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From the inception until the settlement, the Redwood team has always been there for us. We thank you for your seamless & no fuss work. We are now the proud SMSF. Thanks, Ivan for your great work.

Customer Service

Professional, efficient & friendly

Ivan and his team at Redwood Advisory went far and beyond to assist me through some difficulties with my superannuation and loans to finance a property through a self managed super fund. Thank you for your ongoing support and advise through this time. Ivan your knowledge and experience has been invaluable!

Well done Ivan Filipovic and team at Redwoods Advisory - you are totally committed to Excellence and

Overall Ivan and his team have been excellent at providing me with all information related to the set up as well as the support of my self managed super fund.

Consistantly above expectations in all regards

We strongly recommend Ivan and his team. My wife and I started a property development business and for the last 3 years Ivan was there for us, our being in Brisbane was absolutely no issue, he responded to all our numerous questions as we tentatively moved forward with our venture. Finally we finished our development and Ivan and his team made the complex process of setting up our SMSF and of the sale of one of our properties to the SMSF so simple.

Professional & Friendly

We needed to establish a SMSF. Dealing with Ivan and his team at Redwood Advisory has been an absolute pleasure. He takes what Can be a daunting experience and speaks in plane English, on a personal level and is genuine in his approach to assist. My partner and I have no hisitation in recommending Redwood Advisory.

Professional Advise for SMSF by Redwood Advisory

Thank you, Ivan and his team at Redwood Advisory for their on going support and professional help with my SMSF. Highly recommended for SMSF advice and highly professional work ethnics.

Excellent knowledge in SMSF

Redwood Advisory specialises in SMSF setup and management. If you ever wonder how to setup a SMSF and purchase a property using SMSF please contact Ivan as he has the right knowledge to assist you and ensure your SMSF is fully compliant. Ivan and his professional team deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.

Excellent team excellent service

What can I say from the first time I walked int he office to now Ivan and his team have been wonderful to work with. They have provided me with assistance all the way, gone the extra mile to help me and looked for ways to get me what I wanted. I am grateful to have meet him and will highly recommend him to anyone. Look forward to a long and lasting relation ship.

Great service and communication

Ivan and the team have consistently provided great, professional advice throughout our SMSF journey. From setting up, through rental property purchase and SMSF compliance they have exceeded our expectations.. and kept the costs down! Ivan's communication and availability has been a standout, and helps me manage any stress that may arise. Definitely recommended.

Fantastic and helpfull

Ivan and his team Redwood Advisory are very Professional and dedicated to help you acheive your goal. Without them we would't be where we are today.

Wonderful Experience

The team at Redwood offered a personalised service and simplified the process in starting my SMSF... highly recommend.. congrats to Ivan and the team. Look forward to a long lasting relationship

No.1 Dedicated and Trustworthy Team!

Ivan and his Team at Redwood managed to save us just in time before we would have lost all our money and saved us from endless efforts to get our money back from a paper trial of legal fees. I highly recommend Ivan and his Team at Redwood to anyone who needs to start a SMSF.

Even though the ongoing professional service was through phone calls and emails, there was always a sense of trust from Ivan and his Team at Redwood, they are a very dedicated professional team who cares about you and the welfare of your future finances. Ivan and his team are always just a phone call away if you needed advice.

Thank you Ivan and your Team at Redwood for your ongoing support and assistance.

Dedicated and driven team

I highly recommend Ivan and the Team at Redwood. They are not only able to take care of the everyday but work on planning for the unexpected. The future is something Ivan and team are always looking out for and making sure decisions made now have and deliver the best outcome for their client down the track. Always contactable will the right advice. Great group to work with.

A + SMSF you won't find better then Ivan and his team.

We couldn't have achieved what we have without the assistance and advice from Ivan and the team at Redwood. These guys are the experts when it comes to SMSF and I am comfortable knowing that Ivan is around to provide qualified advice. Redwood goes above and beyond when it comes to providing exceptional service to clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Redwood. Great work Ivan, thankyou for all your support and assistance

No 1 in the Business!

Ivan & his crew saved me and rectified all my accountanting issues in particular my SMSF needs.
Can't recommend these guys enough.
Best team to have on your side to bat for you 24/7..
These guys treat you like family and you'll never get that elsewhere.
Keep up the good work Redwood & Ivan.

Excellent all the way!!!

We absolutely love Ivan Filipovic of Redwood advisory. Let me tell you our SMSF Journey. Before we decided to set-up our SMSF, it took us plenty of months of researching online and talking to many SMSF specialist before we decided to settle with Redwood Advisory. Ivan patiently explained to us every details of SMSF, we only have less than 100 thousand dollars on our super and Dave and I just wanted to set-up a SMSF that will have a property as an investment. Other specialist said its not feasible. Why? I found out that their fees are too high for SMSF with a property. One specialist actually said to me, its going to cost us around $4000/year and they will do all the administration and book keeping. But for redwood advisory, only less than $1200/year regardless of how many transactions or investments you got, you need to do some book keeping yourself but I do not mind as long as we save our money that way.
The set-up was easy and only took a day. After the roll-over from industry funds to smsf, I started talking to a few banks but because we only have less than $100,000, they told me it is not possible as we can only take a smsf home loan if our funds is around $125,000. So I called Ivan and asked for some advice. Fortunately for us, the company just started a mortgage broker company. It is much easier to get a pre-approval this time as Ivan knows all our accounts and is very familiar with our situation. It would have saved me a lot of hassle and headaches if I just talk to Ivan straight away, this guy knows his stuff from A to Z. After we got a pre-approval with latrobe financial, we started looking for a property. We wanted to buy a brand new or relatively new apartment and because we only have limited funds, there was not much options for us. We learned our lessons, so we asked Ivan for advice straight away this time. So from purchasing/haggling our off-the plan apartment, choosing a real estate property manager, even installing the blinds in our apartment, we think that we got the best deal because of Ivan. Ivan haggled the developer to give us discount on the price($5000 less) reimburse $4000 on our stamp duty and even upgrade our carpet to wooden floorboards(save us$2500). A week after our settlement, our apartment got leased. We cannot be happy enough. We owe this man and Red Advisory a lot.


Recently set up my SMSF and Bare Trust through Redwood Advisory. I'd been following his blog for a while after reading his posts on somersoft forum. Although I still feel nervous about managing my own super, Redwood clear and concise information has put my mind at ease. The process was straight forward. I hate filling in documents so Redwood did help explaining the benefits of understanding the SMSF process. I would recommend to others looking to manage their own SMSF.

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