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Rexona Men Clinical Protection

Rexona Men Clinical Protection

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In humid weather it did not stop the persperation

I know sweating is normal. But i would love to find a product that stops most of the sweating, under arm pits. Rexona, did not do much, just made me smell pretty.

Masks The Odour But Doesn't Stop The Sweat

This product is great at masking bad odor only; didn't work for me in stopping the sweat at all. I was sweating just as if I hadn't applied anything If not more. But I like the scent/smell and does a good job of masking your underarm sweat odor.

I would say its OK. Doesn't work at all if you're a hyperhidrosis sufferer and if you are hoping that this would stop your sweat. I found driclor quite effective in actually stopping my underarm sweat, but with that comes a bit of itchiness and discomfort.

great product

I use this everyday. It's great. Before using this product I had to soak my work shirts to get the smell out (even after applying deodorant) but now I just wash them as per normal.

Smells horrible

eww. The stress control product smells sharp and distracting. I don't actually know why did I get this product at the first place in spite of it sharp scent.

Won't really stop sweating

If you sweat heavily it is unlikely this product will work for you. It is good at masking odour and smells nice but doe's next to nothing in the way of preventing sweat.

works great

I started using it after my wife used the one for women, and recommended it to me. It works pretty good. plus great value for money. I used to buy Rexona spray ones, which are around 4-6 bucks, but finished pretty quickly. I bought Rexona Men Clinical Protection on 1st of September 2015 and it lasted until last week which was like 9/01/2016.

Smells amazing, but doesn't work!

This prodcut after using it for a week, made me sweet more than usual. It felt like I had waterfalls under my arms! I must admit, I could smell it constantly throughout the day, & the smell of it is amazing! I have since found a product that stops excessive sweating, than I can apply my normal antiperspirant of a day. :)

Doesn't Work!

For the price of it I thought it would have to work , unfortunately it let me down. It has left stains worse then the sweat stains do on my shirts, it does have a pleasent smell till I started to sweat then it let me down quicker then most spray ons.

expensive for a product that doesn't work like it should.

Game changer

I have excessive sweating (especially right side under arm) for 30 years and a lot of ruined clothes to prove it. This stuff has changed that and it really works. Nothing else has. Fantastic. It does cost twice as much as my regular deodorant but it has stopped my sweating and associate clothes damage
It works
It is expensive but worth it as it will save me a fortune on clothes

Turned to watery cream

I found it was a waste of money it actually made worse wet patches as it was like melting cream under my arms. I found the deodorants like Norsca which spray white powder under your arms keep me dryer it doesnt make sense to put cream on an already damp area that only melts.
Melted into wet cream
Doesn't work

Worked at first, then stopped

I tried both the shower fresh and the fragrance collection rexona clinical deodorants. The fragrance collection (purple container) worked decently the first two times I tried it and then it stopped and made my sweating worse whenever I applied it. The smell was sort of chemically. The shower fresh (red container) didn't make sweating worse but it didn't have any positive impact either, apart from it's fairly pleasant smell.

I tried the Dove version of these clinical deodorants to compare, and it was only slightly more effective.

I've found that using a regular deodorant (not an antiperspirant) was more effective than the clinical deodorants. It might work for some people, but not for me.
The smell of the shower fresh one was fairly pleasant.
Expensive, didn't work/made sweating worse

Don't believe these reviews, it doesn't work

I purchased this on Saturday and tested it now for three days and it doesn't work. I applied it the night before and sweated the next day, I applied it in the morning and it didn't work the next day and did twice and still I sweated. I must admit, the smell lasted a long time but I purchased this to stop sweating and it didn't work
Good smell that lasts
Didn't stop me from sweating at all

Best thing I have ever tried!

I have tried many anti-perspirat deodorants over the years to no avail until I bought this product. I was very unsure whether it would work or not and was weighing up if the $15 was worth the gamble. To my surprise it does what it says it does. I now don't have to change my tops during the day or sweat heavily. The only thing now is trying to remember to put it on before bed as it is a new routine to get use to !!
very reliable, does what it says it does
its is a bit expensive, but worth it ( cheaper than bo-tox injection under the arms) and remembering to pt it on before bed

Works Great - Follow Directions!

It seems after turning 20 I started to sweat heavily and smell under my arms more than ever. All other deodorants I've used in the past work for a few hours but never gave me that 24 hour protection they promise and I would find myself re-applying my deodorant 2 or 3 times a day. I finally ponied up the extra dollars and purchased Rexona Clinical and finally I can say I'm sweat and odor free for a full 24 hours.

