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Order Not Received More Than Three Months After Purchase!

Unfortunately I am only able to provide a review of my experience as my pram STILL hasn’t arrived, more than 3 months after the purchase. I purchased this pram in early November 2018. At the time my husband and I were trying to decide between 2 prams. Not being particularly price-sensitive and willing to spend as much as required on the perfect pram, we chose redsbaby based on 2 factors: 1) it was more lightweight than the other pram we were considering and 2) redsbaby are an Australian brand. We like to support Australian brands, and at the demo day, redsbaby sold the message that being local, if any issues were to occur, redsbaby would be able to resolve these issues much quicker than other, international brands. Sadly my experience has been the completely opposite of this. At the time of the order, the delivery was marked as 30th January. I expressed concerns re: the length of time of this and was assured at the demo day that this was the ‘absolute latest’ I would receive my order. I made the purchase based on this confident assurance. This date came and went with absolutely no communication from redsbaby. Due to the proximity to my baby’s due date, I then spent the next 10 days calling and emailing redsbaby trying to follow up the whereabouts of my pram. The staff I spoke to, despite being friendly, were extremely ‘excuse-focussed’ citing ‘technical difficulties following moving warehouses’ for the delay. Over that 10 day period I was assured on 3 occasions that my order had been prioritised and would be shipped in 24-48 hours. I eventually received tracking information that my order had been shipped via express post on a Friday, but then only received notification re: delivery the following Wednesday (hardly ‘express’ from Sydney to Melbourne). I waited at home all day on Wednesday, only to receive notification of delivery without actually receiving the product. When I checked, I noticed delivery had occurred to an address in Sydney!! Upon following this up with Australia post, I was informed that as redsbaby entered duplicate tracking numbers into their system, my order had been returned to sender. As I write this, I am still waiting for my order, more than 3 months after it was made (at which time I paid the entire amount for my order - it amazes me how they can immediately process a transaction but can take over 3 months to deliver a product!) Had I been disorganised, I would quite happily accept some responsibility in this process, however waiting more than 3 months to receive a ‘local’ product is completely astounding. This is honestly the most awful customer service I have ever received with ordering a product and has been one of the most stressful experiences of my pregnancy. This stress is not something any expectant parent should be dealing with and I absolutely would not wish this experience on anyone. At best, redsbaby is grossly incompetent, at worst I am starting to be concerned that they are fraudulent and have stolen my money and that I will never receive this pram. Either way, my summary would be to save yourself the stress (and the many hours you will potentially lose on chasing your order) and go with another brand.

Purchased for $1,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Stylish easy and practical

I will forever love my choice of purchasing the reds baby jive for my son. It looks amazing and is very easy to navigate around corners or up and down stairs. My only critique is that I wish the bottom basket was bigger

Purchased .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Interesting ordering process

i have not received pram yet. order 2 months ago. awaiting pram will advice after i receive. looking forward to trying. have heard lots of good things about reds baby.

Purchased .

Not good quality

Bought a redsbaby carbon jive as I fell in love with this when I saw it through Baby expo. The design and specs are initially promising. But as we continually use it we realize that the quality of the material is not that superb compared to other brands, sorry to say but I find the details cheap, we had few safety issues, and its too bulky. My baby is still on 3rd month and we rarely use this, but considering the above mentioned concerns we regret buying this pram. To a new mom like me, an investment money has been wasted. On the other hand, Customer service personnel and Service Center personnel are very helpful and friendly. They have organised a loan pram sent to us but my pram hasn’t been picked up yet by the courier - always re scheduled. But honestly, I no longer want the pram, I have asked them if I could bring it back as I have used the bassinet only, other parts and accesories are still new. Still waiting for their response, Hopefully they could refund a portion of the price I paid.

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Glady customer service is awesome! I have returned the pram and they have refunded me full price.

Great service

Received our pram and loved it initially! Did end up with a few issues however spoke to the lovely team and they sent out replacement parts. Very helpful and friendly and more than happy to assist with any issues. Overall very happy with redsbaby - will recommend 100%. Easy to purchase spare parts online also which is very handy. 24 month manufacturer guarantee is great especially! Thank you Redsbaby for all your help :)


The pram itself is overall ok, it has obviously been designed with Australia's climate in mind.
Pros: Good air ventilation + easy to pack away.
Cons: The wheels are not designed to travel on anything other than flat concrete or footpath services.
Also, what is a little bit concerning is all these fake 5 star reviews. Message to Redsbaby: rather than trying to cover up the defects, how about thanking people for taking the time to leave a review and take the necessary steps to correct them? This would be a far better use of financial resources rather than creating shill accounts to keep your ranking high.

