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Worst than Remserv

I had issues with Remserv and transferred to This mob only to find out they are worst by far. Before my account was even transferred, I got an email saying my account was cancelled. A quick phone call and they fixed it. I waited to receive the GoCard as stated in the email but nothing arrived. After a few phone calls and email reminders, they are now reprocessing the GoCard. No one knows what happened, who is the appropriate person to contact or where things are up to. My Remserv GoCard got cancelled due to the transfer and now I have to pay with my own money. Smart Salary promised to get back to me and keep me updated but there is no communication from them. Doesn't look like they know what they are doing and they definitely don't have any processes in place to prevent these issues from happening. No worth the hassle and if they can't manage just the account or a simple GoCard, I would never trust them with something like a car lease. Don't waist your time, it's really not fun to be put through this hassle.

Hi Steve, Sorry to hear of the troubles you've had getting a GoCard through Smartsalary. If you'd like us to follow this up further for you, please send us a ticket with your account number, full name, date of birth, and residential address and we'll see what's going on. Kind regards.No thanks, there is a chance you would make things worst. Let's hope they last promise to fix things works."We will now be reprocessing your Go-card". Your first deduction for the Go-card is scheduled to occur on pay date 23/05/2019 and you should expect to receive the card in the post 5-10 business days from then." This people are truly hopeless!

Regretting my choice to lease a car.

Paying $110 more then what I believed was the final amount. I thought It would be the easier option however it has turned out to be more expensive and more hassle the I expected. Unfortunately I am now in a 5 year contract, but this will definitely be the first and last time I lease a car.

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HI Teneale, I apologise for your recent frustrations, I can look into the matter to advise why there may be a discrepancy or if anything needs to be corrected. I'll send you a private message to discuss further. Thank you Simon B. Leasing Manager

Its amazing

I have a meal card from Westpac, I fnd this very handy as it saves me money and I can also use it when I'm n holidays withing Australia and Overseas.
I should have aplied a long time ago its such a gret asset to have
I also claim against my mortgage, not only does it save me Tax, but I also get a reasonable amount in back in my salary of which I am also very pleased with

Very helpful.

Information was clear and concise. I was able to complete the process quickly and confidently with the over phone support. I was very satisfied with the excellent service I received.


Late transfer of my wages to my bank

Waited a week for the wages to go through to pay/buy food for the family. Long wait on the phone. Disappointed!! Very frustrated and stressful to wait. Still waiting waiting!!

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This is the 3rd fortnight that smart salary has not released my wages to my bank in a timely manner. This is causing my family exreme financial and emotional stress. This has also cost me hundreds of dollars with interest charged on my mortgage account for late payments. I spoke to someone on friday by the name of Lachlan. He seemed to not understand nor have any empathy that people live week by week, and we desperately look forward to getting paid so we may look after our family. Its been 6 days again that smart salary have been withholding my pay, he stated that he will transfer the monies on April Monday 29, which did happen. It's very disappointing that I wasn't able to provide care to my family like I would like. I feel that this will not change in the future and I will have no other alternative but to raise this issue with the union representative and get some legal advice.

Frustrating as being remote was never told i could claim another 9,000 on top the the normal cap.

Have alot of trouble navigating around the web site. Then when i ring for assistance get told that it can be done on web site, prime example i am registered to have my rego done every year. However when i sent it in this year they paid me instead of the registration so i paid it.

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Hi Geniene, Thank you kindly for your feedback and I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties navigating the website. I can confirm you have two options regarding registration. The first option which you have chosen, is to submit a claim for reimbursement under the E-claims tab. The second option if you are enrolled in the Registration Renewal Program, you can submit your documentation under ‘My Benefit’ and then select the dropdown tab ‘My Vehicle’ and ‘My Registration’ to request Smartsalary to pay directly on your behalf. Please be mindful we need to receive your renewal documentation 10 days prior to the renewal date. If you have any other questions or continue having difficulties with the website, please feel free to send through a private message with your account details or contact our call centre on 1300 476 278 and we will be happy to assist you further. Kind Regards The Smartsalary Team

Consistent and transparent

Smart salary - say what they do and do what they say. If I have to make changes with my packaging they are accessible and I have found their responses timely and helpful.

Very helpful

Efficient and friendly, always answer queries promptly, keep me posted with any new issues that are useful. Website is easy to use,and the staff are always helpful, and answer questions quickly.

Great service

Very convenient and quick. Most claims can be submitted online and even the ones that quire signature can be sent through email. A comprehensive set of documentation is offered via their website. Overall, great experience!

Friendly customer service

You get friendly customer service and they explain things clearly to you but when I resigned from my job, it took them about 4 months to return the remaining funds. I had to call three times to check whether the funds were released. They all told me 'we will release it today' but never did. Hence why it took 4 months. Other than that, great!

