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Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel

Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel

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3.1 from 85 reviews

Sleeping on a cloud

An amazing mattress! My partner and I no longer wake up with back soreness or muscle pain that is sleep related. It’s +++comfortable, cool, easy on the eye and an absolute joy to sleep on each night! I feel refreshed and am so grateful to have found such a great mattress.

Purchased in February 2019 at Myer Retail Stores for $4,999.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium
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Thank you for contacting us about your recent Sealy purchase. We are very pleased to hear that you are happy with your Sealy mattress, and hope you have many more nights of wonderful rest.


We like to go to sleep on our recently purchased (last year) Sealy. We love the luxurious feel, but even better, I'm so happy to wake up without a sore back. The sales lady at David Jones was very helpful too.

Purchased in July 2018.

Sleeping PositionSide
Perceived FirmnessSoft
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Thank you for contacting us about your recent Sealy purchase from David Jones. We are very pleased to hear of your great experience and that you are getting a pain free night’s sleep. Thank you for choosing Sealy.

Very impressive

I bought the mattress from Harvey Norman @ Domayne in Alexandria after two visits. The sales person was very helpful in the end, he even advised I bring in my own pillow and spend a couple of hours just lying on various mattresses to make sure I was getting the right feel and comfort.
I went for the Nouvelle Medium and it has had an immediate effect. Sure it's extremely comfortable, but I'd had back issues previously and I've so far woken up every morning with the back still intact (which had previously been a rarity), and I've slept like a log every night since it turned up.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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James, Thank you so much for this great review. We really appreciate you being a loyal customer and helping to share the word about us. Sealy

Look for the Finer Details to Avoid Disappointment

For the first six months the Crown Jewel Claridge Firm was comfortable but then had to be stuffed in the sleeping area to level it as it had sagged. The mattress is way too heavy so much so that it’s impossible to turn it or to tuck in sheets and blankets. I think it has bricks in it. It’s so high that a platform, like a step, has had to be placed on the floor. Who needs a mattress that’s 15 inches thick. This is unnecessarily deep. Sheets were bought from the US where you can choose the depth of them. In future, I’d measure the height of any mattress and attempt to lift it to ensure bedding can be tucked in with ease.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Hi John, Thank you for taking the time to tell us about the concerns you have with your Crown Jewel. We would welcome the opportunity to provide the best solution available to resolve the issue as it is our goal to retain you as a very satisfied customer. Could you please help us by sending a private message with your contact name and number so we can work with you to win back your trust in our business. Thank you Sealy

Sealy Crown Jewel - Australian Made Quality

We went in search of a supportive bed to help ease my stiff back and after a bit of research and shop testing of various options, decided to purchase the top of the line Sealy Crown Jewel mattress. It was firm, comfortable and luxurious. From the first nights sleep, the difference was immediate. I could feel the support on every part of my body (I am a side sleeper) and I woke up with significantly less back pain. My husband, who is mostly a back sleeper, also found the support excellent. It's definitely worth investing in a quality bed, a good nights sleep is priceless!

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the Crown Jewel. We are glad to hear you have found the right comfort type for your needs and that you are now experiencing a pain free, quality night’s sleep. We wish you many years of restful, luxurious sleep on your Sealy. Kind regards Sealy.

Sealy warranty not worth paper it’s written on.

We purchased our Sealy Posturepaedic pillowtop mattress 9 years ago for around $5000 on sale. It has been sagging on both sides for a while now, we are 85kg & 65kg approx.on contacting Sealy we’ve been advised that unless it’s sagging 32mm it’s acceptable. Also told if it’s stained they won’t touch it, but will replace the top for $400 before touching it. Also told if it’s not rotated every 3 months the warranty is void. We also have to somehow get this mattress back to Weatherill Park Sydney ourselves. We live Northers Rivers NSW. In other words they want you to jump through so many hoops it makes it unworthwhile to follow through. Would never purchase another Sealy, have heard King Coil is much better.

