Nice style but built out of the wrong materials

Oh the irony, if you see an actual vintage bicycle around you know it lasted because of a quality build, most of these vintage styled Reid bikes will probably be in the landfill within a decade of their life. My bikes tyres, rims and pedals all broke within the first two years use ( pretty minimal use too). All the exposed chrome was rusting within six months and it was stored in a weather proof bike shed, the arms to the mudguards were the worst, the outer chrome coloured coating fully flaking away from the bristling rust. I see these bikes around town occasionally and they are all rusting.
The front basket with the removable inner basket is one of the better design features and very practical.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Drives me up the Wall

I adore this bike - I have for four years. However, I have been dealing with the front mudflap coming loose for a large majority of this time. Between my bike mechanic and I, we have tried everything to keep it in place and I cannot find the black plastic "hole thingy" that the metal prongs insert into anywhere.

It so embarrassing and incredibly annoying to be stopping cycling every time I go over a bump to put it back into the hole - because if you don't it clangs SO loudly. I'm at the point where I want to chuck it over a bridge - but unfortunately, I need it to get to work.

I am writing this review because I have seen on the other complaints that Reid cycles appear to have helped the situations people are having with this bike. So if you are reading this Reid Cycles - Please help me by telling me where I can buy the black plastic "hole thing" that the metal prongs insert into... before Sydney Harbour acquires a new bike.

A woman at the end of her patience.

Date PurchasedDec 2014
Hi Kelly, Sorry to hear you're having issues. I've sent you a private message in the hopes we can resolve this for you. Wes.Reid cycles private messaged me and sent me out the replacements needed so the spokes dont fall out anymore - free of charge. Really great fixing of the problem - wish I had of just sent them an email first. They seem quite reasonable.

You get what you pay for

I bought this bike in white, from the Reid store on Victoria St, Melbourne (4 years ago). It looked very nice and the price, $300 was very appealing to a poor uni student with no car (probably the main demographic of Reid) It rusted after 2 weeks, even though I kept it inside at night. The fragile wheels could not handle cobble stone or bumps in the road and buckled. I got puncture too easily. The wheel started making a very embarrassing "clunk" (busted ball bearing in wheel?). I rang the store and to their credit they said bring it in and they would fix it, but without a car it was quite inconvenient to get the bike into the city so I just let it sit in my spare room and eventually sold it for $25. If I had invested $600 on a decent bike with good quality parts, instead of the poor quality bike, I would still have a decent bike today. These bikes are expendable and not built to last.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Beautiful and graceful bike! Ride in style!

I bought this bike partly because she had the right mix of features and price, but more than that: because she was the most gorgeous bike I could find at any price! Since buying her 16 months ago, we've covered 5,000km, including 100km on the 2015 Brisbane-to-Gold-Coast ride. (And I plan to ride her again in this year's event).

With her bright, cheerful, red paintwork and classic good looks, she gets lots of nice comments. Once, when returning to where I'd left her tied up in a park, I found a photographer taking pictures of her. A friend also borrowed her as a prop in her wedding photos! I particularly enjoy riding her in "Style over Speed" events, where she completely looks the part among genuine vintage, classic bikes.

To ride, this bike is stable, tame, and very comfortable, and a perfect mount for even a very inexperienced rider like I was when I started. The combination of her weight and gears did make Brisbane hills a challenge at first, but a few weeks of commuting got me past that. When getting started, it's no crime to get off and push for a bit anyway.

The only reason this isn't a 5-star review is that the quality of some of the components is very poor. A few other reviews here have already called attention to the chainguard, which is extremely flimsy and will be bent out of shape in no time. Fortunately, it's just as easily bent back into (something like) shape -- but if you look at the chainguards of any of these bikes you see on the street, they're almost all warped and bent, so it's a common flaw. I've also had to replace the saddle, grips, and a rear wheel whose spokes broke. That probably sounds like a lot, but I bet many of these bikes never travel the kind of distances we've travelled: it's the equivalent of many years of casual, weekend riding.

In short -- a beautiful bike at a great price! Highly recommended!

