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Terrible service

I have 5 policies with SGIO and have been with them for 16 years.

When I recieved my home and contents insurance for $1915 (with portable cover for wife’s engagement ring) i thought id double check it was competitive. Turns out i can get the exact same for $1620 with RAC (thats before i even switch the other 3 polices to RAC)

Thinking id still give SGIO the opportunity, i called them twice. The first the generic number which put me through to india where the lady wasted my time.....pretending to actually care but just read through ‘generic question prompt’. To the stage its clear the list of questions is more directed at if i was asking about my premium vs what i paid last year. Ended up reducing to $1771 ( a reduction but still no where near $1620).

The second call was to an Australian phone number but redirected to South Africa..... great. Ill give them credit for standardisation...... they obviously use the sane generic question prompts. This time telling me though “i have to pretend to go through your policy before offering you a discount so they can see my userid has accessed the policy”. Funnily enough my house still has the same number of bedrooms/bathrooms etc.......again finally coming to $1771.

Simple....... my 5 policies will all be cancelled!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeNo
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Hi Biz, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We certainly appreciate price is important and are sorry to hear we were not able to provide a more competitive price for you this year. Please ensure you look at the actual exclusions and limitations of cover as sometimes although the coverage looks the same there can be differences, as an example we cover unforced entry, so in the event you accidentally leave a door unlocked when you leave the home we will still extend cover where almost all other companies will not. We will be sad to loose a customer as loyal as yourself but understand that price can be a large factor in deciding insurance we just feel that we should try to cover as many scenarios as possible so this does sometimes result in a more expensive premium. ~Lochy

Home Insurance - Many things not covered, poor service, high excess

Been with SGIO home and content insurance for 3 years insuring our brand new home. Last year in Perth there were lots of strong winds and rain, hence we have storm damage. Reported in september that we have damage at roof which cause damage to our timber floor. The building assessor did not bring a ladder and he said he wasn't allowed to go up the roof for safety. 1 month later our claim was rejected due to construction problem. We contested this as the report was vague due to the guy not able to go up the roof. The lady we dealt with went on leave and we waited a month, there was no one else that will speak to us. The call centre is in South Africa somewhere and they are all difficult to understand due to accent. They do not understand building construction and just make random comments, no emphaty and just read everything of the script they have been coached. The case progress with SGIO lady accusing us not looking after our property so it's not covered by the policy. It is apparently our responsibility that every bits of our house is regularly checked and maintained every single second. So if your house is old and roof fly off, then it's not covered as you have not make effort to replace the beams, replace purlins, etc. If your window rubber seal worn off and water gets in, then it's not covered. I checked this statement with the SGIO lady and she confirmed true as shown black in white in the policy she said. In our case, silicone that worn off, so it's my fault not climbing my 2 storey home to maintain them. Hence, not covered. I told her if i need to check every single bits and bobs of the house, what;s the point of having insurance.

We have other home with other insurance before and they cover the internal damage should it be deemed construction faulty. But SGIO policy will not cover construction fault, not even the interior damage.

At the end took us till January (4 months) and our claim was again rejected. When I confront the SGIO lady why it took so long to respond, she said by guidelines she was entitled to 2 weeks to respond. In average she took 3-4 weeks to respond to us each correspondence.

So I cancelled the policy and moved on. I advised all family, friends and colleague and many of them have since changed to other insurance. The damage to our property is minor, been estimated about $1000 to $1500, plus we have to pay high excess of $750. Such small claim, took 4 months and rejected! Such a scam.

WARNING: if you don't look after every bits of your house and water comes in, then it's not covered. Old windows, water gets in, not covered!
If it's construction fault, every other insurance will cover the internal damage as long as the builder fix the outside. SGIO will not cover anything at all!
Look for insurance company with Local call centres, not somewhere in Africa with people hard to understand and do not even have local house construction knowledge. Took me a while to explain gutter, flashing, etc.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeDuplex
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimStorm and Rainwater
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedNo
Claim DateSeptember 2018
Thanks for reviewing our product Rocco. If you would like to escalate your concerns on to our management team, please PM us your details via Facebook Messenger. We would be happy to look into this on your behalf ~RenaeHi Renae, not very sure how you can help further as I am not with SGIO anymore due to my concern that the cover is not what I believe I have paid for (too many exclusions). I would only correspond further if you could promise this is not going to waste my time. ThanksHi Rocca. We could help you escalate this to the next stage of our complaints resolution process if you feel the claim has been wrongfully denied. ~ Jono

Everyone Stay away be aware.