Weirdly enough the instructions say to apply at night but I take a shower in the morning so I ignored that step the first time and applied it after my shower, I would be out and about outdoors for the next 12 hours so I was excited to test it out. I ended up smelling and sweating as usual 3 hours later and at that point I realized the importance of applying the deodorant at night before bed so that night before bed I wiped my underarms clean with a damp towel and applied the deodorant and off to bed I went. I got up and took a shower in the morning but didn't re-apply the deodorant and voila it worked amazingly well, almost no sweating and no odor. I can't really smell the scent but that's completely fine since there's also no BO. I hope they never stop making this product.
Nice scent and keeps me dry and fresh

Best Anti_perspirant ever!

I get laser hair removal on my underarms, and due to this I perspire more because there is no hair to act as a blocker. Since using Rexona Clinical Protection I just don't sweat. And to top it off, I smell great all day with the scented range. Love it & will recommend it to everyone.
Does what it actually says
Bit expensive

white marks!!

This actually works I really love it I come home from work smelling amazing after a long day and I'm confident as soon as I put it on. Only thing bad is the white marks it leaves.. a couple of times now I've applied the deoderant then put a shirt on and had to change as it got white marks over it. I really hope rexona make one that doesn't do this!!!! So frustrating!!
no sweating
white marks

Brilliant product!

Having spent years and countless dollars on anti-perspirant/deodorants that didn't work, I'm thrilled to find something that really does. I live in a warm climate, and I tend to sweat heavily even at the best of times. This product is the first I've ever found which actually does what it claims. I might be sweating everywhere else but my underarms are dry.....so no worries about BO !
Does exactly what it claims.
Expensive, but worth it!

A product that works!

After child birth my hormones have been all over the place and with it, I have started to sweat heavily on my underarms. No normal deoderant helped and I came across a forum online stating to try Rexona Clinical Protection. I bought it from Woolworths for $11.99 (on special) regular price being over $14. I applied it that night as per instructions and the following day had no wetness or odour. It worked so well I bought another. It is a cream so when applying make sure to apply evenly.
The fragrance, it stopped odour and wetness
Packaging is bulky, may leave white stains as it is a white cream although I wore a sleeveless navy blue top and no marks were left.

Effective, but needs some refining

Rexona Clinical Deodorant is effective in the sense that it eliminates excessive sweating and odour for up to 48hrs. Although it recommends applying it before bed, I've been using it in the morning and found it to be just as effective. To apply, you just need to turn the dial underneath and let it click twice. It comes out as a thick, grainy and foam like texture and the best thing is about it is that when you apply it, it's not wet and sticky like other deodorants. Biggest downfall is the white marks it leaves on your clothes, so you do need to be careful when applying it. A little more expensive than your usual deodorants but well worth the price.
Effectiveness, ease of use, doesn't feel like your even wearing it,
A little more expensive, white marks that are a pain to get out of your clothes

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I agree with sturnbull. Very effective product but the fragrance is too strong. It overpowers everything else

Effective but needs to be applied in the evening

I found this deodorant to be effective when applied according to the directions. This is a bit inconvenient, however, as you have to apply it at night before going to bed. It means you might need to change your shower routine. Also, as there is no 'unscented' option, you will be going to bed with a fairly strong smell of deodorant wafting around you - might not bother some people, but I didn't like it.

The packaging states that you can apply it first thing in the morning as you normally would, but does warn that this will be less effective. In my opinion, if you can't apply it at night, it isn't worth using. If applied in the morning it comes off on your clothes and doesn't prevent sweating and odour particularly well. It needs time to dry and take effect - if you forget to put it on at night, you might as well use an ordinary deodorant in the morning.

Finally, if you already tend to get itchy armpits, this may exacerbate the problem. (I get itchy armpits occasionally, regardless of whether I use deodorant or not. I found this product unfortunately sometimes made the itching worse.)

To sum up: if you don't mind changing your routine, this could be an effective deodorant and anti-perspirant to use in hot weather. In winter, I wouldn't bother unless playing sport or going camping.
Scented version only, requires application at night, expensive

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Is the rexona clinical protection okay for kids to use? Thanks
1 answer
My initial response is no, but I guess it would depend on their age and whether they have perspiration issues. If so, it's best to consult your GP.

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