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Sheridan Luxury Retreat Towel

Sheridan Luxury Retreat Towel

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Sheridan Ultra-Light Luxury Towel Range

Very soft towels and does not have other smell
Clean when it gets to me and was delivered very quickly
washed it a few times and still very soft but it is not as soft as other luxury hotel brand

Purchased in May 2019 at Sheridan Online store for $31.48.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

sheridan towels

Sheridan towels are rubbish. Never buying again. they their loose colour and go patchy and quick dry do nothing but shed fluff and are now in the bin. Sheridan was once good. not no more.

Purchased in March 2019 at Myer Online Store for $120.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

I love my Sheridan "Ryan" towels

I purchased the Ryan bathsheets 3 weeks ago. As I do with all new bath towels, I washed them and put them through a dryer twice before using. A huge amount of fluff collected in the dryer both times (see photo) but I have zero fluff on me when I use them after a shower. They are very absorbent and feel luxurious. So, if you are prepared to do some prep work they will be lovely towels. If you don't have access to a dryer then maybe they're not the right towel for you.

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Same - continuous fluff..

I agree -we also bought the navy bath sheets - lovely and soft, very luxurious - but still after a year, we have little bits of blue fluff on our bodies after drying and blue fluff drops into the bath tub below where we hang our towels - quite annoying as I expected better from Sheridan. Now the question I have is - should I go ahead and buy sets for my grown up children as Christmas presents only to have them having to deal with the continuous fluff?? Mmmm ... or - maybe the fluff issue is why these towels can often be bought at 40-50% off RRP ...???

Luxury in the bathroom

As with all Sheridan products the quality is there. These towels dry well and easily take on water. The cotton in them stands up to serious washing. Must have in every bathroom.

Do these Towels ever stop loosing Fluff?

I am a massive fan of all things Sheridan.... In fact my daughter has just put Sheridan Sesame Street doona cover that I bought for her room 38 years ago on her youngest sons bed so I am quite objective. But OMG these Towels that I purchased over 12 months ago just won't stop shedding. They are navy colour and I have a cream coloured bathroom so like many reviews on these Towels it is just a pain in the proverbial. The only reason I am reviewing them is I was researching Towels that don't shed forever and the reviews came at the top of the search. I thought constant shedding was a "cheap" towel problem so I did not expect this from an Expensive Sheridan towel. Sadly it has also happened to some very expensive Egyptian cotton Towels so it would appear that like a lot of things being produced in cheap labour countries we are still paying top dollar for low quality products.


I have always used Sheridan Sheets and Towels. I bought 8 of their Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels in 4 shades of blue ranging from a very dark blue to a very light blue. They have been washed 4 times now following the instructions to wash them at 40 degrees. The amount of fluff that comes off all the shades of blue is unbelievable. There is fluff stuck all over our bodies and in places that shouldn't have fluff in them !!! The bathroom is covered in fluff as well. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing them but I have always bought Sheridan and they have been great. I have tried using white vinegar in the rinse and also putting them in the tumble dryer to finished them off. But nothing has worked. I am so fed up that I am seriously considering cutting them up for rags. Needless to say I will never purchase Sheridan Towels again. This episode has turned me right off. Also it is not as if they are cheap to buy.

great sheets

love my sheets. they are so soft and luxurious Cant believe I bought them half price. Very pleased with the service and timing on delivery. thank you so much yes


I wish I read the reviews before I bought my new towels,I always thought it was a great brand as had sheets before.I,just have fluff fluff & more fluff.I phoned up customer they told me I was washing them wrong, I ask you how can you was a towel wrong??I am over it washing machine full of fluff ,carpets have fluff don’t get me started with the white barthroom fluff fluff,did I tell you they are navy blue.Customer service were helpful by saying if I have a receipt can take them back to Myers as they have people there to have a look at the towels to see the problem I am having ,they have emailed me a form & Sheredian will pay for postage to send them back to quality control dept. But the answer will be my fault washed them wrong.Disappointed customer.