Date PurchasedApr 2015
Hi Ruediger, Many thanks for your kind and honest review. We are very happy that you are enjoying the bike! Just a quick note on the chain guard, they are designed to bend on impact to prevent them from braking. As they are in a position where they are often knocked they are deigned to give rather then snap. If the guard was to snap if could be dragged into the chain coursing the bike to stop suddenly endangering the rider. Also we do stock replacement guards so if you do need one in the future please contact the customer support team on (03) 9329 1222. Regards, Reid JosephThanks for the explanation, Joseph. I understand that the chainguard might indeed be flimsy by design. If so, I question the wisdom of that engineering decision for two reasons: * Knocking the chainguard with my shoe during ordinary pedalling has been sufficient to deform it enough to either bend it outwards into a position where it has caught on my shoe or pants leg on the next pedal stroke and thereby risked injuring me, or (more usually) bend it inwards into the chain or chainring. If this latter scenario is what Reid is trying to avoid by shipping a deliberately flimsy chainguard, then I think this remedy is unsuccessful -- it *causes* exactly the problem it's designed to solve. * No other chainguard or chaincase I've seen has been as flimsy as this. This suggests to me that it's possible to manufacture a sturdier unit that's safe to use, or alternatively, that if the "flimsy by design" strategy really is technically safer than the more rigid chainguards on other bikes, a snapping chainguard is such an unlikely scenario that other manufacturers have evaluated this risk as insignificant and chosen to supply a unit that will not deform under normal use. Thank you for the offer of a replacement! However, I have already purchased a third-party chainguard (a Horn SL-23) which is far sturdier and which I don't think will suffer from the same problem (when I get around to installing it!) Bottom line is still that although this is a real (literal!) weak spot on this bike, she's still gorgeous and I've never regretted buying her!Hi Ruediger, Thanks for the feedback and tip about the Horn SL-23, I'm sure this will help others looking to reinforce their chainguard. If you've got any other pointers let us know!! We're always looking for ways to improve our products. Kind regards, Matt

It's Good but can be Excellent!

I received by bike today. I love my watermelon color bike. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the delivery, the parts are in good condition but fixing my bike seems to be a nightmare. I only wish if they sent a person to assemble the bike. After reading the manual I started to panic if I am fixing it the right way. Due to safety reasons it's always good to have a professional doing this job. Now I need to take it back to the store to get it fixed. It's a double work. Thats the only drawback. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of this vintage bike!

So freaking awesome :-)

My partner bought me this in blue for my birthday. It is awesome! The only negative is the chain guard is a little flimsy, but it's easy to correct and one of the keys for my included bike-lock doesn't fit lol...so hopefully i never lose the 1 key! Recommend!!! I have the small model, I'm 158cm and this fits just right if I set the seat on the lowest safest point. Shipping was excellent and all parts in perfect condition.

Decent bike for the price

A great looking bike that does the job. It is however quite heavy and the self assembly may turn people off of it. I put together my ex girlfriends and it took a little while to get everything right. With that in mind it runs fine and is pretty comfortable to ride. The basket is a nice addition and besides making it look more vintage it is actually practical. You can put groceries in here for small shops so that you don't need to take the car. It's definitely a more casual bike and those looking for performance should definitely look elsewhere.

Love the look, but needs some improvements

I have had my watermelon vintage bike for nearly 2 years now. I like how comfortable it is to ride and the look of the bike. However, the stand needs to be stronger to hold the weight of the bike (especially with the front basket on - it always falls over). Also, when I push the gear lever up into top gear the chain can fall off and jam. I just avoid top gear, just incase. Finally, the mud guards, chain guard and basket attachment are all very flimsy and make an awful clanging noise when on uneven roads. If these things could be improved it would be a top bike.

Love my bike!

I won the vintage classic 7-speed through a Reid giveaway and love my bike! I have had no troubles with it - and was probably going to buy one anyway. The staff at the Melbourne store were AMAZING - super friendly and totally excited for me. Great bike, great service!

Girlfriends loves it more than she loves me!

