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Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite

Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite

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very disappointing

I bought this mattress on Dec 29th -2018 at Forty Winks and by the following January it was dipping on each side except in the centre .i went back to the store where i bought it from and they said to contact Sealy.but they in fairness the store made a report to Sealy also.i rang Sealy and explained the issue their reply was that it has to be rotated every two weeks for 3 months and once every 2-3 months there after.(which was not mentioned in the store where i bought it from) and so is not covered by warranty.A Sealy rep came out to check the mattress and his report stated that there is significent dipping and no fault found ?
the mattress is designed to dip? to suit body shape?? they say.what use is a mattress that dips like this.
so buyer beware i dont recomend buying this mattress, And to Sealy you have lost one costumer for good.
Thanks for nothing.

Terrible quality!!!

I bought a king size Sealy exquisite range in December 2017 from snooze and it has been the worst purchase I have ever made. Woke up daily with weird aches and pains and was told I need to adjust to the bed by the sales rep. After 6 months of hell, I told Sealy to come and was told to pay for them to come and inspect which I grudgingly did. On 18 July 2018, 2 guys came in for an "inspection" and even before looking at the mattress declared that the mattress should be working fine and my wife and I had the wrong concept of how a bed should work.

Lo and behold, after testing the bed with a piece of string, two sinkers and a measuring tape they proudly concluded that it is perfectly fine and said it's working as expected. The bed had areas sinking in by more than 2cm in a matter of months and they are fine with that because it is less than 3.5cm ? I was lectured that this is a comfort issue and not a quality issue. It was comfortable until it started sagging. How is that not a quality issue? It seems that they just want the customer to keep suffering until it sags to 3.5cm?

I was "educated" that 3.5cm is the industry standard by the technician. When I clarified if that meant that a $500 mattress from another manufacturer is made to meet the same industry standard as this $3,200 mattress from Sealy since it's an industry standard. His attitude changed when I said that and offered to take the mattress back for further inspection.

Bed was better when it was returned back and the inspection fee was refunded. However, after another 5 months, the same problem came back. I'm starting to see a pattern here and I suspect that this is either an engineering failure or is the built quality from sealy so bad that the bed only lasts 6 months?

It's the Christmas break now, I can't have a good rest on my expense sealy bed and have to relegate to sleeping on the floor on top of $10 foam mat from Kmart. Will call them tomorrow to see how it goes. Will keep you guys posted.

So, two inspectors came and agreed the mattress sank more than 2.5cm in 6 months was not normal. They took the mattress back and replaced the panel and returned it. For the past 2 -3 weeks since I got the bed back, it has been really good and I've rotated the bed weekly. Strangely, the soreness is creeping back and I can feel the problem starting to come back.

Purchased at Snooze for $3,200.00.

Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodI never got used to it!
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium
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We are very concerned to hear that you are not happy. On the 22nd February our National Customer Care manager tried to call you to discuss what we could do to restore your faith in our brand and service. Could you please let us know when would be a suitable time to call, as we would welcome the opportunity to find a suitable resolution for you.

Why are there Bad reviews?

Bought the Equisite Sealy mattress from Harvey norman it is so comfy and i have bad back and it hasnt hurt yet since i have slept on the mattress.Writing the review because i was angry with all the bad reviews probably based on getting ripped off by the salesman at the retailers. I also had a bad experince with Harvey Norman said he would look after me with a mattress cover then i checked the reciept took off 5 dollars and tried to throw in sheets but charged full price for that top bloke.

Purchased at Harvey Norman for $2,500.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionFront
Adjustment PeriodWeeks
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium
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Thank you for contacting us about your recent Sealy purchase. We are very pleased to hear that you are happy with your Sealy mattress and getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

Don't buy it if you're a side sleeper- Sealy not what they used to be it seems

A very expensive mistake! We bought this from Forty Winks, Aspley around 4 months ago - we did their in-store computer test thingy to find the best mattress for your sleeping style and this was one of the recommendations that came up.

