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Roach Kill Cockroach Gel Bait

Roach Kill Cockroach Gel Bait

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Excellent results

Saw some cockroaches scurrying out of the kitchen and used this bait. Have found dead cockroaches all over the place, the problem must have been worse that I originally thought. 7 days later, problem 100% fixed, amazing stuff - highly recommended.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $7.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
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So we had german roaches in our kitchen and it was getting bad. On a night they would scutle out and cover the surfaces, eating crumbs and leaving poo everywhere. I tried bug bombs and bug spray and nothing was getting rid of them. The bombs felt like they actually encouraged the roaches to come out of their hiding spots. I instead decided to try this gel. The best results are after thoroughly cleaning the kitchen, inside and out. I bought 2 tubes and put a dab in all the hiding spots I saw the roaches. Day 1 and there were lots of sick looking roaches. After a week, we would see one or two. I just saw one now, 3 weeks after the bait was put in, and it fell straight over and died as soon as i moved it. Basically, this stuff is amazing if you read up on how to use it and what it is. I will be buying more to top up the baits in a few months time!

Very happy with result

I read the reviews on this site and decided to purchase this product. I took it to my house in Vanuatu where I applied it and it was fantastic. I cut up a plastic take-away containers and put a dot on each piece of the plastic which I then placed in lots of places - about 25 all up. Very happy to see lots of dead cockroaches after the second night. I re-used the plastic pieces a few times and then removed them to the bin once I was satisfied the job had been done. Very happy.

Brilliant product if used creatively

My neighbours cook outside, unfortunately many of the roaches that feed on their scraps end up in my yard and inside my house. I followed the instructions and placed a dot in each corner and in dark spaces. The first week I noticed a lot of roaches on their backs dying, the following week I had a huge reduction and seldom see any of them indoors

It didn't work so well outdoors due to rain/wind, but then I realised that you could carefully sneak up to the roaches in near darkness, and place a drop on their backs before they realize and scuttle away. The cockroaches eventually meet up with their friends, who seem to actively chase them for the gel on their backs

I did this for a couple of evenings, tagging about 30 roaches in total. I found a huge number dead or dying over the next week, and the overall number dropped drastically... I didn't expect this outcome but am really pleased with the result.

Mixed reviews from me

I'm not really sure about how I feel about this product. I bought this to use it on our storage facility last week. After a couple of days after applying it on the corners, wall cracks, shelves, etc, I started seeing a handful of dead roaches. However, after about a week, I can still see a number of them crawling all over the place. I guess what I'm trying to say is although some of the roaches died, the gel doesn't seem to be really effective since. But, I'm still planning on using the gel and I'll be applying generously this time. Hopefully, it will get the job done.


We’ve had a severe infestation of German cockroaches for several years. We’d spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on bombs and professional pest control, but none of them worked. My wife kept telling me to try the gel bait for $7.99 and for months and months I refused. I was like how can something so cheap be so effective?? Finally she won and I broke down and bought a few. I put dots in the corners of cabinets and along windows and door frames... I’ll be damned if we’ve been been cockroach free for over a year now! Totally insane!!! I have two syringes full and will occasionally reapply a dot here and there. I’d say within a week or two they were all gone. They would eat it and then go back to their nest and then die, and because they’re cannibals that’s how the poison would spread. I would give this product 1,000 stars if I could! I can’t even tell you how’s it’s changed our lives. We never had visitors because of how embarrassed I was of the infestation, but now we are constantly bbqing with friends and family!

Lived up to my expectations

Out of desperation I handed over my $7.00 but wasn't full of expectations and rightly so, it never worked.. It's a little harder to obtain but I will be sticking to Boric Acid in future...

This works.

I started using the Gel recently and didn't think it had really been too effective until I saw the roaches eating it and a day or two later I saw bodies piling up. Time to get the vacuum out :-)

This product WORKS. The key is PATIENCE. Its not an instant fix like the foggers are, but the advantage here is they live long enough to take it back to their nest where they die. German roaches in particular are cannibals, so they will then ingest their mate, ingesting the poison too which also kills the nest, babies and all.

The thing to remember is that you will not remove them all within a matter of days. It will take weeks or even months to remove the infestation entirely. You need to use a variety of different products including this one for maximum effect.

You are at war with a pest, so have some patience and soon you will see results.

Dont waste your money

Flat out does not work. I used about half in the kitchen, no difference, baits not touched. Caught a roach and put it in a container with some on the side so its less likely to stan on it but can easily reach up to eat it. 3 days later it was still alive.

Takes some patience, but it works

Have been battling a Roach infestation for 3 months with foggers and bombs ( 20+ unit complex). Tired of the smell and cost, bought two tubes of the gel bait.
Within two days of application, I had a bunch of dead roaches to sweep. Over the course of the week, number of live ones seen running around next to zero. Three weeks and a deep clean later, not a roach to be found.

On top of being fastidious in removing all roach food sources, highly recommend the gel

Didnt work

Yes. it did not work! I purchased this from Bunning and I used these in my kitchen closet, didn't have any effect. Iwouldn't recommend this product to others. Never worked

Didn't work

Just found a cockroach on the tube of gel!! I tried using the the gel twice and it hasn't worked. Waste of money. Disappointed.