Made a landlord claim. It was accepted but I was told that I had to pay everything up front then they would reimburse me. It was all recorded on the phone twice. They reneged on the deal for a huge amount of money. They ripped off a hard working young family. They didn't care at all. I took it all the way to the ombudsman and didn't have enough evidence. They couldn't even send an assessor out to have a look. I was told to send photos into them. Almost lost my investment property over these mongrels. Stay clear of them. Hope they rott

Insurance claim madeYes
Hey Macavoy, thanks for sharing your claims experience and we are sorry to see you are unhappy with the outcome from the ombudsman and our internal review but we do thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. ~KazYou management team threatened me in writing to withdraw the ombudsman. I went full steam ahead. Go rott in hell

SGIO Premium increase without information

I have had various policies with SGIO for over 20 years. I currently have two home policies.
Recently I received an email which showed that the amount that I was paying monthly had increased by 16%.
When you ring the Service Centre (located in South Africa) the rude lady will inform you that they have increased the value of your home (without notifying you) and you should read your policy document which explains that they can do that.
SGIO are about to lose two policies and I will switch to RAC who are cheaper and have a call centre in Australia and who have workers who pay tax in Australia unlike SGIO who give jobs overseas to increase their profit margin!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi there Ralph, thanks for taking the time to review our Home & Contents Policy. We are sorry to hear that you have been left feeling like this. If you would like to PM the Social Team via Facebook Messenger and they can have the policy team look into your details and make sure everything is correct. They can check your Sum Insured and explain any increases. ~Renae

9th September still no tv with accidental cover now 19th October

10 years still no tv for 8 weeks claim dept so slow and staff no empathy told 2 weeks ago claim finalist just told today manager only signed off on the 15th October

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Trudi, wow that's a long time with no TV in the house. Sorry to hear that you have been left like this. Now it is signed off things should move quickly. If you need anything escalated you can PM via Messenger your claims details. The Social Team are happy to lend a hand ~Renae

Storm damage- terrible

One of my rentals was recently damaged by a storm. I tried to organise repairs but sgio is evidence you get what you pay for. They botched it, didnt tell me a thing and hired so home handyman who was incompetent and actually started ringing my real estate agents, tenants and people without authority. Tenants were away and i clearly said to the useless people at sgio i was away for work and please email me. Instead they dont contract me at all but i have everyone from the tenants to my real estate and neighbours ringing me because joe handyman is at the property ringing people and asking the neighbours when my tenants are. I am now waiting for the call the house had been broken into from this muppet telling everyone my tenants are away.
I truely don’t believe sgio screen in any way the people that do their repairs or as way this cause assess the damage!
Avoid SGIO unless you want headaches, drama and to end up doing it yourself.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Chris, thank you for reviewing out SGIO Home & Contents product. I can see from your notes that you have had a bad experience with a Claim and you should not be left feeling this way. If you would like this matter escalated please PM us via Messenger (claim number and contact details) and we can share your complaint with a Claims Specialist to ensure this does not happen again. They can also look into the contractor responsible - thanks again for your honesty ~RenaeI tried contacting your company again yesterday as this is still not resolved and the damage was in September. She couldn't tell me anything, only that i had to wait for the claims person to contact me. She couldn't put me through to her or even tell me when they would contact me. Your staff are incompetent! and your customer service is appalling!! I think i will have to go to he Ombudsman regarding your conduct as its been this long and you still haven't even organized someone to fix the damage.Sorry to hear Chris, Did you PM us your details through? ~Renae

Expensive & poor customer service

I have been with SGIO over a few years new. Reviewed my policy and noticed that it's quite costly so I called the call centre.

Found out they most likely have shifted their call centre overseas because the lady who took my call wasn't very helpful and wasted almost 20mins of my time.

My enquiry was purely on whether if they can provide further discount on my policy and she made me reviewed my entire policy with her and kept saying it was important and only to tell me in the end that all the discounts have already been applied.

Was extremely frustrated after hearing that. Also she didn't really seem to know much about their product but I won't go into details regarding that online.

