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Sanctum Surf
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Incredibly quick delivery time...and a freebie

I ordered a board and two board bags from Sanctum from their online shop on a Wednesday and it arrived by the Friday afternoon...and that included a public holiday on the Thursday.

It was incredibly well packed. The board in bubble wrap, in a board bag, in the second board bag and the whole lot wrapped in more bubble wrap. No worries about it getting damaged!

They also chucked in a couple of blocks and wax and a leggie.

I haven't had a chance to try the board yet, but so far I've been really pleased with the service.

Surfboard cover

Outer layer of surfboard bag disintegrated within 24 months. Have never seen this happen to the many other surfboard bags I’ve owned over the years. I’d buy elsewhere in future.

fun as !@#$

i got a sanctum retro fish from gumtree, and it has turned out to be my favourite board. ordering a mini simmons off these guys in the next fortnight, great quality boards and affordable. i am so glad i got my first sanctum off that random dude on gumtree......!

Love them

Been buying boards of this guy for years, love them and love the price plus all the guys I've spoken to in the shop have been super nice and knowledgable. People complaining about glass quality have no comprehension of PU boards, you can spend 900 on a Merrick and still get unlucky and snap it on a two foot Shorey, that's just surfing guys. Surf industry needs more people like these guys

Brilliant service

Bought my first sanctum 5 or 6 years ago, I have found the boards durable and fun to ride. Delivery has always been prompt. Looking toward purchasing 6' 8" mr infinity in the near future.

Brilliant service

Had a small problem with a new steamer.
Returned my suit and had a new one replaced same day.
Can't get better service than that.

nice board 6.6 semi gun

got it on sale 300 board rides well in overhead juice 5/6ft.seems bit weak not to sure if it will or survive intact or handle a lot of solid days unsure as reliability to take to indo.but cheap so ok.deck grip for 25 great

Top board at a great price

loving my new sanctum board rides well strong glass great price would recommend these boards to everyone great product yeow

Epic Surfboard a Great Price.

A few years ago I thought I would give the sanctum surfboards a go after being highly recommended by friends. 8 months ago I purchased a 5'10 box and dice this board has been my go to board. Shape, quality and performance it has it all.

I picked up the board from the sanctum warehouse in on the northern beaches. The guys were a great help in pointing me to the correct board for my needs.
Will buy again.

Great Quality At A Great Price

Have a sanctum sup for about a year now and I love strong great construction at a good price. Keep up the good work.

Yep Lamination is Cheap And Poor Quality

Sanctum boards are cheap for a reason. Glass job is very thin and cracks after a few surfs. They tried to blame the sun for damaging the board.

sanctum sups are poor quality and self destruct in a few months of buying them

Don't buy sanctum.. it's cheap and might look good at first but it will fall apart. Also when u try and ask for the board to be fixed or replaced they will accuse you of being a scam artist.

Wetsuit review

I bought a short sleeve steamer from them last year and stoked with it, seams and knees still in good nick after 50+ surfs, that's better than I've had from $300+ wetsuits. I'd buy again and have just got a 2mm long sleeve vest from them and its holding up well so far.


Snuie bomb 6'0. What a f#%^ing weapon. Honestly could not be happier with this board! My Second sanctum board and equally impressed with the quality of both. Item description is spot on. This thing is a super quick, wave catching machine. From heavy shories, perfect point breaks or waist high slop, this thing is gold!!! Whenever this thing blows out, I'll be buying another for sure. And the price, well it speaks for itself.

Great value

Got a cheap board for learning to surf. Pleasantly surprised at the quality when it arrived. About 15 sessions in and no issues so far. Looking at a Sanctum for my second board.

Sweet value, hit and miss quality, amazing prices.

I have their Magic Carpet mini mal, bought it for $400 and the thing is a beauty, probably had 40 or so sessions and the deck is pretty much perfect. A few dings here and there but she's holding up well.

Bought a 3/2 wettie from them and its pretty much coming apart after a sold winter's worth of surfing, I do surf 10+ hours a week though. Very comfortable and fit really well. Hard to pass up the price, just $200 for a steamer? Bargain.

I also bought a cheap softie mal, 9 footer, and after a few months the thing snapped in half on me. Was surfing head high though so probably not the board for the day. Still was pretty disappointed.

Poor quality

Was skeptical about buying one of the cheap made in china boards but thought what the hell, i'll give it a go, after all the products are all aussie made. There were deck depressions after the first surf and on the second surf, it snapped on a 2-3ft wave which wasn't even barreling. The shape was pretty good and it rode pretty well. But the glass job- done in china- was ruubish.I'm definitely not going there again.

Sanctum Surboards = Poor quality glass job

I purchased a quad fish surfboard off Sanctum 2 months ago on ebay.
The glass job is very poor considering i have only used it 5 times.
There are deep compression ding's and pressure cracks on the tail.
Also the glass above the fins is starting to crack and the tail is starting to de laminate.
When I told the seller he replied by saying " this is normal wear and tear for a pu board after 5 uses."

terrible quality

Great board!!

Did a lot of research on the net as there was heaps of pop outs coming out of china. Really just wanted a cheapie with a bit more volume for the smaller days. I live on the sunny coast and there is 2-3 shops selling the really cheap looking and feeling boards. When I got the sanctum I wasn't expecting what I got!! The look and feel of the board is fantastic, I have a hand shaped MAD XTR and whilst it's quite as good as that, it's amazing value for about $300. Get heaps of waves on it and took it out in 4-5 ft at Alex and it performed well but the true test was taking 5 waves on the head and the board has only small compression dings. I was worried it was going to snap but it stood the test. all in all crazy value for the price you pay, definitely will be getting another one from these guys down the track.
Great quality and "feels" like a great board, performs well in the smaller waves

Mini Simmons

I've bought my Mini Simmons 5 months ago. It was $450 including fins and leash which I think is good value. It surfs well and I really love it but unfortunately I had to take it twice for repair already.

At one time I had a small wipeout in waist-high surf in low tide and the board's nose just opened in a 6-8 cm section. I had worse wipeouts in bigger surf with other boards and never happened a thing like this before but it's possible that I was unlucky this time.
The other time I discovered a 1 cm crack on the rail (bottom side, halfway between the tail and middle) It was obviously the result of weak glass. The guy who repaired put extra glass on these weak points.
The tail also has really weak glass as the stringer was exposed in a tiny section. All these been repaired at my expense of course.

Since then I had no other issues but considering I spent ~$120 on repair I could have chose something more expensive/better quality.
I had a few other pop-outs in the same price range and never had problems like this before.

Apart from the issues it's a nice little board and I absolutely love the Mini Simmons shape. Every now and then I see Sanctum boards around the beach so it seems people like it.

Despite these quality problems I would buy again from them after a throughout check on the board of course.
Good price, Mini Simmons shape is awesome
Glass is weak

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Just purchased a snuie bomb. Any comments on the quality and performance?
2 answers
I have had several boards from them great quality and performanceCheers Chester, actually used it yesterday. I'm pretty impressed of the quality to the price.

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