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Regency Screens

Regency Screens

Mirror, Showerscreen, Splashback and Wardrobe
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My new wardrobe is just Perfect!!

We had a new walk-in wardrobe installed. Everyone involved was very professional.
The installation was completed so efficiently and it looks great... like its been there the whole time. We were kept up to date through the whole process and it looks amazing. So happy!! Thank you.

great product and great quality

excellent product, excellent service and great after sales service.
prompt delivery and great knowledge and attention details.
have been using Regency in the past 10 years and happy to recommend their service and product to customer.


Do yourself a favour and simply AVOID these guys.
It took 2 months for two wardrobes to get installed. Countless delays first to get the timber and parts, then on the first visit, the fitter realised the guy who had taken the measurements didn’t take accurate measures and could only install one of the wardrobes only. So we arranged to work from home one day the week after and got a call 30 minutes after the time the fitter was supposed to get there only to find out his car had broken down. Exact same thing happened the next day and finally on the third day, I get a call saying the car is good to go but the fitter is sick. They however had another guy come but he rocked up WITHOUT A DRILL! And to top it off had to go to Bunnings which took him an hour return because he didn’t have enough screws. This company is made up of a bunch of complete amateurs. This is just a quick summary of some of the issues I have but is only the tip of the iceberg. This could go on for pages!

Very professional service - would definitely recommend

We had 2 frameless shower screens fitted in our ensuite by regency and I couldn't have been happier. Stephen from sales was always promptly on time, communicated well and addressed any of our questions/concerns, coming round atleast twice to quote and measure. The team that came to remove our old broken one and fit the new ones were also on time and communicated the day before to give their arrival time, they did a good job installing with minimal mess left. Regency were professional to work with and price matched; would definitely recommend using them

Do not use this company

Very unprofessional. Never call back or answer phone. Waited all day for installation only to be told "Ahh, no the guy that does that did not come in today, we will reschedule, I will call you straight back". Still waiting, nobody answering any of their phones.

Tried all day to contact anyone at Regency, nobody home. Next day finally got someone to answer a phone. Found guy for install, lost mounting brackets. Want to know what I am thinking about now. NO YOU DON'T!!!

Terrible- don't use them

Regency Newcastle were so bad I had to threaten to take them to court. After taking months longer than promised to install a shower screen it then had major problems- leaks, no silicone used to stop water getting behind the glass, visible cracks in the tiles where they had drilled screw holes.
They then didn't return calls or emails for 3 months until I contacted Fair Trading NSW.
Repairers then turned up unannounced at 7 in the morning when my wife had just returned from hospital with our new baby.
I finally listed the case with the Small Claims Tribunal after Regency threatened to destroy my credit rating and take me to court.

Thank you, your enduring quality passed a serious accident test.

An accident yesterday tested the quality and workmanship of our 1998 installed framed pivot door shower recess. Having recently had a shoulder reconstruction, I had a plastic chair in the bathroom to assist in the shower during recovery. Yesterday, I sat on the chair outside the shower to remove my socks with my back facing the closed shower door. As I reached for my first sock the chair literally disintegrated under me. I crashed heavily backwards head first into the shower door and lay on the floor for 35 minutes in shock, literally checking my head solders knees and toes and marvelling at and appreciating the quality workmanship of our regency shower recess. A lesser quality could have been fatal. The egg size lump on the top of my head a testimony to the strength of the impact that my 100kg delivered. Thank you for the quality in your frame and the amazing glass that you use.

Brilliant Service and love the product

When I requested a quote via email I was pleasantly to receive a reply the next day from a lovely man called Stephen Watkins. He arrived to do the quote when he said he would, I had the quote that same day & within 7 days my wardrobe doors were installed. The chap who installed the doors arrived when he said he would and left no mess behind. I love the way you do business; very professional, not over priced, so courteous and done with a smile. Thank you Regency, so happy that you will be doing the second robe for me also.
Regards Carol-Ann Kennedy

Job Well Done

Our consultant Mitch was on time and was very accurate with his measurements as one of the walls was not quite square being a 1950's home. Installer was also on time and did a great job putting in the screen in half an hour. Screen looks great and works perfectly.

