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Very Unprofessional Business

I have had this company knock on my door a couple of times. Both times the people were very unprofessional in their appearance, language and knowledge of their product & service. The 2nd time around we agreed on a time and day to have someone come back to discuss the service with us. I received a call 2 days later confirming the incorrect time and that "they" were going to be there at 5:30pm. The time came and went and no body showed up. 25 minutes later I called the number that called me and no answer. 10 minutes later I received a call from a different person saying that they were out the front of my house however they were not as they had gone to the wrong address. All in all just a very unprofessional approach to business in general. If I ran my customer service and sales team like that I wouldn't be in business for very long.

Customer Service
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Good morning, Unknown. I am so sorry to hear of your negative experience with us. We understand the importance of a first impression, and not being able to achieve a high standing first impression is not favourable, as we hold our customer service standards high. Any feedback we receive is taken aboard and used extensively for future training and development. I would love please an opportunity to discuss this with you to rectify this, and apologise to you directly. My email is Stacey@solarnaturally.com.au. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Stacey.No need. I’ve said it all

Great savings. I love solar

Installation was quick and everyone has been great to work with. The only drawback was a couple of tiles got cracked on instal. I am still so happy with the savings

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Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for your review. We are sorry to hear about the cracked tiles upon installation, and if there is unintentional damage as a result from installation, then we do resolve, as customer satisfaction is our priority. We are so pleased to hear that you are saving, and thank you so much for your review again! Kindest regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Quick install, Great service, and even better. Savings.

Quick service, install was booked within 1 week of acceptance of quote and the team had it sorted within a few hours. The app isn’t the easiest but doesn’t affect the savings.

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Hi Justine, thank you so much for your wonderful five star review! It is awesome to hear that you found the process to be efficient and that you are saving $$. Wishing you a glorious weekend, and year ahead. Kindest regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Excellent work

From start to finish the communication and service was excellent, very happy we decided to get the solar panels installed.

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Hi Ashleigh, thank you so much for your epic five star review! We are so pleased that the entire process for you was exemplary from a service and communications standard. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead! Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

This is perfect! Can’t live without it

Everything went smoothly and perfectly. No regrets 10/10 I’m very happy that this contributes towards helping save the environment. I’m very happy that I decided to get solar installed.

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Good afternoon, Amina and thank you so much for your passionate five star review. Many of our reviews come from a savings orientated perspective, so it is wonderful to read a review driven by someone's values and attitudes. Saving is always a bonus, but contributing to a greater human cause is indeed a "saving". Thank you so much and wishing you a happy and healthy 2019. Kindest regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

No regrets - was a no brainer. Highly recommend this company.

I can only speak highly of this company. Their initial sales pitch was not pressurised, factual and clearly showed costs and the expected potential electricity savings. The most suitable system was advised for us based on our previous bills and 0% finance was arranged meaning we had no up front costs. Installation was on time and the workers polite and worked cleanly causing no damage to our property. We are now 18 months down the line and have no regrets in purchasing our solar panels and have experienced no problems with our system at all. Having made the small necessary changes to the way we use our electricity (eg: always trying our best to put the dishwasher/washing machine on during the daytime) the promised savings have come to fruition. Our solar system is on target to be paid off in the next couple of years and from that point on we will enjoy extremely small electricity bills. In the meantime our monthly costs are still smaller despite paying off the panels. We are definitely looking forward to adding a battery to reduce our costs to almost nothing in the long run. Great company with integrity and good organisation. Very happy to recommend.

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Good morning Emma, thank you so much for your wonderful review. I very much appreciate the detail put into this review, as it offers such a comprehensive evaluation of your journey with us from sales to install to savings, as well as details lifestyle implementations to aid your transition to solar. This is fantastic for people to read. We thank you so much for your recommendation, and have loved seeing visibly the reduction in your bills online. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Money Saver

The whole process from signing up, to installation and then use was so easy. Great service and a great product that is now producing the savings on my power bills I was looking for. Thanks to the Solar Naturally team

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Hi icoaty, thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review! We are so happy that the entire process has been easy and efficient, and that you are saving $$$! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019! Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Time will tell

They did a great job on the installation .
Theoretically the system should show us significant savings; time will tell.
Of course all the components are made in China, but the quality actually seems reasonable. If it lasts 5 years we should be ahead.

