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Samsung MS32J5133B

Samsung MS32J5133B

MS32J5133BM and MS32J5133BT
4.0 from 47 reviews

Aesthetically pleasing microwave with some caveats

The microwave functions fine and when clean looks great in the kitchen. It has two cons tho, it get dirty really easily as with any mirror finished item and the buttons are hard to press. Depending on where you put this microwave, u might have to brace the entire unit while you press the button in order to get it to register. A unique benefit of this microwave is that there is a silent mode where the microwave remains quite on button presses and when it is done.

Purchased in June 2018 at The Good Guys for $170.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Worth the money

This microwave is good looking one and heats up the food nicely.
It has all the basic programming features, popcorn, potato etc. Very easy to use and have very effective heating.

Purchased in January 2019 at The Good Guys for $210.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Lasted 2 years and one month

While it lasted it was ok and good for cooking whole potatoes. But when it breaks down completely a month after the warranty expires it represents poor value for money. I'll steer clear of Samsung products in future as I also have a Samsung fridge that just limped over the Warranty finish line and is no longer frost free. I would advise anyone against buying Samsung kitchen appliances.

Update: Was contacted by Samsung rep and graciously given the name of an authorised service centre where I could spend more money on this poor quality Item. And yes it is true what the other reviews say about the buttons being hard to press! I had to put a block behind the microwave to keep from pushing oven to the back of the microwave cabinet as the grip of the rubber feet is not sufficient to take the pressure you need to apply to press a button on this poorly made product.

Purchased in December 2016.

Hey there, I'am contacting you today to further discuss your recent review regarding your Samsung Microwave. Would you be able to provide me with your contact details and reference number, so I can pull up your account with us? You can also reach out via Facebook- please ensure to copy and paste your product review in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Mick Samsung AUWhy would I want to discuss this further Samsung has already told they won't repair or replace it. I bought the wrong brand! Simple solution: Avoid the said brand in future.

Nice size, work fine but needs a better buzzer

Have had it for a few weeks and have worked as advertised, has cooked noodles, vegetables and hasn't destroyed the original food texture. I enjoy the plus 30 seconds timer instead of needing to manually do it in my old microwave. Only complaint is the buzzer when it's done is not loud and sounds faded

Date PurchasedJan 2019

This is perfect!

I purchased this microwave about 5 months ago. It was reasonably priced and i am really pleased with the appearance of this oven. It is the perfect size and i can even fit platters on the dish when i warm up nachos! I often use the timer while cooking which is a great function.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

The Non-Responsive Buttons Makes It Unworkable

This is a good microwave with good heating, defrost and cooking settings, HOWEVER, the buttons on the panel are very, very, hard to press. You have to exert so much pressure on it for the buttons to take. For a person with weak hands/wrists or a disability, this microwave will be unworkable. I DO NOT recommend this microwave for this reason only. Also the only way you can exert enough pressure on the buttons it to use your right hand, grip the side of the microwave, then press the buttons with your thumb. If you plan to use your microwave in a fixed cavity in your kitchen where there is no room to grip the microwave on the side (as I did) then again this model will be unworkable for you. I recommend testing the buttons in store before you purchase. Make sure the microwave is connected to power so you can gauge how much pressure you have to exert.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Monica, we're sorry to hear this. Your feedback will definitely be noted and passed onto our electronics team. If you are experiencing any further issues with your microwave, we suggest heading to a service centre and have our technicians assess this for you. Here is a link to your nearest service centre: https://www.samsung.com/au/support/service-centre/ Philip Samsung Australia

This is a great product!

I'm really pleased with the quality and appearance of this oven. It arrived today - a day ahead of schedule - and was very securely packaged. I used it to heat a frozen burger and it took a little longer than my old one but that's okay. I haven't set the clock or used the kitchen timer yet. It seems a little complicated but I'll take my time and read the user's manual. All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with this product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Works great!

Arrived promptly, packaged well, smaller footprint than our old microwave with a larger inside area, works perfectly with more watts of power. Very happy with this item.Perfect size. Cooks quickly.
I had gotton my first house and i needed this. It microwaves food good. No problems at all.works great - I would buy again.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Good Quality and in line with other Samsung devices

I feel that my new microwave is very good quality and in line with other Samsung devices that I own, it has so many functions and also it is quite easy to learn to use the microwave and can use all those multiple functions with ease. I was afraid that I would only learn how to operate the basics. It heats very evenly and is a pleasure to use!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Super Service

Bought the new Microwave from The Good Guys Osborne Park, the service we received was second to none, great experience with the staff, even carried the Micro out to the car for me, the microwave does everything we wanted from it, more than happy to recommend the product, with one slight issue the internal light is not very bright other than that love it

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good quality product!