It felt pretty good in the store and we got the medium. I knew that ours would be firmer, being new and not having been tested by bodies, but the first morning I woke up and had a numb foot and pain in both my hip and shoulder. This was a daily occurrence but I persevered hoping the mattress would soften up. Eventually I got Sealy to come and have a look to make sure it wasn't actually defective, as it was so ridiculously uncomfortable but they said there wasn't anything wrong with it.

My husband was having similar issues although only in his shoulder. Two months later it was no better; every day I was waking up in the middle of the night with numbness down my side and in the morning getting up like feeling 100 years old and having to take anti-inflammatories to get through the day as well as visit the oesteopath regularly for the pain.

Eventually I called the store and they said to come in and chat. We did and were told there were two options, we could pay for an adjustment ($700 and no guarantees from Sealy it would be any better) or get a bed topper for $300. We chose the latter and, like the mattress itself, it was a total waste of money, the bed is no better.

I've just returned from a 2 week holiday sleeping on a 15-year old mattress on a tiled floor (a Sealy ironically) and had a perfect night sleep every night. My first night back on our bed and this morning I've had to throw back the voltaren so I can work (I work on a computer 8 hrs per day).

It's incredibly disappointing that a brand I once trusted (I had my own Sealy for 20 plus years without problem) has let me down so badly. We can't afford to throw another $700 at this mattress, so I have no idea where we go from here.

EDITED TO ADD: Sealy have just called and will do a factory check. If there's nothing structurally wrong with it (call me cynical but am sure that will be the case) they're prepared to offer me a comfort adjustment for half price, which is I guess is $350 more we're throwing at it. So our 'on sale' mattress actually not much of a bargain after all and we have no guarantee that the comfort adjustment will do anything more than the $300 topper did (which was nothing). I'll try to reserve judgement until I hear back from them.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress recently and was very happy with the delivery and financial arrangements.
I have only had it a short time and have found it very comfortable. It has improved the quality of my sleep.
I bought it from 40 Winks however I do not know if I got a good deal or not as all the stores put different names on their Sealy mattresses making it impossible to comparison shop. Also there is no way to identify financial value of added features. It is difficult to not feel duped. I wanted to feel confident in a large expensive purchase but I dont feel that.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
We are very pleased to hear that you are happy and that you are getting a great night’s sleep; thank you for choosing Sealy. We wish to reassure you that all Sealy products are made with quality materials and are designed to offer you maximum support and comfort. Each store carries similar ranges of our products – Crown Jewel, Exquisite, Premium, Performance etc. and within each range we offer different comfort levels – Plush, Medium, Firm. Within each range the main components such as the spring unit and edge support are exactly the same. It is the comfort layers and the fabric used that vary to make that product unique to that retailer. We appreciate your comments about being able to comparison shop and we will certainly pass on your feedback to our marketing team, as we are always looking for better ways to grow our business.I would appreciate that. I recently bought a F&P fridge. I looked around for a long time and comparison shopped. I got a good deal but not the cheapest deal going, but because my choice was my informed decision every time I look in the fridge I feel very happy with the fridge. I feel confident about that purchase. I do not feel confident in this purchase because I feel my decision was undermined by an unscrupulous and deliberately misleading sales strategy which everyone seems to accept as normal.


Purchased our Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite (Rockefeller Queen firm) Nov 2017. 13 months
Really disappointed, very uncomfortable, sagging, raised centre of bed. Not the quality of past Sealy mattresses, expected better quality.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Ivy, Our Customer Care team will be in contact with you soon. Thanks Sealy

Not the Sealy of yesteryear !