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Hi Jonno, thank you very much for your five star review. We are so pleased that you are happy with the high level of service provided at installation. We encourage use of our Facebook page and also our website for fantastic blogs and information regarding usage to help support the transition to solar power. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2019. Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Very pleased so far

Very smooth installation and the installers provided great service. Excellent sales person who explained the details of the contract and benefits very well.

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Hi Vicky, what a lovely review to read first thing this morning! We are so pleased you are happy with the sales and installation process, and we look forward to hearing of the benefits to your home in the future. Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Good system, could get better.

Intsallation team was professional at their job.
However I've straggled to get the wifi working even after contacting the company over a year ago. Other than that we are enjoying the benefits of solar power.

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Hi Cyroz, wonderful to hear of your positive experiences with our installers. They are a great team! My name is Stacey and I am in customer service, and would be happy to send you some documents regarding the WIFI, if you could please email me at Stacey@solarnaturally.com.au, I will endeavour to sort out this ASAP. Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Great addition to any home.

Solar Naturally have made it possible for anyone to own Solar Panels. With their Certigy option, we were able to afford a full solar panel system, big enough to sustain our energy usage. Great savings on the power bill were noticed immediately. There was a little hiccup with the installation process, which was handled and rectified very quickly and professionally. I would recommend Solar Naturally to any home owner.

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Good morning, Josh! Thank you for a wonderful 5 star review! We are so pleased you are saving money and that we were able to rectify the hiccup promptly and professionally. Thank you for your understanding and kind recommendation. Enjoy the rest of your week, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Great opportunity to get some solar panels

Good company to deal with and installation was fast and hassel free. Would recommend to all who want to get into saving sone money.

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Hi Sambo, thank you so much for your lovely review. At Solar Naturally, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and keeping it simple and hassle free is very important! Thanks for recommending us and great to see you are saving! Stacey at Solar Naturally.

It has helped reduce our power bill by half

Yes being shown the panel installation was rather easy
Have had no issues or problems and at this point i dont think we will. Great service and very pleasant people to speak to.

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Hi Nannyjan, thank you very much for your review! It is wonderful to here the process was simple and that you were impressed with our approachability and professionalism. Thank you kindly, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Can’t believe the savings

Done quickly and professional. Any questions were answered promptly and they came out the same day to assist with my questions.

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Hi Denny, thank you so much for your review. Its lovely to know we exceeded expectations on a professional and service level. Thank you for taking your time out to review us. Kind regards, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Fast, efficient and great customer service

The first solar company I considered seriously and after some background checking on the business and their claims I w as very happy to do business with them.

Supply and installation was fast and efficient. In house electricians doing install were professional and informative.

Not had a single issue with the system and highly impressed by the follow up a year down the trsck checking if everything is still going ok.

Highly recommended.

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Hi Jordanvi. What a lovely review! Thank you kindly! At Solar Naturally, we pride ourselves on the entire customer journey, so it is wonderful to see this mirrored in your review. Thank you so much; Stacey at Solar Naturally.

The best of all.

We are really enjoy our solar system. Very helpful. There is issue whatsoever since we have been using our solar.
Highly recommended.

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Hi Charles, thank you very much for your words! We are so pleased that you are enjoying your solar experience at home and with us here as your provider at Solar Naturally. Thanks for taking time out to review us. Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Love my product

Had no issues at all great product and friendly team have spoken to others about your great product too and th ery also have it . Thanks

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Kristy, thank you very much for your review! We are so pleased you are happy with the product and also the level of service, and recommended us. What more could we ask for! Thanking you, and enjoy the beautiful summer ahead. Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Good service

Panel installation was very straight forward with no problems. Have had no problems since all seems to be working well and the company has been very pleasant to deal with.