I recently purchased one of those vintage bikes for my girlfriend which came with a cane basket add on. Best birthday present i think I have ever gotten her, she literally rides everywhere now. She even brings it into our room at night (says its for security but I know she just likes looking at it when she wakes up!) Anyway, thanks to the guys at the Melbourne shop for getting it sorted for me...going to be hard to top her birthday next year!

Really sick of trying to love this piece of junk!!!!!!!

This bike is awful. I was given this bike for xmas 2013. After a week the paint job began bubbling and the top coat began to peel off. I returned it to the store and they offered me a replacement. I upgraded there and then to the new lighter model and paid the difference as the bike is heavy. Since that date.
~My brakes have stopped working 3 times!!
~My gears have stopped working twice.
~The cover for the chain has been completely bent by my shoe.
~If I lean the bike on anything (a pole or a bike parking spot) when I get back on the bike the mudguards are bent and rub off the wheels.
~The gears became unattached last week.
~A decent local bike store reattached them free of charge and I booked in my service to Reids.
~Today they snapped completely and became wrapped in the chain. (cant even get the bike to Reids now)
~This bike is a piece of rubbish and women lap it up because its pretty!!!
~I paid $400, not a massive amount but enough for a bike to be usable for 12 months surely!!!!

Hi Lisa Anne. Please contact Joel in Customer Service service@reidcycles.com.au who looks after warranties. We sell a lot of these bikes and never see some of the issues you are describing. I can't make a proper assessment based on "brakes stop working" - this could be a manufacturing fault or it could be a maintenance issue? Happy to work through it with you. The frame and fork have lifetime warranty, all other parts (except consummables like brake pads) have 2 years. All our bikes are certified for safety by SAI Global and we take these issues seriously.Thanks Joel for the swift response. I have written a more thorough description direct to Reid's email. I will forward this email to you now.

value for money

I love my Reid vintage bike, I think it was worth the money. Pretty cheap quality on some parts ( basket bracket and bolts don't line up properly, bolts don't secure well, handlebars fell out once, chain guard very bendable) but overall, good for what they cost. And gorgeous to look at :)
colour range, style, affordability
cheap quality on some parts.

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Hi Emethys. The issues you mention are related to assembly. Please return the bike for a free service after a few weeks and mention these issues. I have passed this to the Workshop Manager in Melbourne. Regards, David

Handle bars fell off

My partner purchased a 6-speed vintage ladies bike from the Perth store on Erindale road. We got it home and next day she took it out for a ride along the river. On her way home the handle bars worked loose and came out while she was riding, she came off the bike as a result from this and ended up with a few bumps and bruises and had to walk the bike home. She called the shop and they replace the bike and told us the one we first picked up had not been safety checked as it didn't have a blue dot on the handle bars, they also said this happens quite often. So if you are thinking of buying a shop built one check for a blue dot sticker on the handle bars.
good price
came apart while riding

Arrived with damaged pieces and was nor simple to assemble dont buy

I ordered a vintage bike came with broken and bent pieces, the video made it look simple which was not the case, no video of how to assemble bike basket, told them what happend they said to. Send it back and get new parts,they want me to pay and send back a part so I can get another damaged part. Very dissapointed never again, I'm going to sell it or chuck it in the tip!! Don't waste your money, get the expensive other choices from competitors. Not. Worth the trouble!

Cheap, [censored word removed], came broken bits, deliver company was [censored word removed]

Hi Amanda. Reid bikes are the only Australian bikes with SAI global certification for safety, the bike also has Shimano gearing and a lifetime warranty on frame and forks. We stand by the quality of our products and will rectify any problems like this. Perhaps the bike was damaged in transit? Please contact Joel who handles warranty issues service@reidcycles.com.auIt also said free delivery australia wide but NO they emailed me saying I had to pay $70 shipping. What the fHi Amanda. None of our marketing says 'Free Shipping Australia Wide'. We offer free shipping to some bike customers in metro areas but can't possibly send free shipping around the country. Freight on a bike can be very expensive.