Hi all. Don’t normally take the time to write a review, however given our circumstance, thought it important to share the experience. In Jan 2016, retired our old (wonderful) Sealy Queen for a King upgrade. Waited out for the Boxing Day Sale, entered Harvey Norman and left a few thousand dollars lighter with anticipation of the King arrival. The bed arrived and was professionally installed by the contractors. As the months passed, both sides of the bed sunk and the centre of the mattress became defined and higher. There was a real dip and roll sensation with the mattress.
Succinctly, I contacted Sealy Customer Care and described the situation and also informed them that my wife had taken retreat to a spare room as the mattress was so uncomfortable. The Customer Consultant burst out laughing and then explained that for $160 the mattress could be sent back for testing. In the event the pressure test was within range, it would be returned and I would be short another $160.
Life got in the way and I became very tolerant and reenforced the pillow top with another. To no avail. Another wasted call to Customer Service followed.
The King was an expensive flop and I have diswaided many friends and associates from making a similar error as a result of brand loyalty. Additionally, the Customer Support is far from supportive. After shelling out thousands for a bed, having an issue and the Customer Supoort team responding with disdain was the end of it for me. Hence now back from another visit to the January Sales, a few thousand lighter and another new King from another company.
In closing, don’t rely on yesteryear quality, brand loyalty and promises of warranty and customer care. Take your time to market research and check product reviews. Also take the time to write a list of questions for the seller. I trust that this has helped potential purchasers. Many thanks.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
Hi Rob, We are sorry to hear that you aren't happy with your bed or the feedback you have received from Customer Care at Sealy. Can you please send us a private message with your details so we can investigate the matter further? We take all warranty claims very seriously so would to learn more about what has been happening. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, SealyHi Can you come back to me with your name and contact number and I will call you. Thanks.

Best money I have spent.

I had my old bed for about 13 years. It was time for an upgrade. I have no medical conditions or problems. After a large amount or research, store visits and price haggling, I settled on the Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite (excellence: snooze). I have had the bed for a month and I have never slept better. It is soft yet supportive and has minimal partner disturbance. I see alot of bad reviews but I am a very happy customer.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Barlo, thank you for taking the time to share your initial experience with your new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite. We hope you continue to wake up feeling amazing and you enjoy many years of restful sleep on your Sealy. Kind regards, Sealy.

Very uncomfortable

We stupidly purchased the Exquisite Enchant Medium just over a year ago.It was very expensive and unfortunately is sagging and in my opinion,causing me back problems.I would estimate the average depth is around 20mm.Just less than the limit indicated by Sealy (32mm) to allow a replacement.Why am I not surprised.After a few months I believe the medium mattresses sag more than they should,even though they
feel a correct fit when you test them in the bed store.Perhaps a firm would have been a better choice.Either way,this shouldn’t happen.Our old King Koil lasted over 15 years and we should have kept it.Avoid the disappointment and go for one of the out of the box style mattress company’s.At least if it isn’t the best, you haven’t wasted a small fortune.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
Hi David, We are sorry to hear that your Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite did not meet your expectations. We always try to help our customers as much as possible. We have sent you a private message to discuss how we can help you further. Thanks SealyThanks I have sent you my details.I have recently had our Sealy mattress tested for sag by their technicians.Friendly guys,however the measurement process is not really anything other than a box ticking exercise.In my opinion there is an inherent design fault with this model. To justify that it is normal for the mattress to show a body contour indentation of 20mm after such a short period is simply not good enough.The mattress was a medium and now feels like a plush.The indentation causes discomfort and overall the mattress also feels hot and looks unsightly.The only thing Sealy can offer me is to send the mattress for a refresh at my expense at over $800.Simply unacceptable and not worth the risk of having the same problem repeat itself in a few months.I have no choice other than to go back to the drawing board and try and find an alternative.Very disappointing,after wasting so much hard earned money at Forty Winks.We were not advised of any of these possible downsides by the sales people.