Date PurchasedJun 2009
Hi Una, Sorry to hear about your experience to date. We take our 10yr warranty very seriously. If you would like to send us a private message with your contact details a customer service representative will be in touch and we can resolve any current concerns you have with your mattress. Thank you. SealyHi . Thanks for responding. We have already spoken to someone about our concerns & was told there was nothing that could be done, hence my review. However if you wish to contact me my email is a.debritt@bigpond.com. Mobile 0410451431. Thanks Adrienne

New bed buyer

Thanks everyone for your reviews, I was just about to purchase the crow jewel,as my last bed I bought was $5000 on sale it also has the sagging in the middle which is causing me back pain. I will buy the King Koil instead as it has a lot better reviews.
Seems like the 10 year warranty doesnt mean a lot any more, if the product was any good they would give you a new mattess but as the product sound very defective they would be constantly giving out new ones.
Sorry you all have back pain now, I thought Sealy was a great product and was talked up by the sales people.

Sealy you should do the right thing buy these people, maybe ACA would like to do a story on how may bad reviews are on a $7500 mattress you keep selling.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hello Vorn, over the past 14 years we have sold thousands of Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel mattresses to many satisfied customers. This year we were awarded Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers for the second year in a row. We stand by our warranty and will always try to help our customers where possible. Regards Sealy.Good morning Sealy I think the three stars said it all, I’m just greatfull that I read your reviews before I purchased another mattress that isn’t worth its price. You are quick to through out your five star award but I think your bad reviews said a lot more and don’t believe the people on here would have given you it for customer satisfaction?? As you said thousands are happy but just not on here, sad that you keep flogging a dead horse to people who really do need a good mattress as they have a bad back. Money talks Thanks

Quality control lacking.

We bought two King singles from Hardly Normal, in a zipped together mattress configuration.
The two zips are not perfectly akigned, so that if they are zipped up the two beds are slightly askew - one is a cm or two different in "length".
The connecting bar is missing from the head end - it's never been fitted because there's no hole or anything there.
We have been using Sealy beds for decades - including zipped mattresses and never seen this lack of quality control.

The bed itself is very comfortable, but at over $6,000 we expected better.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
Hello, please send a private message with your contact details so our customer care team can rectify the situation. Kind regards, Sealy.>>Hello, please send a private message with your contact details so our customer care team can rectify the situation. Kind regards, Sealy. << I have no idea how to do that!Hello, you are welcome to call our customer care team if that is going to be easier for you. Their number is 1300 130 221 and their direct email address is customercare@sealy.com.au


I bought this mattress this year for my son, aged 29. We spent more for this ensemble than I have ever paid for a bed. We took the advice of the salespersons at David Jones. Springs dig into the sleeper's back. My son has woken up with back pain from the outset. Does not seem at all like the bed we tried at the store. What does warranty cover if not the way a mattress is made to provide comfort for the user? Expected quality from this worldwide brand.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Hello, we are sorry to hear that your son isn't happy with this new bed. Can you please send a private message with your contact details so we can contact you directly about your concerns? Thanks Sealy.I have already paid $50 for someone from Sealy to inspect the bed.

Haven't had a decent nights sleep since I bought it.

I'm a disabled male and I'm not sure how comfortable the Crown Jewel is cause since I purchased it I've never had a good night's rest on it. The bed seriously sags at the center and as a result of this I've had slips onto the floor onto my backside cause the sag in the center is so bad. It really does not support like it should.
I really cannot recommend this bed to anyone cause it is really appears to have failed at the center area on both sides.
Would really just like to awake from a good night's rest.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hi Harry, we are sorry to hear you aren't enjoying your new Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel. Can you please either send us a private message with your details or email our customer care team directly so we can investigate what is happening? customercare@sealy.com.au. Kind regards Sealy

Seally posturepedic Crown Jewel one month old

Most disappointed with Seally Crown Jewel Expensive saggy one month old bed. This is not the bed I ordered.
I'm a slightly built female weighing 60kg measured and assessed for firm mattress instead its a soft saggy mattress and rotated as directed. Yes mattress selector survey assessment was done at Seally mile end store. I now have severe neck shoulders and back. Purchased expensive pillows to help my neck to no avail. Why haven't Seally addressed these inherent designer problems given all the negative reviews? I should have read prior to purchasing Seally Posturepedic Crown Jewel.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hello, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please send us a private message so we can investigate what is happening? Thanks Sealy

Dips down where I sleep

Had the mattress for two years. I suspect it's the topper but it doesn't spring back up. My bed is now starting to hurt my back. The warranty basically says you can't have your money back if bed is failing. I thought sealy was a good make. These types with a layer of foam on top are terrible.