what to expect when you pay a low-mid range price

I have just read the reviews and must say that i was very surprised to read so many negative reviews. i have done all my research on vintage bikes and to get a bike with no complaints you would need to pay more for a reid bike. reid vintage bikes are not made of aluminium - of course not! there only 300$ - so yes there not the lightest bikes - yes most of sydney is on the ocean - so yes it will rust - look at all the buildings, they have concrete cancer - so buying a cheap bike will not not rust - do your research on the material of a bike - therefore no surprises! also you can get it delivered so please don't complain about driving far and being disappointed that you have to wait to get all your parts! - really sounds like first world problems having to wait to get a bike for more then a week or two!
i have bought my bike a year ago - it's so much fun - lot's of colours available - i ride from bondi to the city for work - never had an issue - yes you have to service your bike - but you also do that with your car! if you want a bike with better quality - sorry to be telling you the truth of having to spend a bit more - probably north of 600 bucks!
love my bike!
Great price - good service - short lead time - fun bike - show stopper and reliable
Heavy and light rust

1 comment
Yeah! Everyone says they have bad customer service but it was fine when I went. I want to get the 6-speed ladies bike in coffee sometime around Christmas. Also, the frame is made from steel, which is heavier than aluminium, but stronger. :)

Reid Cycles Ladies Vintage Bike

I bought a watermelon coloured 6-speed vintage ladies bike earlier this year and it is an excellent bike. Very fun and easy to ride and I always get comments from passers by say what a nice bike it is. The colour is nice and bright so it's easy to pick out. I was also very impressed with how long it took to arrive, I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived on the Thursday. I ride it to uni every day. Since buying it, some of my friends have also bought one. They are a very reasonable price so I definitely recommend buying one.

Gorgeous bike... disappointing quality and even worse service.

I purchased my bike in mid April, paid the week before, and then drove the 200km round trip to pick up the bike as when I initially paid, there were no baskets available, so I was told to come back the following week as an order had been placed that day for more baskets and they would arrive on Monday.
I gave it a week and a half and called ahead to advise I would be picking up my bike. At that time, it would have been nice to know that I wouldn't be receiving everything I had ordered to save a round trip of 200kms!!!
I collected the bike, and was told that again... there were no baskets... and no bike pump. Again, I was advised an order was placed that very day, and that they would be in on Monday and I should expect my delivery at the very latest, to be the 24th of April. Nothing! I allowed a few weeks just to be polite, then I called the store in late May to ask where the basket and pump were. The guy said that they had placed an order "that day", and they would be in on Monday then posted to me, and should arrive by Wednesday at the latest. I suggested to the guy that he might want to give a courtesy call if this wasn't possible as I had been waiting 7 weeks since I paid for the basket and it still hadn't arrived. This was an attempt to encourage some customer service which seems to be severely lacking. He agreed to this and said he would make a note to call me if it wouldn't be sent. It is now the 20th of June and I have still heard nothing, and still have no basket or bike pump. I am so disappointed and the whole experience has left me really frustrated. I should not have to chase a shop for an item I have paid for already, and be lied to about when an item will arrive. I wonder which MONDAY the baskets will FINALLY arrive?!
It would be better for the staff to be up front and honest before people put their hand in their pocket if there has been a hold up rather than lie.
The colour choices
Rear brake cable frayed on first ride. Dishonest staff and awful customer service.

Hi Pilsy85. Can you please give me the name this was ordered under so I can follow this up for you? Please email david@reidcycles.com.auI would like to convey my thanks to David / Reid Cycles Official for following up on the missing items. This has most certainly restored my faith in Reid Cycles. I am very appreciative.