The old microwave I had did not cook my food all the way through, this may have been due to the design of it. When I bought this microwave I came with an open mind. I found that it heated my food thoroughly, and it did it quickly. I like to reheat my left over pizza in the oven, and it does a great job in maintaining some of the texture of the pizza.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


This microwave is the best out of all, possibly 6, that I have owned. The power settings are right for once, no dried out food! I love the 'keep warm' & 'my plate' features. The 'steam clean' care is awesome! Who wants to clean the microwave? 'Soften/Melt' is a new feature for me & I use it often! It's just very smart & takes a lot of the thinking out for s a busy woman!

Date PurchasedSep 2017


Works well! No issues and have had it almost 6months. Easy to use, clean number, pictures, and buttons. Easy to clean- simply wipe out the inside and wash the tray.

The outside gets grubby easily as it shows every mark due to it being a mirror-like finish. Therefore requires constant cleaning- only letdown.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Shonky after-sale service

Bought a new m'wave, as above, and tried to contact Samsung to ask (1) how, if at all, to illuminate the oven with the oven door closed, and (2) how to illuminate the control panel. I am visually impaired and these features are important to me. They had the gall to tell me that the information I wanted will cost me $100, otherwise I can only contact them by phone to complain about this, presumably at a cost of $100.. The other features seem to work okay but this puts a big ? over their after-sale services.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great microwave

This is a great microwave, with plenty of room and power.
Reheating is a dream with this microwave due to its large internal size and inverter technology.
It is well worth the extra money for this model, it is very stylish and easy to use, even the kids can use it.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great Microwave

It is one of best microwave by samsung, the good thing about this microwave is that you have a little container of water to hang inside so your food dont gets too dry while heating it with this microwave. The ceramic and glass inside makes this microwave is easy to clean

Date PurchasedJan 2018

great smart tinted door but not practical

hi we puchased this microwave recently its great however the door is tinted this is the only thing i do not like because if you are cooking microwave popcorn the kids like t wstch the bag expand. i also like to watch it to make sure that the bag does not catch on fire it its been cooking to long. the tink on the door looks great and smart however it is not practica.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

sad buttons

the buttons on this are its only let down as they are truly a joke and will annoy you til you scream. you have to press so hard and in many cases repeat the motion to get it to work . who ever thought that this was a good idea is an idiot.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Stylish and heats up well.

I've been using this microwave for about 1 year now, wanted something that looked modern and would do a good job. It heats up efficiently unlike the old one I had. The defrost setting is definitely a life saver for when I forget to defrost things I need which I forget to defrost the night before as always. I've recommended it to family & friends which they have also purchased.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Sorry Samsung, bad bad design...!!

I bought this microwave few months back, but regretted the decision quite soon. It is very shiny and impressive but has some major drawback;
1. The design look quite impressive, but once you started to use, your fingerprints are all over it. Of course you can wipe it clean, but prepared to do this few times a day for next few years..!! At least they could have made the touch panel not that glossy,

2. The buttons are terrible, far from touch sensitive. This is the main drawback. You have to use significant force(often press more than once) to operate. Each time you do this the microwave actually moves and I have to bring it back. Very very annoying...! Again, I have to do this couple of time a day for few years..! Why can't they make touch sensitive buttons? Sorry Samsung, quite poor control panel..
3. The microwave does a reasonable job, but nothing special. The heating is not very even in many cases. So just a regular microwave.

I contacted Samsung customer care, but they asked me to take it to their service center to check the sensitivity of buttons. But I understand it is a waste of time as I have seen few reviews expressing the same concern. My friend bought this but returned due to the same issue.


Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Questions & Answers

Why is it so difficult to push the electronic buttons,impossible???
1 answer
The buttons are hard to press because this is a poor quality microwave. Mine were hard to press too and then the machine stopped working completely about 1 month after the warranty period. I have learnt to avoid Samsung appliances as they just dont last and dont seem to work that well while they do.

Is there a light in the microwave that we can see the food cooking?
2 answers
there is a light but because its a mirror door the visibility is very poor also the durability of this microwave is very poor mine stopped working as soon as the warranty expiredThere is an oven light in this model :) If you have any further questions, please let us know. Jo Samsung AU


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