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Ryobi RLM4619SMB

Ryobi RLM4619SMB

3.6 from 125 reviews

Great mower

I've put it thru some tough work, keep the blades updated, oil check. Has never given me any trouble. Clean the air filter etc . Don't use the catcher much, the mulched works fine.

Purchased at Bunnings for $450.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency

Looks great on paper but the engine doesn't make up for the terrible quality

The engine is powerful and quiet but all the other bits made by Ryobi are poorly designed and manufactured from low quality materials.

Using mower for the first time I found the design to be pretty bad. It doesn't properly catch the grass because the self-propelling transmission takes up half the chute. The self propelling feature is a gimmick. It's only needed because the engine is so damn heavy. The catcher attachment is terrible, very difficult to take on and off and grass goes everywhere. The one thing is does well is cutting thick tall grass because the engine is so powerful.

Then the problems started... the hub caps started falling off the wheels. The side chute developed a crack. The wheels actually fell off after the hubs developed cracks around the axle. Nasty ABS plastic! If they're going to use plastic at least make sure it's a durable type of plastic like nylon.

I have found Ryobi products to be rubbish in general. Store brands like Bunnings' Ozito are the same quality for cheaper.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


bought from bunnings.empty catcher twice.powerful to do an average yard,700sq meter.no issues yet fingers crossed.i checked other reviews before purchase.starts on first pull, not to loud.frame feels ok to me ,rolls well .
always keep receipts ,you never know. uses regular fuel, the mower comes shipped without oil. It requires 10 w 30 oil which is standard lawn mower oil.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

For the price it is not worth the value for money

I recently purchased this lawnmower from bunnings and have had issues with the wheel rubbing on the chassie. Because i dont have the receipt i dont have warranty. For the price i paid for the lawnmower $500 .you think they would help me out. Should of just got a Honda for an extra $100 .very disappointing from ryobi and bunnings

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Good value

Bought this about 18 months ago and vary happy with it. Our old Honda was still going well but now we have a smaller yard we needed something lighter and easier to empty. The catcher works well and it's good to start and cuts beautifully. Feels sturdy with good grunt and even cuts wet grass.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Not too bad

I use this mower commercially and on a daily basis (It is my second one). It lasts about 9 months doing this before the frame starts to fall apart. The engine however is very good. Starts reliably and I will probably buy again as I no longer like the Rover mowers.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Piece of rubbish

After paying $500.00 for a mower, I expect it to at least, pick up the grass. The catcher is useless as it leaves clumps of grass and doesn't pick it up. I have gone over the same patch of grass 3 times and it still leaves all the clippings behind.

Just another company charging ridiculous prices for something that doesn't do the job....

Useless..... Would not recommend.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Make this your first choice, leaves a Honda for dead

I purchased this mower after dissolution with a Honda mower that I had purchased ( fortunately I got my money back)
This mower with a 190cc Subaru motor is great, starts with ease, has plenty of height adjustment and can lower enough to cut a nice height lawn. The 4 blade system gives a great smooth cut, the controls are straight forward and simple, if I had to be critical it could do with a better bolt pivot system on the folding handle.
At $499 was a great buy with a top quality motor
And can highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Too great

The Japanese automotive giant has more than 60 years of experience, and that is evident with this engine. It is as powerful as it is durable, and definitely one of the strongest selling points of the mower. We should also mention the versatile cutting mechanics. The Ryobi RLM4619SMB has all the current cutting methods down to a T, including cutting, catching and mulching.

The mulching function is supported by a side and a rear discharger, which is relatively rare. This allows you to recycle the mowed grass with great efficiency. The catcher bag is almost 2 cubic feet in capacity, providing plenty of space to mow down a medium-sized lawn without having to empty it half way. Thanks to the large rear wheels, this Subaru lawn mower is also easily maneuverable.

You can choose between seven different cutting lengths ranging from 0.7 to 3 inches, and if you happen to get thirsty while using the Ryobi on a hot summer afternoon, you will love the cup holder. This Subaru lawn mower review would not be complete without mentioning the potential downsides. At about 77 pounds, the mower is a bit on the heavy side, and not as fast as some other mowers. The engine is still excellent and cuts the grass really well, so these are probably minor flaws rather than real problems.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

excellent mower for the price.

EXCELLENT lawn mover without any cable problem and distance problem.
Cutting of grass is also perfect. Quality of blade is superb which cuts in an angle and make smooth finishing on the lawn. it uses very less petrol while in operation.
Easily cleaned with its hose attachment_the excellent mower for the price.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Service and repair problems

I sought a service for my Ryobi 190 cc Subaru powered lawn mower in my local area. There are multiple local mower service and repair providers. None were keen to assist and some wouldn't. All said getting parts is a significant problem. I had a Briggs and Stratton mower for over 20 years that was great. I'll never buy or recommend this Ryobi/Subaru combination again. I may have to dump this mower at a loss and buy a proper one.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

this mower id tops

okay so for the price I paid its powerful easy to maintain and for todays mowers its actually fairly decently made
i think the ryobi range this year is tops would definitly recommend this mower and the ryobi tool range with a 8.5 out of ten ,i mow and garden for a living and deliberatley bought this mower because i like the design and comfort of the ryobi tools I have always had ryobi tools and really love them ,the only thing this mower hasn't got is self propelled which i hardly use for residentail work ,most standard mowing doesn't require a self propelled mower and i find the only time i use my self propelled mower is when i have long runs ,or i need a little push up a hill ,ryobi has has a self propelled 160cc mower as equally built as the big 190cc high torque engine ,as for starting if you prime properly and keep your fuel clean this mower starts withinn 2-4 pulls every time cold or hot ,i love this mower so much i might even buy a second one just incase for a spare I normally use commercail mowers over 7.5 hp and the ryobi is just as powerful although has a 18 inch base and my commercials start at 21 inch
its perfectly good for mowing average sized yards and definitly powerful enough for the standard type of lawn

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great Mower

Mows extremely well and without the catcher it mulches to point you don't have to rake the yard after. Starts easily and is fairly quiet for a petrol mower.
Easily cleaned with its hose attachment
Great mower for the price, would happily recommend this mower to anyone considering a new purchase.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Terrible; Dusty and hard to start

Very disappointed by this mower. It is very hard to start and refuses to start if there is the least bit of moisture in the air. Will start if placed in sunlight to completely dry out. And I'm storing it under cover.