Very worthwhile

Always helpful, polite and happy to guide, advise you on your individual
requirements. Very well informed staff, always happy to help. I would recommend using this service to my colleagues in a heartbeat.

Wonderful 'post deal' service!

The people I have dealt with throughout this process have always been professional and very helpful. They have been able to answer all my questions in a timely and friendly manner.

Always there to help

This is my second lease and have had a farely good run with both vehicles. My transition from one vehicle to the next was easy. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

Excellent products

My recent interactions with the Smartsalary personal was very good with a positive outcome. The staff are always very helpful, knowledgeable and do their job to the best of their ability.

very good

Friendly staff. Always up to date. We don,t need long waiting to contact. Managing fee is reasonable. I can recommended my friends always Always helpful to the customers. Thanks for the opportunity.

Professional , pleasant - efficient

Every time I’ve consulted Smartsalary for clarification of packaging issues , to alter my package or introduce variations to it, consultants have been well informed , helpful and quick to expedite changes I’m impressed with the competence , rapid response and professionalism of the agency

Needs more transparency...and long queues for phone calls

This was my first experience of salary sacrifice to superannuation this way, previous employers have just been able to do it for me (with no fees for me to pay) but my current employer, a large Melbourne public hospital, only permits it to be done via Smartsalary. It was reasonably easy to set up, but I was surprised to find a fee charged for my transactions, since this was not mentioned at any point by the people presenting the scheme to new employees, nor by hospital payroll, nor on the website, literature or by anyone I spoke to on the phone during my several enquiries. OK, so there is a catch! A small one, but it all adds up over time, and I was able to perform this task cost-free previously. Hmmm...
Then I was advised to set up a fringe benefits tax cap system, which took a few more phone calls for me to understand how it works. I set up three payments for the end of the previous FBT year as one-offs, and again was surprised to find fees charged which no-one had mentioned, more substantial this time. However the tax savings offset them, so not such a problem, just wish someone made this clear in the several conversations which were had.
That’s another problem: each time I have phoned (approx 6 in 4 months) the wait to get through has been long...on hold for more than 30 mins once!
What then annoyed me further was that this scheme was set up as an ongoing concern for the next FBT year without me ever having been made aware that this would happen, nor with my permission. I cancelled it as it was not suitable for me, since it would have resulted in Smartsalary retaining a substantial part of my salary and me having no immediate means of claiming it back. When I cancelled it I was told in response that ‘it was automatically set up’ after my one-off payments. Shame they never told me at the time...
All in all, probably a good thing providing you are aware of exactly what you are doing and all the associated charges. Read your statements so you know what they are charging you!
I wish they were more transparent up front, rather than presenting it as an easy thing to do, when there actually are a few hidden catches!

Hi there Jen, thanks for your review. Sorry to hear that you feel our fees and charges weren't clearly explained to you. Our fees are made clear, both on our website, and in the confirmation emails that we send when we setup your account. We have, however, passed your feedback on to our Field Sales team, as it's definitely a good idea to make people aware of fees that they may be obligated to pay when setting up with Smartsalary. In regards to the ongoing payments, our default setup will always be to continue your packaging arrangements at the current rate, unless advised otherwise. This ensures that you make the appropriate tax-savings, without having to think about whether your package is setup or not. We sincerely appreciate your feedback, and if there is anything we can do to assist with your packaging arrangements, please don't hesitate to reach out via private message here, or by contacting our team on 1300 476 278. Kind regards, Simon - The Smartsalary Team.Thank you Simon. My point is that no-one told me BEFORE I set up the tax cap transactions that there would be a fee - only when I received the confirmation report was it made known to me. This annoyed me and I almost cancelled the arrangement at that stage but decided to proceed regardless. For my superannuation packaging, the confirmation email makes no mention at all of fees. I can forward it to you if you like. I really don’t like feeling trapped this way. I strongly believe that assuming a one-off arrangement is to continue without permission is disingenuous, especially when it may definitely not be in the customer’s best interests. I’m disappointed by my experience and would recommend Smartsalary to others only with caution.

Awesome customer service!

From the moment I started the process of leasing a car, the smart lease team has been very helpful and friendly. Initially, I was uncertain of the steps in leasing a car, and everything was explained to me in a way that made perfect sense. I would definitely recommend smart leasing to my friends.

Perfect job!

I am very happy for the way that they help me to solve it out as well as explanation any concerns. Quick responding after a first phone call to answering of my questioning to find out something news coming up.

Good service

I have had excellent service. Only left as I retired. However, still waiting for residual payout. That may be an employer issue though. All service requests were managed efficiently. Thank you.

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I would like a Caltex fuel card please.
1 answer
Hi Peter, Could you please send through a private message with your account number, DOB and address for us to be able to access your account. Thank you kindly.

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