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Really, really bad, bordering the scam/pickpocketing

Overall really bad, and in general, the pricing is not clear and they use shady tactics to agree to other things.

1. You are unable to cancel with them if the booking is already inside the 48 hour window. Expedia allows you to cancel inside the 6 hr window
2. If you order the insurance, the site has the look and feel that the price that is provided is included the rental + insurance. NO! so the daily rental is 50$ and the insurance 75$!!! so 125 total... a complete ripoff. They never add the total amount, not even when you are paying which is the minimum they should do
3. This website is part of Booking.com which in my view they also use very shady tactics and does not help with the operations of this website/company
4. Customer service is non existent. I've tried calling, no one answers. The is a "live" chat, it says it is always 'busy'. In short, it is a joke
Pay a bit more and use expedia, they are super serious and will always be fair towards the customer.
Take care!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Booking Process


Booked a car in a prepaid payment, at the time of picking up the car, the company didn’t accept my brazilian license which they said that they wouldn’t be able to provide the car. I had a cancellation booking fee charged on my account that was equivalent the booking (99) australian dolars. Nonsense, I didn’t get the car and had it charged for the whole process.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Booking Process

Scam at the highest level.

Received an email 1:1/2 hrs before I was due to pick up the hire car (I was boarding my flight and could do nothing about it) saying that my booking was cancelled. Upon arraival Inwent to the hire car company and they said they knew nothing about the booking. I was also charged $$$ . Stay away from these parasites, just a scam.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Booking Process

Completely ripped off!

Despite giving our flight details, and our flight was on time- when the 7 of us (including my autistic son) came to pick up our mini van- they said that we were classified as a 'No Show' and there was no car for us. This was Cancun airport, in the blaring heat. after trying to communicate with their local partner, Firefly, and being kept on hold for 30 minutes, three times, until the phone was hung up- we gave up.
They promised a partial refund- that was 5 weeks ago. So upsetting!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Booking Process
Vehicle Condition
Vehicle Typeminivan


We hired one of Rentalcars.com vehicles from Sydney airport. The first booking we had made was cancelled ($0 cancellation fee) due to dates needing to be changed. We were only refunded on the car cost and not the $70 insurance fee. We then re-booked with the new dates and collected the car all was fine. When checking through our charges online they had charged us 3 times! The charges were for the hire car x 3 and Insurance x 2. I contacted them which took me to a London consultant who emailed me back and fourth and then never responded again to my emails. After trying to resolve for a month I am beyond frustrated that I have been scammed of so much money and receive no communication from them. Their customer service number rings and rings and no one ever answers. DO NOT RISK BOOKING WITH THIS SCAM BUSINESS!!!!

Automatic insurance I didn't want!

Beware for these guys. If you rent a car via Rentalcars you automatically get a super expensive car insurance of 70 dollars per day (at the car rental I could do it for 30 dollars). I never wanted this insurance. Super unclear ordering system.


Was charged 90$ cancellation fee despite was advised as free cancellation booking with low deposit.Worse rental car company I’ve ever dealt with.Stay away from this mob at any cost.

Dont use - scam

Car not as promised, charge for GST when i went to pick up car. Add said collision insurance included in quote but then they charged an extra $185 for insurance which didnt appear while i was doing the booking but was on the last page after checkout. they have promised to refund but im not holding my breath.


This is a complete scam. We rented a 12 seat car for a road trip on Christmas break and it was overbooked so we got an 8 seat car instead with one of the seat belts broken and we where told to put the baby seat there!!!! We never got any refund or compensation!!!

Worked out well

I booked a car in Darwin and the price through Rentalcars.com using Avis was far better than going direct. The rental in the city and the delivery back at Darwin airport all went well. There was no problem at all dealing with a third party provider. I decided to take out zero excess car insurance through Rentalcars as it was far cheaper than through Avis and in outback Australia the chance of hitting an animal or getting other damage is quite high. As it turned out 5km from delivery back to Darwin I had a flat tyre. This was covered by the car insurance but when the money was removed by Avis the car tyre repair was not itemised. Thereby followed a number of emails between Rentalcars and me whereby I needed to provide various documents none of which could totally verify the cost of the tyre repair and whether it was a reasonable cost. Every response by Rentalcars was given within 24 hours and they followed up all my queries. Although it took a couple of months I received the money yesterday. I totally understand that there are customers that are happy to rip off service providers and therefore the requirements to get the documents in order. But I also appreciated that they had enough flexibility in their procedures to see that all documents to the best of my ability were provided. Therefore I have absolutely no problem in renting future cars through Rentalcars.com

Excellent experience

I read all the reviews and was super wary of booking with Rentalcars, but due to the discounted rate I decided to risk it (cost was $111 v $284 booking direct with Europe Cars for 4 days hire from Canberra airport. I couldn't fault this booking and the experience was great. The compact car I booked hadn't been returned yet so I was upgraded to a brand new commodore, the pickup took less than 5 mins and I was out the door and on my way. The same was with my return of the vehicle which took less than a minute. There were no hidden fees or charges and I saved a lot of money. Naturally I didn't take out additional insurance from Europe car due to the high cost, but I did take out travel insurance with 1Cover and for 4 days (which also covered car hire insurance) it cost me $35 instead of around $85 with Europe Cars, so I saved here as well. I would definitely try Rental Cars again.

