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I cancelled smartsalary. Quite a few months ago. Anyway they have started taking payments out again, it has taken me a while to work out where my pay has been going. Now I've been told that it will take a couple of more weeks to get my money back quite a substantial amount of money is owing. I mean where do you people get off taking my money out without my authorisation? Don't you understand I have bills to pay and big rent.

Hi Sharon, Thank you for your message, We are so sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. We would be happy to discuss this further if you would like to send through a private message with your account details. Thank you kindly.Where do I send the private message through via Facebook

Not smart... Dumb!!

Changeover from Selectus to Smartsalary has been nothing but frustrating...I am only able to purchase petrol through their nominated service stations and then cannot use the car wash of my choice. I must pay for it out of my own pocket and then go through the whole reimbursement process!

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Dear Kerry, Thank you for your feedback. Please accept our sincerest apologies for your experience. If you would like to discuss this further, please send us a private message with your account details so that we can discuss this in further detail. Thank you kindly

Very Dodgy and Dishonest

I regretibly signed up for a Novated lease through Smart Lease. I was pushed into the sale and signed up for products I didn’t want.
They did not pay anything towards the loan for the first month leaving me with a huge bill I was unaware of. They tried to ‘fix’ this by deducting an additional $285 a week for 5 weeks totalling $945 a fortnight from my pay. They continued to deduct the additional payment after the 5 week period.
Also their fortnightly deduction differed significantly from what I was originally quoted. When I signed up it was only meant to cost $500 a fortnight...
So basically my loan repayments are $800 a month but smart leasing deducts $1900 a month!!
Customer service was terrible and this never got sorted out. I’ve tried to end my lease but they refuse and I basically just get transferred to from person to person and placed on hold.
I have now asked my work to cease deductions and am paying off my load directly to the bank. However I have lost over $1000 as this is what was in my ‘reimbursements’ account (which can’t be closed or reimbursed due to lack of customer service).
Do yourself a favour and don’t get a novated lease through this company!

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Hi Leisha, Very sorry to hear of your negative experience with Smartleasing. We've sent you a Private Message for more information, as we'd very much like to resolve any outstanding issues for you. Kind regards.

Need to be more forthcoming with information

Was forced to move to smart salary due to my work doing so, was at the end of my previous lease so decide to end that lease and start a new lease. what they didn't tell me (throughout many conversations about ending the old lease and starting a new lease) is that I needed to fill in a specific form to tell them (even though they were organising it) that I wanted to end my old lease. This resulted in them taking money for both the old and new cars out of my pay leaving me high and dry just after Christmas. their staff need to be better trained with dealing with new customers and explanations given.

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Hi Jason, Thank you for your feedback. Please accept our sincerest apologies for your experience. We will pass this on to our department for training. If you would like to discuss this further, please send us a private message with your account details so that we can review this in further detail. Thank you kindly

walking a fine line with being really dodgy

I was moved from another leasing company to smart salary by my employer.

I will say that the customer service staff are knowledgeable and helpful, but they only disclose the minimum amount of information, so you need to keep pushing and asking a lot of questions to get the full details from them.

However in my opinion, it is the company overall that walks the fine line of sort of telling the truth and baffling you with a lot jargon. I have been using this company for a month now and i come away from every email and phone call with them just wondering what they haven't disclosed and how they have potentially not been fully truthful with me.

Use them if you dare, I doubt I would take another lease with them though, unless a lot changes.


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Hi Tara, Thank you so much for your feedback, we’re so sorry to hear you have felt that we have held information or not provided clear, detailed information within our interactions. This has not been our intention and we would love to assist further if you have any queries or concerns outstanding please kindly send through a private message with your account details for us to have a look into. Kind Regards The Smartsalary Team

Not had a reimbursement in 3 months

Tried 3 different bank accounts with 2 different banks and no money, they say they are processing the funds but it has not made it to my account once. Not happy.

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Hi Renae, Sorry to hear you haven't received your funds! We'd definitely like to look into this for you, so we've sent you a private message requesting some more details. Kind regards, The Smartsalary Team.

Salary Sacrificing

The operator was very helpful, answered all my questions and offered to send any information I required. A package arrived within the week.

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Hi Sher! Fantastic to hear that you're having such a positive experience. Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Kind regards, Simon - The Smartsalary Team.


Obtained a lease with them and its the worst thing I have ever done. They did not talk it through with me enough, just pushed me into the sale, interest rate is so high, and the customer service was terrible. Please do not go with them!

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Hi Sally, Thank you for your message. We are so sorry to hear about your experience and would love to investigate this for you and assist with any enquiries you may still have. I will send you a private message so we can discuss this further. Thank you kindly

Worst system Full of errors!

I've been with smartsalary for over 3 years and the amount of errors in payments and delays is outstanding. I've invested so much time monitoring my payments to ensure correctness and calling and emailing smartsalary to resolve issue after issue. They miss reimbursement payments that put me out of pocket and have increased deductions of my pre tax income without notifying me further impacting on my pay!
Do not recommend, issues far exceed any financial benefit they offer.

Insurance query

Client service representative was very helpful, know their subject, easy to talk to and resolved my query. Well done and have recommended Snartsalary to my friends and family.

Great Service.

Everything was made so easy for me! Have recommended to two fellow teachers who are going to salary sacrifice a computer as well.

Great service

Received A great service. Customer service representatives are very friendly. I requested proxy form so that my partner can represent me. It was done very efficiently.

Great support by Xyrus MilitR

Xyrus was most factual and responsive in assisting me to achieve an extended warranty frogram for my CX5. His professional approach was great and he listened to my needs.

Great service and friendly staff

I have received assistance immediately from very helpful and friendly staff. I have been with Smartsalary for many years and have always been given great service. Thanks to all the Smartsalary team!

Customer focus

Every time I contact Smartsalary, my enquiries/issues are always answered or remedied. Their customer service is excellent and the staff are very knowledgeable in regards to thier business procedures and customer's need.

Excellent customer service

My Phone calls were acted upon immediately and the staff are always willing to provide great advice to help solving an issue. i find the Customer Service excellent. I recommend Smartsalary to other employees when discussing leasing.

knowledgable and helpful staff

All my dealings with Smart Salary have always been professional and very helpful They are always polite and well informed

Great Job!

Smart Salary communication excellent and everything was organised well. Email and phone calls were thorough and pleasant. Thank you for a positive experience!

delighted with experience

My sessions with the advisor have been brilliant. Being a financial ning nong before this then my future was something to be avoided. The excellence of the ballarat branch people in advising me was superb. I may even avoid living with relatives when old and drinking from brown paper bags. Clear, no nonsense advice. Thanks

Good staff

Pleasant employees, willing to help and very good knowledge of there jobs. I have now retired and had finish my packages.
I would recommend smart salary to anyone.

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I would like a Caltex fuel card please.
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Hi Peter, Could you please send through a private message with your account number, DOB and address for us to be able to access your account. Thank you kindly.

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