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Hello Rach, we are sorry to hear you aren't enjoying your Sealy. If you would like to send a private message with your full name and purchase details, our customer care team can contact you directly to help you further. Kind regards, Sealy.

Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewell

After three weeks I am very satisfied with the entire ensemble product purchased from Snooze Nunawading.
With the knowledge of Sealy proffering their brand name across various different retail outlet specifications is a concern to me.

For an example a Sealy Posturepedic purchased from Snooze has a different specified make up than one purchased from Harvey Norman, Forty Winks, Myers etc.
I query this line of product advertising.

It is also surprising that a genuine Customer review can be classed as "Not Published"

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hello Ed, we value our customers and our retailers very much. It is from the request of our valued retailers that they each have a mattress that has a specific name. Each of our beds does fit within a particular range so even though they might be called a unique name at each retailer, they do fit within a model category and all have the same technology, support and comfort layers. We hope that helps. Thanks Sealy

Tarnished Crown Jewell

When looking to replace my old bedding, I did a lot of research and soul searching about spending so much money on a bed ensemble, and made the terrible mistake of purchasing a Sealy Crown Jewel Countess king size ensemble in early 2015 from Myer, Sunshine Coast Qld. Lucky it was on special, only paid $9,679.45 instead of $17,599.00. Whew.
From the first time of sleeping in the bed, I could feel a raised ridge running from the head to the foot of the bed. I contacted Myer who directed me to Sealy Customer Care. The team who came out to inspect did a lot of measurements and claimed the product was within normal standards.
There are now deep depressions on either side of the middle ridge, and mattress has been turned regularly. My build is slight.
In fact, when showing some friends my new bed cover, they commented on the unevenness of the mattress.
Not good enough from either Myer or Sealy, buck passing and now looking at purchasing another ensemble, which will DEFINITELY NOT be a Sealy anything.
So disappointed!!!

Date PurchasedOct 2014
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Hi Nanny, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We are sorry that you haven't been enjoying your Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel. It certainly is a luxurious bed and thousands of our customers are experiencing a restful night's sleep on it every night. We take our 10 year guarantee very seriously, and will always try to help our customer's as much as possible so can you please reach out to our customer care team so they can investigate what is happening? We have shared this review with them so they are across the correspondence. They can be contacted on 1300 130 221 or customercare@sealy.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing how we can assist you further. Kind regards, Sealy.

Buyer Beware: Just Don't Buy It

So very disappointed with the purchase of a Crown Jewel Regal Splendour ensemble. After deciding it was time to replace our previous 15 year old bed that we loved, we bought this Sealy bed that retailed for over $10,000. Fortunately we only paid just under $6,000 for it. Having spent $5,000 on our previous bed and having such a good experience with it, we knew we needed to spend decent money. But our current experience has left me with such a sour taste and sore back that I will never purchase a Sealy ever again.

To explain, last night I went to bed without back pain but within minutes of lying on the Regal Splendour my back was beginning to ache. I sleep on my side and can feel the pain in my hips and in my shoulders. I am so sore today and so sick of it I decided to post this. This pain has become a regular occurrence since purchasing this bed 18 months ago. I wish I could add photos of how this expensive bed looks now. It has sagged by 2cm on each side of the bed where we sleep leaving a huge ridge in the centre. It is absolutely obvious when the bed is made. Of course Sealy says this is absolutely normal and wont consider a warranty claim until it has over a 3cm sag. 4 years ago, 3 years ago and 2 years ago I bought queen sized sleepmaker beds for our children (3 in all) and none of these beds have any sag and they are super comfy. These beds were a quarter of the price of the Sealy Regal Splendour. Two of my children are young adults and weigh almost as much as I do so my weight cannot be to blame for the issues with the Regal Splendour.

A sealy representative came to the house this week to check out the mattress. They said it is perfectly normal to have this type of sag and that the bed is too soft for me because I prefer a firm mattress. I disputed this as I have never liked a firm bed. They offered me a new topper at a cost of $600. I refused. Choice magazine states that a topper will not improve a bed if it has sag so I will not spend another cent on this bed.