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Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your review, we appreciate the feedback regarding the pram and our team are always looking at ways to improve the design and functionality. We would like to reassure you that all the reviews posted about our prams are genuine, and any customer who raises an issue in their review, we always reply and request that they reach out to our Customer Care team so we can assist them as best we can. Please do get in touch with us on 1300 344 964 Cameron RB Team xx

So disappointing - can no longer use pram

We purchased the original version of the Jive three years ago and loved it so much that we raved about it to friends when they asked for pram recommendations. Unfortunately, after just one year of use, it began to fall apart.

The brown "leather" began to rub off the handle revealing black plastic underneath (looking very ugly) while the snap poppers that attach the basket to the chassis rusted so badly that the basket could no longer attach, even though we cared for the pram and kept it indoors (I notice they no longer use this system on Jive 2 - obviously it was a design fault). Upon contacting Redsbaby we were told there was nothing they could do about the poppers other than buy a new chassis for $300, and to go to the repair centre in Caringbah to get a new handle, which is quite a long drive away. By the time we finally drove out there, we were told the handle was no longer available. We decided to stop using the pram after that.

We recently welcomed our second baby so I thought I'd try to give the Jive one last whirl. I purchased the buggy board for my toddler for $100, but it is unusable - possibly because it was not designed for the Jive 1, despite Redsbaby customer service assuring me it was compatible. My feet constantly hit the board and my toddler stands awkwardly inside the handlebar. It is too uncomfortable for either of us to use.

Unfortunately, these three issues leave us with no alternative option other than to buy a brand-new pram from another brand. I'm terribly disappointed, because I thought we had purchased a good quality pram from a trustworthy Aussie brand that would last us through at least two children.

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Hi Emma, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and we are terribly sorry to hear of the experience you have had. We certainly expect that the pram should last you and your family for the time that you have the need and we are sorry to hear of the issues you are having. I have reached out via private message so that we can assist as soon as possible. Brooke – RB Team xx

Great pram

I really like this pram and get lots of compliments. It's a slimline pram which is great for cafes, restaurants and shopping. I find it easy to manoeuvre. I go waking daily and will be interested to see how well the wheels hold up! (It's currently only 5 months old).
The only problem I have is the basket is quite small compared to some other prams but perhaps the 'slimness' of this pram outweighs the lack of storage space!
My husband is tall and finds it annoying to walk long distances even when the handle bar is lenghtened.

Love it!

Been a fan even before having a baby and was on set to get this once I have my own. We bought the glacier and enjoying it. We got the accessories free during one of the baby expos and the sun and sleep shade have been the most helpful. Never really had any pram envy :) Will definitely get the second seat if blessed with bub 2

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Hi Klag, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying getting out and about with your JIVE ². Brooke - RB Team xx

Great fold, Basket & Customer service

Has a great Fold, great basket (good access & size)
Different terrains: This pram is not an offroad pram. Handles well on paths, short grass, even surfaces.
Suspension: The prams suspensions is good but on rough terrain it rocked around
Child comfort: My baby loves the bassinet - sleeps so well in it. Also is comfortable in the older seat. Great how is can be parent facing and outward facing.
I had the brake replaced as part of the recall, great customer service.

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Hi Alex, Thank you for your review and we are so happy to hear how you are enjoying the JIVE². Happy to hear that you also had a positive experience with our customer care team :) Brooke - RB Team xx

I love my Jive2

This pram is really easy to handle, I’ve used it on grass and gravel and it steers really well. The break needed replaced after a recall but that only took minutes and it’s now working really well. My daughter loves her pram, I have a liner in it but even without it looks cushioned and comfy, she sleeps soundly.
Originally I thought the basket was too hard to get into but since moving the chair to the front facing position it’s much better for accessing the basket.

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Hi Kristen, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying getting out and about with your JIVE². Brooke - RB Team xx

Delayed but loving it!

