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Used REA again with the same great result!

We have just completed building a new home in Brookwater. Following our complete satisfaction with REA Solar at our previous home, it was an easy decision to use them again to supply our Solar and Tesla battery system. All done with a minimum of fuss (again). The three techs who completed the conversion to solar and connected the Tesla battery were completely efficient and competent, tidied up after completing the job and explained the system to me.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
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Panel Purchased LG Panels with a Tesla battery

Exceptional Customer Experience and Value - REA Solar with Powerwall 2

REA offered quality workmanship, professional and personal approach to this installation. The team at REA Solar acted beyond reproach in installing my system, explaining how it works and tirelessly diagnosing and seeing through the nuances that occur with the initial install of new equipment.

I am very proud to have my Tesla Powerall 2, and overjoyed to see how it contributes to longer terms savings.

Full Replacement After 5 Years

We had REA Global supply & install a 5 kW solar PV system back in May 2013. It included 20 panels, twenty micro inverters and a monitoring system. The install quality was good & the system seemed to perform as had been suggested. Our electricity bill was immediately reduced but we had one problem. That was a very high db RF output from something on the PV system that basically stopped our garage door opener from working and poor TV reception.
Initially REA tried replacing components and with the backing of their supplier replaced all panels and all micro inverters with little improvement. The system then became unreliable and would sometimes produce no output at all. This of course, showed itself in much higher energy bills.
Unfortunately their supplier abandoned them and would not provide any further warranty investigation to sort out the problem.
Fortunately REA’s warranty understanding was to back their customer and do whatever necessary to sort the problem.
May 2017 REA Global decided to supply & install a complete new 5 kW system, at no cost to us, using their new recommended panels and micro-inverters along with an online monitoring system.
No more RF noise, great power production, easy anywhere monitoring.
The real worth of a company can often be measured, not by the good things that happen, but by the actions taken when things go wrong.
REA you have shown me that by following your principles and doing whatever is necessary at any cost to get it right, you have truly honoured & respected your customers.
Suppliers & their brands come & go. Your true customers will remember & recommend your next job.

Great Savings with our REA Solar panels

We have been very happy with the results and performance of our REA Solar panels. They have reduced our electricity bill and we are now in front having recovered the cost of the installation through the savings. We had a small hiccup after Cyclone Debbie but that was rectified quickly - so all up we are more than happy with our investment.

So good that I bought 2 systems

I used REA to install Solar for my business. There was a dramatic reduction in our Utility bill in the next quarter in line with what was predicted. We are well on our way to paying off the system and it has proved so useful that I used REA again to install panels at my home. Very accommodating and installation was actually moved forward to accommodate my timelines. My research has shown that REA use top of the line equipment rather than the cheaper variants that are available in the market. This is important to me as this is an investment that needs to give long term returns as well as increasing the value of both my properties.

REA came to the party

It took a little time but my system is up and running and I have had some instruction in rebooting the system. It also turns out that it might be the strength of my own internet system that caused problems. REA relocated the Enphase and all seems to be good. I like the overall system and the software is very informative. I am trying to educate my family in better electricity use, and the graphical nature of the software is very useful in this regard.

The system we had installed recently, is doing the job we were promised

We have just had a new REA solar system installed. We have the newest and best panels on the market. They are double sided panels which means less panels more production. Each panel does the work of two so instead of having 24 panels we have 12 doing the same output as 24. We are extremely happy with this system, and would recommend REA to any one thinking of solar. It's the best, upmarket technology and very friendly staff and contractors, and very efficient.

April 5th 2017 Update: A wonderful product

We are so happy with our double sided solar panels, installed about 6 weeks ago. The panels are producing more energy than we are using. What a fabulous product! The panels are doing exactly what we were told, they would. Great company, great staff, and EXCELLENT tradesmen. We would recommend REA to anyone interest in Solar Panels because, REA, you stand by what you sell.

Fantastic product and service

The most cutting edge technology with knowledgable staff at a reasonable price! Installers were phenomenal and the product is great. I highly reccomend the product and service that was given. I was pormised the world and have received it!

Failure to provide the service offered and zeor care factor afterward

Very disappointed in REA. I met one of their reps through a business connection and I figured they'd be above board. Certainly was promised the world when I signed up.

In particular, they promised that their monitoring system would alert them if anything when wrong with my system so they can come out and fix it.

I happened to check the monitoring a few months ago and found that two panels were totally offline; To make this short and sweet;

REA failed to monitor my system as they promised
REA tried to tell me it was my fault the system failed
REA are very hard to get a hold of
REA have stopped replying to my emails
REA have refused to consider my complaint at all.

They DID come out and fix the fault, but having spent $14,000 with them I am left wondering why they are unable to answer why their monitoring failed.

Extremely poor customer service.

The best thing I have done besides getting married and having children

I have had a LG solar system fitted by the guys at REA for over four year now and I am still very happy with its performance. (still paying no bills free electricity) my last credit was $473 for the quarter. Seriously you can not go wrong if you use this business for all your solar requirements.

Job well done

Contracted REA to instal 3.7kw 12 module APS micro inverter system and it was installed one week later on the date agreed. Brett was knowledgable and helpful and has responded quickly to all my email queries regarding the installation. The installation team of three completed a challenging installation as my roof is three stories high and they ran all cabling etc exactly as I requested in about seven hours.Their co operation efficiency and standard of work was faultless. If only there were more companies and tradesman who carried out their work as Blake and his team did. The system is now on line after waiting ten days for Energex to program the meter. Output has exceeded my expectations to date with 18.5 kWh produced yesterday. Job well done.

Gold Service!

