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How do you reconnect the remote on a 26 touch? House was empty for 3 months and remote seems to be no longer paired to the unit. Just has eithe 0 or 1 on the remote screen. Comes up with C1 on the unit for just a brief period when you switch it on at the powerpoint
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Our water is running much colder than our controller is saying. It is set at 45 but our water temperature is probably about 25. We are currently renovating so builders are turning electricity off and on everyday and have also turned water off and on. I have tried turning the machine off and on plus the controller but it hasn't fixed it. Any ideas?
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Thanks for the question Susie, we have a technical help line that may be able to troubleshoot with you. They can be reached on 1300 555 545 option 3.

I had a power outage but all good now but my wireless remote controller is not picking up signal from transmitter and therefore I have no hot water. I have a Rinnai Infinity 26 touch any ideas?
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Thanks for the question Margaret, we have a technical help desk who can help you to reset your controller. They are available on 1300 555 545 option 3 for technical help desk.

What's the remote control distance range from the unit? taking into consideration walls and other obstacles. regards, Johnny
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Thanks for the question Johnny, it is difficult to answer this question as it will depend on the wall type and obstacles. Each installation will be different.

I note there is an optional pre heat function to warm the pipes In winter we are in an area that gets to -3 deg I was wondering can’t this be fitted after the unit has been installed ? Our controller has the option in it and you can press it but how do we know if the unit we have really has this option?
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Hi, my infinity 26 touch continues to operate after the hot water is turned off. I have had the unit for less than 3 years and it has worked well until just recently. Normally the unit will turn off within 30 seconds of closing the hot water but now it just stays on unless I turn the cold water inlet valve off, any help?
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Thanks for the question Grant, it may be that there is a leak somewhere in the pipework from the unit to the outlet where you are using the hot water as the system will shut off when this outlet is closed unless there is somewhere else for the water to go. We would recommend contacting a plumber to check the pipework. If you require further clarification please call our technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3.Thank you for the response. Yes, there was a leak in the pipework from the unit as you have described. I located it yesterday and had a plumber repair the leak. The hot water system is now working normally. Cheers.

Hi just a few questions. What is the range of the remotes and how many remotes can be used on one unit? What is the temperature range?
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Thanks for the question Daniel, the Infinity Touch comes with one wireless controller and you can add a further 3 controllers to the unit. When you have 2 installed your warranty is increased to 5 years. The range of temperatures will start at 37 degrees, this is the minimum the (non adjusted) Infinity will produce. The maximum will depend on the model of unit purchased. For the 50 degree unit this will be the maximum, the 60 degree unit will allow non bathroom areas to reach 60 degrees. if you require any further information, please refer to the Rinnai Australia website, or you can call our team on 1300 555 545.

Hi just want to ask what will be the difference between 50 and 60 degrees celcius? I've bought the 60 degrees and the plumber is charging me more for the installation
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Thanks for the question Cm2330. The difference between the 2 units is the maximum temperature that the unit will produce. If you have a 60 degree unit installed the plumber will have to insure the water delivered to bathroom taps is tempered down to 50 degrees. This usually involves the installation of a tempering valve to the bathroom and additional pipework. This means taps in kitchen and laundry can operate at the higher temperature. The 50 degree unit does not require this extra work but the maximum temperature at the nearest bathroom and beyond will be 50 degrees and the unit cannot be adjusted up. You can find more information about the 50 degree regulations here: http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/21267/Hot-water-safety.pdf

with the rinnai touch 26 will it work in a power outage? if not can i run a powerbank to run this when there is a power outage. what sort of amps does it take to start up the system and how long can a powerbank run this for.
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Thanks for the question Michael, the Rinnai INFINITY Touch does need power to start up but can be run from a powerbank, our technical help desk can give the most up to date advise based on the unit you have. They are available on 1300 555 545 Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm

We just had the 26 touch installed. Happy with the shower, but problems with the kitchen. You have to remember to set the temperature when leaving the bathroom or spend more than $300 for a second controller. Not happy. Is there a reasonable alternative operating method?
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I was misled and misinformed about the Rinnai hot water systems, and would NEVER recommend one to anybody. I would be the first person to praise and spread the word about a good product, and would recommend it to everyone I come across, but I am so outraged that the Rinnai I paid double the amount that I've paid for hot water systems in the past which I was very happy with. My Rinnai hot water system wastes gallons on water every day before it heats up which angers me as we pay for what we use and the water bills are high where I live. Also the water is nowhere hot enough for my liking, and I have to keep my windows and doors closed as it sticks of gas from this product I would never have bought had I been told the truth but the plumber deliberately misled me and called me negative when I told him about the reviews I read saying exactly the same thing as I am now saying.Thanks for the question Sandi, there are a few options open to you with the INFINITY touch. You can add another wireless controller to the existing unit - you will only need the controller itself, not the kit which comes with the wireless transceiver. Alternatively you can purchase one of the other wired controllers, full details on these controllers can be found on the Rinnai Australia website, or you can discuss the options with our technical team on 1300 555 545.

