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Sam's Local Plumbing

4.3 from 210 reviews

Reasonable cost and professional service

I agree totally with the reviews on Sam's Local Plumbing professionalism, expert knowledge and reliability. They replaced pipes to suit the new installation of hot water system. The plumber recommended a perfect instant hot water system for me. He made the whole installation of the new and removal of the old system a seamless process. They used quality materials to do the work and that itself show the standard of the company. I am glad I have used a company like them who have their standards and policies and not a local one which would rip me off. Sam's prices were fixed in a way a common person can afford. I would definitely go with this plumbing group again in future for their high standards.

Over quoting to vulnerable pensioner

My 84 year old mother called this company, thinking they were local, when a section of roof guttering came away in a recent rain storm. My mother lives in Glen Waverley. Her unit is circa 15 years old and in very sound condition. What should have been a relatively quick fix of measuring the section, ordering it in and re-install soon developed into an offer to re-point the roof. Numerous "broken tiles" where also identified as being potential sources of leaks and there was a major "moss" issue which was recommended to be removed. He "signed" my mother up for rectification works of over $10,700 + GST, offering to fix the guttering for "free" if she did so. The smooth talking sales guy extracted $2,334 as a "deposit" insisting she pay on the day. We asked it to be cancelled within days after learning of the situation. They refuse to refund anything. We have since had a "real" local plumber attend who has refuted the issues on quote and was also furious that this predatory company has tried to rip off an aged pensioner in this way. There are no signs of ridge capping coming away, we can see no moss ! The existing roof still looks new. Sams also allowed for new down pipes which have absolutely NO damage. STAY AWAY.... We will be reporting this to consumer affairs, which will include the second report from a reputable plumber.

Excellent service and fair pricing

I recently had a roof at my commercial property replaced by Sam's Local Plumbing. After my experience with them I can definitely vouch for this company. The plumbers of this company are very experienced and know exactly what they are doing, looking at the completed job I could tell that though there were multiple plumber working at the site communication between them was great. During the entire process which last for about a week and half they kept me updated with everything that was going on and made sure that I was happy with every step. Though the job took longer than what I had initially expected I can't complain because they did the job to a perfection. I couldn't be more happier.
I would hesitate to call they over again for any plumbing works.
Thank You Sam's Local Plumbing.

Best In The Business

My hot water system's temperature keeps fluctuating and I have shown two plumbers about it. They fixed it for a short-term and after two weeks it's in the same condition as before. This time I contacted Sam's Local Plumbing, a plumber came and inspected my system and gave me options to fix it. I choose to replace the hot water system as short-term fix is not a solution here as it can happen again and I have to call a plumber again. The plumber ordered the system and he replaced it for me the next day. They were very lenient in pricing and was not like other plumbers who rip off like my previous ones. I even received a $50 discount. Absolute pleasure to have him complete the job thankyou for the hard work and would definitely recommend to everyone for their proficiency in plumbing works.

Honest quote and excellent service

Last weekend we called Sam’s Local Plumbing to fix a burst pipe which was causing a dampness in the walls of our cellar (cellar is below the ground level). The plumber came on the same day of booking, he assessed the issue, explained us what was issue was and gave us a fixed quote. He kept us informed about what he was doing, he fixed the issue on the same day as well. The call-out fee was a bit high because of the weekend but they offered to wave the call-out fee if I went ahead with the job, and I did so. The overall quote was affordable, service and the workmanship was excellent.
Really happy with Sam’s Local Plumbing. Highly recommended.

Best Pricing and Quality Work

It was raining on Monday night and my roof was leaking badly. Next day I called one of the plumbing company to fix the roof, Jace who took my call at the office assured that the plumber will arrive within half an hour. After inspecting my roof he gave me a quote which was very expensive. I was very upset and knew he was trying to cheat me showing excessive amount for installing the gutter guards and new downpipes. I didn’t approve his quote and looked for other plumbers.
Finally I got a quote from Sam’s Local Plumbing which was affordable and $3000 less than the other plumbing company. They provided me the right option and the plumber fixed the job within two hours. Professional service, very fair and honest billing. We would be happy to recommend and continue using their service in future. Keep up the great work guys!

Honest and professional plumbers

We had some major issues recently which was a leaking basin, shower and bath set in the upstairs bathroom needed to be serviced as well as leaking shower which had been destroying the wooden door to swell due to water damage. Sam’s Local Plumbing turned up on time, which we really appreciate as many plumbers we’ve had in the past have left us waiting for half the day. This bloke Michael was an amazing plumber, he removed the stress from us and explained the issue well. Without mucking around he solved the issue efficiently within two hours at a reasonable price. Thus, the plumber made our situation manageable and I appreciate their honesty and customer service in assisting me throughout the process.

Poor Service

I had confirmed with the plumber that they were coming out that day and arranged to leave work because they said they wouldn't meet after 3.30pm and they never showed up, we waited for over 45 minutes with no one calling us.

Extremely disappointed.

Great Service and Skill

We had Michael and Jacob. They arrived at 7:30 am and got straight on with the job which was to replace my aqua max 205. Instead of replacing with a new one, at first we thought of just repairing it.But Michael adviced that there is no hope in reparing it and its just a waste of time and money as it is very old unit. He ordered the new one on the very same day and Jacob came next day to install it. Jacob made sure to complete the work in a couple of hours and this saved me a lot of money. In addition, they even gave me a warranty and guarantee which last a period of time. Both Michael and Jacob were knowledgeable and efficient quickly fixing the issue. Thanks again.

