Loud cracks and pops

Ok, this fridge looks amazing, I don't have it long, 4 weeks maybe but it's good on the inside too. However, It has been making the loud cracking noises others have mentioned and this worries me. The fridge was not cheap, so i really hope there's nothing wrong with it but at the same time, the noises are actually very loud

Date PurchasedMay 2008

Ticking loud noise from the back of the fridge

I bought my Smeg FAB28 just 3 weeks ago. Few days ago, all of the sudden it got this ticking and clicking loud noise coming from the back of the fridge when the compressor is on. I have checked the user manual handbook of possibilities of noise but it doesn’t seem to be the one that cause the problem. Please advise.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Dear Lina, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and telephone contact details. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve CullenThanks Steve. Will do

Loud cracking noises

In the last month my FAB has started making LOUD cracking noises. Enough to make me jump each time. The fridge seems to run warm and the the freezer is quick to ice up. But I love the look of it, just not functioning as well as my last fridge

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Dear Steph, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and telephone contact details. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

beautiful, not perfect

such a pretty thing, but functionality wise not optimal. the freezer is very small, and the fridge it self has proved to be quite unreliable. The plastic compartments inside are not of the kind of quality it is fair to expect of an expensive fridge. However, it looks great, and i do not regret the purchase

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Funky but freezer section tiny

This is all about aesthetic. Looks super cool, but funtion wise isn't fab. Freezer box is small, but to be fair with such a cool looking fridge who cares about that ! I love mine and will probably upgrade to different colours every few years to keep the kitchen look fresh

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very disappointed

Like many on here I had always had my heart set on a Fab. Mainly because of the retro look to be honest. I do love the look of it but find problems that I have never encountered with other products. One of the glass shelves just shattered one day. A replacement was quoted from Smeg at £150/160. All of the internal plastic is of a poor quality. The veg drawer in mine is almost shattered, needs very careful handling. The seal around the door has also started to perish. I don't have any mechanical issues. To be fair the issues mention only appeared after a couple of years. However, I have had other fridges, freezers for years and NONE of them gave me these problems. Given the cost of the Fab I had expected better. Would not recommend buying.

Date PurchasedAug 2010

Was on my Wishlist for Years ... purchased as my Retirement Present ... Stress of Complaining Husb

Fridge ( Ruby Rose is her name ) is beyond Beautiful .
We hit trouble December 2014 when she was just a couple of months old as she ran Hot not Cold , had a repairman sent out by SMEG who proceeded to repair unfortunately he did not realise the model parts had changed and broke the interior side wall . Of course he had to come back with parts and repaired our Fab new Fridge ....
Time marched on , Fridge still not cold ,lowest Temp was 8 to 11 deg, food was spoiling with dial set on maximum ( specially Veges ) , Husband (who was a Chef) called CSD again and asked for a Technician to review , Smeg sent the same Repair man back and whilst He did agree ( privately to my Husband) that it was running warmer than it should , He could find nothing wrong with it Technically and reported back to SMEG all OK .
We carried on for awhile but no improvement , Husband called CSD again where they told him as there was nothing wrong with our Fridge re : Repair mans report they could do nothing for us , when we insisted on Service under Warranty we were told they could arrange another call out however it would have to be at our cost ... can u Believe it !!.
We were disgusted , I was ashamed , we had the beloved Fridge , had to live with her and we have until now , no option as SMEG did not care .
We moved to Cairns FNQ from Sydney in August 2016 , as we have to store more things in the Refrigerator up here “Ruby Rose “ AKA Smeg cannot cope and not able to maintain cold enough Temperatures , last Saturday after weeks of Stressful debates We purchased a 540 Ltr Westinghouse to replace her with , I now have a happier Husband however he still checks her Temperatures daily as usual .
Ruby Rose now sits in the dining room beside the Buffett and is utilised as a Cold Pantry ( I can’t bear to part with her ) .
I am now debating if I should contact Smeg as I bought a 3 year Customer Care Plan , and see if she can be serviced ... Will report back if I do .

Date PurchasedSep 2014
Dear Babs, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details and also any history details on the service. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve CullenWill do .Thank You . Babs** 2017 New Year Update ** Further to Steve’s contact I am delighted to say the issue with my Beautiful Smeg Refrigerator has been resolved , we have had 2 visits from a Service person and this month he replaced a part and She is working well and maintaining the desired Temperature. i can’t speak more highly of Steve and his attention to the matter and am entirely Relieved and Happy with the outcome . Wishing All ... Many Years of Happiness with their SMEG products . Sincerely Babs

Dissapointed they can't make a beautiful fridge functional

Despite knowing that this fridge was not self-defrosting I bought it anyway as I loved the retro styling. I now realise this was the wrong decision. The freezer is tiny & frost builds up quickly. In my frustration I decided to defrost with a chisel [totally dumb of me] & made a tiny hole in the freezer [it's plastic lining]. I have been told the whole fridge is completely unrepairable, which sounds ridiculous, but true. I was at my wits end as this fridge was not cheap! I bought a westinghouse instead & it's so much better even though it's still small - it has all the mod cons you would expect from a brand new fridge like self-defrosting, a proper crisper and an ice maker. Those details, I now realise are very important to me.

