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Silver Cross Pioneer

Silver Cross Pioneer

4.0 from 99 reviews

Light weight

I’m really satisfied with this pram, regarding to it’s quality, light weight and easy to push on different surfaces.
I bought it for my first baby before 3 years and now I am using it again to my second baby as efficient as new.

Purchased in December 2015 for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Best Pram for the price

Love this pram! Great looking, keeps in great condition, and extremely comfortable for the baby. I think it’s well worth the money! I highly suggest silver cross as the brand of choice.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance

Have used for 7 months - disappointing

I purchased the Pioneer Eton at Baby Bunting in May 2018 and have been using it almost every day for 7 months. I am disappointed with this pram and regret buying it.
PROS: quality of stitching and fabric is excellent, looks good and basket size is great (when using seat although can’t fit anything in basket when using bassinet), I am short so like the lower handle height.
CONS: bumpy ride and wheels constantly getting stuck, canopy over baby is absolutely useless and baby always in sun - the extension fabric is especially useless, although the lambs wool is said to be cool in summer I completely disagree and baby is always hot in pram, have to pull apart pram to put in car as won’t fold properly when seat and frame are connected, the harness is difficult to snap / push in.
Another mum in my parents group has the same pram and we constantly complain about it.
I also had an issue with the seat and frame connections not lining up and the seat was jammed so rang up the customer service team and they were not helpful and said it was user error and they couldn’t do anything about it.
Really disappointed and massively regret not buying the Redsbaby. It’s a British pram and just not built for Aussie summer or conditions. Should have thought more about functionality and less about looks.

Purchased in May 2018 at Baby Bunting for $1,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Good but bulky

I have the pioneer Eton special edition. This pram is great in its durability, it looks fantastic and is comfortable. The only downfall i would say is that it is so big and bulky. It doesn't fold down compact like others and it's at times big too maneuver. You will need a big boot.

Great Quality

The stroller comes with bassinet which is very comfortable and great for new borns,it has extras like cup holder and rain cover included.It is very easy to maneuver and has a great built and quality. The only down side is that it takes a lot of room in the boot space and it's very big to fold.


I am surprised this pram has such good reviews. I hate it. The hood is way too short. You have to have something covering the pram at all times or your babies face will get sunburnt. You can hardly use the big basket - a selling feature - with the bassinet attachment. My little outgrew the bassinet in 4 months and not a big baby.
Steering is good. Doesn’t cope well with outdoor walks. It has almost flipped a few times.
Would never recommend and regret purchasing.

Very satisfied

Solid, the bracket is very stable, and the oversized wheels and four-wheel suspension are very quiet and stable. Hand height, sleeping basket angle, height can be adjusted by yourself, very user-friendly. The four wheels are anti-piercing tires, the front wheel universal wheel is flexible, and the rear wheel has a two-contact brake system that is light and convenient to protect the parents' upper. The sleeping baskets are large enough to be adjusted 360 degrees, all with soft mattresses and antibacterial bamboo charcoal to protect the baby's health. This car meets my yearning for a stroller.

Could do with lots of improvement

My baby is 3.5 months and so far I’m so over this pram! First of all the bassinet makes the basket completely useless you can’t utilise the basket when the bassinet seat is on had to buy a pram caddy because can’t access my nappy bag when bassinet is on, have tried to change over to seat as she is almost grown out of bassinet and I think the seatbelt is really average the reversible pram liner feels horrible had it ordered in and was told it was reversible faux fur and other side 100% cotton it’s 100% polyester

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I wrote much more on this review but it has been deleted ??

Impressed - Love my pram

Before purchasing my husband and I looked at many reviews just like this one. There were a few negatives but nothing that stood out. We bought the limited edition and I simply cannot fault it. We use the pram on a variety of surfaces including grass, dirt, bitumen, concrete, pavers, in shopping centres. We take it absolutely everywhere and love it. I have no issues transitioning between different surfaces and Bub is soo comfy in her pram. If you are thinking about it, do yourself a favour and buy it.

This pram is very strong and well made

We bought the cross pioneer because it's very well made and is extreamly strong unlike all the thin plastic ones we saw. It rolls very well over all types of ground and our child loves being strapped inside. The under bag holder could be bigger but is a great place to put a few small things like a few nappies or so on

Value for money but has few issues

The pram is very stylish and comes at a reasonable price point but I’m not happy with the hood nor the tires. The suspension of the tires are pretty bad and also the design of the belt is not that practical! Overall it’s alright but there are better Prams out there

Very cool Baby Stroller

The reason I bought it was because of its superior design. Daily use of the road, the various sections, the terrain is still able to cope with. But there is not enough limit on the slippery road,But fortunately its material rigidity is strong enough.Its shading protects the baby from sun exposure.

