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G&C Mutual Bank Personal Loan

G&C Mutual Bank Personal Loan

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Holding bank account for scammers

G&C Mutual hold bank account for scammers, when we advised them we had transferred money to an account we believed to be fraudulent (later confirmed) they didn’t care less. Didn’t stop transfer, just defended their criminal client.

Want to be a protected criminal? Join G&C Mutual today!

Amazing & Efficient!

I have been with G&C mutual bank for a couple years now. I moved my personal loan from Commonwealth Bank to them and have never been happier! They were very helpful and gave me the best rate without needing to know my life story (unlike CUA). I was just about to finishing paying it off and decided to buy a new car. I contacted them and they (Joy Box in particular) was so helpful. She organised everything, was very efficient and had contracts done and a bank cheque to me within a week!

So within a week I picked up my new car! You cant beat that!
Couldn't recommend enough! :)

Personal Loan

Absolutely amazing process of applying for a personal loan through G&C. Customer service is top priority and professional, and I couldn't feel more valued as a member. A special thanks to the contact centre manager, who clearly explained the process and made it seem simple. Interest rate was better than some others in the market.

Astounded at these reviews

I was alerted to some of these reviews by a friend and wanted to counter the comments with a very positive story. I have been a member of G&C Mutual Bank for over 10 years and in all that time have found their service and range of products exactly what I would expect and need. Not only do they go above and beyond when I need something they are generally just great to deal with and have all my needs covered. I have a whole range of different products from the including credit card, home loan, savings and investment accounts and couldn't be happier.

No information given when we paid off our home loan. No information about the change from our credit

No information given when we paid off our home loan. No information given when we changed from friendly staff at close location of Liverpool to phone us but oops we're very busy to take your calls. Have now changed our banking and am about to close account at G&C.

Send in the clowns to this circus

Applied for a $5k credit card but apparently I earn to much money and am self employed and have been for nearly 30 years. Today received a statement of my account which I was charged money for and apparently I have a membership number as well, which I thought I was rejected by them. Do yourself a favour stay away from this 3 ring circus before the clowns get angry!

If there was a ZERO rate - even that would be too high!

In the process of extending contract and redrawing equity from our property for potentially buying another property, the Area Manager, although he was provided with all the necessary information & documentation that allowed him to have full insight into our financial situation:

1) Failed to highlight that our 10 % deposit ( $39,000) was not sufficient to and did not bother to question where the additional $39,000 was to come
2) Failed to take into consideration about $17,000 stamp duty?!
3) Emailed our builder to confirm that in 6-9 months we would be able to service the loan, while ignoring the fact that this loan was never going to be approved.

After meeting with a real bank manager and 2 mortgage brokers (seeking additional advice) I realised how neglectful, unprofessional and unethical practice G & C bank has in place.

So, my sincere advice is to stay away from this bank if you want to prevent getting yourself into serious financial trouble.

Be Careful of G&C Mutual Bank

Hi All,
I just want to make you aware of when you are trying to check your eligibility for applying a personal loan with G&C Mutual bank, they actually treat it as applied and it gets recorded on your Equifax Credit File. This could be a reason if your loan has recently been rejected. I bought my credit file and noticed 2 entries, I have never ever applied a loan with them. I have asked them for a explanation. Lets wait and see.

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In addition to my first review I would like to add after reading several negative reviews even leaving a negative review myself on product review.com.au, I thought I will get no response from the bank, but amazing to see Area Manager getting involved himself to resolve a minor credit file issue and resolving the issue very next day. Great Job done by G&C Regards, Chetan Puri

Very poor

Additional fees after signing up, different information depending on who you speak to, systems don't work, close accounts without contacting after fees paid etc etc.

Worst Bank Ever

This bank would have to be classifiably the worst bank ever. There Customer service personnel dont know there product and actually tell lies and once you have signed up you get slugged with fees and charges that they then show the fine print in contract to not pay you back. The senior management is shocking- they actually abuse there customers over the phone. I had to complain to the Financial Ombudsman to get my money back. Shocking. Dont waste your time- go somewhere else

Another old Quay CU member who is not happy

Fees for everything, including replacing a faulty card.

GC Mutual sucks compared to old Quay CU which was member of 12 years

Worst merger ever

Slowest home loan of lifetime

Date for settlement kept changing which resulted in additional costs. I complained to the then CEO and was told nothing unusual had occurred would not recommend.

