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No supply, refuses to refund deposit after 7 weeks.

We paid our deposit for a Sunpower system in good faith. A month later and no word. We contacted them to find out that there was a delay with the Inverter. 7 weeks have passed, no contact. We chase them to find out that they now cannot supply the panels as agreed. Nor could they give us a time frame when they would be able to install the system as agreed. We asked for our deposit back but were told that because we "chose to opt out" that they would not refund the whole deposit. We did not opt out. They are unable to supply the system as agreed. They have told us that they will install a system with lower wattage panels than we requested and we should be happy with that. We aren't. Poor communication and a rip off sales style. So disappointed. Never use SAE!!! I hate to think what their after sales service is like if this is their before sales!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Sunpower
System Size28 KW
Purchase Price $8,000.00


I made a very negative review earlier this month and would like to update my experience.

Andrew the sales rep, rang and profusely apologised. The marketing department then contacted me on the same day to apologise and to organise for our smart meter to be installed. This meter had not be added to the installation job sheet even though it was on the original contract. The smart meter was installed within 5 days from the phone calls.

I was already familiar with the app, however the installer did take the time to explain the app. He and his apprentice were very friendly.

From my experience, make sure you take the time to understand exactly what you are buying, how it will be monitored and on the day, ensure all components listed on your contract are installed. Installation for us took all day as two new apprentices were being trained which made the 'how it works' lesson rushed as we were running out of sunlight. I would like to recommend to SAE that some instructional videos on their website would be helpful as a follow up for those in a similar position as us. We actually found some brilliant youtube vidoes from a local competitor. That will make the after sales service experience exceptional.

We believe we have a quality product.



So disappointed with SAE Group Tweed Heads. I used Solar Quotes and SAE Group Tweed Heads was recommended to me.

Solar Web (Fronius) app to monitor system was not set up. Tried to do it myself only to get errors. I sent SAE Group Tweed Heads an email which I have included below. When we finally had our digital meter installed, we expected to see our consumption. We told [name removed] (sales rep) at the time of signing up that monitoring consumption was important to us. Upon research, I have found out that the consumption monitor is extra and was NEVER installed. I contacted SAE Group Tweed Heads to discuss this only to get as far as the receptionist who has no knowledge. You do NOT get to speak to anyone. Not good enough! I was told that [name removed] would ring back; that was 5 weeks ago! Read their reviews and many people complain about poor after sales service. When it is time to buy a battery, we will NOT be buying it from SAE Group and we will never recommend them. Our daughter recently had solar panels installed with a different company which cost her $2,000 less and she can see consumption.

Here is my initial email complaint:

We are disappointed with after the installation use. I am detailing our experience below so you can have a perspective of what a new customer is faced with.

1. We understand time was running out for sunlight to have our lesson on how to use after the panels were installed. This was rushed.

2. No operating manual only an online one which cannot be viewed as the Fronius website has been down since Thursday. There was a message on the website stating it was down for maintenance. We tried many times to download the manual. We received an SAE email telling us the importance of reading page 12 of the information booklet. Upon checking right now [four days later], the link was live however, there are many options to download. Which model do we have so we can download the correct manual?

3. The system monitoring quick installation was far from quick and still we had not installed. Using a QR code reader, I was stuck in 'connecting'. I bypassed this, downloaded the app from the app store, created an account on the Fronius website and again was stuck in 'connecting'.

4. Without any documentation I tried to work through our account on the Fronius website, not the app. I had to add a PV system so I tried to add but had no idea of what the details were so gave up on that.

5. As the website was back online, I tried the app again and worked through the menu. I clicked 'your system monitoring' and finally got to see something! Well it was so tiny on the smart phone. Not an SAE fault, but surely Fronius would make a mobile version for ease of reading. So that is it? Is that all we can monitor via the app? We had Solar Gain visit us and we were shown a very detailed app to monitor the panels realtime. We assumed SAE would offer something similar. Am I overlooking something?

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Fronius
System Size6.6 KW
Purchase Price $6,700.00

Highly recommend SAE for your solar installation

My friend used them last year, and after hearing about their experience, they were happy to refer me to SAE for my solar. Used the same consultant, he really knew what he was talking about, and I made sure to ask lots of questions too. Went with Seraphim and Fronius in the end, plus added the smartmeter (again would recommend if you like to watch your electricity usage). Installation was smooth, systems running as expected as watching it on the meter. Overall good experience, and happy to recommend.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Seraphim
System Size5.5 KW

Money Grab

Quote given to be able to apply for the Qld Government grant was great. Not so when it came to arranging installation. An additional $3,000 added on for installation, travel and administration. Money grabbing at its best.

many system faults from the beginning still unresolved and has been months...

many system faults from the beginning still unresolved and has been months, poor response from SAE and the enphase team

AAA service, highly recommended

Everything went flawlessly, even when we had a problem with the agreed timeline, they were smooth and flexible. Professional Installers, Sales, Admin. Thank you!