Mostly good!

I have special edition, good beautiful strong pram. It’s worth the price for better wheels, longer hood and better fabric. It’s great for space underneath also. It has some faults, the buckle in the harness is not adjustable which means it sits to low and cuts into babies legs. It makes it difficult to get in the buckle too. The extended hood has a very flimsy wire which broke into about 8 pieces and was replaced by baby bunting. New one is also broken. The back of the hood also needs some Velcro to keep it locked to the recliner.

My pram flipped!!!

The absolute worst customer service of my life! pram flipped &only one wheel was Touching the ground, my son could’ve been severely Hurt if there weren’t bystanders to help me.Rang the company& they couldn’t care less, offered no condolence or apology or explanation and were so incredibly rude. Proceeded to tel me I have to take care when walking on rough surfaces. Are you kidding me?! What pram cannot go on a footpath?!! I was told this was the BMW if prams and paid $1500 and this is what I get? I understand that things happen and they may not be able to replicate or explain the exact circumstances but any professional company would at least be concerned and apologetic that something like that would happen whilst using their product. Would never recommend silver cross to anyone.
Apart from the fact that it’s incredibly unsafe, the pram isn’t anything special and the sunshade is so short it is basically redundant. My son constantly crying because the son is in his eyes.
Should’ve bought the bugaboo


Terrible, terrible and terrible! It just can handle smooth surface, and it stuck everywhere else! I am avoiding to go out with this pram as I know it will be very stressful! Please mothers out there, don't buy it! Its enough the struggles of motherhood itself! Very frustrating. There are heaps of prams more affordable, and better than silver cross!

Good pram.

Looks great, is light & easy to put in the back of the car and feels quality. However it can't handle anything other than smooth surfaces - as soon as it's off the path it feels like its going to break and the wheels cant handle it.
Lots of room in the basket at the bottom & is great to manouvre in small places like shops.

Lots of room but hard to fit in our car

We bought this so we could put all the baby gear into the basket as the other prams on sale has way smaller baskets however we discovered two major issues the first is its hard to get in our boot taking up most of the space and the last issue was the shop that sold it gave no instruction manual with it so we had to download the manual

Love my pram

I love my silver cross , so many people comment on it. Looks classy , the colours and fabric are really lovely.I love the big underbasket, there is a lot of room unlike bugaboos, my friend has one of those and she prefers my sliver cross . It’s easy to put up and down and I can put in my boot with taking inky down to 2 pieces

Good first pram

Priced in the middle of the market. Stylish, sturdy. A bit cumbersome to get in and out of the car. Heavier then other prams but overall good build quality. Other reviews say materials crumbled away etc but after a year of use we never experienced such things. A bit of fading on the hood, thats about it.

Great strong pram but terrible fabric on handlebars

Thought we were purchasing a quality pram that would last for at least a couple of children.
The fabric on the handle bar crumbled away and did not even last one child.
Terrible cheap quality vinyl leatherette!
It's such a shame because other than that it was a beautiful strong pram.
We just can't use it , as it looks disgusting and jeapodises the safety of the pram without proper grip.
Hence we can't even sell the pram like that!
They did offer to replace the handle bar for a mere $210 at our cost... can you believe that!
Money better spent towards a pram that has a handle bar that will last.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have the silver cross wave and I've finding the shoulder straps on the chair very tight on my 13month old. It's a real struggle to get it clipped in. He isn't big for his age, if anything he is a little small. All the straps have no more adjustment on this as far as I can see from the front. Has anyone found this? Or am I missing something?
3 answers
I have the same trouble Emma. I'm in London. My little one is also 13 months and the straps are now too short for him. We've another one on the way in 4 weeks and especially got this so we could use it as a double. But we can't if we can't strap our son in safelyI saw someone on the John Lewis website with the same issue and had spoken to Silvercross and awaited additional straps (or something of the the sort). So I’m researching that now and gonna ring them tomorrow to double check they offer this.Same problem. The straps are very tight. Hope silvercross will do something to solve this problem...

Hi, does anyone know if the Silver Cross Pioneer hood and apron set will fit on the Silver Cross Wave? Thanks.
No answers

I'm having trouble moving the shoulder straps higher on the new pioneer limited edition. I'm trying to pull the straps through from the front to the back but they don't fit with the buckles. Any tips?
2 answers
I find the same thing! I also find that my 16 month old son slouches terribly when in the pram. The straps seem strange to me. I was loving the pram but now I’m getting more annoyed with these straps!Same problem! It’s so difficult and it feels like we’re going to snap the plastic bits. Any tips, Silver Cross? There aren’t any videos to help?


Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual

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