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Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

2.3 from 6 reviews

this product has caused such pain and expense

Started using this product after dentist recommendation - I used Sensodyne Original previously with no problems. Slowly it has built up to horrendous teeth/mouth pain. Had several dentist visits (costly and painful) but nothing was helping. Did not for one minute think the toothpaste was causing it - as soon as I changed toothpaste the teeth started to gradually become less painful. Now 2 weeks after stopping using the repair & protect toothpaste my mouth as almost returned to normal. Would never use any Sensodyne product ever again after such an horrendous experience and seemingly not being the only one.

Purchased in March 2019.


Both cynic and skeptic I decided to purchase this product in what I thought would be a vain attempt to alleviate the sudden tooth sensitivity I experienced. Much to my joy and relief after only two days most of the pain has been aleaveated. After a week of sleepless nights and almost willing to take a pair of pliers to my teeth I was more than satisfied with the result.Recomended.

Excruciatingly painful

My dentist recommended this toothpaste.Every time I brush my teeth with this toothpaste was excruciating pain in nearly every tooth. And eating chocolate at easter was horrific. Changed back to Colgate and no pain.

This product hurt my teeth when brushing

Whenever I brushed my teeth with this product I was in pain. Brushing over certain teeth would send a shiver through me and it was extremely uncomfortable. I decided to try another toothpaste and swap back to Sensodyne occasionally to see if the same thing happened.

I had absolutely no discomfort with other toothpastes but whenever I swapped back to Sensodyne the painful shiver returned.

I can only conclude from this - that Sensodyne toothpaste contributes to sensitive teeth and makes them worse.

I won't be wasting my money in future.

Too much foam

Too much foam despite using only a tiny bit of toothpaste, makes me gag and end up with foam running up my arm as well as all over my face, not exaggerating very messy. I hope they fix this as they usually have such great products.

Loved it!

This is the second sensodyne product ive ever used and i must say i think i've found my favorite. It had a weird 'warming?' sensation that is really pleasant.

The paste is good consistency (not too watery) and had a separate lid as opposed to a flip lid. In regards to performance I felt that it actually worked really well to repair my teeth (which aren't in the best shape). At night i combine it with a tooth mousse (which assists in improving damaged enamal) however i feel like i almost dont even need that anymore. 10/10
'warming sensation', good results (clean and repair of teeth)

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