Fantastic After Sales Service

Had a shower screen installed by Regency in July 2012. Just had an installer at my home in Sheidow Park SA today to adjust door of this shower screen which had started to catch on fixed glass panel.
Arranged under warranty with a minimal of fuss and with professionalism. After 6 years this company still stood by their product. Does not get any better than that. Would recommend this company to all. Wish there were more companies who displayed these ethics.
Thanks Regency for your prompt and excellent service, from Edwardstown showroom, Service Coordinator and Installer. A++++++

Thank you Stephen Watkins

Stephen Watkins impressed me with his efficiency and courtesy. He attended punctually and demonstrated his interest in servicing our (his potential customers) needs by pointing out to us that there may be an alternative (and less invasive and less expensive) solution to the problem we had (replacement of a stained shower screen). His professional advice saved us money.

Beautiful new showerscreen. Top quality!

Our consultant Stephen Watkins was punctual, knowledgeable and went out of his way to explain every detail.
He was very accurate with his measurements and the shower screen fits perfectly. He even offered to come back if we needed extra finishes in case we weren't happy. I like Regency as their products are superior compared to other brands and last and wear much longer. I highly recommend them.

Great service and support

Our consultant was knowledgeable and helpful. Carl gave us great customer service, advice and assistance.
The installation was speedy and completed professionally and to a high standard.

Poor customer service & messy installation

I do not recommend purchasing from Regency. They have extremely poor customer service.

I purchased robes from Regency, initial consultation & design was great. Many issues with the installation, very messy & left massive holes where door jams were (we were not advised nor were the painters asked to patch them up prior to installation), tried to blame other trades for regency’s lack of attention to detail. Installed damaged draws, got silicone everywhere, left permanent marker writing on mirrors and didn’t clean the mess. Was going to leave all rubbish behind.
Had sales rep visit to inspect my concerns. They handled it really poorly, took no responsibility, didn’t apologise, tried to blame me and the other trades. The sales rep acted like a child and had a hissy fit,left as quickly as possible, even did a wheelie leaving my driveway.

Don’t waste your time or money, their product is not worth the headaches.

Timely Service

Service was great and they came in early and were out by 8am to allow me to get to work on time.


I’m so excited about my wardrobe installation, from the Hiro black wardrobe doors to the internal black handles on the draws my wardrobes look amazing. Thank you Regency

Could not run a chook raffle

Hopeless, I have waited two weeks for my shower screen to turn up. The day was organised for today and I took the day off...

Guess what? They have misplaced a part of the screen and will not be coming.

Message on my phone at 7-30 am with no possibility of talking to them until 8-30.

Those guys could not run a chook raffle.

exceptional service

Aaron came and measured and quoted it was an easy and painless process.
Troy the installer had a few technical problems as our walls were not exactly plumb, but with his keen eye the shower screens and mirrored wardrobe doors all look great. Troy stayed until the job was completed which ended up being after 5.30pm on a Friday evening well-done guys super happy with your efforts.

Frame broken, won't fix under warranty

I purchased a Regency shower screen 4 years ago and was told there is a 7 year warranty on the frame. A small bracket in the bottom of the door frame has broken off and they won't fix it under warranty. The warranty on their website says the warranty covers "faulty materials" for 7 years, excluding moving parts, however a bracket in the frame does not move. I'm not happy as I feel they aren't honouring their warranty.

Very poor communication and warranty

I am totally dissatisfied with this Newcastle companies communication and warranty. My shower screen leaked after the first shower and after 2 weeks of one way communication there is still no outcome. We are happy with the product and communication up until the install; but since the company do not want to know us.

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