Great Communication and Friendly Staff. Best Experience.

From the first phone call to the final installation. the whole team were friendly informative and well presented. Perfect way to do business. Great Work.

Helpful sales rep

Paid $1750 deposit for a solar system on 10/08/18 and received a phone call last week that I need to pay more due to the government incentive changes so I've asked for the refund and they've refunded my deposit very quick, Damian was always helpful in answering all the questions.

Installing my solar system Great job

Simon and Iassc have now installed to solar systems for us and both times I have been overwhelmed and happy with the result and their work.

Poor service and Rude staff

Very disappointing after sales service. I had a ducted airconditioning system installed that has never worked properly due to poor equipment/installation. Multiple issues and rude staff. Do yourself a favour and use a different company.

Great Company

Great company to deal with. I was totally impressed by their professional service and quality installation. Totally recommend SAE Group

A really bad after service experience! It waste my emotion, time and money in the process. Won't rec

Sales team was helpful only prior to installation and payment in December 2017. Couldn't use the inverter when they installed it.They told me to reset the inverter many times (making me feel stupid in the process like I don't know how to turn the switch on and off).

After many many phone calls a couple of weeks later, they said that they will come and have a look without charge (saying that they are doing this as a favour). After someone finally came, they said that the inverter doesn't work because they set the voltage too high and that it wasn't my fault. - Feb 2018

May 2018 - Origin Energy sent me an email saying that the inverter has stopped sending electricity to the grid and asked me to get it checked. I forwarded this email and called up SAE group wanting someone to come over and have a look. They issue me with $150 quote that I need to accept. I don't have to pay if there's something wrong but this is absurd!!!!!

My shortest advice to you is do not have anything to do with this company

We accepted a quote from SAE of $1220 to supply and install a solar inverter.
We returned the signed contract to them, along with the $300 deposit requested.
SAE wrote to acknowledge that they had received the contract and sent us a receipt for the deposit.
A few days later the salesperson rang to say he had made a mistake with the quote and we needed to pay a further $700 for the work to proceed.
When I said we were not happy to do that, he told us to ring SAE…
Well, let me tell you ringing this company is a lesson in patience…..We rang every day for the following week…..the promised return calls from the "admin manager " never materialised. Same treatment from the Sales manager…. no return call.
Makes a mockery of the mission statement on their website……” Outstanding Customer Service “what a joke …it is appalling…
Finally, got to speak to another sales manager…Once again, I explained that to my knowledge…. a quote, once accepted by the customer becomes a legally binding contract…and cannot be changed..silence ….he then he said he would speak to the directors.
He rang back to say the directors would not honour the contract and would be returning our deposit…
Bunch of time wasting, incompetent, crooks…but maybe they have done us a favour…why would you want to deal with a company like this….imagine trying to get them back to fix anything!

From start to finish a great experience with SAE

I had been thinking about getting solar for a couple years but didn't really know where to start with it all. SAE made it so simple, broke down what I could expect, and explained all the products - happy to recommend to anyone. Looking forward to receiving my next electricity bill for the first time in forty years.

Excellent solar system installation

Very happy with price, installation and performance. In operation for nearly 3 months (6.6kW system, 5kW inverter) and currently averaging over 30 kWh per day (max 37), even with some late shading.
SAE are a highly professional and well-established outfit, who install good quality equipment at a competitive price. The sales consultant we dealt with (Craig, Brisbane) was very helpful and knowledgeable, and the install team were friendly, efficient and took great care with the panel positioning to maximise exposure.
We have already recommended SAE to others.

Seamless service

The whole interaction with SAE was great from the first meeting I had with Damian McMahon been kept up to date by the support team at SAE regarding my installation timeframes to the day I had the system installed, the installation team were very efficient. I would recommend SAE

Awesome experience!!

Since first making contact, Damian has been very helpful in guiding us through the whole process.
The system has now been installed and the guys did an excellent job. Extremely neat and tidy.
Now waiting for the meter to be reprogrammed by the supplier so that the system can be turned on. Can't wait!
Thanks to all the team at SAE Group!

Great service and advice

Thanks, Damian McMahon for your expert guidance and the SAE team's faultless installation of a 6KW system. .Now looking forward to completion via meter provider !

No service

Purchased a good system but was promised a free service but because we live just out of Warwick Qld we get no service this has been over 2 years and all they do is cut me off so if you live in Toowoomba ,Warwick area go local

finally...our electricity bill will drop !

The person who did the quote, Craig, was honest, and gave my husband straightforward facts and the quote was a good price.
Three weeks later our system is installed and running.
Staff in the office eager to help with any questions we had.
Installers turned up on time, and were polite, and very professional in their work.

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