Hi there. A question for Rinnai. I recently had an infinity touch installed and wondering if I can fit a deluxe bathroom controller to it? I think the deluxe controllers are wired but the unit is a wireless aystem . Thanks Dave
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Thanks for the question Dave e07, you can add both wireless and wired controllers to the INFINITY Touch. You will need to have someone to install the wired controllers and can have up to 3 additional controllers. For further information on your options you can talk to our technical team on 1300 555 545.

Our Rinna infinity 26 won't produce hot water. .how do I get pilot light on..is that how they work?
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Thanks for the question Goodop, the INFINITY units do not have a pilot light. We would recommend ensuring the power to the unit is working (use a hair dryer or lamp to test the power point. If this doesn't work we have a technical team that may be able to troubleshoot with you available on 1300 555 545 option 3.

I have a two story house. Two showers are on the first floor and the kitchen is on the ground floor. Will the water pressure is high enough to send the water to the first floor if the unit is installed on the wall of the ground floor? Thanks
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Thanks for the question Lee, unfortunately this is a question only a site inspection would be able to ascertain as each site can be different depending on the area and plumbing of the property. We would recommend having a qualified plumber check this for you.

I'm hoping Rinnai can assist me with this enquiry. I recently purchased the preset 50 degrees model (INF26TN50M) for my plumber to replace my current bosch model. I now realise after some discussion with my plumber that I would strongly prefer to get the 60 degrees model. We do not have children and our bathroom is some way away from the installation point. Will my plumber be able to call Rinnai service hotline as an accredited gas fitter and with Rinnai's assistance, manually set my INF26TN50M to 60 degrees? Thanks for your assistance.
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Thanks for the question Michael, unfortunately as the model of hot water unit you have purchased is a factory set 50 degree model, legally they cannot be adjusted up to 60 degrees. Your plumber would be able to make slight adjustments, up to 5 degrees, so you are getting a true 50 degrees at the nearest bathroom tap. These adjustments may increase the temperature further down the line at other taps although not as high as 60 degrees. The instructions for this adjustment are included with the unit on the inside cover of the unit, or the plumber can contact our technical help line on 1300 555 545 and they will advise the procedure.

How do you know which size Rinnai Infinity to buy? We need one for the ensuite - so two showers per day.
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Thanks for your enquiry Rosemary. We usually base the size of unit based on the number of outlets it will be supplying. Our Sales team can discuss your situation and give you a recommendation on 1300 555 545. Alternatively our website has a hot water sizing calculator and is available at www.Rinnai.com.auYou can get away with the 26 it will give good pressure try and get the Rinnai as near as you can to the shower wall this way you will not have to wait for the hot water to come through this seems to be the major issue that people have but buying these units you save money on gas as its not a storage unit you only us gas when its on, and you don't have to worry about the pilot light its electric so be aware if there is no power it will not come on another tip you will need a sparkie, I don't know if yours is going into a new build but if its not the cord that comes off the unit is very long if the power point which should be an out door one, see if he can make the cord shorter so its not hanging all over the place cheaper to get that done while the sparkie is there. If its a new build make sure they put larger pies in from water heater to the supply You might want to look at the THERMANN 26 same company different price cheaper I mean and the same warranty. I have had one put in new for 2 years now and no problems at all. Hope this helps youThank you Flat Jack and Rinnai. I will follow up on both your leads. Cheers R

Rinnai INFINITY 26 - Does the Rinnai INFINITY 26 require a copper 25mm copper pipe from where the gas metre is all the way to the Rinnai INFINITY 26 please ? Our gas metre is about 20m to 25m away from where our gas hot water system is.
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Normally its just from the unit it self as this will carry the water the gas supply is not the problem. So if you look at it like this if did not use a larger copper pipe and your gas unit was right next to shower/ bathroom the water would get there very quick and be hot quicker, but lets say if you kitchen sink was across the other side of the house it will take longer to get hot water this is why at some homes they get 2 units put one near the bathrooms and say near the kitchen, it will save on wasting water waiting for it to heat up. I hope this is of some help its not the gas supply that is the issue its the water getting through the pipe to the tap the larger the copper pipe used quicker the water well hot water, cold is not a problem, but the pressure in some parts of Australia has been reduced to save water, you turn the tap on full but it will stay at that pressure gone are the days like I use to recall when it use to blast out of the tap. Its not the unitNext question is this the correct company to be buying from please. rinnai.com.au They are saying it will be about $3000. Does that sound about right please.Hi Colin.Thank you for your enquiry. I can't answer your question entirely because of some more info required. A picture of your meter installation would be ideal to determine the pressure of the network to which you are connected. The suburb and what other additional gas appliances will be sharing the installation ie stove, room heating, bbq etc. Your local plumber will be able to conduct a site meeting and measure up and refer to his pipe sizing charts in his field literature to be more precise.

Are these gas hot water systems for use with LPG?
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Yes LPG or natural gas Yes more info here: http://www.elgas.com.au/for-home/gas-hot-water-systems-prices-instantaneous/rinnai-infinity-26-lpg

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