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Samsung Powerbot VR9000 (SR20H9050U)

Samsung Powerbot VR9000 (SR20H9050U)

MPNs: 35905698 and SR20H9050U
3.9 from 39 reviews

A little over rated

Definitely saves time and effort from hoovering, great to leave on when you need to do other chores / leave the house however doesn't perform the best clean (occaisonally missing areas of the house) and is definitely over priced. Would suggest to wait until tech improved / cost reduced.

Purchased in March 2019 for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Battery Life
Product is used: Several times a week
Pet OwnerNo
Floor Type Wood
System Errors Occasionally
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Thank you for leaving your feedback, we are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. If you would like us to investigate this further, please feel free to contact us via the below link: https://www.facebook.com/SamsungAustralia/ Mick Samsung AU

Powerful suction, better than others

It has a Powerful vac / Strong suction. Suited to / good on hard surfaces and large open areas
Relatively good at navigating / mapping our home
Average on Carpet (but better than some other brands, just dont leave any iPhone cords or loose string items on the floor as they get caught up in the wheel).

Date PurchasedAug 2016


Performance and customer service is unacceptable!! Purchase a Roomba... they at least work as promised and half the the price!! I bought one on Craigslist for $250 that lasted me 12 years!!! And... I bought a second one for my friend to try!! She's loving her Roomba... and I'm hating my Samsung Powerbot!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Life saver

I’m a new mum with lots of new things to do at home, I have no time for vacuum cleaning but this little gorgeous helps me every single day, it’s an expensive model in the Market but it’s a good value for money when you get the fantastic result, highly recommended

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Congratulations on becoming a new mum, Samie. Your feedback made our day here at Samsung. Thank you for sharing this with us. :) - Vicky

Very powerful

Absolutely worth product ever purchased. Instruction is bit hard and boring. Happy with it. It even cleans heavy dirt also. Really enjoying it's performance. Worth buying. Sometimes it strucks but still it does a great job. After few hours it becomes very hot. Otherwise one of the best product from samsung.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very poor battery life and operating mode

Purchased the Powerbot and plugged in and set up. Instructions are a bit vague as they are more focused on the remote control and app function than the actual unit itself.
After hours charging the battery is good for maybe 30 minutes. In that time one of two things happens. Either you enclose the Bot in a small space or let it wander around the house. The problem if you have a large house is that once the bot gets too far from its base it runs out of power and cannot find its way back so you have to pick it up and carry it back.
So if you enclose it in one room (we have large rooms 6M x 6M) then it might clean one room before running out of charge. At least it does go back to base and start the painfully slow recharge again.

Then there is the problem of its very illogical cleaning pattern. If like us you have a cut pile carpet then it will leave its tracks wherever it cleans which is rather RANDOM and you end up with unsightly lines where it has been on the carpet.

Whoever is in R&D needs to focus on battery capacity, range, and developing a LOGICAL cleaning pattern that it does once and not goes over and over and it does as if you or I were to vacuum - IE up and down up and down with small deviations around objects.

The APP and remote control are not what one buys this device for. It is purchased to alleviate the drudgery of vacuuming. Frankly this is a toy. At least not too noisy a toy.

And Samsung needs to focus on product performance first and foremost and forget the trinkets and add ons.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Pretty good.

I replaced an older LG with this model. It was a huge improvement both in suction and covering the room. The old LG used to like hugging the walls. Very happy with how it cleans both the carpet and the hard floor. I have only found two issues. One is the power does not turn off after 30 mins of inactivity like the manual says. I have to use the remote to turn it off each time. Also if you have the dirt tank out for cleaning it does not seem to be aware. In other words it can start operating without the dirt container on board, something the LG would not do.
Overall I give it 4 stars and very happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


I purchased the Samsung powerbot VR9000 last year and I'm very disappointed with its performance. I've had to return it to Domayne for repairs 3 times due to it needing a new motherboard or motor and it always getting lost and getting stuck in the bedrooms . I am very disappointed that it doesn't like dark coloured carpets and refuses to go in these areas and I've recently purchased 2 identical rugs for my tiled floors and it has some black abstract designs on it and it now refuses to clean those areas and just jolts in circles to avoid the black designs and won't move on to clean other areas ... For a $1500+ vacuum I thought it would be failsafe .. is there something I wasn't told before purchasing that it doesn't clean dark coloured areas ? I feel very ripped off and I heavily rely on this vac as I've just become a first time mum and I'm really strapped for time