Poor customer service

Another previous 20 year + Quay CU customer extremely disappointed by deterioration in customer service. Expect to spend 25min+ on hold for a basic query, have your interest rates on loans increased without notification etc. Am in the process of changing institutions as we speak...

Credit Card not for Self Employed even after 17 years of trading

Applied for credit card only for $6k. Asked for wages slips provided those. Asked for my business accounts provided that. Provided last 2 years P & L's and then told 4 months later that self employed people are not on their radar for credit cards. What a waste of my time and the "broker" who wanted all this information and then after jumping through all these hoops told no way!


Previous Quay CU customer. Going to cancel my account as ever since the merger:
- horrible security: person over the phone gave me my netbank password WITHOUT even asking for my personal details
- Iphone app doesn't work
- Netbank is offline at random, inopportune times
- Cancelling a lost card was very difficult to do
- $5 membership fee - what for???

Steer clear of this horrible bank.

Old Quay Credit Union customer gone bung

OK firstly I've never taken a loan from GCMB. So maybe this is wrong category.

I joined AMP Credit Union 1980 something -> Quay Credit Union (QCU) 2000 and something -> merger with GCMB(SGE) 2015/6?.

I'll admit it was handy contacting QCU by 1800 freephone when I wasn't in city (Sydney), especially as I knew most of the staff by name. They never charged fees, I never had any transaction blips, unless I caused them by mistake, it was all painless. Yes they were a boutique 'bank/credit union'. It suited requirements at that time very well.

When the merger happened I gradually noted decline in customer service availability/ responsiveness. The 1800 number disappeared for instance. And the phone menu system became too complex....several layers deep. The introduction of new account numbers wasn't seamless either - I never received an initial warning email - never figured out why - and my debit card just died one day. W/O warning - never figured that out either - the crowning glory was having to ring 1300 from my mobile one day (an account login no go) a 30 minute call was substantial. May not have all been GCMB error - it just too long to fix all this....

So all up - it just petered out (sorry) - closed account now - I didn't need another 'bank-type' organisation to deal with.

I liked the boutique - I didn't want another chain store. Bye Bye CQU/GCMB.

Customer Service

I am a long term Quay CU customer and was used to their exceptional level of service. I have just sat on hold for 35mins trying to get hold of one of their staff to discuss a potential significant home loan. Emailed no reply, they clearly do not want my business so I will be cancelling and moving ASAP.
1 star is too good for them.

Terrible Bank

Applied for a $6,000 personal loan for a home renovation, my husband is on $80,000 pa, after online pre-approval for the loan they emailed requesting in-depth supporting documentation confirming everything we stated on the application (which we did). G&C called 3 days later to say he doesn't earn enough (to pay a $25 per week loan repayment?!). Well my husband laughed down the phone at them in disbelief. I wish I saw the funny side, I was shocked when he came home and told me. Needless to say we went straight to one of the big banks, received instant approval and our loan funds were in the bank 48 hours later. G&C what a joke. 0 Stars if I could.

What- a $20 Inactivity fee!

I was very disappointed by the $20 per annum G&C Mutual charge as an inactivity fee. In discussion with them they pointed out that one must make a transaction every year to not incur the fee as described in their fees section. I told them that they had deposited very generous interest payment of 2cent a month and I considered this to be a transaction. They said bank transactions were not counted as a transaction and when questioned further they directed me to another section "terms and condition" I felt that they purposely did not keep this information together so they could charge the $20 fee per year. I believe that this process is unethical since it is not upfront with their customers. Furthermore, an inactivity fee of $20 is outrageous. I just realised that this fee was instituted about 2 years ago, but not anymore as my little emergency fund will be taken out of G&C Mutual and deposited elsewhere.

Scum of the earth

Putrid slime-ball scum-buckets who do nothing all day and take pleasure in deliberately pushing people to the very last second of every single one of their obligations to their customer.
Their own code of conduct contradicts itself by promising to do the very best they can and not confronting several banking issues which is in those written promises of other banks to their own customers.
They will laugh in your face after telling you that your issue won't be dealt with because it is not their problem and constantly lie to you if they have made an error.
I have experienced this several times with these evil, morale-less criminals.

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G&C Mutual Bank Personal Loan
CategoryPersonal Loans
Interest Ratefrom 5.99% p.a.
Comparison Rate from 6.2% p.a.
Monthly Fee $0.00
Application Fee $150.00
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly, Monthly and Weekly
Loan Term1 to 7 years
Rate TypeFixed
Redraw AvailableYes

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