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Hi Holly! Thanks for your kind review. We are so pleased your experience has been straightforward/uncomplicated and pride ourselves very much on our quality customer service. Thank you again, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Solar natural

Would highly recommend solar natural the overall experience from start to finish was very professional staff very friendly and helpful nothing negative to say thanks

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Wens, thank you so much for your review. It is wonderful to know you have highly recommended us, as we were able to be consistent in our customer journey from start to ongoing. Thank you so much for your kind words, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

Best thing ever!!

Paperwork was simple, quick and organized. The set up was completed quickly and with no problems at all. Everyone at Solar Naturally was professional and friendly. I often recommend this company to everyone who mentions Solar as my bills are almost non existent!!!

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Hi Tennille. It was lovely to speak to you and I thank you for your lovely review. We are so pleased that you have recommended us, as we have exceeded expectations with professionalism and savings. This is wonderful news. Thanks for taking time out to review us, Stacey at Solar Naturally.

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Questions & Answers

Anyone cancelled their contract with this mob? Do they play hardball to cancel the contract? They came around to discuss how they work and I felt nothing but red flags. They were extremely pushy, telling me to sign today because the government rebate was ending the next day and the repayment lump sum was 6500 in total. I told the rep I wanted to think about it but she insisted I sign now because I got the option to cancel. I signed up to get her to leave knowing I most likely will cancel. She called me up 2 hours later to say I didn't press the "I accept" button on the link she sent me (I did that because I didn't want to further commit), I then told her I'm not going through with it, I had to be firm because she was still pushy but I have a feeling this is not the end of it.
3 answers
My experience (across all industries) is some sales people are better than others, and sometimes its just some sales people dont match well with the customer, or its just a bad day. (I know I certainly couldnt work in sales, talking to strangers.) Unfortunately that can often detract from a good product or service. I have used these guys, and recommended them to several of my friends and business associates who have also been happy. Although you may not have enjoyed the sales person, the products, installation and after sales service are all pretty good. They have been around for a while, have their own installers (many solar companies just contract out to the lowest cost installer). Like a lot of products, if you finance the total cost can be rather scary, and personally if I can I will use my mortgage for the lowest interest rate for something like this, but sometimes there is just convenience in the finance offered with products - which is why companies like Harvey Norman will do finance on a washing machine. Perhaps you could ring their office, express your concerns with the sales rep and perhaps get some sort of discount or upgrade I am sure there would be no harm in having a chat. But I would still consider them worth considering. Good lucki had the same experience in 2017 but it was easy to cancel when i realized i was paying double the price.Similar experience. I asked for a written quotation and a business card and was told some BS about intellectual property and ... at this point I tuned out and the spidy-senses were going ballistic. What sales guy does not leave a quote or a business card... smells like a scam.

Recently had a door knocker by the name of [name removed] he will be back later tonight to talk more about it. really skeptical on the money side of things.. and how good the panels and inverter are? Does anyone know the brand of the investor and panels?
No answers

I've just had the door knock and sales pitch.. sounds to good to be true. Read reviews. Does anyone have an update on their solar system? Does it really cost 2x more in the end. are they over inflated prices?? Can someone clarify?
2 answers
You will be paying a fair bit extra to make up for the no interest finance. ($400 just for the opening of the account). Also what we finally got would only be low to mid ratable system. This is not the first time I am left feeling like a gum nut but the good in this is I have finally learnt that don’t do business with those seeking it, seeking them and I could have have had a better rated system with double the kw for just over half the price.Yep it is too good to be true. I'm just over a year and a bit in and has only made a slight dent to my power bills. All the reviews I see are people happy with the service and install but nothing comparing how much money they have saved. I've been ripped off and will take this as far as I can. Absolute scam company.

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