Positive experience with no faults

Upon inspection of the leaking roof, Michael and his team from Sam’s Local Plumbing found five broken tiles gutter to be full of leaves and in poor condition. He recommended to remove the existing tiles located around the chimney which was broken and clean existing flashing and scrub back all rust in the downpipes as I do not need that to be replaced. Materials were organised on the same day and the work was started immediately. Michael was attentive to every detail I mentioned and work was completed upon my expectation. He even sealed again all existing flashings from vents and flues. I am recommending Sams Local Plumbing to everyone as they did a fantastic job in repairing my roof and they are the best in this field.

Warning, do not engage Sam's Local Plumbing - can't do a simple job and overcharge

My old house I just bought had blocked pipes. I called Sam's Local Plumbing because my trusted plumber was booked out just before Easter long weekend. Sam's Local Plumbing plumber came, assessed the issue and said he can do it for $550 plus a call out fee. Over an hour later, he called me and said he couldn't fix it. I was still charged $700. The company also provided a new quote within seconds for $5000+ allegedly needed to fix it. So the next day, I called my trusted plumber who fixed the pipes within an hour for couple of hundred bucks. I asked Sam's Local Plumbing for a refund - they said no, claiming they provided a disclaimer - yes, they did, but afterwords, dissolving them from any responsibility to actually do the job. To Sam's Local Plumbing: enjoy my $700, while losing many costumers thanks to my numerous reviews and posts!

Great and timely service

We are satisfied with the service Michael and his team had provided. Michael arrived my place on time and gave me a fixed quote for replacing my downpipe direct into rain water tank. He also gave me a 50$ discount and assured to give a compliance certificate stating all works are done according to Australian standards. As promised all works were done up to my satisfaction and without taking a break he completed the job in 4 hours. He did a great job with outstanding quality service all around. Thanks, Sams Local Plumbing for sending me an expert from your time, he saved my time and money as well.

Affordable and prompt plumbing company for all the plumbing needs

I have used Sam’s local plumbing twice now and I have had a prompt and reliable service each time. Michael attended my plumbing need both the time. He is very professional and answers all the questions we have about the work as well as discuss with us the different options to go about the work. He provides a first class service which is of utmost importance to me. Will definitely use Sams’s local plumbing and Michael again. Thank you.

Excessive charge, dishonesty. Home owners - Be aware!

I called Sams Local Plumbing in Hoppers Crossing to fix my sewage blockage. They gave me a quote of $330 - $440 plus assessment fee of $49, excluding to GST which I thought it was reasonable. However, Sams subcontractor came and charged me $380 per hour for 2 hours to clear the blockage. He even used CCTV camera without my consent and charged me $400 plus GST. He sent me 3 invoices by email without confirming me. Each with different charges. If I'd been aware of these invoices, I would not go ahead with their service. In the end, I paid them $1126 to clear the blockage, because the plumber wouldn't leave my rental property. Despite I told him I would pay until I needed to speak to his employer about this charge.
I emailed and called Sams Local Plumbing to resolve this excessive charge, but no reply because manager is so busy.

No complaints- the best plumber around

Michael fixed a leak under my laundry tub in my laundry room that had existing plumbing. It was a little more complicated than we thought and took a long time but didn’t charge me extra than what was quoted. There was a slight drip from the bathroom shower a couple of days later and I contacted Sam’s Local Plumbing again and Michael returned to fix it without an issue. He was courteous and helpful in explaining the work undertaken and the price was very reasonable on both occasions. Thank you and would happily recommend them. Cheers.

Very happy customer!

A big thank you to the two guys that came out to repair my roof and pressure jetting works. They were here within an hour and inspected the roof and gave me a quote which was reasonable. I accepted the quote and they started their work. There were gaps in between my roof tiles and they repaired that first and did a full pressure jetting service of the full roof to leave all areas clean. I was super happy with their work and my roof now looks brand new. This company made the experience as easy as possible and I can say that we at least had something better than our previous plumbers. I would recommend my friends and everyone to use them as they have the most efficient people in roof works.

Prompt and Professional Service

Great work and communication. Had an issue with my hot water system. So I gave Sams Local Plumbing a call, told them about the problem and their team was sent over the next morning at 7 am. The team member who carried out my work was excellent, very friendly and beyond my expectations in his role. I was worried that if I have to replace the hot water system but I am lucky that only the heat pump should be replaced and the rest was fine. Work completed and would thoroughly recommend them.

Service and work was excellent!

This business is an absolute lifesaver, they are so efficient and did an amazing job in fixing my leaks from bath waste and ensuite shower. I was not able to detect where the leak was from and Michael with the help of his equipment found the exact spot. He resolved my one week’s issue which I was worried off. I expected a huge bill for changing the washers but it wasn’t much expensive. I was impressed by his integrity and cannot speak highly enough of this company. You guys are the best in this field!

Job done perfectly!

Michael was responsive, reliable and punctual. Did a great job in fixing my leaking shower tap and also the high-pitch whistling in the pipes. He identified the problem quickly and replaced the washers of the tap. After the work was completed he even gave me a compliance certificate to certify the work completed with plumbing standards, codes and regulations. He even provided me senior’s discount and flyer magnet( higher discount). This company was recommended to me by many people which is always a good sign and I’m happy to recommend them too.

On time and efficient

Sam's Local Plumbing was a lifesaver. A burst hot water system at 6:30 am and tried ten plus plumbers, Sam’s was the only company who offered an emergency service. Michael was on time at 7 am and spoke through all their options. He fixed all the work which was quoted and even did additional work for me when I requested. Their costs are comparatively low and I found it as basic charge. These guys are awesome for emergency work. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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