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Sanli LazerCut LCS400

Sanli LazerCut LCS400

3.6 from 45 reviews


Although it is a Chinese brand but very easy to use
Mowing effect is good, push it will not be difficult to push.
It should be easy to use
Mowing effect is also very good, the price is good, "I was buying at a discount"
It will not be very troublesome to take care of it
In fact, big lawn mower and no big difference
worth buying

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Little beast

This mower is not what I expected. It is a great little machine. Have not serviced it once in over 4 years.
It powers through quite lush grass & does a neat job. Inexpensive yet very reliable. Would recommend to anyone after a solid mower for their suburban house. Love it!

Date PurchasedMar 2014

7 years and still going strong. Bargain lawn mower.

I purchased this mower from Kmart 7 years ago, I have only cleaned out the carby once and it's still going strong. It idles slow and does not miss a beat. always starts, I do turn off the fuel when finished using it. very light weight and easy to manoeuvre, only changed the engine oil once that was last year. use the mower on average 3 times every 2 months, does a great cut. would recommend for sure. Bargain lawn mower.

Date PurchasedJul 2010

Quick start quick cut

Starts always on the first cord pull..! Easy to manoeuvre and is lite in weight.
It seems the width of the lawnmower is slightly narrow in comparison to other makes and it feels a bit "tinny"while mowing, also you can hear the rubble underneath the mower as it catches the grass etc.(wears some ear plugs).Apart from that, it is ROBUST enough to handle a good size lawn with easy operation. Bargain at $175.00..

Date PurchasedNov 2017

For all you people that know everythink sanil mowers are made by victa and for $200 there great or b

Great mower starts first time every time where else can you buy a brand new mower with 5 yrs warranty for $200 bucks and made by victa parts are cheap easy to clean easy to start will moe big yards and cheap to run i buy them for $200 put them on my nature strip in summer sell them for $300 sell like hot cakes

Date PurchasedJan 2014

utter rubbish

pure utter rubbish runs for 15 minutes cuts out will not start for 20 minutes later changed that many spark plugs in it I could have bought a victa lawn mower for the price of taking it to some one to find out problems and spark plugs.
Since I have bought it I have two small yards no bigger than twenty square metres used it maybe 15 times as I get someone else to do my lawns while I work away in the mines and they use there mower contacted maker only to be told that if you run it a little over run mode the spark plug fouls

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great mower too have.

Have owned this model mower now for over 6-7 years & in that time i've only has serviced by my local mover mechanic once ( before last spring started ). the only issue that i constantly have with mine is it don't like thick wet grass, slopping hilly yards & the spark plug sometime stop the mower,when it gets to blocked up with carbon deposits & / or oil [its easy to fix wtih a piece of emery paper & an old rag ).

Date PurchasedDec 2011

Starts, then stops.

This was inexpensive and highly recommended by someone that should've known.
It worked very well for the first summer. Thereafter, it would start on fresh fuel only, then it'd only go for 15 seconds, starting easily enough again. That's a frustrating way to mow a lawn. Despite checking float levels, fuel venting, air & fuel filter for blockage, checking valve settings, changing oil it's still a nightmare to get going. Once going, it does a good job on a typical suburban spread of grass. Anyone want it?

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Very strong motor.

,I bought this lawnmower thinking that it was going to be a rubbish, hard to start mower but it was the opposite. It has so much guts it just makes the biggest thickest clumps looks like its just a small blade of grass. It starts easy as and never is hard to start. It runs on premium fuel and is quite efficient. I use it every weekend and I have had it for about 4 years and never had an issue.

The only thing that I dislike about it is the throttle control. Half way is full power and full power is choke. I have never needed to use the choke so to me its just crazy.