Really works!

We have had a bad cockroach infestation for years - embarrassing, annoying and dirty roaches everywhere. I've tried sprays, bombs, herbal and "natural" remedies but nothing worked. This gel is brilliant. You only get a small amount but it doesn't smell, can be put in hard to reach spots and is not noticeable once its there. And it works, I've been sweeping up dead cockies for days. I've gone back for more because I might actually break the suckers with this stuff!

wonderful actually works

omg i must thank you , i have had cockroaches for years and had my house professionally sprayed many times which worked for a short while, thank you very much for my cockroach free house and i found the baits and gel at coles and will be keeping some on hand

now 8 months cockroach free

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now almost 1 year roach free

Roach Kill Cockroach Gel Bait

Here's a little trick you might find useful.

Next time you see a German Roach running around on your Bench-Top, squeeze a drop onto the back of the little critter - won't kill him (her?) straight away and he'll go back to the nest and share amongst his mates.

Very effective product. Huge advantages over bombing and spraying of harmful chemicals - after all - the collateral damage to us humans as a side effect is not a good outcome.

Very disappointed my local woollies now longer stocking.

Certainly works

We have had great results with this product It attracts and kills in quick time. Overall very effective.The down sides are the cost and small volume in the syringe. Also our local Woolworths has stopped stocking it.

Wasted $8 ...don't recommand

I tried this in my unit, which does has moderate cockroach. This gel does not work at all...cockroach dance over the gel placed in every corner of the room/kitchen.....don't waste your money try something else

How the costs is justified

The Rouch Gel s similar to the product DuPont used to sell in Australia but now being sold to another company who is charging the customers $7.99 for a 5ml tube ($1598 per Litre) . The company is taking advantage of its monopoly and the regulation to not allow to import from overseas.

Similar product sold by Amazon at much cheaper rate as pasted below.

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, 60 Grams
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51960 Insecticide Roach Combat Platinum Roach Killing Gel - 2 oz

I would appreciate if the consumer Organisation take this up with Fairtrading NSW for a reasonable pricing.
Only one of its type at Bunnings
Unjustfiable costs $7.99 (Bunnings) for a 5ml tube

Further as the product is costly you might also consider using the empty cylinder as a bait: -leave it in a corner, small german would be attracted to.I came to know that Rent-O-Kill (ROK) stopped marketing the product, I have discussed with a representative of the ROK about the Rent-O-Kill Cockroach gel withdrawal from sale. ROK Cockroach gel was the only product of this category available in the Australian Market, however failed to make sale volume to remain in the market. I believe the sale plummeted for the following reasons: 1.Retail Price -Bunnings was selling 5g for $10.00-whilst Alibaba or Amazon selling similar product at much cheaper prices. 2.Lack of customer's contact to know what the customers wants and how to adapt to the market. 3. Failed marketing strategy 4. Lack of advertisements to make the product known to the customer Suggestions to ROK to bring the product back to market as the customers need this: 1. Reduce price: Make a 10g package and sell at $7.00, by making simple package 2. Sell through Super Markets and Direct Online (Free delivery) (There may be special arrangements with Austpost that might costs few cents to post 10g of the product) 3. Advertised as DIY pest control aids along with Amgrow Chemspary: If necessary make a ad package with Amgrow as DIY Pest Control. 4. See the product review of both the products Wish ROK good luck with re-introduction of the Cockroach gel-the only DIY Cock Roach gel in Australia If you would like another Australian Product to remain in the market please call the ROK at Lidcombe, Sydney.

Cockroaches exterminated - Real Deal.

The Central Coast is a Cockroach haven - moist and warm. Having many & varied electrical appliances provide unlimited accommodation for these pests. Roach Kill Gel Bait is non intrusive, can be applied easily with no smell no mess and can be placed in hard to get to places. A small dab of gel placed in a variety of spots offers broad coverage. Overnight improvement was obvious. After a week, there was a marked improvement on lack of living creatures and after 3 weeks only remnants of their existence. I have never been more impressed with such an effective product.
simple to use, clean, inexpensive, reliable - long lasting.

Best method of cockroach control

Mouse bates attract cockroaches and they thrive on it and multiply,growing hugh. apply strips of roachkill on top of the bate station and it will help stop the cockroaces from eating all of the mouse bates.and reduce numbers. solid bates crumble and are spread around by vermin making them dangerous
It works and non messy like solid bates which don't work.
Not available in Coles anymore

Questions & Answers

I have tiny little cockroaches at my home. What is the best effective way to get rid of it? Please help.
1 answer
Chemical baits have also proved effective in controlling cockroaches, in particular German cockroaches. Baits come in the form of gels (such as this one) and can be placed in areas like behind fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, under kettles and near computers etc where the German Cockroach are most likely found. Place small 'pea sized' spots in or near the areas of infestation. German Cockroaches will ingest the gel and die a short time later. Baits should be checked and replenished regularly.

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