Ironic as my biggest problem with the mower is that the catcher has uncovered wholes where dust, seed and grass comes out when mowing to the degree that I have to wear a mask when moving. Bought from Bunnings who contacted Ryobi NZ who couldn't help. Bad design.

So in summary: unreliable (impossible to start) and catcher is poorly designed.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Competent, but sometimes hard to start and some bits feel flimsy

Great mower once it gets going. I only use the mulching feature and don't use the catcher. Engine and surrounding plastics are of good quality. The rest of the mower seems to be quite flimsy such as the handle bars, wheels and throttle control - nothing broken yet. It is one tough unit, I do not treat this mower with any special care other than good engine oil (I use automotive engine oil) and premium 98 unleaded. Wet grass, long grass, grass with bits of tree branches. I use it for my own residence, multiple properties I own and some extra side income - has never missed a beat.

The one bad thing about this mower is that is can be quite hard to start in cold weather (adding an extra 2 to 5 primes gets it going - basically guessing) and the instructions regarding priming (regardless of weather) is slightly off. I noticed giving it one extra prime ontop of what the instruction says gets it running 1st time every-time.

- Good on fuel
- Robust
- Not overly loud
- Cuts with ease even on damp grass.
- No problems so far in terms of things breaking or rendering the mower useless.

- Expensive (I guess most of the cost goes towards the great engine)
- Can be hard to start in cold climate. The amount of priming on top of whats instructed is a trial and error game.
- My particular mower's priming instructions are off. I need to give it one extra prime to get it started.
- Bits of the mower feel cheap/flimsy, but so far nothing has broken or given any trouble.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Reasonable mower

When it was time for a new mower I wanted one where the catcher actually hooked on to the frame. My last mowers catcher set-up relied on the outlet flap to hold it in place. The spring broke after a few years and the catcher wouldn't stay on so a new spring was required or as I did, just used a bungee strap. You wouldn't call my yard a lawn, there's just a number of greenish plants including grass holding the dirt together. I did want 4 blades though which meant a step up from the base Ryobi mower. Assembly was easy and you have to buy the oil as well. It starts easy enough and does the job. I've seen others say it is a bit heavy, I would agree with that although it doesn't affect my use. I managed to bend the front right wheel axle when I hit a garden edge a bit hard, it's a bit flimsy but was easy to straighten by taking the wheel off and bending it back. I've done it twice so far and expect I will again. In short it's an okay mower. Would I buy another one? Maybe but I would look around for another possibility that has the catcher set-up I like.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Best thing!Do not hesitate!

Best machine I have ever had more satisfaction than the most sold best German chain saw brand ever provided, unbelievable power for a little mower.I’had many big expensive brands they don’t come near this machine it feels unkillable dose not struggle even in the thickest weeded grass as long as you can push the mower init it does the job without choking! you waisting your money on anything else!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Must have got a lemon

The engine on this mower is a beauty. As per previous reviews - tons of cutting power, quiet operation, very easy to start etc. The frame is not too flash but the engine is so great I'm prepared to overlook its flaws.

Why the 1 star rating? Because every approx 7 hours of operation it starts to backfire and then refuses to start. I have read other reviews and a few other people seem to have had the same problem. The only solution that worked for me has been to install a new spark plug. But then in another 7 or so hours we go through the same routine. I was hoping it was a bad batch of spark plugs (they have been purchased from a variety of stores) but have now resigned myself to the mower being a dud. Less than 30 hours of operation and 4 spark plugs later I'm going to sadly have to return it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

cheap and nasty

Had a good mower I'd been using for 15 years but my adult children thought I needed a new mower so they bought me a new Ryobi mower. This Ryobi is nice and shiny and cuts OK but is a piece of junk compared to my old mower.
The Ryobi blows smoke when first started and then the height adjustment arms and blade base rattle and vibrate like crazy.
You know with all the vibration things are going to start breaking and falling off - probably as soon as the warranty runs out. Anyway can't take it back to Bunnings because it was a gift but will keep my old mower to use when the Ryobi falls to bits.
Also the catcher is difficult to use and poor quality.
I advise you to pay a bit more and get a decent mower.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Ask for an old fella

Cuts well
Goes any where
Starts good @ easy to change oil @ clean filters I found folds up well to transport to other relations place they intend to buy one when they move out of rental property to there new place so I'll be mowing theirs till then (free of charge)
It's an easy job.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

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What Fuel does it use
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Has anyone ever changed the pull cord on a Ryobi 4619, any tips would be appreciated. I had the mower for two years now and have a very large garden. I have put it thru some tough stuff, but has been excellent. I keep the air cleaner clean, check the plug regularly, oil and blades. So far this is the only thing that has gone wrong, the cord just gave up. The replacement cord is $47 so forget that, thought I use some other cord, but is it a pain the change? Any tips. Thanks
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Hello. My mulcher aspect is playing up. A piece/strip of black plastic fell off... not sure from where. I believe it's some sort of deal for the mulcher. Ryobi/subaru lawn mower, any help? RLM4619SMB
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Price (RRP)469
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width460
Maximum Cutting Height75
Minimum Cutting Height10
Mulching CapabilityYes

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