The sag is causing me so much discomfort, an aching body - hips and lower back in particular and upper body, shoulders and neck. I had to search to find a pillow to help with my aching neck. I have never had this type of back pain before. I think there is an inherent design flaw with this bed in terms of topper and springs. I have to visit the chiropractor regularly and get massages for the muscle pain. I cannot stress to you enough, do not purchase this bed and tell all your friends not to either. Sealy will not help you. They want only your money (and a lot of it) and take no responsibility blaming you for a poor choice.

I am going back to Harvey Norman again tomorrow after checking out my rights according to the Office of Fair Trading. So this is what the website says https://www.qld.gov.au/law/your-rights/consumer-rights-complaints-and-scams/buying-products-and-services/guarantees-warranties-refunds/when-business-fails-to-meet-consumer-guarantee.

When a business fails to meet a consumer guarantee
Your consumer guarantees (9 for goods and 3 for services) apply to almost everything you buy from a business.

You have the right to seek a remedy if you buy something that doesn’t meet a consumer guarantee. The types of remedy depend on whether the problem is a major or minor failure. We have a simple checklist to work out whether a failure is major or minor.

The business that sold you a product must help you resolve the problem. If they can’t do it all themselves, they must contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

Failure can happen at any time in the reasonable life of a good or service. A reasonable life is how long you can realistically expect the product to last. This will depend on the type of product. For example, the reasonable life of a new car would be longer than that of a house-cleaning service.

Now Harvey's might argue that the sag in my bed doesnt meet Sealy's warranty but I am hoping they will do something to help me. I dont believe a 2cm sag in just 18 months is reasonable. It was sagging after just a few months too by the way. My husband has also had back pain.

Please don't put yourself through this stress. Don't buy a Sealy bed. I hope there are enough negative comments about the Crown Jewel range to convince you to not to risk your health both physically and emotionally.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
Note too everyone please that I carried out the mattress selector survey on the Sealy website - answered the questions as honestly as I could and it recommended I buy the Crown Jewel. Go figure.Hi Alison, our customer care team have informed me that they have been working with you to find a resolution. Could you please send a private message if you require further assistance? Kind regards, SealyJust letting everyone know Sealy is working with me to rectify my concerns. They have rechecked my mattress and made some modifications to it and we are currently trialling it to see if the issues have been resolved. I will keep you all informed.

Waste of money

I purchased the Sealy Crown Jewel from Myer three years ago and I'm now in the market for a new bed. It was a great bed on the showroom floor and great for the first few months at home but deteriorated from there. The main issue from the first two years was lumpiness from the soft layers. After a couple years it seems that even the innersprings have deteriorated with hard and soft spots across the matress. We are both average weight and have rotated the bed every three months. It is better one side of the rotation than the other but the lumpiness is there as well as a sag towards the middle. Both my wife and I are tired of uncomfortable sleep on this supposed high end mattress.

As mentioned, we are in the market for a new bed but the issue is trying to compare beds across different stores, even of the same brand. For example a Sealy Aspire is called something different in other stores with different outside material and colour. It is all smokes and mirrors purely designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, to compare prices and allow bedding stores to maintain mark ups of 100% and more. Just google "Choice mattress" for the expose or follow the link below. I think we might go with a bed in a box this time.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Can't believe how much money I wasted!

I've wanted to write this review for a while now. Knowing sleep is very important and having back issues in the past, my girlfriend (now wife) and I were happy to spend more on a top of range mattress to last us a long time. Was I wrong! Got sold into the new King size Sealy Crown Jewel (medium) with a retail of more than $10k but just on the spot could buy it for $6k from Harvey Norman. Its the finest materials used etc etc. Yes the stitching is nice, it has expensive material and thread, the technology of the springs is supposed to be great.
However it sinks where you lay very quickly, but you can only feel it when you lay on it (obviously when some weight is on) but the warranty only covers "sagging" with nothing on top. We are only 45/65 kgs respectfully and this is happening to a $10k mattress. I can even feel the springs sometimes underneath. It's too firm underneath but not supportive enough at the top. Restricts circulation when on side, better on back, but don't sleep on back.
After much research I finally found an unhappy customer who opened up their mattress. The bottom mattress part holds the springs and in the top mattress topper is foam. Here is a narrow 5-10mm thick about 40cm wide piece of dense foam horizontally running across the mattress in the middle (under where your hips would be). Then about a 2 cm thick layer of blue gel infused memory foam, about a 5cm layer of yellow normal foam (not even memory foam), a 2cm white softer foam and thats it!!! This stuff you can buy at clarke rubber cheaply yourself! Then is just the expensively crafted and stitched cover with what looks like a cotton wool inner lining. No wonder the mattress doesn't feel right.
We don't earn much money but put great importance on sleep and our trust in Sealy. We have since found out the types of mark ups are in place and what the mattress' are really made of. The quality of the individual products of the mattress might be great, but together it is simply does not work and gives me anxiety when I think of wasting so much of our hard earned money. Please do your research and don't be pressured into a "once off sale". If you miss out this time there will always be another soon. I have tried to be unbiased and accurate in this review. At least it looks nice. Id be happy to give it back to sealy for half the price.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Pure luxury - the best