Its a great unit with strong motor. It probably would demolish a tree stump (don't try that at home)

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Great value

Bought as a low priced alternative several years ago from a local hardware shop. Didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised. It has done plenty of work in two states and has only been fully serviced (by me) twice. Due again now. Doesn't use any oil and is light on fuel. The parts (fuel and air filters) were easy enough to get. Still on original four blades which have been sharpened once. I changed the spark plug for a better brand (NGK) and improved the starting a lot. It usually starts with a couple of pulls and idles well. The Honda copy motor is reliable and powerful enough for any suburban back yard. The only mechanical faults have been easily fixed at home. A pin holding the height adjuster bar sheared and this was easily replaced with a modified bent nail. Then this week, one of the front wheels became wobbly when its centre surrounding the bearing cracked. A trip to the local mower shop got me a wheel from a different model of the Sanli range for $15. It was identical except that the cente of the bearing was slightly smaller. Simply put the old bearing, which was still in good condition, in place and we were right as rain. The steel deck is showing a few minor signs of surface rust underneath but is still solid. Other minor gripes are that long, wet grass can clog the chute after a while and the mesh sides of the catcher have been punctured in one spot from twigs etc ejected through the chute. Dry grass is no problem at almost any reasonable length. Just wish the cutting deck was an inch or two wider. Can't bring myself to move up to a better brand as this old girl is still doing a good job.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Not great, but not terrible either. Actually, No it is just terrible after all.

I bought one of these rebadged as another brand from Bunnings. The low price lured me in, being in need of a new mower in a hurry with not much cash to pay for one.

The engine appears to be a Chinese Honda copy, which could be a good thing. However, I changed the oil after 2.5 hours use as recommended in some online forums and was horrified to discover that it was 'self machining' The oil was rather silver in appearance due to an over abundance of metal filings in it. I changed the oil again at 5 hours and it was pretty black. I changed it a third time at 10 hours and can report that it is now a lovely golden colour as one would expect after a few more hours use since the last change. Time will only tell how long the engine lasts before it goes bang.

As for the rest of the mower, I have mixed opinions on it. It's pretty darned hopeless on kikuyu grass without the catcher on - it clogs up then stalls because it can't mulch the clippings. With the catcher on, the outlet gets blocked as others report and when you remove the catcher it dumps grass on the ground, even when it is not full due to build up in the outlet.

It does sort of work on short (non kikuyu) grass with no catcher though.

I've had this thing for about 8 months now and what a hunk of junk......
Sure, the engine still goes. And seems like it will last a while yet, but the mower body itself is already proving to be extremely shoddy. The wheels on the back of it are nearly falling off, with one side now collapsed inward and not far from rubbing on the body.

But worse than awful wheel aligment is the actual steel body. To understand how terrible this thing is, one must bear in mind that I have a second push mower (A humble Victa Lawnkeeper) that is still in use on the same ground has not had a single problem. One can then imagine my great annoyance at the fact that the body on this mower has on several occasions bent so badly from running over small concrete curbs that the blade actually hits against it. It is so poorly made with such thin steel that there is now a hole in the front area of where the blade spins. If my 10 year old Victa, which also has a pressed steel body can handle the same terrain, I fail to see why this sad excuse for a lawn mower cannot. I genuinely do believe that this thing is made from recycled baked bean cans.

All in all I would say to people DO NOT BUY them. I was thinking the engine would be the first thing to go, but apparently there is one thing worse than that on these - the entire rest of the mower and it does not even last 8 months. And it never did pick up the grass properly with the catcher on.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Can't get better

Bought this mower very cheaply at Harvey Norman, not expecting it to last very long. However after approx 8 years use with minimal service it still cuts fine, starts on first pull and as we now bought a self propelled Sanli, went to my daughters place with a new lawn. First remarks : Starts first pull and cuts beautifully " Looks like it might go for an other 8 years !

Date PurchasedSep 2009

7 year and starts 1st go ever go

after 7 year the only thing to go wrong is I can not change the height of the cut. It starts 1st time every time. use very little fuel. very light to move around. for $175 over 7 years that works out at $25 a year and I got more year of use to come

Date PurchasedNov 2009

Had my Sanli for 9 years now. Love it.

