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Shining Quick Cutz

Shining Quick Cutz

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Took my 5 yr old in for a cut today. Well, they certainly were ‘Quick’ but what an absolute disaster!! I was mortified at the cut, so uneven, patchy, just horrible! I asked the woman to even it up as there were chunks here and there but gave up requesting it be done correctly and left! Ended up going to another hairdresser at the centre to correct it!

These people at Quick cuts are not ‘Australian qualified’ hairdressers, clearly they got their ‘qualifications’ from a bloody weetbix box cause they have no idea how to cut hair and should NOT be touching the publics heads!!!


Rude grumpy lady barber

I took my son for hair cut today ,grumpy unhappy Lady
barber ,just did the worst hair cut,my son ,screamed few time,he complaint the lady was harsh during cutting equipment,when we ask some clean cut ,she showed hurry and made face and started cleanup.never going there again.

Worst barber shop ever

I told the barber to cut a little bit of my hair and that Chinese man little eyes just shaved whole of my head. I don't recommend going to this shop. Worst customer service and they don't even know proper English and can't even understand properly.

Been there Twice. Should have learnt the first time.

Went to the one in Mirrabooka and had the same lady on both occasions. The first time showed a picture of what I wanted and got a poor quality cut with a poorly executed fade and bowl like finish.

I thought I'd give them a second chance. I was asked what I want... Why? I don't know. Because after taking the time to show, gesture, explain and basically tell her where to cut. I ended up with the exact same hair cut as last time. As I started to ask her to change something she started to take off the cover and ushered me out.

What have we learnt here:
1. Its not worth what you save in money going to this place
2. Clearly have no understanding of how to cut hair. Only know one type of cut. Likely unqualified to cut hair
3. Unable to communicate and understand what you're asking for in the first place.

Worst haircut

They did the worst ever haircuts for my kids! I don’t think the guys working there are even qualified and know anything about haircut! Not only they didn’t do what I asked for the cut was totally terrible...I would have done better seeing YouTube videos with a set of clippers at home. Will never go there again.


Gone to quick cutz a couple of times and i dont know if any of these people are qualified. I ask for the same haircut everytime and yet it always turns out different. For some reason they always manage to screw up the sides.

Simple ,fast haircuts .my boy was in /out of his chair within 10 mins..

Perfect !
I myself hate sitting for an hour staring at myself in a mirror getting my haircut....I have been twice now to mirrabooka for trims and have been very happy !!10 bux,cmon

Southlands version

I have never had a bad cut here until today. Quick is one thing but this cut was supersonic! The hairdresser finished with the shaver and then moved straight onto vacuuming. I asked for some blending and a bit more off the top. The final result was lopsided and uneven. I'll give the service one more try, but I will be waiting to see a different hairdresser.

kalamunda the best

I had my hair cut here, I am a market stall holder so it had to be quick. It was the best haircut I have ever had. Honestly. A young guy cut it, and I will definitely go back.

Dangerous and Unsafe

Maddington - Shining Quick Cuts

Against my better judgement, I decided to get my haircut at this place. I have long hair and only wanted a trim on the length and also my layers. I mentioned an inch and a half and I even held up my hair and measured how much length to cut off. The lady nodded in understanding and even repeated how much to cut and I agreed. And it went all down hill from there..
She was half way through combing my hair and without asking where I part it (like all other Hairdressers ask) she held up a massive chuck of my hair that she had just cut and asked (a stupid rhetorical question) if this was the length that I wanted cut off. She was holding over 6inches in her hand. She didn't even brush my hair to smooth it down or section it. She basically was combing my hair with one hand and hacked straight in with the other. I didn't even realise she had the scissors in her hands. My hair was past my bra strap and now it's just below my shoulders. Even though I was shocked and furious, I told her to finish the length as she cut so much off in one snip, i couldn't even blend it in if I tried. She finished cutting the length with 2 more snips.. At this stage, even though the length was ruined, I asked to at least trim my fringe. She was standing behind me, brushed my hair forward, and decided to cut from that position. If her carelessness to maintain my length was bad enough, her disregard for my face while waving a scissors around in front of it where she couldn't even see it, was dangerous and unsafe. I had to tell her to stop and stand in front of me to cut my fringe, while using her hand as a barrier.
The whole thing took less than 4min.
My hair looked like a mullet cut (not a well maintained one either) and I had to go and get it fixed straight away which resulted in more length getting taken off to make it even.

I disagree with the statement of 'You get what you paid for'. This wasn't even worth a free cut. It was disgustingly unprofessional and unsafe. The lady definitely didn't have any qualifications to even hold a scissors let alone use it for a haircut.

I would highly advise to never go there. No matter how tempting the cost and convenience is. I extremely disgusted.