I'm now looking elsewhere because I know I can get the same policy for at least $200 cheaper.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi MonkeyBaby, sorry to hear you are unhappy with the service you received although she did seem to be very thorough with checking the policy with you to ensure all of the information on your policy was correct. Every company offers different features and benefits with their policies so pricing can differ from company to company. Thanks for sharing your feedback, we appreciate your time. ~Kaz

The worst company to deal with ever STAY AWAY!!!!

I have been with SGIO as a landlord for 15 years I put in a claim for a rental property worth $2500 as quoted by their builder my excess was $500. They knocked back the claim saying it was maintenance issue even though July had a number of storms.

I could have saved my premiums for the last 15 years, and had money in the bank.

Do not deal with this crowd, they'll take your premium but wont pay you a cent if they can get out of it.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Luc, thanks for your review, sorry to hear your claim was not covered under your policy. You are well within your rights to dispute this decision if you believe the decision was incorrect. If we can help you with this please message us your claim number, thanks. ~KazIve already disputed this with with your customer service department , what a joke that was, and have now cancelled my policy. You are absolutely useless , I have some cars and some property with you I'm cancelling all policies, and will never deal with you again. I suggest that people do not take out any insurance with SGIO or one day they will regret it.Thanks for your honesty Luc, As Kaz mentioned if you would like us to look into anything on your behalf you can PM us your details via Facebook Messenger ~Renae

worst experianse of my life

been 7 months at least still not paid been to interviews given all they could ask for and being treated like im doing insurance fraud stay away from SGIO THEY DONT LIKE TO PAY

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Pete, thanks for sharing your recent claims experience, sorry to hear it has taken so long. Can we help escalate your concerns to the manager? If so, can you PM your claim number please to our Facebook page and let us know you are from Product Review https://www.facebook.com/sgioinsurance Thanks. ~Kaz

Assessor were great and on time and polite but still waitng to hear what happens next from SGIO so s

not happy assessors were great and very polite and quick and on time but I don't know what happens next SGIO have not followed up with a phone call or to let me know what happens next and its been over 3 and half weeks .Its The first time I have ever claimed and I have been with them for 30 or 40 years. All I want to have is a phone call telling me the assessors have got back to them and to tell me what happens next

Insurance claim madeYes

EXPENSIVE - massive increases in payments

Just received my home and contents renewal and the monthly payments have gone up from $150.26 to $176.86. When I checked on the policy it says my replacement value of our house was $668,000.00.....I know this includes total replacement of fences etc but that is ridiculous. The policy amount was $2120.00. I asked them to lower the replacement value to around $400,000 as that is more acceptable and their charge was around $1700. I contacted the RAC and their price was $845. I have now moved to the RAC and will do so for my car too as SGIO are charging me $779.57 and RAC $339.31. Between these 2 policies I am saving by moving to the RAC - $1714.16. I cannot believe that I have not checked this previously. The call centre is in South Africa and they didn't even know my suburb saying it did not exist in a previous live chat. I have been with SGIO for years and I am very disappointed that they have been charging such high amounts to their customers. On reading reviews today I have noticed a very similar response from many others who are moving away due to extremely high prices.

Insurance claim madeNo

Taking advantage. Completely criminal.

I was busy when I first bought my home and got the first insurance I googled. Big mistake. Completely my fault for being busy and not double checking to see that I was being ripped off. Finally I look into it and they are charging me a stupid amount for insurance for my house. $180,000 more than what the house and land is worth!!!! $1000 a year more than any other insurance I could find. I am so angry. Their calculator told me that was what I needed to be insured at... And I was stupid to not double check that over the years the 'value' they put on a rebuild had gone up $150,000. My rebuild amount according to their calculator was $665,000!!!! I called up furious when I finally looked at the policy I stupidly just kept paying for to be insured. The premiums kept going up and as long as I didn't notice. They kept ripping me off. Please do not use this insurance company. They bled me for not checking and couldn't account for how they again calculate a rebuild at $180,000 more than what my entire house and land is worth. I'm an idiot for being too busy. But they are crooks. I now pay %50 cheaper through rac.

Insurance claim madeNo

What can I say They are Brilliant, SGIO are the best insurers. I will always insure with them

SGIO will always have my support I cannot praise them more highly. Thank You For all that has been done, with the best contractors on board. Swift professional service and always with a smile

Insurance claim madeNo

Massive increase to premiums

We were customers of SGIO for 7 years with Home and contents insurance. In that time we have never made a claim. Recently our annual policy renewal arrived - Imagine my disbelief when I noticed the cost had increased 500%, from $1200 a year to $6500 a year!!
When we rang to ask for an explanation, there basically wasn’t one, just pay an exorbitant premium or don’t. We chose don’t and I suggest that others don’t as well. This company shows no loyalty to long term customers and can’t explain why such an increase occurred.