Date PurchasedJul 2016

One of our best ever purchases

I highly recommend this unit. Our two toddlers, cat, and dog make daily vacuuming a must. We have run our Powerbot on our hard floor living area (~100sqm) every day since Jan 2016 and it has performed very well. It does not bump into things, is probably less noisy than a Dyson, and the filters are long-lived and easily cleaned. The design and software of the unit seem very efficient. Getting a good robot vacuum like this is like getting a dishwasher - it does almost as good a job as we could do, but saves precious time every day. We only use our barrel vacuum in the living area about once a month to get into the few nooks the robot can't get to. Like all robots, it is less efficient for carpeted areas, but we run our Bosch Athlet through the carpeted rooms while the Powerbot cleans the living area.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Real Robot

Very happy and satisfied with this product. Does really a great job. Great on both hard floors and carpets. Very good end result. Easy to empty rubbish and no or minimal maintenance. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone who finds difficult in finding time For cleaning house. Little bit loud but wouldn't bother much.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Drive motor issue

Has amazing suction in the machine, however it does not do right up against the skirting's and gets stuck all the time. Purchase 18 months ago within 6 months the drive wheel C03 error came up, had to take back to repair, have not used it much since but have just gone to use it again 9 months after the drive wheel error and it has come up with the same problem. Also notice that it does not do the whole house, it seems to get confused all the time, there needs to be an option to be able to re-set the memory on the machine. My work colleague who also has this machine experienced the same drive wheel error within 6 months.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Fantastic gadget! Absolutely Recommend!

I have never seen such an innovative product for a vacuum cleaner until I got this Powerbot! It is amazing and that's no exageration!

When you first see it, it does look a little bulky and big, however after you read up and check out how it works - if you're not amazed and want one on the spot then you're missing out! The display is clear to see from a distance and it is so tech savvy that it comes with an awesome remote control which allows you point and direct whereabouts in your house you want the powerbot to clean! The power charging dock is a little chunky when you sit the powerbot in it so it's not something that you can hide if you want to entertain guests without household items lying around the house!

The powerbot definitely is a powerful little bot! You can tell that it picks up every little speck of dust on my wooden floorboards especially dog hair that is EVERYWHERE in my household and I used to get really frustrated when my old vaccum cleaner couldn't pick up all the dog hairs.. Another option that made me pick the Powerbot over the other brands is that it easy so easy to clean however it could be a little larger as I do find myself emptying it more often then I'd hoped. It comes with a spare filter so you can use that while you're waiting for the main one to dry which is very convenient if you're planning on doing alot of floor cleaning in a short timeframe!

The things that I need to take stars off are battery life, hard to reach places like skirting along walls and if you're not good with technology. The battery doesn't last too long as it is a power hungry bot, so you're unable to really do a huge spotless vacuum without needing to recharge it to ensure that there's enough power to pick up every little speck! It has trouble just like other automated vacuum devices to get close to walls so sometimes I find that I have to pull out my handheld vac to get into the really hard to reach places but that's not often. Lastly if you're not too good with technology it might take a while to fully learn the ropes on how this product works. I didn't have an issue as i'm quite familiar with digitail devices however someone like my mum where english isn't her strongest language would have mega problems trying to get this vacuum to work the way she likes.

Overall it's worth the money to invest and I do have recommended it to my friends and family who really liked the Powerbot after coming over seeing for themselves how it works! They couldn't get over how innovative it is and were willing to listen and ask questions as they truly were interested in purchasing one for themselves!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

This is best ever machine

Are you happy with the performance/suction?
I was using it everyday it performance really goo suction
Is it light? Quiet? Easy to maneuver?
You don't need to hold it it's automatic cleaner,selfchange itself.
What type of floors and how big is the area you vacuum?
I have tiles and also carpet

Date PurchasedJun 2017

It's so good, can't live without it now.

