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Redwin Aluminium Free Deodorant

Redwin Aluminium Free Deodorant

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20 reviews
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Margaret D

Margaret DCentral, SA

  • 8 reviews

Long term user


I have been using for years and find it really good - hubby was having problems with aluminum deodorants causing irritation so convinced him to swap over and works well for him to. Just remember that when swapping from aluminum based to aluminum free products it can take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust, just don't give up and you will find it does work.

Purchased in November 2010 at Coles for A$5.00.

Value for Money
Incentivised ReviewNo
Alyce W.

Alyce W.Far North Queensland, QLD

I love it!


Keeps me fresh and smells great.
And at a good price point too!
Love that I can carry on the plane with me and that its safer than Aluminium deodorants.

I am one Happy Customer!!!

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for A$4.99.

Value for Money
Incentivised ReviewNo
Causes IrritationNo

happyRedwinUserGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Long-time (20 year) user of Redwin Aluminium Free Deodorant


Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$4.50.

Incentivised ReviewNo
Causes IrritationNo
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  • 2 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Did not work at all


I was so excited for this, and only a couple of hours after applying, I was smelly. It wasn’t hot, and I wasn’t exercising, I was only watching a movie at home. Didn’t work at all for me. I tried a few times but without luck.

Only deodorant I will use


I never really review things but I love this so much and don't think it's getting the accolades it should.

I recommend this to everyone and have been using it for about 5-6 years. It is aluminium free so you don't get yellow stains on your white shirts. I love the smell, which is unisex. When I first spray it, it smells quite strong, but after it dries it mellows out.

I still find I perspire with this on (which was the same even when I used to buy aluminium deodorants anyway). However, I absolutely never smell bad at the end of the day in far North Queensland (which I do on the once in a blue moon I forget to put it on).

Best Deodorant on the market


I have used this product for some time - it is the best deodorant I have ever used. It does not stain clothing. It works as one would hope a deodorant work. The pump action spray container is far superior to any roll-on or flurocarbon container in use. It is great to know that this product is aluminium free - healthier for my body ...and peace of mind; environmentally better; and easy to use. You can even reuse the container (as a water sprayer for your pot plants! Or a water sprayer when steam- ironing your clothes!)

This is perfect and I am so glad I found this deodrant


I have a lot of allergies so I tried this deodorant. I have now been using it for years. I would not use any other deodorant now. At first I was troubled by the smell of this product because I had the same smelly effect with other brands that included aluminium. I now add to each bottle some vanilla and essential oils. It works very well indeed and I can change the fragrance from bottle to bottle.



  • Verified purchase

doesn't work


had a shower, applied deodorant. went to work in an airconditioned office 0730, by 2pm, I had odour. by 5pm when I got home, I smelled terrible like I didn't put any product on at all.


RayJoMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 5 reviews

Redwing Aluminium free Deodorant is the best


The pump operates smoothly and without leakage. My wife and I have been using it for over 12 years and it doesn't have the strong smells and health risks that so many other deodorants have and not having a propellant it is environmentally friendly. A great and recommendable product.

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Worst ever deodorant


One of the worst deodorants I have ever used. The pump is hopeless and drips. It takes ages to dry and is certainly not suitable for sensitive skin even though this is stated on the label. I have also experienced stinging and red skin after use and don't ever attempt to use it after shaving! OMG the stinging is just terrible.

I import to the UK, it's so good compared to what's availabe here


When we lived in Oz, I always liked this deodorant and now I get people to bring it over to the UK when they're visiting from Oz. I like the sporty fragrance and it keeps my 'pits consistently dry, compared to the aluminium free expensive tat available in the UK! My 17yo son also swears by it.

Jorge Guillen

Jorge GuillenIllawarra, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Best Alumium free deodorant


Lasts one day, which is more effective than others I've tried. Definitely not in agreement with the product's claim that it is as good as deodorants contaiilning aluminium. I've decided to go back to Nivea's aerosol spray antiperspirant, from Aldi, costing 2/3 the price.

All bad things that were said are true


This is a horrible product, smells terrible (the cheap male sports-like deodorant smell is the best description), does not work, even the pump is poor. I should have taken the reviews more seriously. Stay away.

Harvey Wilson

Harvey WilsonSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 100 reviews

It is ok but not as good as Rexona


I decided to try this after 20+ years of using Rexona sprays. It does an ok job, but doesn't seem to stop perspiration as much as the Rexona and also eventually the smell of hard work is apparent later in the day.


DeedubMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 11 reviews

An accidental but great find!


I have to wear a dark-blue shirts as part of my uniform and the deodorant I used to use has left horrible white stains under the armpit area. I am a big 'sweater', even in winter. I discovered this product quite by accident at Woolworths and thought I'd give it a go as it is aluminium free. I like the subtle scent and so does my wife. Although I still sweat (I've never found a deodorant that can stop this) I think that I am finally free of the dreaded white stain.
it contains no alumimium, a pleasant subtle scent
the pump only sprays a small amount

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The best aluminium free deodorant that I have found.


Contrary to a previous review I find this the best smelling aluminium free deodorant that I have tried (not into tea tree oil etc) . I have been using it for a while now and value the fact that it is aluminium free for both health reasons and the fact that my shirts last much longer and don't grow that horrible white aluminium stain under the armpits.

Difficult to find in a shop. Ended up ordering from Coles Online.

This is the worst deodorant I have ever used.


This is the worst deodorant I have ever used. I am cutting my losses and throwing out an almost full bottle. The initial fragrance is a bit masculine. I have experienced underarm odour and excessive underarm sweat for the first time in decades. I am sixty two years old. A short time after use the product becomes “musky” and unpleasant. The pump bottle I bought has a very stiff plunger and is very hard to squirt.



Best non-aluminium deodorant in Australia


I've been using this for years, as it is Aluminium-free, ever since the connection between aluminium and brain /alzheimer problems was discovered. It works really well, and has much less gunk under arms, compared to Al- free roll-ons. It is basically perfume-less, so my expensive perfume is not drowned by deodorant! It also does not have polluting, flammable gas propellant to make it work. I just wish Woolworths would keep stocking it- they have removed yet another Aussie-made product from their shelves!
Excellent effect, non-perfumed, non-sticky


sarahjbeeGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 20 reviews

It's an emergency only deodorant


On the lookout for aluminium-free deodorant that works, I tried this one. It has a terrible smell, smells like sporty men's deodorant.

I gave it a good chance, but most days, I ended up washing my underarms halfway through the day! Won't be buying again.
Didn't last during the day, smells bad

Best on the Market


Best deodorant on the market!! Redwin deodorant ticks all the boxes for me; it is aluminium free, longlasting and effective. limited number of outlets is a problem, though.
aluminium free, longlasting and effective; inexpensive, attractive but mild perfume.
U nfortunately it is not in any local pharmacy or store in Western Brisbane

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Does Redwin Sensitive Skin Aluminium free deodorant contain any Tea Tree Oil ??

No answers
Maureen J.

Maureen J.asked

Can I buy Redwin Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in New Zealand? If not, can I import from Australia? Have used this for years and love it.

No answers


Is this for men

1 answer
Ted B.
Ted B.

yes. I'm a man and I use it.. works!

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Release dateAug 2009

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