Insurance claim madeNo

Bad customer service

After 10 years my policy lapsed due to banking changes. When I sort to renew the policy was more expensive and I had a 72 hour Storm exclusion policy added. Terrible expensive company with bad customer service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Shocking Service

To be advised by a disrespectful Customer Advisor that after being a customer for 10+ years and never having made a claim, we are to pay a $1000 excess to replace our damaged bench top with a colour that doesn’t match the existing and, to find out the builder carrying out the repairs is charging $4000.

Insurance claim madeYes

About to leave SGIO

The customer support from SGIO for a storm damage claim we have been making was frustrating, inefficient and time consuming with constant follow up by us required. Storm damage occurred 12 months ago and was repaired, obviously incorrectly diagnosed, and then exactly the same thing happened again in January. We have had to pay a second excess in order to have the same repairs happen. We will be leaving SGIO when the repairs have been completed. There has been a significant price rise for our policies as well, so we will be doing our research and taking all our polices with us.

Insurance claim madeYes

Unbelievably Bad.

I have several properties home and contents insured with SGIO and last September had a break in.
Reported to the police, reported to SGIO. Got a police report and claim number same day. First claim I have ever made after many many years with SGIO
After repeated follow ups 7 months later I am still waiting for a resolution.
I had two bikes stolen and other bits and pieces-Hardly war and peace-pay my insurance premiums on time, been insured with SGIO for years.
Choose your insurer carefully

Insurance claim madeYes

Incorrect premiums charged, no refund, no explanation, no resolution. Thankful I never had to claim.

I’ve been an SGIO contents insurance customer since late 2010, and a home and contents customer since early 2013.

In mid-2016 we bought a triathlon bike, so I called SGIO in order to have it specifically listed on the policy. I explained that we didn’t want it insured outside the home, but we did want to ensure it would be covered for theft whilst it was at our property. I then paid the increased premium. In late 2017 we bought a second bike, and my other half called SGIO in order to have it added to the policy in the same way. Again, we paid the associated increased premium.

In January of this year we needed to take one of the bikes away for a race, so we called SGIO to have the bike insured as portable contents. SGIO explained that both bikes had been listed as portable contents for the entire time. We explained that this was incorrect and that we had never asked for either bike to be insured as portable contents.

SGIO advised that they would have to review the recordings of the conversations which took place when each bike was added. We were never advised whether the phone conversations had been reviewed, nor whether or not our assertions were correct.

For approximately eight weeks we made repeated phone calls to SGIO in an attempt to rectify this issue. We simply wanted to be refunded for the portion of the increased premium we had been incorrectly paying for over 18 months.

Every call involved explaining the problem in its entirety, being reassured that we would be contacted by someone from SGIO, followed by no contact taking place.

At one point we were offered a refund of $133.66 which sounded great. However, when I asked how this figure was calculated, no one could explain it to me. After repeated questions it turned out that this amount simply represented the reduced premium we would pay upon renewal, assuming the bikes were removed as portable contents. We were not being offered a refund for monies paid in error, we were simply being offered the opportunity to pay a premium which accurately reflected the insurance policy we had requested. I would have thought this is how any insurance premium should be calculated. It also assumed that we would renew with SGIO.

We have subsequently arranged a home and contents insurance policy with another provider, and as part of that process I found the countless poor reviews for SGIO online. Given the experience we had with them and the apparent experiences of other customers, I am just thankful I never had to make a claim.

Insurance claim madeNo

Run a mile

Paid a fortune for what was explained as full comprehensive house, contents and car insurance only to be told accidental breakages were not included and they would not pay out on my claim. Talk about small print. I have been a loyal customer for years. Don’t fall for the fancy jargon and big promises. These people are crooks.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Why does household Insurance increase between 16.74% every year?
1 answer
Hi Rex, We will increase your sum insured each year by around 5% to keep up with inflation, this could account for the increase or some of the increase. Please contact the team on 133 233 and they can explain this for you.

is there a claim form I can print and complete?
1 answer
Everything done online

Are interior blinds cover by pet damage
1 answer
I don't know, just call SGIO, I've always found them helpful.

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