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Safety 1st Summit ISO AP

Safety 1st Summit ISO AP

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Use your money elsewhere.

Hate this car seat. Straps always get twisted, my babe is always so uncomfortable and sweaty, he even got his had stuck down in between the fabric and plastic. Do not recommend at all you are better off spending money on a higher quality seat.

Purchased in November 2017 for $370.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment

Great seat!

The main reason I bought this seat is because of the great safety rating in rear facing (4.7 out of 5). I also needed a seat for my son who is about to grow out of his capsule. I was originally thinking of getting a 0-8 car seat but was told that kids will not make it to 8 years in those seats and you will have to get another seat anyway. Plus those seats only allow up to around 12 mths in rear facing whereas These allow longer (up to 30 months) in rear facing which is safest for babies.
The isofix compatibility is really good because it ensures the seat is firm in the car and is easy to install.
the seat has a good amount of padding and is good value for money. It's not bulky either. It has a removable insert which is good for newborns.
The only little negative thing is that the tether strap adjuster faces the seat in rear facing so can be a pain to adjust.


We studied for a long time before we bought this pram seat. This pram seat is very easy to install and unload. I'm not disappointed that it's not difficult to operate. Disassembly and cleaning is easy. It is of good quality and the material is quite good. I'll keep watching.

Perfect from birth

I bought this once my bub grew out of his capsule, best car seat! It’s so simple to install, either with isopod or regular belt method- we have both cars, so needed both. Beautiful vibrant colours, material is wonderful and plush. Bub seems extremely comfortable and very happy in this car seat.

Safety First

We had this car seat professionally installed and it sits firm in the car. It is well padded and cosy for our little baby who quickly out grew the maxi cosy carrier. Seems relatively easy to clean (however we did scotch guard prior to using). Our bubby falls asleep quickly in her seat and looks very comfortable.

Easy to install and use

Both my partner and I have this seat in Grey installed in our vehicles. I really like how easy it is to machine wash and how comfortable my child obviously is in it. It looks great and we bought both car seats at different times on sale for $329.00. I did quite a bit of research and we are very happy with this purchase. We also decided to buy the Safety 1st Stroller which has been amazing as well.


I have a 4 month old and only now i am getting used to the discomfort of taking him in and out of the car seat. It is a good value for the price and excellent for the sense of security- knowing that bub is safe at the back. I would not particularly recommend this for a first time parent.

Affordable buy

Bub is comfortable with the seat. Easy to clean and you can remove the insert if bub is too big already. bub is safe and secured. Not compromising safety with the quality. Reasonable price. Highly recommend this to family and friends. I have this professioanally installed to ensure that it was installed correctly

Not buying it again for second child.

* Baby/toddler comfortable.
* The seatbelt doesn't adjust all that well as they grow.
* The material of the seat is quite poor quality - became frayed within a year and the colour of the seat has faded terribly, making a 2.5 year old car seat look much more worn. We bought a seat for each car even though we only used one car once week, it still didn't maintain well.

Going with a completely different brand and model with our second - admittedly, having had a child now, know what to look for and the Safety first car seat is not the best value or product at this price point.

Excellent car seat for the value

This seat is pretty amazing for the value, with the isofix its so much easier to install then a standard seat, our baby always manages to fall asleep when in it so muct be prerry comftable, all the covers come off to clean easily, we love it so much were buying another one for our second car

Good carseat

This car seat is easy to install and use. The only feature that i dont like about it is I find the shoulder straps a little hard to maneuver sometimes. Its easy to adjust the head rest and it cleans easily which is good with my toddler. 'We swapped to this car seat as we previously had one where the fabric wasnt breathable and my daughter used to get quite sweaty and so far this seat doesnt have that problem which is good.

Great car seat but usual frustration to buckle up

There is no doubt this is a safe, quality car seat that is comfy for the kid. Huge age range as well which is awesome.

I hate all car seats so far tho due to how annoying they are to fasten. I am bery tall and trying to position my kid so i can fasten her in is a pain in the back.