I am happy

Reading all these reviews especially the bad one! FOR $10 YOU EXPECT MR VIDAL SASSOON to cut your hair? Just be happy with it! Its a BARBERSHOP not a hairdressers! If you prefers to spend $35-40 then go to your 'proper' hairdresser and hope for the best, to me its $10 and my hair is nicely trimmed. And either its a Caucasian or a an Asian men there is no need to put races here......

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BTW I like LCC re her kid complaining already and I like the end parts: this place should be 'reported' and shut down! What...sending Immigrations and do a spot check? These people dont go to Centerlink for a handout and they did an honest work (weather you like it or not they cant make an ugly duckling to a shining princess) also remind me of old western movies where an old Chinaman open a laundry and all the people want it shut and send a 'passee' to burn the place down and drag the little chinaman out...its still exist here in Bullcreek in the 21st Century. Mrs unhappy: next time dont go cheap! Go to the next Davida and pay $35.....you pay peanuts you get monkeys! These place provided a TEN DOLLARS CUT just accepted it & your hair will grow back but the reputation (your comments) you left could damaged the business

Good basic haircut

Have been to the salon at Bullcreek shops 4 or 5 times now. These guys seem to do good basic haircuts for men/boys. Have taken my two young sons there a couple of times and have been happy with the results. Don't know if they would be suitable for ladies haircuts, but for $10/$15 they are good value for a basic mens haircut.


The first time i went the cut was quite good, so decided to go back, the next cut not so good, so decided would give them another go, well this time they totally butchered my hair. The girl only used a pair of thinning scissors to do the whole haircut. It looks like a rat has chewed my hair. Never going back have learnt my lesson.

Quality of hairdressers Gambling

My four year old daughter had a good hair cut a few month ago by a young male hairdresser. Therefore this time I took her back there to have another go. After purchasing a ticket, a middle aged lady quickly came out and asked how hair to be cut. I told her to trim the back n the fringe of my daughter’s hair. However, she only use a pair of scissors to cut off the length requested in less than two minutes and finished. I was left speechless as I saw how she screwed up my daughter’s hair. Honestly, I didn’t expect a real salon hair cut from there but at least do a few layers cutting like the previous visit so the hair style would be presentable. So if you ask me to go there or not. I would say yes or no depending which hairdressers take their turn to serve you.

Stay Away!!!!They are not qualified hairdressers!!!!

Took my 4 year old here for a trim last week. An Asian man got off the chair and just stared at me. I looked at him and said my son needed a trim. He nodded. I assume he didn't speak much English so I warned him to not cut my sons hair short just cut a little bit of the fringe, sides and back off then he nodded again. So I thought he understood me.
Next thing he picked up the shaver, I said to him no don't use shaver just cut with scissors. He nodded. At this point I was worried I just stood close to the man so I could make sure he is doing the right thing. He started off cutting from the top. Before he did the cut he asked me if it's ok (length wise) I was happy with the length so I said that's good not too short. Then he continued cutting around the back then he reached his arms to get to the fringe. This time he had his back facing me and another hairdresser next to us was in my way so I couldn't see what he was doing. When the other hairdresser had moved I walked in closer to have a look and I was very shocked he had butchered my sons fridge and his side burns!!!! I told him to stop what he was doing immediately he then went to pick up the shaver again???!!! He didn't even cared! I said to him no shave! He still didn't listen. He pointed to the back of my sons hair then went ahead and did a quick tidy up with the shaver. Next thing, my son said Ow you hurt me touching back of his neck. I had a look at his neck ,the man had nicked it with the shaver!It was very red. I told the man but he showed no emotion or reaction what so ever he just couldn't care less. He was very ignorant disrespectful and cold hearted. I was so upset my son had an ugly cut and a bad hairdresser experience!These people here aren't qualified hairdressers!!! Don't risk coming here for a haircut pay more for quality cut from the real hairdresser. This place should be reported and shut down!!!!

Very good hair cut

Very nice place. Staff are friendly. Great hair cut. Unsure what all the bad reviews are about but the Maddington branch is honestly great. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a basic hair cut.

Thought I would give it a go

Great no frills haircut. I'm not fussy anyway but looks great, quick, cheap and allowed me to get on with my day. Thanks Mirrabooka store. Not sure what people expect for $10, but I'm most pleased.

Wish I had read reviees first

The first cut at Maddington Metro was good the second I was butchered Im wondering if the people working here are required to have qualifications as that is the assumption "enter at own risk"

Avoid at all costs

Complete inability to listen resulting in the worse haircut and an extremely upset client.We have no option but to shave it off. What were you thinking! I'm absolutely furious and will be certain to share this information with anyone that wouldn't want an unskilled cut!
Kalamunda. ·

Good, quick and cheap haircuts. I have been back several times with my son.

I have taken my son to Quick Cutz at Southlands several times. The staff there have been great, and we have received exactly what we asked for.
If you want a good, quick and cheap haircut, I recommend Quick Cutz.
If you want extra service, a coffee while you wait, or a gossip session, look elsewhere.

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