Our lazercut is 9 years old now and hasn't missed a beat unless it has run out of fuel or air cleaner is dirty. It cuts well, Runs well, and even easy for a woman to start. Our 8 year old grandson can start it after the first start. Our only problem with it is that the base of the catcher has cracked and broken but a fibreglass kit soon fixed that.

Date PurchasedNov 2007

If you want after sales service and a mower that works then avoid Sanli

Bought a Sanli and it failed to operate after about a month. Took it to a Warranty repairer and they advised there was something in the fuel line. When I asked what it was they could not tell me. I use a filtered filler and fresh fuel but apparently it was my fault. I refused to pay. Six months on and it has stopped again. Rang what was listed as their Warranty Mower specialists and two of them said they no longer dealt with Sanli as they were Crap mowers. (their words)
Warranties apparently are only good for a motor failure. Any problem with the carby and that is yours. So no one wanted to help and I complained to Sanli. Received a call from a surly know all at Sanli who promptly told me it was my fault and they would not look at any of their equipment unless it was a motor failure. Having a Customer Service background I did try to help the Sanli employee who obviously has not received any training. In the end I had to take it to another dealer who charged me $135 to replace the filter and tell me the settings on the carby were out and there was dirt in the system. Apparently the filter doesn't work. So after 6 months it has cost me $335 and guess what, it has failed again with exactly the same problem. Myh advise to anyone is to spend the little extra in the first place and don't by crap from China.

the simple things are the perfect ones

the most easy simple to use lawnmower in the market, i love that tool, cheap on gas cheap on blades , what else you want ?, i use it every month starts at first go , parts never needs it , and someone says it falls apart ha ha ha , hummm unless you leave it in the rain

I had only 2 problems until now

12 months into buying a pm later cut from kmart the coil went then 1 day ago after 6 yrs approx the motor seized looks like a bearing went and another problem I did find is the blades would not cut properly even new other than these problem mower was very good starts real easy

SANLI Customer Service no use. Got a SUBARU

I live in Sydney but purchased this second mower 2 years ago from Bunnings for my other property down the NSW South Coast. I have been unable to start it since putting it away for winter. I have rebuilt car engines many times so this isn't an issue for me mechanically. The reason the machine wont start is because its poorly designed and made in China. IF and that is "IF" you fix the valve issue and the carby fuel float issue then you will have other problems like the carburettor vacuum line perishing. Then there is no fuel primer pump that even Victa 2 strokes have and so on Etc. My solution was to go back to Bunnings and buy a Subaru. Thats right a Ryobi with a 190cc "Overhead Cam" Subaru Robin motor "made in Japan" - for under $400. Ok it's Chassis is made in China like Sanli's engine and again not up to scratch. But the chassis isn't the issue with mowers. Its always the motor. Made in Japan engine reliability is the one thing you need in a lawnmower engine. Sanli Sucks!

Same or Similar issues

Bought Bumblebee about just over 18 months ago and now it starts but goes off after or less than 5 mins. Have everything checked, put in new oil, put in 95 fuel, changed spark plug, cleaned air filter and checked and adjusted fuel mixture (carby) and adjusted idol, still nothing, now does not start!!!, small to average size lawn, never flogged it, always kept away from water/rain and kept clean, in other words, totally crap and some other issues, they DO NOT want to honour the warranty, said, used it too much even though still was under warranty, well does not matter since I have misplaced my receipt! Totally crap box, I was warned about Sanli but due to my budget issues, only one I could afford at the time!!

Great mower for your dollar

If you don't flogg it. Then you should get at least 7 to 10 years of life from the yellow beetle and heaps of mower shops carry parts for them and are authorised to repair them under warrentee or non wattentee, the Sanli website directs you to the closest repair agent to your area

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LazerCut LCS400
Price (RRP)329
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width420
Minimum Cutting Height15
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityNo
Release dateMay 2008

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