Awful towels for pilling

Awful beach towels why did I not learn from previous Sheridan experience. Fluff all over towels, house after 2 washes in cold water one with vinegar. Their flannelette sheets & cotton blankets just the same nightmare wash after wash. Never again. Why don't they fix this problem

Terrible fluff all over the bathroom and me!

I bought two sets of the Austyn towels in grey for our two new bathrooms. Despite having washed them five times to get rid of the fluff, the fluff persists. I even tried drying them in the dryer.

I have now gone to the additional expense of buying different ( not Sheridan) towels


I recently purchased 2 sets of Sheridan towels for my newly renovated en-suite. I have used them before with no problems. Since starting to use them I have done nothing but clean the bathroom because of all the fluff that has come off them. Have washed them a couple of times and it is definitely not getting better. Very very disappointed. They certainly are not cheap and I expect more when paying that sort of money for towels.

Not worth of the brand and price

I bought a few set of Sheridan towels last month. Was so disappointed. Fluff everywhere on my body and bathroom despite after a few washes. I have been using Sheridan towels for years without this issue until now. You put me off Sheridan!.

I never get the quality of there towels

Bought 2 Luxury Egyptian bath towels coz everyone seems to say Sheridan is good. There were so much fluff came out from them. It was worst when I put on facial and body lotions. My husband and I had to defluff every shower.
It didn't get better after 3 washes. Sheridan was quick when for replacement with Luxury Reteat bath towels but same problem. So much fluff I just can't use them. Too much trouble for expensive towels. I can only say I am very disappointed by the quality of their towels.

OK. Quality is fine, however it wash out poorly

the quality was great when first purchased, but when washed out the quality was very flat, it lost its structure/body. I washed it 3rd time, but there was no difference.

Very poor quality

I bought two sets of fast drying Sheridan towels as I thought they'd look fab in my new bathroom, and still dry well in winter. Wrong. One set left so much fluff I've been cleaning my bathroom and laundry ever since. The second set didn't fluff but I've tossed them in less than three months as they're so thin and awful. Sheridan were great about replacing the first set but I won''t be buying again.

Don't Waste Your Money!

Purchased 5 Luxury Retreat towels in March 2017, to replace our old towels. These towels felt really soft in store, so we purchased them when they were 40% off. After the first wash, they still felt fine, however, after a few more washes, they started to feel like the old ones they replaced. The soft, plush feel was gone. After each wash, they feel very stiff and scratchy. I would think Target and Aldi towels would be much better than these. Do not waste your time and money on these over priced towels.

Rubbish towels

Washed 8 times and still leaving white fluff all over.
I was told by the lady when I bought them that they were one off the best towels you can get.
I would not even give one star.

Horrible Turkish towels

I am an excellent customer if Sheraton and love the products usually , these Turkish towels are horrendous they don't dry the water no matter how many times you wash them . Very unhappy

Absolutely beautiful

From the previous posts, I can only assume some of you are talking about different products. The Sheridan Luxury retreat range are so beautiful I've just purchased another set. When a single bath sheet retails for $100 I expect a lot from it. I purchased my first set 12 months ago and now won't buy anything else. I couldn't have imagined how lovely these towels are after 12 months of constant use. I recommend going direct through Sheridan as you can pick up a set at a very reasonable price.

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what washing detergent can i use for my ultra-light sheriden towls?
2 answers
Hi, I just use OMO , in cold water on gentle wash, seems okay,dry in windy shade or tumble dryer instructions were / are on attached cardboard label that was or is on new towel. I'm still very happy with my purchases, have now bought (3) at 2 different times from 2 different stores plus face washers & hand towels cheers GavinI was using a no frills brand name liquid detergent (possibly from Woolworths) as every other well known brand had optical brighteners etc. In the end it didn't make a difference but the other day I had washed with Cold Power and hung them outdoors in full sun and they seemed much more absorbent - i was surprised!

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