It has very powerful suction, being my best helper to clean my house. Cleverly automated go every corner. I love it especially to clean my carpet floor, feel so clean. The only down side is it can't clean my staircase and 4cm surrounding wall skirting. And it could be better if has a bigger dust tank so i don't need empty and clear the rubbish in tank so frequent.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Could be more user friendly

Although the cleaning function is awesome, the vacuum is far from user friendly. The Smart Home app keeps saying no connection, you cannot reset it to factory settings if the floor plan doesn't work properly. Battery is only short life though before having to return to the charger.
Having said that pet hair is no match, the floor is nice and clean after wards, even though I have to point it in the right direction to finish places it has missed once it returns to the charger.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great but Battery life problems.

Only marked down to good due to short life of battery. Purchased in 2015, worked great for a year then battery life became very short 10 to 15mins and 24hr to charge, After a few visits back to Samsung they replaced the battery pack. (they kept saying no fault found for the first 3 visits) good as new after the battery replacement, run time back over an hour. Now one year later almost to the day the same symptoms again. So another battery change coming up last time under warranty so hope this time as well. When working does a great job, surprising how much it collects. Dark carpet confuses it and it just backs up until it the wall and then gives up.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Not worth it.

Suction on unit is pretty good, however it keeps getting stuck in random places, very often it will just stop in the middle of a room. It also gets majorly confused with rugs that have any black or dark markings on them, and either gets completely stuck or spends the whole time shuffling backwards and forwards until the battery runs flat. As for the battery, it only lasts about 25 minutes before going flat. Most of the time the vacuum is unable to find its way home and I need to carry it back and put it on charge. I spend a large amount of time repositioning the vacuum or turning it off and back on again to get it back to actually start vacuuming again. Although I would have thought Samsung would have produced intelligent robotics, this vacuum is very dumb. Save your money and avoid this piece of garbage.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is more than satisfactory

The performance is not in the same league as a conventional vacuum cleaner like Dyson or even the one from Aldi but in terms of sensing large objects and navigating through a complex home, it does an efficient job and cleans for us daily. We now only use the dyson once a fortnight.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

60% Stuck, 20% Rubbish Spillage, 20% Okay

Does an okay job.....when its not getting stuck on furniture after the first few minutes of operation (eg reversing into a single chair leg in an otherwise clear space). Runs into something and stops operating about 60% of the time.
The design of the waste collection is pretty lousy. To empty it without spillage you have to put the whole waste unit inside your bin, otherwise between the vacuum inlet and the waste outlet (at different sides) it will spill everywhere.
For the price, not worth it! We've had better for much cheaper.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great for cleaning

I have he basic version of this without a timer, it's such a good cleaner in my view, I do really like it, its 360 vision stops it from smashing into walls, however my only con is low settees etc. the brush s are easy to clean, and the collector is easy to empty.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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Questions & Answers

Question was asked last year with no replies by someone else. Powerbot is displaying mute and error triangle. Will not start. Tried turning off and on the master switch and powerbot displays these 2 icons while system check is performed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have even pulled the battery ,and let sit overnight to see if that worked with no positive results.
1 answer
Hi there, we're sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. This will be best to get looked at by our technicians at your nearest service centre. Please follow this link in to locate your nearest Samsung approved service centre: https://www.samsung.com/au/support/service-centre/

I have a powerbot 9050 that will only run for about 7 minutes before it returns to the charging base. It still has full battery, an empty bin, and no error codes. I have moved the base twice, tried restarting it doesn’t help. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or maybe factory reset the device?
2 answers
Hi Justin, a basic factor reset may do the trick, however if symptoms persist, I suggest taking the unit to a service centre so that our techs can assess the unit.How do I Factory reset it?

I have a 9000 series cyclone and all of the sudden after 11 months when you press button to clean it backs up a half inch and stops and acts as if battery is dead I have to reboot vacuum to get it to charge but it will not vacuum. Any ideas?
2 answers
That's strange, Lee. Have you had the chance to get this checked out by a technician? If you send us a message on Facebook/Twitter with your suburb and postcode, I will be able to locate your nearest service centre for you, alternatively you can contact our support line on > 1300 362 603 Sara Samsung AustraliaHi Lee, I'm having a similar issue after 2 years of faultless operation. No actual error code, just backs up, wiggles around a bit and the exclamation symbol lights up. No resoloution with reset and full clean. Was your issue solved? Thanks in advance, Rachel


Powerbot VR9000 (SR20H9050U)
Running Time60minutes
Bin Capacity0.7L
HEPA Filter No
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  • MPN: 35905698 and SR20H9050U
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