I had a similar experience to some of the more upset customers, however I found the communication from redsbaby about the situation regarding the delays to be timely and professional.
Now the pram has been here for just over a week I can say it is compact, easy to manoeuvre and my 2 year old is very happy with her “ special seat”. She is quite tall but still is able to climb in and out of the second seat easily. My only concern is stability as she loves it so much she is often trying to get in when her brother is not in the bassinet, and will lean over the back threatening to upend the whole thing! When everyone is where they ought to be it is as light as you can expect a pram to be when it’s filled with little people, and great on most flat surfaces. Downhills are a little hairy but will hopefully be better balanced when I’m using the 2 seats instead of the bassinet. The ventilation on the bassinet has been so good as Things heat up. Overall I’m really pleased we purchased our Redsbaby Pram

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Hi Cate, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and we are glad to hear that you are enjoying the pram with your two little ones. If you are at all concerned about your pram in use, please reach out to customer care on 1300 344 964 or info@redsbaby.com.au so we can assist. Brooke - RB Team xx

The perfect stroller

My first ever pram and I must say it was very versatile and practical. Was able to push my pram onto any surface during any type of weather. The availability of the different recline options were great, sun shade was great but wish it had extended down more. My son was very comfortable in the pram and was able to nap for long hours.

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Hi K.Pou, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying getting out and about with your JIVE ². Brooke - RB Team xx

Looks great and is so easy to use!

I've been using my Jive2 for a few months now and can have it packed down into the boot of my car in about 10 seconds! I love all the different air vents/flaps on the bassinet (great for Qld climate) and although I didn't initially purchase the accessories pack, I'm glad I have as they have all been very handy.
This pram was very reasonabley priced and has been wonderful to use.

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Hi T88, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are thrilled to hear that you and your family are loving your JIVE².

Fantastic and so light!

Such a fabulous pram and so light, so it’s easy to pick up and move around! After trying soooo many prams this is by far my favourite! And the best choice for our family. This is a very easy manoeuvring pram and can go anywhere, you won’t have any trouble navigating tight spots.

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Hi Kara, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are so happy to hear that you and bubs are enjoying the JIVE². Brooke - RB Team xx


Where do I even start!!!

My husband and I attended a demo day in Perth, October 2018 and paid in full for our Jive2 pram, which looked and felt amazing!!!

We were told that the dispatch date would be 30th November from their warehouse in Sydney.

So we waited. The 30th of November came and went and we started to question where our Pram was. We then received an automated email stating they had experienced delays and the new dispatch date would be 7th December. We were disappointed but we know some delays cannot be helped and accepted the new dispatch date. On the 5ht of December I sent Redsbaby an email just to check that we were on track for the 7th of December as our baby was due any day. I did not receive a response. On the 6th December I sent a follow up email asking if someone could respond to my email and I did not receive a response to that email either. On the 7th of December we received an email stating they had experienced further delays and the new dispatch date was now the 12th of December as there had been a fatal incident. "Fatal incident" I was shocked and called them. The man on the phone said there had been a death at Sydney shipping yard with a big 4 day investigation holding up their deliveries. I accepted this and he promised the pram would be dispatch on or before the 12th December. I then out of curiosity searched for the incident on the internet and I honestly could not find anything. I left it then searched the next couple of days and still nothing. I then commented on their Facebook writing everything I have wrote here and did not receive a response. The very next day I received and email stating our pram had been dispatched. I then checked Facebook for any comments on my comment and to my surprise they have deleted all my comments and blocked me from commenting on any of their posts, new and old. I gave an honest review and believe that people deserve to know before they purchase anything from anywhere! I cannot review the pram yet, but I will. I look forward to using the pram as I have heard good things about them but they really need to do something about customer service!

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Hi Mobhornin, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are terribly sorry to hear that you have had this experience, it is certainly not what we expect for our customers. Whilst we make every effort to dispatch a pre-order on the expected dispatch date, we can experience delays outside of our control. We can confirm your order has left our Sydney warehouse and the Australia Post tracking system should be updated with the status of your delivery. We have sent a private message so that we can gather your details and ensure one of our team is in touch as soon as possible. Brooke – RB Team xx

Bad Customer Service...ordered the Jive 2 back in Sept and hasn't arrived yet

Everyone has been talking about Redsbaby and I finally gave in and attended their Demo. I do like the look of their prams, looks sturdy, cheap and an Australian Owned company.

I ordered my Jive 2 back in September at the baby show and was advised Dispatched date will be Nov 30...which is fine I am due Dec 7 so i can wait.