We love our Crown Jewel. It is so comfortable and really helps us get the best sleep ever. I have recommended it to so many friends because they buy cheap beds and regret it. A good night's sleep is so important.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Hi Shan, thank you for sharing your personal experience with the Crown Jewel. It really is an exceptional bed and we hope you enjoy many years of quality, restful sleep. Thanks Sealy

Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel

After having slept in the bed for apron 8 weeks it had a large ridge in the middle and soft slings on either side of the ridge. We purchased the bed from Myer because that are always honourable in their customer service. I went back to Myer who directed me to Sealy, this was unsatisfactory. I sought advice from the Office Of Fair Trading who advised me that I am the customer of the business who sold me the product and They are customer of Sealy so all approaches are to go through Myer and they take action with Sealy.
I advised Myer that this had been the advice I had been given by Office of Fair Trading, they immediately asked me to come in and chose another bed from their range, it has been ordered and will be swapped over next week.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Hi Kerry, we are sorry to hear about your experience with the Crown Jewel. Did you reach out to someone in our customer care team to discuss your concerns further? If you would like to private message us your details we will look into what has happened. Thanks Sealy.I certainly did reach out to customer care and found it to be an unsatisfactory experience. as I said in my review under the laws of Fair Work Australia, I am a customer of Myer not Sealy. The new bed we chose is NOT a SealyHi Kerry, I have been informed by our customer care team that they did reach out to you and were wanting to do an inspection of the bed so a resolution could be found. We will always try and help people who have purchased a Sealy as much as we can. We are sorry that on this occasion we weren't able to assist you further. Regards Sealy.

Sealy: Crown Jewel or Crown Coloured Glass?

My previous two beds were Sealy Crown Jewels and I had no problem with them. There were no intrusive pieces of metal, no pain, no lumps, a reasonable height, casters and I could manage to turn the mattress and move the whole bed to vacuum under without help. I felt confident purchasing another crown jewel.

My February 2017 Sealy Crown Jewel queen size bed is an impostor. It is a medieval torture apparatus masquerading as a bed. It is clear that Sealy has been utterly seduced by technology to the exclusion of comfort and the consumer. Trying to sleep on this bed is agonisingly painful, literally, leaving me very stiff, sore and on pain relief medication. So, to try and salvage the $5000+ I paid for the bed, I spent another $535 to have a plush layer replace the medium. What a mistake! This inadequate piece of ‘plush’ allows the “spring coil technology” to be felt through to the surface. Wherever I try to lie, I can feel the unyielding springs and hard padding. I keep fighting an overwhelming urge to take to this monument to metal with a baseball bat. If the technology is so improved and wonderful, as it surely must be to warrant changing the components of the beds yearly, why does Sealy need so much more of it, that is, a much taller bed? It appears that Sealy have substituted comfort with technology which makes a mockery of their glossy advertising.

If Sealy could manage to make a comfortable, regular, mattress that you could turn over and sleep on both sides, why then is it necessary to add “new technology” which is inferior, inconvenient and overwhelms the comfort element?

Other problems: king size flat sheets and blankets will not tuck-in on both sides of the queen bed, less so if you add a person or two. The mattress is too heavy to lift to tuck anything in. Similarly, the whole bed on legs is far too heavy to move and begs the question, who is the crown jewel being marketed to, surely not the young, the elderly, the handicapped or the single?

To sum up, my 2017 bed is the worst bed I have ever tried to sleep on. It is not at all a Crown “Jewel” but a Crown “Coloured Glass” which causes me ongoing physical pain, sleep deprivation and inconvenience and as such, is unfit for its intended use.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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