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William C.

William C.asked

Is the tallowate in simple soap of animal origin?

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Jenny H

Jenny Hasked

Where can I buy simple soap. It is no longer available at my local supermarkets or chemists.

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Dave MacPhail
Dave MacPhail


Janette F

Janette Fasked

My son has been using this product and it keeps his eczema at bay but he has recently moved fro the UK to Vancouver and cannot find it in any of the stores does anyone know where he can buy it?

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Dave MacPhail
Dave MacPhail

You can buy it on e bay. I also found some in Cheap as chips Australia so there would be outlets out there. Buy in bulk from ebay.



Simple Soap has not been available anywhere in the metropolitan in Western Australia for a month.
I live in Claremont WA and there are 2 Chemists (Friendles Claremont and Wizard Chemists and also
Priceline Products who have just opened their new store.
I am anxious to know when the soap will be available as I am in need of product.

Ellis Smith

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I found it recently in Chemist Warehouse in Fremantle and it's also available through their online store - $1.99 for a twin pack of soap


Now 14-June 17 and I have looked for simple soap for seven months in NZ and every place in Australia and Tasmania that we visit and that's four trips over the past nine months, it seems to be no longer made, we have natural safe soaps in NZ now so I am buying them as simple bar soap is unavailable. Only liquid simple soap is available which I use on my face. We have spent one whole day in OZ each trip going by train to all the chemists to find simple soap. It has been a nightmare as other soaps just crack my skin up. I am allergic to aloe vera which is in some soaps and creams and shampoo etc. Contact simple company in the Uk and complain and if enough of us did that they would get the message. Unfortunately most people buy cheap nasty soaps and the least sold product is discontinued in the shops.



Why has the Simple soap gone from almost all the stores in Auckland?? bring it back!!

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David M
David M

Ha, I sent the question to Unilever's Customer Service email address and got this inane response. When I pointed just how unuseful this was, I heard nothing back so it's customer service with a qualification - as long as you don't ask awkward questions. I eventually bought some from the UK on eBay and then my local pharmacy found some more stocks but I'm not sure how long that will go for. At my present rate of use, I have enough for about three years! This might be a solution for you. The eBay purchase was relatively expensive. Simple has other products, just not the bars of soap. Maybe more people should lodge a protest with the company.

Dear David
Thank you for contacting us with your enquiry regarding Simple Soap Pure 125G.
We are always interested to hear from our consumers and welcome your comments and enquiries.
I regret to inform you that this product has been deleted and will no longer be manufactured or offered for sale from major supermarkets and other retail distribution outlets in Australia or New Zealand.
We apologise for this occurrence and agree that it is an unfortunate situation and one which our company strives to avoid. However products are deleted where insufficient consumer sales and limited retail distribution occurs. As a products' sales decline the competition to remain on limited supermarket shelf space is extreme. Retailer ranging decisions regarding our products will result in very limited distribution and the cessation of supply.
As Unilever Australasia no longer manufactures Simple Soap Pure 125G , you may like to visit the following link to view the current product range at www.unilever.com.au or www.unilever.co.nz.
We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact me once again if you have any further enquiries.
Yours Sincerely

Mitch Taylor
Consumer Engagement Centre Consultant
Aus - 1800 888 997, NZ - 0800 900 028
Unilever Australia & New Zealand
20-22 Cambridge St, Epping NSW 2121

David M
David M

Whoops, sorry in my answer above I said eBay, I bought through Amazon. My apologies.


All good thanks for that. We had the Big Bucket Deals have a cosmetic sale etc earlier in the year and they were selling simple soap - twin pack for $2 they went fast i bought 4 packs wish i got more - they had to sell it from the counter - popular at the time. My mum buys them from Sydney and brings it over to NZ for her.
O well we will have to endure with these other products.



I have been trying to purchase bars of simple soap as this is all my husband can use. I have found that retail outlets in my area have discontinued this product. Is is still being made and where can I purchase it from? I live in Bunbury WA. Thanks, Ronnice

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I have found that it is being discontinued in Australia. It is made in UK. Recently while in the UK, I noticed that it is readily available at about 1 pound. Anyway, I have purchased some from Amazon UK and it should arrive here in the next week or so. 24 bars including postage was $57 Australian dollars. If it works out OK, I'll stock up for the future.

Carla S
Carla S

Hi Ronnice

I have some Simple Soap if you still need some. Email me at carla.paqs@bigpond.com


Unilever is failing to inform people that Simple Soap is still manufactured; a company by the name of Lornamead is making it. They are using the same name, the same packaging and the same formula which is wonderful news for those of us who are so sensitive that Simple Soap is literally the only product they can use to cleanse their skin. Lornamead has a distributor in Australia. If you contact their UK office they will be only too happy to provide you with contact details for the Australian distributor who can then advise you who they supply in your home town or city. Here is the UK contact - enquiries@lornamead.co.uk

I bought enough Simple Soap via a UK based eBay seller to last a while. Whilst I was happy to continue purchasing my beloved soap this way, I was much happier to learn that there is an Australian distributor.
Simple Soap is no longer sold in supermarkets in Australia; it is only sold in selected chemist shops. I live in a location which is home to 40,000 people yet Simple Soap is only available in two chemist shops, Blooms and Amcal.
I urge anyone reliant on this wonderful product to make contact with Lornamead and find out where they can purchase their soap in Australia.

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