Nov 27 comes and I emailed to confirmed the dispatched date and only was advised that the dispatched date had changed to Dec 7. I didnt mind the changed date but the lack of communication / update was disappointing. As a customer, I should be the one chasing for information.

DEC 7 comes and I emailed again for an update...Laura from Customer Service had advised me there is another delay and New shipping date is Dec 12. Again no email was recieved for an update prior to my email to the customer service. The update email only arrived after I have been in contact.

I did get an email on Dec 12 that my item has been shipped. I have been tracking the parcel via Aust post for an update but no change sinced it was scanned as information recieved. I called AustraliaPost and was advised only paperwork was received and no actual item was sent for delivery yet.

Redsbaby has done nothing to the situation..
If I knew it was this hard to get a pram off them I wouldn't have purchased it. I am over the pram before I even recieve it. So disappointed at the customer service recieved even the call back take ages.

Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are terribly sorry to hear that you have had this experience, it is certainly not what we expect for our customers. Whilst we make every effort to dispatch a pre-order on the expected dispatch date, we can experience delays outside of our control. We can confirm your order has left our Sydney warehouse and the Australia Post tracking system should be updated with the status of your delivery. We would like to be in touch to assist with your order as soon as possible and help to rectify the situation. We have sent a private message so that we can gather your details and ensure one of our team is in touch as soon as possible. Sunelle - RB Team xxHi Sunelle Thanks for your reply. I finally recieved the pram after the two weeks delay. The delay shipment was not an issue before it is the lack of communications from Redsbaby which disappointed me. As a customer who paid for a product months ahead of delivery I expected excellent customer service and a good experience. The lack of initial communications on the change of delivery date and the delay on call backs on your customer service phone number has been poor. All emails were apologetic but not once I was ever offered any compensation...priority delivery etc. It such a shame because it seems to be a good product but the customer service just need a lot of improvement.

Good for the price

The good:
- Cheap
- Looks good
- Easy to fold
- Compact enough to not be obnoxious in shops and cafes.
- Great after sale service. I had an issue with the sun shade (fit bassinet only, despite the video showing both chair and bassinet. They sent me another one complimentary)
- Reasonably light weight
- Massive sun canopy
- Easy to change from recliner to upright.
- Lies flat for naps.
- Bassinet was great.

The bad:
- Foot break gets stuck on. Not unsafe, but very annoying. They've done a voluntary replacement on all brakes of this model, but due to demand I can't get in imminently to have it fixed.
- Small basket fits very little. Compare uppababy or even the metro baskets with envy.
- Second seat very low to ground and I'd feel uncomfortable using it. Wil buy a different pram when baby 2 arrives, which defeats the purpose of buying jive over metro in the first place.
- Wheels have become rattly which perhaps shows lower quality.
- Basket clips to back frame with 3 clips that constantly come undone leaving basket hanging.
- Foot brake rubs on basket so when you use it, your foot crumples the basket.
- Sun cover hard to zip in. Also makes it impossible to see baby when facing you. A window in the front of canopy would fix this.
- Handle bar bag does not sit properly with bassinet attachment. I don't use mine at all.
- Only folds in one piece when seat forward facing. Otherwise need to detach seat or bassinet first.
- Not fabulous on all terrain. Bumpy roads or cracks in pavement give it a good rattle. That said, some mums might love that if bumps send their baby to sleep. This just wakes my baby up unfortunately.

Also wait until the online specials for discounts. The savings are excellent.

Overall, happy enough with the pram but would seriously have to think whether I'd buy it again.

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Hi Kim, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying the features of your JIVE². We thank you for the feedback on the pram as well, we always use customer feedback to continually improve the design of our prams. In regards to the brake, we did identify an issue on a small percentage of prams within certain batches. We have offered this brake upgrade to all customers within the affected batches. We would urge you to reach out to our customer care team as we are able to assist with different options to assist customers in getting your brake upgraded at a service centre. We would also like to assist with the other points you have brought up as we want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and have a pram you and your family are happy using for the years to come. Please reach out to the customer care team on 1300 344 964 so we can assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Brooke - RB Team xx

Such a stylish pram & worth every cent!