Worst service I have ever received - avoid at all costs

Booked a vehicle for a family holiday, then needed to change the date so cancelled the booking and received a confirmation email specifying the amount to be refunded. 3 weeks later I haven’t received the refund, and after weeks of no one answering the phone (despite their advertised 24/7 support line) I finally reached someone who refused to discuss the matter with me, despite the car being booked through my account with my email address and credit card, because I had listed my husband as the main driver of the car. When he called back to sort it out, they accused him of not being the person he claimed, and refused to discuss it with him either. I don’t even know what to do now.

Do not use this company at any cost!

I would strongly urge anyone considering this service to stay well away. They are a third party contractor and take no responsibility for the actions of the hire companies. They are also considered second or third tier from the hire companies perspective and you will not be favoured or assisted in anyway.

We booked a certain type of vehicle which was available when we arrived. However the local provider (hertz in this case) indicated that because we had used Rentalcars they would not give it to us. They offered us a lower category car that was too small to fit our bags. We were then forced to pay extra to get the very car that we booked.

The complaint process with Rentalcars was entirely ubhelpful and difficult with unilateral email responses with no right of reply. They have now indicated they will take no responsibility for the misleading information they provided and invited the commencement of court proceedings. Possibly the worst customer experience I have ever had and extremely misleading and unhelpful information. My advice book direct with a reputable provider and do not use this site under any circumstances!

charged for insurance I declined

I rented a car and was charged insurance I specifically declined. I was charged $140, so I contacted Customer Service and they stated I had checked the box requesting the Insurance. I explained I was sure I declined and asked them to send me a copy of my email booking to prove it to me. Not knowing I had insurance through RentalCar, my wife tooks East Coast Car Rentals Insurance, resulting in duplicate cover for the period. The cost of the car rental for 7 days was $150, but the insurance cost for the same period totalled $274.00, Neither Rental Car or East Coast Car Rentals are prepared to refund.

Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy

The most unhelpful car rental company i have dealt with. So unhelpful i didn't take the car booked with them lost my full payment and rebooked a new car.

Rentalcars.com was a bad experience

We booked a car with rentalcars.com, assuming that we'd immediately receive confirmation the car had been booked. Several days later, after 2 phonecalls to the company asking what was going on, we received an email saying the car wasn't available, but they had a different car at a more expensive rate! Which is completely wrong and unacceptable.

Beware of misleading information

Booked thru a car rental thru them with two baby seats, website show charges are based on per rental but when i pay at the counter, i end up have to pay the charges based on per day, even thought i show the rental place on rentalcars.com clearly show per rental but they wont honor it, i have no choice but to pay extra $180 for it. Would not recommend this website, might as well get it from actual car rental to avoid issues and spoil your holiday mood.

Scam service

Lots of hidden costs with the biggest one being a significant cancellation charge despite being told there are no cancellation charges. Avoid this service.

Never use rentalcars! Absolute nightmare

I would like to express my extreme displeasure with services provided by rental cars. Do not use them!
I had a 10am reservation at Alamo Canberra Airport on 26/12/1990. I was supposed to get a 7-seater for a trip to Gold Coast. I had to pick up a friend from Sydney along the way as well. I showed up to the front desk and the Alamo representative told me he had no 7 seaters available, in spite my due diligence in booking in advance and paying the full amount. He tried to rentalcars office, but they would not answer calls at all. He spoke to his manager and the lady said that the car was dropped off at Sydney by the previous renter and that they could not help us. I had a 13-hour drive and no car. Alamo wouldn't even bother contacting other companies or even showing any compassion and said it was rentalcars fault for not informing me (contractually rentalcars was responsible for my reservation). Either way, I was stuck in the crossfire and literally walked to every rental car company in the airport with a 13-hour drive ahead of me. I finally got a car from EUROPCAR and they were very helpful. I reached Gold Coast way later than what was planned and could not get into my accommodation because I had a specific check- in window. Not only did we have to check in at close to 3am, we woke up our host at an odd time. Further, we could not make it to our dinner reservation either. All of this for no fault of mine.
They still have not contacted me inspite of emailing their customer care. I cannot get anyone on the phone. I have $1000 at stake and this has set me back terribly. Please stay away!!!

Scammers!!! Don’t book with rental cars!!!!

Ripped us off and didn’t even have a car for us but happy to keep our money.
Rude staff, we booked for Christmas for 2 weeks and they scammed us refusing to give us a car that we paid for.
Rental cars should be shut down And I will be notifying a current affair !!
Do not book with these scammers!!!’ Please!!!

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone booked a car in Townsville and waht was your experience?
1 answer
I would not touch Rentalcars.com with a barge pole, go direct to an actual car hire company, not a third party.

Could someone please let me know who provides the insurance on the car hired from rentalcars.com in Australia? The name of the insurer.
4 answers
No idea sorry - we only used them overseas, good luck!Mine went thru Rentalcover.comNEVER use Rentalcars. The insurance you pay for is a scam and the hire car company will charge you again. They are impossible to deal with and their terms and conditions are not worth the paper they are written on. Just a pack of liars and thieves.

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