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Teething issues

Purchased two mowers in Bega February 8th. The dealer offered to deliver them next day and all looked rosy. Used the ride on for about 2 hours on level flat lawn and it performed ok. On second use cutting deck belt snapped when engaging the blades. I rang the dealer and was told they had the belts in stock and the price and to pick one up and fit it. I asked how hard they are to fit and was told I have never done one so not sure. On second call mower is being collected and resolved today. A good outcome in service.

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Poor preparation

Battery went flat after 4 starts, just said bring it in, over 60km round trip. Jump started it checked voltage not charging. As we bought two mowers i expected some help from dealer to pick it up maybe in a month or if we're out that way. Farmers center keith would not deal there again. Would not buy rover rideon again poor workmanship, very disappointed.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

piece of crap 120 hrs on mower heaps of trouble ring rover never get back to you they are full of sh

replace bearings all time spindles expect to last lot longer close to 1500 spent on repairs with 120 hrs on clock use it roughly 40hrs a year what a joke once again rang them they never ring you back but say they will cant recommend by something else if you are looking for a ride on

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Great mower Great value

Great mower, the hydro on the handle is great no foot cramping just like a cruise control, very good finish on the lawn. Blades are cheap. That engine has awsome power! and who can beat 5 year warranty. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced mower.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

So Far, so good

We bought our Rover from a very keen dealer / repair shop in Mt Gambier and so far it has been a brilliant little thing. The dealer did a pre-delivery check for us right before our eyes and made sure everything worked as it should and we took it home to our one acre lawn.

The dealer was very informative and very specific on the do's and dont's of the mower (don't cut the grass on the lowest setting as it will wear the deck out a lot quicker, don't let the grass become a hay paddock between mowings, change the oil after the first 10 hours etc etc)

In terms of build quality, it is on par or better with mowers that I have used back in NZ - Homelite, Victa, and one who's brand I cannot remember for the life of me that had an ABS plastic body that literally cracked and fell apart within three years.

Overall, given it's relatively low purchase price for what it is I would rate it as a good value purchase.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

This is garbage

Paid a lot of money for a Rancher. Absolute rubbish broken more times than it works. Simple don't buy a Rover.
Absolute crap. The biggest heap of garbage I have ever owned. Never buy a Rover product again. Just had it repaired again and after 10 hours of use something else broke. Not happy.


I'd heard that this was once a reliable and robust Aussie made brand that was once popular. But typically this brand is now made in China and that has pretty much put paid to their chances of retaining any qualilty. The steel is rubbish (rusted shaft mounting after a couple of years, the repair shops all report that it chews through belts and the motor has juts blown up. In short this Is another example of a once good brand now turning into a piece of Chinese made junk. Don't even consider.

Very disapointed with MTD And dealer support

I bought new my Rancher 20-42 from Barberie Machinery Taree about 3.5 years ago. After only 64 hours domestic use , a grinding noise started.[Name removed] diagonised two hubs which they replaced. Also replaced were 3 drive pulleys ( why). Total cost $605.62. Not being happy considering the low hours, I contacted MTD and explained that quality control appeared to be lacking and the cost to me was excessive considering such low working hours. They rejected my claim and refused any help. My advise- Think twice before buying from MTD dealers. Look at other brands!!! Peter Cahill

Needed a little tender loving patience

i thought i had bought a real lemon but after three trips to the dealer and being told things that just didn't add up i spent an hour or two looking at the deck set up. It became very obvious that the quality control at the manufacturer ( assembly ) was the cause of all the problems. I took the mower to another dealer who adjusted the deck and re-aligned the belt pulleys and belt guides. Perfect. My only minor gripe is that the battery could do with a bit more grunt. Brilliant motor

Ok till so etching goes wrong

Had 13 hp selector drive for 8 yrs . Works well mowing 1.5 acres but when something goes wrong very hard to get detailed instructions on how to fix. Example now broke for 2 weeks as electrics suddenly cease, brakes virtually useless. If I hadn't spent so muchon it , I would dump it. But good when working.

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There's a solenoid plastic Botton on left of engine with a simple nut/ bolt adjustment. That may be your electric issue as it happened to me twice. Brakes are very tricky but on rear right wheel hub I think . I bought pads off eBay for 12 bucks. I'm not handy but I do manage to keep mine running and it's easier than other fancier ride ons.


Very competent mower. I have the 15.5hp automatic and never had a problem with it. I have used John Deere and Husqvarna ride-ons and I would rate the Rover higher.
Good solid construction, easy to start and maintain. Very easy to operate.
No real dislikes.


Well priced machine and ideal for domestic use on our 3 acres of lawn. Wouldn't take it into the paddock though. The after sales service was great.
Ideal domestic machine, well priced to purchase and to maintain and service and the people we bought it from were great.


Best ride on mower for reliabilty & ease of maintenance. parts/spares readily available. I have owned a 2000 mdl Rancher for 7 years now & have only had to replace one drive belt in all this time, otherwise just standard maintanance, oil changes etc.. Superior machine suited to aussie conditions, far superior to the new age american type 'lawn tractors' that are very flimsy & seem to spend thier entire life in a workshop being repaired. 10/10 for best cutting deck & all round performance / reliability.
reliability, solid construction, aussie made, easy controls, easy to service / maintain, easy to use, 8 cutting deck levels, swing back blade design, easy heel-toe automatic, disk brake
Control lever for cutting engagement too high (easy to fix, just cut-off lower)
Friction drives apparently hard to replace (never had to though)

Robust and reliable

I bought a 13 hp Rover Rancher in 2003 and have tamed a steeply rising 1.3 acre country block with it over the past 8 years. It has encountered long grass, tree roots and rocks and never been beaten yet. I managed to roll it into a gulley twice with no ill effects (my fault) and was able to manhandle it out again both times because it's not too heavy.
I fitted a motor cycle brake pad to the foot brake so that it could handle the 15-20 degree slopes. It has had one worn and one broken chain and I have had to reinforce the LH front corner of the cutting deck with some checkerplate steel where it had hit a few stumps and roots. A very stable and reliable mower, simple and easy to maintain once you understand the adjustments. On flat terrain it would last forever if looked after.
rugged, simple and reliable; never failed to start
Gauge of steel on cutting deck is a bit light for heavy duty work. Fixed axle chews lawn in tight turns.