Worst Mattress with 10year warranty sales tactics

Purchased Sealy Posturepaedic from Harvey Norman, Warwick, QLD in March 2016. Within two years of use the mattress has sank in the middle, low enough to make uncomfortable even to just lie down rather sleep and cause body aches. Have rotated the mattress periodically as specified but just not durable even though the warranty is 10 years. The warranty terms and conditions doesnt justify for claims. 30 35mm sag is deemed to be normal in their terms.
But given the width of the double mattress not much, that sag is substantial enough to cause issues to the body.
They claim to use titanium springs for durability in their mattress. but having used for two years it has to be concluded that it is poorly engineered and the quality of their product is compromised for a rip off.

Date PurchasedMar 2016
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Hi Sab, we are really sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like to contact our customer care team on 1300 130 221 they can discuss options with you. They are aware of your message so are waiting to speak with you. You can also send us a private message with your details and a customer care representative will contact you shortly. Thank you. Sealy

Perfect to dump it and dumped after approx 6 months

The worst mattress purchased and I have already dumped it for $500 mattress which does a better job. Every morning woke up with back aches lost it’s firmness in just few months. Save your money and don’t purchase this trash.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi Sean, Sorry that you found the mattress uncomfortable. Could you reply to the private message with your details so we can investigate what is happening and find a solution? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Sealy.

sealy queen mattress

ok sealy mattress queen size 3 years now honesty like memory foam gets really hot like a electric blanket if u cold u hot quick as normal bought it in dandenong had it 4 years been good till now its crap sinking a lot also flat now but mattress dont last long even warranty 10 years would I buy again as we paid $1300 no never again why because there not built to last and buy from a store is always great but look Ebay now selling beds cheaper no over heads and reviews are great this my second mattress sealy and last some have great reviews some dont but mine was ok till this year also no such thin if someone wakes up next to u dont wake up u move or get up, thats not true do u home work in buying a mattress

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hi Daz, We're glad you have enjoyed your Sealy mattress to date. We take our 10 warranty very seriously. If you would like to send us a private message with your contact details a customer service representative will be in touch and we can resolve any current concerns you have with your mattress. Thank you Sealy

Perfect Firm Mattress, great nights sleep!

Owned an expensive latex mattress that left me feeling very hot during the night. Purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Exquisite Collection from Myers and couldn't be happier. I have had the best night sleep ever and feeling very cool, comfortable and supported, a great Australian product, thank you Sealy! The staff at Myers were lovely and the mattress was delivered on time by two gentleman as promised. Now feeling like a princess. This is the second Sealy Posturepedic mattress in our home and it wouldn't be our last!

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Daniela, thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with your new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite and that you received great customer service at Myer. We hope you enjoy many years of restful sleep on your new Sealy. Kind regards, Sealy.

Sealy posturepedic Solace encore plush

I paid $3800 for a you beaut back support Sealy Posturepedic mattress from Harvey Norman (With the best Australian warranty 10yrs). It was fine for a couple of years then stopped doing its job and sank more on the side i slept on. Called Sealy and was told i have to pay $50 call out fee and if there is any stains on it a further $240 plus for a replacement pillow top. I was asked if i bought the ensemble or is it on slats and then questioned, how wide are the slats and how much gap between the slats and how often do i turn the mattress is it squeaky is it torn or ripped ( cant be turned as it has a pillow top can only be rotated ). I was made to feel like they are tying to find a way to blame me so they dont have to warrant their product. Also will charge me transport. I questioned how long, and was told it may be done in one day as long as it can be repaired otherwise no time limit.

I will never buy a sealy mattress again their warranty doesnt mean anything!!!!

Think again before you buy sealy. The product may have been good 20 yrs ago but now its the same as a $100 mattress.