Belts are always twisted. This 1 is hard to install and harder to remove. Forget cleaning the cover if they do a wee. Takes a genius to remove the cover

Great car seat

I got this for my son who's know nearly 3 months an so far no problems what so ever, it was easy to install, easy to take in an out of the car, comfortable an easy to clean! straps are a bit difficult to adjust as it's under all the padding and need both hands but other than that it's great!

Safe and cosy.

This seat is super easy to install and easy to adjusted as baby grows. It's superfortabale and snuggley when babies is in there. It is a heavier seat so you definitely want this as a main seat. Easy to clean & take apart just can sure you remember how the straps go back in.

Happy with purchase

The summit iso is an easy to install carseat issuing the iso fixtures. My husband did it in no time saving the hassle of getting it professionally fitted. The seat is well padded with ergonomically safe material that prevents growth of mould and bacteria. Popping baby in is quick and easy. The only negative is the extra safety head support prevents the baby from seeing on the left and right side. This also applies for any one sitting next to the seat, you are forced to bend your head down to check on baby if you are sitting directly next to the seat. This is an inconvenience for me but as the brand of the seat suggested safety first.

Love this

We purchased ours on special at baby bunting recently for my 4 month old as he outgrew his capsuel. I love their 4-8 year booster seat my daughter uses so decided to go with this brand for my son. It is 0-4 so easy to use. Very comfty and the safety features are great!

November 29th 2017 Update: Good car seat

Purchased recently and happy with it. We originally were after another brand but they had no stock so we chose this one and my daughter's boster seat is this brand so i knew they were good .
Easy to install. Easy to use. Great safety features. I do feel it should lay back a bit more specially for newborns but luckily our little guy was able to suppprt his head when we purchased.

Loved it at first but now...

At first we loved this seat. Easy to install, baby was happy, material kept him cool in summer and looked good.

Although...once baby turned 4 months he got terrible head flop in this seat. He is now 6 months and we are in the position to either discontinue using this car seat, or change it to forward facing. Not ideal as we got this seat so he could rear face for at least a year. I think the head flop is due to bad engineering of the compact design, the seat is slightly upright even in rear facing. It depends on the baby but sometimes the head flop is so bad the passenger has to hold his head up - that, or we have to wake him up...and you know what they say about waking a sleeping baby!

I guess the silver lining of this is that it's a comfortable seat as he almost falls asleep every time (meaning head flop almost every car ride). He also falls to sleep very quickly in our other car seat (Maxi Cosi) - although with that one he doesn't get head flop.

All babies differ but I would not recommend due to the risk of head flop.

Good safe carseat however a little bulky

It is easy to clean and really easy to install; however it takes up a lot of space in my back seat. For a mom of 3 that is not good. My son falls asleep every time he gets in this seat so it must be really comfortable. I also really love the colors.

An amazing car seat

The Safety 1st Summit AP is truly fabulous. We have twins so we are able to compare against other products and this out ways any other seat. It is super comfy, our little one loves it. She falls asleep peacefully. So easy to install takes no time and has multiple positions you can switch to as they get older. Will last her until she is 4 yrs old which is value for money. Also has padded cushioning around the shoulders so the belts don't dig in and breathable fabric. Very easy to clean in case they spill. We have nothing to fault on this seat.

A car seat that met more than my many needs/wants

The Safety 1st Summit ISO AP exceeded my every expectation and requirements. As a mum of a just turned 1 year old I wanted a seat that would still allow her to be rear facing for some time, easily able to adjust the strap height, still allow space for the front passenger/driver, not too wide so that more car seats would fit across the back seat, easy to install and comfortable for my daughter on both short and long trips. I couldn't be happier with this seat, it ticks every box plus is also easy to clean and maintain, my daughter falls asleep within 10 minutes of driving, has a handy little attachment on each side to safely attach a dummy or toy, has incredible safety ratings and will allow my daughter to rear face for at least another couple of months. We are planning on buying a second one for our next baby due in a few months.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use this in a car without isofix?
1 answer
Yes, It is compatible for both isofix and regular

What height/weight do I have to turn baby around in this car seat?
1 answer
You can go up to 30 months rearward facing. Goes on weight..


Summit ISO AP
Price (RRP)$429
Age Range0-48months
ISOFIX CompatibleYes

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