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Like wise we have had a Rover Rancher 15hp 2003 since new and used it on hard steep terrain, it just goes and goes. It even survived last month when i brought it back from service a rope broke holding it onto the back of my ute, it rolled off as i drove out the gate and apart from bending one steering arm (fixed with some gentle heat and persuasion) its never missed a beat. Our farm is half orchard about three acres of steep country that was all blackberry and tussock which we hit once with a tractor slasher and now this machine does it on its own....

competent cheap ride on

My first modern Rancher was the 2003 18HP autodrive . It gave heaps of trouble and had fiddly or impossible adjustments.
After the deck rusted out I figured I needed a basic one 12HP with proper gears and a dual cutter deck. I figured I was losing horsepower with all the expensive extras and I was right. Although not as sturdy as the old Rancher I had in the 70s this one is the pick of the rideons available today- and it's Australian.
It always starts, you are in command, you know what gear you're in, and it cuts grass too. Get it bogged and it's a one man job to push it out.
Economical, cheap to buy and replace, proper gears make it easy to use
smallish wheels


The greatest piece of junk I have ever had the misfortune to own. I live in a large regional centre in southern NSW and I can’t even trade it in. NO one wants them.

If this sounds like I'm disappointed in the product...That's putting it mildly.

I bought it new being told how strong, reliable and easy to work on it was. What a joke!
In summery, I can’t think of one redeeming feature.

The above comment was obviously written by a Rover rep! Except for the motor (that is reliable, a B&S), impossible to work on without complete disassembly. To do routine adjustments you need hands the size of a baby. Control lever for cutter height is weak and will bend ( my 7 stone wife bent ours). Drive belts constantly come off and are impossible to put back on yourself. A trip to the mechanic -- $$$$$. Uncomfortable seat and ride. I could go on (for pages)but you get the picture. Poor design all round. Don't even think of buying one!!!!


This modern mower was not designed the way it was portrayed to me in the mower shop. Therefore the above faults occured. I have recently sold the mower and have gone through another 3 mowers searching for one that meets all my demands and doesn't cost upwards of $10000. Welll so far i havent found any. Now i use an old rover approx 1988model 5 speed gearbox driven, which has a better braking system that my 2004model and is alot easier to change belts and carry out general servicing.
2004model 18 hp heel toe operated rover 30inch cut. Easy to go back and forth and motor never broke down in the short time i owned it. Bought it to mow a steeep 2.5 acre block was ok on slopes due to both wheels driving. And had a disc brake which i thought was a good idea when i bought it.
No reserve fuel tank option. Come on motor bikes have had them for many years.No hours counter to keep on track of servicing.Cork discs required tension adjustment of foot pedal after every third mow of 2.5acre.Disc brake was flimsy and weak and cheap brake pads wore unevenly and too quickly due to bad design. (probably to cut down on costs).Cutting heights varied from low cut to scalping, (we dont all have bowling greens for back yards).The cutting disc has four bolts conecting it to the boss, these came loose,(no lock tight from factory).Even after i had it serviced by mowershop which was pricey the mower still cut grass on an angle.When going up a steep slope oil was pumped,sucked or pushed in combustion chamber and alot of smoke was the result.

I have the 2001 model 17HP. The B$S motor never a problem but the deck bolts and multitude of adjustments adjustments are very time consuming. The direct drive is a worry with only fast wearing cork plates and no spares in australia now that the rover company has been sold.The drive is held by a flimsy key way on the motor shaft and double cast iron pulley to drive the transmission and cutting deck..you should see the wear in the keyways on the motor shaft and pulley ..unbelievable for the amount of mowing I've done..and how much cash to get a replacement motor shaft and double cast iron pulley..pathetic really and a waste of money.By the way the parts that are now available have trebled in price by the new company ..thinking of buying one second hand ..don't.. cos they all wear at an alarming rate and need constant replacement parts and then will never work again satisfactorily unless you get all the guide channels rewelded and cut and shaped to allow simple adjustments to be made to level cut etc


I like this mower.My dad gave it to me.mower is 10 years old and still going strong, just need to learn how to be able to adjust the clutch. everything else is good.
Good cutting, easy for a woman to use.
It is hard to do any work on them due to small space, no manual to tell you how to adjust the clutch, etc.


I just luv em, good ozzie worler for our conditions, mine just says gimmie more when I have finished our 1/2 acre block.
So good to ride, cuts well, tuff machines, I just bought another one 7 years old 11.5 HP, I couldn't kill the 5 HP it just keeps going, slowly but does a fantastic job. Great brand, old workhorses!
The older ones you can't get parts for now.


i have now been given it by mum and have taken taken the cuter deck of and use it for a bugy and doing donuts
Easy foot control and motor runs well
Steering cog has warn out realy quickly brakes dont work front wheels slide easy its hard to get to parts

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Hi , I was cutting thick Kikuyu grass ( with my Rover Rancher 547/38) and the mower cut out and the cutting plate has stopped turning. The engine still runs. Is there a quick fix solution? The mower is brand new. Thank you in advance , Darren
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Belt wedged and come off
No answers

Belt come off and has become wedged help , what do I unscrew
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