Long warranty just a means to get more money from you. Thieves

Date PurchasedOct 2014
Hello Jerry, we are sorry to hear that you aren't happy with your bed or the feedback you have received from Sealy. Can you please respond to the private message with your details so we can investigate the matter further? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Sealy.Hi i have replied to your message and sent an email to sealy customer care Thanks Jerry

Worst mattress ever

Lower back pain is killing me, this people charge $7.000 dollar for a mattress and do not even have refund option. It should be investigated by the ombudsman. Even mattress that cost only $1.000 have that option. On top of that they sell a mattress that is not ready, they pretend you sleep all over the place, sideways upside down, then rotate the mattress every week this people is insane all this research and they can not simply sell a mattress that is ready to sleep. No you the customer have to do the work. So old school company stay away.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Gabriel, We are sorry that your Sealy experience hasn't been positive. Our Customer Care team are working to resolve your concern and ensure you have the quality product that meets your expectations. Thanks Sealy.

Unbelievable Sleep

Best purchase, value for money Bed. Best sleep I’ve had in ages. Deliver was great, and set up was easy. Bought new sheets to add to the experience. Love it!

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Robyn, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your bed so much. It really is an exceptional bed and we hope you enjoy many years of deep, restorative sleep. Kind regards, Sealy.

Back pain got worse

We bought Sealy exquisite queen medium mattress from Snooze in July 2018, which is very expensive mattress to own but I wanted it as I expected for a better sleep.

First night when I tried on I felt like my back got worse when I wake up in the morning but wanted to give it a go more weeks. I changed the mattress location as recommended by the manuals and used different pillows to seek comfort but since the purchase my back pain didn’t get better, actually got worse, stiff and sore.

I once called Sealy for advice but what I got was to send it back to remove pillow top for additional $300-500? Which I was very reluctant and got impression from the customer service that I had picked the wrong comfort level (medium) and told I should’ve chosen a firm mattress. But I disagree. Firm mattress was so hard to sleep on and I always owned medium comfort.

Overall, very disappointed with the mattress and the customer service which is helpless to me. My back pain gets really worse and I am considering seeing chiropractor as I became too stiff in my back and cannot bend down to touch my toe when I wake up in the morning. (that painful). Im fit 180cm and 80kg.

Seriously I just don’t know why this reputable Sealy mattress isn’t this good given the hefty price tag with little to no support from the customer service.
My previous low budget mattresses including Sealy were way better than this Exquite mattress and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone Sealy.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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HI Ryan, our customer care team will be in contact with you very soon to investigate what has taken place and how we can help you further. Thanks Sealy.

The perfect choice for me.

I recently purchased the Sealy Exquisite Viadana Luxury Plush.
I am over 60 and this bed is the best thing I have ever bought, so comfortable its like sleeping on a cloud.
Great support and I sleep all night, I just love getting into this bed.
It has honestly impressed me beyond my expectations. Well done SEALY.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Keith, thank you fro sharing your feedback. We are so glad to hear that you are getting the right support that your body needs. Our engineers work tirelessly to build mattresses that make you feel like you are sleep on a cloud. We wish you many years of restful, restorative sleep on your new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite. Thanks Sealy.

Dont buy sealy

My mattress was bought for a 3yr old.
She is 5 now and the mattress is completely sagging. Sealy are trying to blame my children sitting on the side of the mattress as to why its sagging.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hello, we are sorry to hear that you aren't happy with your bed or the feedback you have received from Sealy. Can you please send us a private message with your details so we can investigate the matter further? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Sealy.

First night back pain gone

Every morning I used to wake up with an aching back and thought it was just age. I was reluctant to spend a lot of money on a mattress as I wasn't expecting it to stop my back aching but finally took the chance. So very glad I did, first night sleep and back ache gone.

It's a cooler mattresses than my old one so some extra blankets are needed to keep warm. This will be great in summer as my old bed held a lot of heat and radiated that heat out all night.

As it's early days I will add to this review at a later date on body indentations/sagging if there's any.

Thus far this is the best matress I've ever owned.

I'm a side and stomach sleeper.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hello, thank you for taking the time to share your initial experience with your new Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite. We hope you continue to wake up feeling amazing and no longer have back ache. Kind regards, Sealy.

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