to Fair Trading. It might take 1000 years to resolve but for the sake of my dignity and pride for my family I will leave no stone unturned!!

Raine & Horne Sunbury no customer service

We have purchased an investment property through Raine & Horne and are renting another property also through them while we build elsewhere. Purchasing the investment property was a simple process, quick and efficient. For the sales side of the business I would have been happy to offer 5 stars but the leasing side of the business is atrocious. Rude staff on phones once they realise you are a tenant. Phone calls are not returned, faulty items not repaired. I have been accused on a few occasions blaming the tenants (my family) as the reason why items are failing. After 3 years we are still having LED Lights failing, the front door lock has been replaced twice already and has broken once again now refusing to fix. The oven door doesn’t shut fully this has also been repaired twice. Smoke detectors never checked. The builder/landlord built three houses all at the same time, all have the same problems! Raine and Horne seem to care more about keeping the landlord happy not the tenant. I will be shortly going through tenants Victoria and lodging an official complaint. I have advised Raine & Horne have 2 week to fix issues. Considering it normally takes a couple of months for any action I can’t seem them making this deadline.

Friendly Service

I work with Ari Levin as the strata managing agent of the complex in which he manages unit 2. Corresponding with him is friendly, positive and overall a pleasure. I look forward to working with him in future.

Melton West Raine horne

I highly recommend don't go to Melton West- Raine Horne for maintaining the property. We have bad experience dealing with these agent due to their incompetent staff who managed the property of us. They allowed the tenants to leave the property shabby with pest infested and wrote the final condition report irrelevant not compliant to the condition of the property. When we inspect after receiving the condition report it was shocking and infested with spiders and damaged carpet . The property manager argued and threaten us that we cannot claim any cleaning and damage claims from them. Therefore giving the property and debit the maintenance fees by the property and not keeping up the standards we were left with lot of financial stress and spoiled the property ambience.

Ocean Shores Agency

My experience with Julie Ann, from Ocean Shores agency, has been nothing short of outstanding.
She works for her client and not in it for a quick sale to make the commission.
Her enthusiasm, passion, energy and most importantly honesty is refreshing. She is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of her industry and goes to seminars to add to her already exceptional skills to ultimately get the best price for her clients.
I came across Julie Ann by default and delighted that I did.
I would recommend Julie Ann to anyone selling their property. You don't want a NICE agent, you want the BEST agent.
Give her a call today and see for yourself.

Highly Dont Recommend

Would not let these people look after my pets let alone leave my property in their hands. We are unfortunate enough to have seriously bad neighbours and R & H Hallam and the agents. We are in constant contact with them over their tenants and never have they done a thing.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone had a problem with raine and horne gosfod? We are certain we're up to date with our rent payments but they are trying to tell us one of the payments i made bounced back. I rung the bank to check if any payments didnt go through and they confirmed with me that all payments to raine and horne were successful and they also gave me the authorization numbers for every payment. If anyone has had similar issues would you be able to tell me how you handled it.
2 answers
I think they're all the same, they're lowly paid and angry at the world. Be perisitent and have everything in email.Ask them for their rent ledger. Then simply compare with your bank statement. I had the exact same problem. Found out it was admin problem on their side. They did not journal my payment. I am with St Mary's Raine and Horne. They are all nasty. Not friendly and very back dated. If you have any problems, get in touch with fair trading. Very helpful. Plus they get straightened once they get a call from fair trading.

Has anyone had a problem with Raine and Horne were they take your rent payments and put it on advance water payments which have left you in the arrears with your rent
1 answer
Yes, they tried it with us. But we refused. They can't legally do it, unless you both agree to it.

Has anyone taken them to the small claims court to recover Management Fees for their terrible management of your property? Just wondering how you got on as I'm contemplating it! Thanks
6 answers
We have filed a complaint in REBA (The Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board, WA) last month, and they are looking into it. We have asked for the refund of the mangement fees but REBA said that we cant get whole of the fees back, as they say, R&H would get a fees for anything they have done like letting-in fees, inventory counting fees etc.... Hopefully they will help us and not R&H.Thanks for that. I suppose the amount of fees is a negotiating point! We also filed a complaint from REBA but are yet to hear back. Hopefully more people will complain which will make REBA sit up and take notice! Good luck with your action.Have got a case in VCAT at the moment against Raine and Horne Ascot Vale...will fight them tooth and nail..nasty lot of people.

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