This pram is fantastic! I searched for a pram for a very long time and couldn’t find anything as compact and lightweight as this! For me, it was important to have a pram that I could easily fold down and transfer in and out of the car, also something that I could use and assemble easily without my husband being around to help.
All of the features of this pram, plus the extra seat on the tandem model are also great value for money. Looking at some other top of the range prams in Baby Bunting that have the same features were a lot more expensive and don’t even include a third seat like the Redsbaby tandem models.
On top of that, I can not recommend the Redsbaby customer care team enough! Kate, Brooke and Cameron were fantastic in aiding me with the problem I had with my faulty brake on my pram. They did everything in their power to assist me.
Great pram, great company and Australian owned. Highly Recommend!

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Hi Adri, Thank you for your review and we are so happy to hear how you are enjoying the JIVE ². Happy to hear that you also had a positive experience with our customer care team :) Brooke - RB Team xx

Terrible customer service

I wish I could write a review about the jive2 which we ordered months ago at a demo day but I STILL haven’t received it. Redsbaby customer service has been absolutely terrible, first with no response to their email service and then no answer on their phone service, being told no one was available. When they finally got in touch with us they told us our pram was on pre order (first time we had heard that) and then proceeded to give us the wrong dispatch date, which they only corrected when we enquired yet again as to where our pram was come the given date.
Absolutely ridiculous and so disappointing. They haven’t done anything to compensate this wait period and don’t seem too bothered that a pram we ordered in October, we now won’t have until nearly January. Absolutely unacceptable.

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Hi Monty, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are terribly sorry to hear that you have had this experience, it is certainly not what we expect for our customers. We would like to be in touch to assist with your order as soon as possible and help to rectify the situation. We have sent a private message so that we can gather your details and ensure one of our team is in touch as soon as possible. Brooke - RB Team xx

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Redsbaby Jive

Can you adjust the recline on a Redsbaby Jive?

While the bassinet option on the Redsbaby Jive remains stationarily flat, the seat option can reclined to several positions. Depending on your version, you can adjust the recline by either via buttons on the side of the pram, or a latch on the back of the seat.

How do I clean my Redsbaby Jive?

Redsbaby says that the material that comprises the Jive are designed to be highly durable and stain resistant, and will only require a damp cloth to clean spot stains.

How can I purchase a Redsbaby Jive?

Redsbaby exclusively sells their strollers on their online store at redsbaby.com.au. Redsbaby also hosts “Demo Days” where you can check out their strollers, including the Jive, in person.

Latest Consumer Questions

Hi there, we just put our Jive 2 pram together and it doesn’t want to turn left and right. The wheels only go straight. Is that normal? I assumed all prams would turn. Thank you. Mia
No answers

Has anyone had any issues with the pram tipping when walking on pavements? My pram used to be okay but now I have issues almost every time I go out. My child only weighs 12kgs so shouldn’t be because of his size.
2 answers
No but my daughter is not yet 12kgHi Alex, Thank you for your question. I would urge you to be in touch with customer care on 1300 344 964 (Mon - Friday) so we can assist in making sure your pram is working as it should. The seat can take up to 20kgs so we need to take a look at what is happening with your pram as soon as possible. Brooke - RB Team xx

I have a Jive (purchased 2017) and wondering if anyone else has had issues with the handle bar grips wearing down? We’ve had the pram for over a year now but the wearing down began almost immediately and has gotten worse over time. Rather frustrating as I love the pram and expected it to last a long time!
1 answer
Hi Jess, thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear this and I would urge you to be in touch with the customer care team on 1300 344 964. The leatherette handlebar should hold up to day to day use and last the life of the pram. We would certainly like to assist in resolving this for you. Brooke - RB Team xx


Price (RRP)$849$949$849
Weight Capacity (2nd seat)15kg15kg15kg
Product WeightChassis - 8.3kg, Bassinet - 4.9kg, Seat - 2.7kgChassis - 8.3kg, Bassinet - 4.9kg, Seat - 2.7kgkgChassis - 7.7kg, Bassinet - 4.5kg, Seat - 3.3kg
Folded Height35cm38cm30cm
Folded Width58.5cm58.5cm58.5cm
Folded Length71cm75cm85cm
Weight Capacity20kg20kgBassinet - 9kg, Seat - 20kg
AgeBassinet - 0+ months, Seat - 6+monthsBassinet - 0+ months, Seat - 6+monthsBassinet - 0+ months, Seat - 6+months
Price (RRP) with 2nd seat$1049$1049$1049
Product Weight (2nd seat)2.2kg2.2kg2.2kg
Replaced byRedsbaby JIVE2

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