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Two weeks since I ordered DVDs and still waiting

I ordered DVDs two weeks ago online and I am still waiting on them to arrive. Not happy at all. Will be making a formal complaint in regards to this matter.

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This store is fabulous

Sanity is a store where you can view a wide range of music and movies and if it is not there they will try to get it in for you or you can pre order if it is a product that does not seem to be available. The customer service of this store is excellent the staff are friendly and helpful. If you just dont know what you want then you can get a gift card to use in the future.

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If there was a lower rating I would pick it

Will never shop with this company again .
Ordered pop vinyls that said will be in stock on this date waited weeks later not sent out check website says different date. Message customer service no apologies they couldn't care less. Horrible customer service. Update your website and put the right information on it .

Product Quality
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Fast delivery

One item I had to wait for stock so they sent out what they could while they wait for the other item. It arrived quickly and with accurate and frequent tracking updates. Thanks sanity!

Dragon ball z season 1 blu ray

It been one month since i went to the store to have a blu ray replacement they sent for a replacement yet still no phone call about my replacement blu ray.

Product Quality
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sanity is such a good store!

so, today i went to sanity n this girl was super nice n really helpful thanks ebony for you help

Love using them

They ship in stock items fast but out of stock take awhile depending on what you order but even out of stock items can be fast always gave good prices love to use zip pay with them.

I ordered a bunch of blu rays still waiting for 2 but should not be much longer.

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It been one month since i went to the store to have a blu ray replacement they sent for a replacement yet still no phone call about my replacement blu ray.

Sanity is a great store!

I recently purchased some DVDs for myself and to give as gifts for Christmas. Sanity have a very good range of products as well as prices to suit all budgets. I Have never had any problems with buying things from them and their prompt postage service means I get them in a short time to enjoy, as well as being very helpful just before Christmas this year. Well done Sanity, keep up the good service!


I just received a DVD boxed set for Xmas.
Can't play it on my Panasonic player as it is a region 1 set.....America, only.
Discs are marked "region 1". Packaging is marked "US".

Manager rude

Want in manager never smiled or greeted me at all. When I did 3 for 30 purchase he didn't tell me I actually picked up one that's not included . As he was so disinterested.

Zero stars - Sanity is the worst

Terrible, insincere, unhelpful customer service. Ordered vinyl and CD for a birthday present, I though I left plenty of time, allowing 10 days for postage and handling. 10 days comes and goes - no contact from them. I email to find out what is happening, and their reply is cold, unhelpful and uncaring, and told to wait. Another 10 days goes by, and I contact again. Apparently now they can't provide an eta as it is now, 21 days later, "on back order". Fortunately they cancelled the order promptly, but I will never recommend them, or shop from them again.

Great stuff

Awesome customer service, great products, best prices around. I have recently moved to Sydney and unfortunately couldn’t find a store close to me. Was worried about ordering online after reading some reviews but thought I’ll give it a go. Now been my 4th online order and not disappointed once. Packaging, delivery, communication 5 star.
Thanks Sanity

Pre-order which never existed

Placed a pre-order for a limited edition signed cd. Called to check on the order twice to confirm order as it was a birthday present for my daughter. Was curious why I didn't receive the usual sms to inform of the arrival of the cd only to discover when in store that there is no record of the ore-order ever existing so SURPRISE no cd. Wondering how they were able to check on status of my order over the phone if it never existed? Cancelled the remainder of my pre-orders and received a refund. Doesn't exactly solve the problem though.

Very Slow

I ordered a couple of DVDs on Sanity, doing the right thing supporting Australian businesses. It took 4 weeks from ordering to delivery. I do live in a remote area, but I know that I can receive items from the east coast in 5 days from other online stores. Unfortunately due to their very slow service I have now had to use Amazon.com to order the item in time to arrive for the birthday I had ordered for and given myself plenty of time, or so I thought. I will not be using Sanity again.

What's the point of a order

24/8/2018 alice in chains new release pre ordered.the day comes,eager me visited the store the nite before, was told they have it but can't release it till release date..ok cool..day comes ..10am..sorry haven't got it,might be in later and will call when you when..never called! What's the point..Cd/DVD shop that doesn't restock/update or get organized for a release..happy birthday. Kingaroy

Fast Delivery

Ordered Gomer Pyle USMC Complete Series on Sat, arrived on my doorstep following Wed (4 days later). Firstly thank you for carrying such a rare series to begin with & thanks for the really fast service.
I would recommend this seller.

The worst service

I ordered a CD by a fairly mainstream rock band that was released in Australia within the last few years. 8 weeks later I still don't have it. The friends birthday it was for has long gone. Sanity's response was that I could cancel anytime. Maybe it is coming via bicycle messenger from Norway.

Thank you to DONNY at Ingle Farm Sanity store

He was amazingly helpful to me
I am 70 and he was so polite and patient
My grateful thanks to this kind young man.

Fast delivery, Service is excellent!!

Ordered Tomb Raider on 3D Blu-Ray a couple of weeks ago online and got told it was sent to me via Express Post last Friday and true to Customer Service’s word I received it yesterday (Monday) - Very happy with my purchase and have another Blu-Ray on order which I should receive in around 2 weeks, excellent service. Keep up the great Work Sanity!!!

Yakuza 6 Collectors Edition PS4

Thanks for the excellent communication/ customer service. I ordered knowingly the item was out of stock but more was coming.

Each time I had a web chat they were honest. If it’s next week that’s fine and guess what; they delivered on that ETA

Using AfterPay was flawless.

Product was packed well and I’m a VERY happy customer.

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Questions & Answers

How long does a replacement blu ray take i took my blu ray into store a month ago was told 10 days getting pissed off with the waiting.
1 answer
Hi Simmsy, are you able to send our team an email at feedback@sanity.com.au? We'd love to hear about this situation and find out what is happening with the blu-ray order.

How long does it take from ordering in store to arriving in-store?
1 answer
I didn’t order in store I ordered online and it took 4 business days

How long does it take to get your item if you have ordered a item online ??
1 answer
I ordered on a Sat & received it the following Wed (4 days later). But I'd expect unlike alot of douche reviewers that xmas may be slow going so you'd probably need to order a month or two ahead if you need it for xmas.

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