Rusted within 6 months, brakes don't work, takes forever to get things sorted

I got the Reid Vintage Ladies Single Speed bike for Christmas 2012. Firstly, I was told over the phone that the small bike size wasn't in stock, but that the large would fit my 164cm frame fine. I cannot mount the bike without a struggle and can't stand, so have to dismount whenever I stop, I was disappointed with the advice. I had ridden the bike maybe three times when the brakes started to stiffen up, they were extremely hard to push in and were not stopping me at all. My boyfriend loosened the brakes and sprayed WD-40 on the handle bars, brakes worked ok for a few more rids and are back to not working again. I stopped riding the bike out of frustration within a week and forgot about it. The bike was sitting in my shed, in a non-coastal town, by the time I remembered I had a Reid bike - it was 6 months later, I pulled it out and it had spotted rust on almost every surface. I was really disappointed.
I tried to ride the bike again and got half way to the store and heard a grinding sound, the chain then came apart and I crashed on the pavement. After walking the bike home, no brakes, no chain, I finally put a warranty claim in to Reid.
I put the claim in on the 9/6, received an email straight after saying that I should wait two business days. On the 17th of June I had not heard back at all, so emailed, called and wrote on their Facebook page.
I got an email back straight away saying they'd send a new chain, but with no mention of the brakes.
Today is the 20/6 - No chain, no further correspondence.
Looks good.
Rusted quickly, brakes are faulty, chain snapped

bad quality control sub-standard

After calling the Sydney store twice to make sure my wife's bike was ready and explaining I was travelling 100km's to pick the bike up. The bike was not safely inspected. After wheeling the bike out the front door to put it on my bike rack I noticed two flaws - Major concern was front tire not properly seated into rim-very dangerous and the back fender had dent in it. After paying $350.00 for the package and not all items supplied and calling to make sure everything was ready. VERY VERY disappointed. In all fairness the product not supplied will be posted to my home address.
Bike not service
Bad costumer service and bad quality control

Pretty to look at, but not for life

I had been looking for a vintage-style bike for ages, and was pleased to discover Reid's new coloured-range of vintage-style affordable bikes were to be released last Christmas.

My mint bike is beautiful, and receives lots of compliments.

However, the quality is not phenomenal. I ride my bike about 50km per week, and although it usually holds up, I have had some issues already with the quality. It is a very fragile bike. The other day my loving husband accidentally knocked me off the bike, and for a small fall, the metal on the front wheel had completely bent out of shape. The metal is very thin, delicate, and scratches easily. The back wheel tube lasted me less than one month. The brake pads are very fine. The white seat stains very easily and even with bleach does not clean well - I would recommend upgrading to the tan seat.

To be honest I think I will need to buy a new bike within the next two years as I have already had a few issues with this one.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm going to buy the Reid Vintage Classic Petite 24" bike, does anyone know if it's designed for a child's seat to be on the back? Thank you in advance.
1 answer
Hello Amarente, Unfortunately a Child Carrier / Seat will not work on the Vintage Classic Petite 24" Bike as it is not a Full size Bike. For a Child Carrier to ba able to succuessfully fit onto a bike it will need to be at least require the bike to have 26" or 700C size wheels. Kind Regards, Reid Cycles.

Hi, I have had this for a year, and my wife only rode it twice in that time. Trying to get it ready again for her to ride last week, i realized parts of the braking surface on the rims were peeling off in chunks. Now where and how do i get replacement for these? Front and back wheels. Could i use any road bike wheels and slap on the 7 speed cassette?
1 answer
Reid sells replacement wheelsets for $70 (you get both wheels). But there's nothing to peel off the braking surface: these surfaces are bare alloy. Anything peeling off is therefore some kind of contaminant. I'd recommend taking it into a bike shop so a mechanic can take a look in person and advise. Additionally, the wheels on these bikes don't have cassettes; they have an older (rare now) setup called a "freewheel". Although these look like cassettes, they're not interchangeable with them. So to fit a different wheel, you would either need a wheel that could accept the freewheel from this bike, or you would need a conventional ("freehub") wheel with a 7-speed cassette. I think these rims are also wider than a typical road bike rim, to take the wider tyres these bikes use. So, in short, my guess is that there's nothing wrong with these wheels that cleaning won't fix; and that if they ever need replacing you're better off with the Reid parts.

Hi! I'm 165cm and trying to choose between the S or L Vintage Classic Plus. Can I please check the lowest possible seat height from the floor for the L? I'm wondering if my feet would be able to reach the floor on the L-sized frame. Thanks!
2 answers
Hi, Unfortunately this review forum is currently inactive. Please phone our North Melbourne store on 9348 9892 and the staff will help you out.If the bike is set up correctly, your feet should not be able to touch the ground when you're on the saddle.

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