Recently had my new Solar system installed by REA Solar.
The excellent service started with Brett, who really knows his product.
He offered us a fair price in comparison to other systems, not the cheapest, but when you consider what you get for your money, it's impressive!
The installation was carried out as promised on the day planned with little or no fuss.
Unfortunately, the Electricity companies are not as keen to help out.
It took Energy Australia 6 weeks to organise for Energex to come out and check the meter for suitable connection to the grid. When the contractor showed up, it took him 5 mins to tell me it's good to go. Ggggrrrrr!
When I finally got my first bill, I nearly fell off the chair, it appeared that my solar system had made little or no difference.
I was straight on the phone to Brett from REA, he was fantastic, because the system is monitored, it took him no time to provide me with a full report on the system and it's performance.
I then went back to Energy Australia with my findings. They admitted then that they had my contribution and my usage back to front on my bill and have now issued me a credit for getting it wrong.
Thanks to REA's full monitored system I was able to prove them wrong in a heartbeat. It was and still is no trouble to reach Brett for any assistance, be it great or small.
Cheers guys, I am very impressed!

Partially acceptable product, terrible service

My system was installed three weeks late, despite me giving the company six weeks notice of when I wanted it installed and them agreeing to this date initially.

The solar system creates nearly the energy promised, however I do not believe the battery works as intended. The 6kW battery, according to the monitoring system installed by REA, is fully charged early in the day, despite only 1kW of energy having been made that day. It then is used up very early in the evening, despite all my heavy-usage appliances being on timers to not let them run during the times when the solar system isn't making power.

I have contacted REA on multiple occasions to get them to explain how this can be possible. They are difficult to contact and do not respond to emails. This is in stark contrast to their before-sale service, where they contacted me with their sales push on multiple occasions.

The included monitoring system is supplied by a third party. It comes with no instructions and is not interpretable beyond the very basic details. REA have no idea how it works either and are not helpful in sourcing information about it.

In addition, despite the initial salesman inspecting my property and allegedly taking into account my individual power needs, he has grossly underestimated my power needs, such that the solar system is providing only around half of my power needs. As I told him at the time, I would much rather have installed a larger system initially for greater cost, than to still be depending heavily on the power grid.

Talk to these Guys

Got a 4.77kw system installed in October 2015, couldn't be happier with my system. Even on rainy overcast days my system still produces around 9kw of power. I get a kick out of watching the APS screen i mounted on the wall go up and up. And my salesmen still rings to make sure i'm happy with my system. Installers are friendly and don't mind answering questions while they work. Totally recommend REA Solar if you want a quality system.


Its been 12 months now since my 10 panel system was installed by REA Solar. I could not be happier, i was told it would output around 15kw per day and from what i read online was almost impossible. I am happy to say it has averaged over 17kw per day and sometimes over 20 ! beating my friends 20 panel system (from another supplier) The team were neat and tidy and very patient to run all cables internally even through it must have taken them 2 hours just to get the cable inside my complicated wall space. Most others would have just put it up the outside like I see on so many other houses in the estate. You pay for quality and these chaps deliver.

Rea - another cowboy.

Pretty disappointed.
These guys rocked up, and just sold sold sold sold sold.
[name removed] had the confidence to tell me qcells were wrong about their own product, he knew better. He is apparently setting up systems using there product that were out performing qcells setups. "They call him for his opinion" That mircoinverters pull in more daily power than a string inverter (everyone else including qcells have said this is incorrect) and apparently its $4k larger price tag was well worth it. Didn't listen to what we wanted, had his own view and debated everything. Ps. You should probably slow your driving down in small suburban streets

Let it shine

4.77 Kw - Great efficient installation experience, follow up call back to sales, answered my questions on some operational queries. Gave me current KW outputs (input to grid) - 36.97Kw first full winter day. SAVED 1 tree, reduced 36 kg of Co2, saved 4 us gallons of fuel or is that equal to? REA system with micro inverters are magic, no high risk, fire making, DC currents, only 250v AC x 10 Amp after inverters through house. Only use 25Kw Average/day with teenagers, so should be banking heaps to grid.

June 26th 2017 Update: Great install, lousy after sales service!!!

Two years since install, system can't reach peak even on best solar day. 5.2 kw system only records 4 - 4.2 kw on good day 20% less than rated. I one miro inverter replaced within 2mths of instal & now suspect peak isn't being reached due to another faulty inverter, as one inveter now has different operating paramerters to all others, rea won't explain why. Suspect a third inverter has or is faulty also, rea notified, no response, won't communicate or return calls or email. As system is under warranty, as not getting any response from rea, see that only options available are to bring issue to notice of consumer affairs or facebook complaint.

Brilliant service

We have just had a 3.5kw system installed and we could not be happier with the level of service that we have received from the outset - thanks [names removed] as well as the team back in the office. Any questions or concerns we had, either before or post installation were answered promptly and explained to our satisfaction.

At this stage, would have no drama's in recommending REA!

Couldn't ask for more .

I've just had a 5 kw system installed by REA and I'm super happy with it . Everything from my initial phone call to installation was fast and efficient . I would find it hard to believe that there's a better solar company out there .

My 2 cents worth

I have just had a 6Kw system put on my roof by the REA team and I only have good words to say about the execution of the job from start to finish
From day 1. It has produced a little under 40 Kw per day. My average use is 20Kw a day. The guys have given me an uncomplicated system that I can check on the net
Thanks REA for great service . In my opinion. Don't go passed these Guys if you want a fuss free Job

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How much does it cost to install 6kw system?
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Sorry I have no idea as I don't work for them. Our 3kw system cost us over $8000.


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