Beautiful retro look, but full of faults

My new Smeg fridge was replaced, as the door seal was faulty and left a gap at the top of the door, preventing fridge from keeping contents at correct temperature. The replacement fridge has the same problem with the seal. Butter placed in the top compartment melted and dripped through the fridge. I was told that Smeg fridges are designed to have a gap in the door seal, otherwise it would be too difficult to open the fridge door. Other fault - the light does not go off when the door is closed - the light can be seen through the gap in the door seal, and the door squeaks when being opened or closed. I am disappointed to find these faults, as had thought Smeg fridges were meant to be of a high standard?

Lovely to look at but cannot be repaired!

My fridge of this model looks beautiful but has a sick heart. I have had it now for 4 years, after a year it started to freeze up. Now it only freezes the freezer compartment th rest of the fridge just fills with condensation. The technician said it will cost $1000 to repair 'probably a gas issue' and that he could not guarantee that it would work after that. It's a shame!

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Hi Anne... we agree your fridge is beautiful !! Please contact us direct at service@smeg.com.au and mark your email to the attention of Lesley, can you please include your address, name of agent, the model of the fridge as well as a contact telephone number... we need to get your fridge better asap !!

Looks great but doesn't work!

I bought this fridge after years of admiring the look but am regretting the decision after a year of owning. The ice box is constantly freezing over, food either gets icy (near the back) or not cold at all (near the front). Everything is wet from condensation all the time. Anything in cardboard, milk etc is soaking. It's quiet because there is no internal fan, and it's the internal fan that keeps food at a low even temperature. The "self-defrosting" feature consists of the ice box dripping down the back of the fridge into a collection area at the bottom. I thought that it was faulty but I had a technician come out and look and he said that this was how it is supposed to work. Maybe the FAB32 is better because the freezer is on the bottom. There must be other retro looking fridges that work better than this!

Good looking, but incompetent

The two stars are for looks alone...I had this fridge for 9 years and had lots of problems- it constantly froze up at the back of the fridge so we could only use the front of the shelves; the freezer compartment was tiny and was constantly filling with ice (I suppose we didn't defrost it enough, but even so the ice build up was crazy); the compressor failed after less than a year so had to replace the whole fridge (luckily still under warranty...though customer service was not great, they originally sent me a USED fridge as a replacement, and only when I complained did they say that it was just a temporary replacement and that they'd send me a new one...and all of these fridges had the same problems with icing up at the back). Was never really big enough, even for just two people. However, it did look great in our kitchen & people always commented on how cute it was...basically it was like the hot person at the office who you really wish was better at his/her job.

I love my Smeg Fab 28's...both of them!

Whilst the FAB28 is not the most practical refrigerator in terms of capacity or ease of storage, I still love my two pink fridges! They have given me no trouble so far, they refrigerate and freeze food perfectly and they add a wow factor to my kitchen! The wow factor compensates for any little inconveniences!
If a food item accidently comes in contact with the back wall of the fridge, it does not freeze it solid as happens with some other brands. Eye candy...I love the colour and the retro shape!
The doors squeak when opened if there is weight in them! They are incredibly expensive!

Very Poor

Continual problems with freezer. Ice builds up very quickly on door so constantly defrosting. The plastic covers over cheese etc break very easily. Performs basically for what is a reputed high quality brand. Would not recommend this fridge in any shape or form. LIke having a crank handle on a porsche.
Looks good
Function poor

Questions & Answers

Can you reverse the door?
1 answer
Hi Sue, Yes, it is possible, but you would have to buy a new door. Regards, Smeg Tech Support

Can somebody tell me how to stop my 4 month old retro look smeg upside down model fridge, from getting condensation in the crisper. Everything goes off , soggy . So disappointed as my old fridge was so much better
1 answer
Hi Karen Wallis smith, Sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing with your fridge. We would suggest to set the fridge temperature to 3°C for optimum storage. If you see no improvement after changing the temperature, please contact our service department to organise one of our technicians to check the fridge. Regards Smeg

Hi, I have had my smeg fab28 for a number of years now so it is well out of warranty. I was wondering if you can help me. The two plastic door shelves are very fragile and keep falling down if any weight at all is put on them. I've been to get them replaced once but they're broken again. I put one of them on the very bottom so it is held up by the bottom contour of the door. The other I basically leave empty but whenever I have a house guest or family visit they put a few things on it and down it comes all over them. What do you recommend? Regards, Janet. Earlwood Sydney.
1 answer
Hi Janet. Of the various problems I encountered with my Smeg fab28 fridges, the shelves on the door were not included. Though, given your experience, possibly something to look out for as time goes by. When searching on-line for information about Smeg fridges, I came across references to some businesses having spare parts, though the main focus was on replacement seals. I would suggest getting in touch with the Smeg service centre, who might have, or be able to get, replacement shelves. For example, when my first Smeg fab 28 was taken away and replaced with my second fridge, I was told the fridge would be used for spare parts - it had all the shelves and drawers inside, near new, as the fridge was less than 12 months old. Good luck.


Retro Style FAB28LAZ1 (256L, Mint, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LBV3 (256L, Black Velvet, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LV1 (256L, Green, Left door)Retro Style FAB28RAU1 (256L, Australia, Right door)Retro Style FAB28RBL1 (256L, Blue, Left door)Retro Style FAB28RBV3 (256L, Black Velvet, Right door)Retro Style FAB28RPA1 (256L, Cream, Right door)Retro Style FAB28RG1 (256L, Yellow, Right door)Retro Style FAB28RV1 (256L, Green, Right door)Retro Style FAB28RDMC (256L, Multicolour, Right Door)Retro Style FAB28LNE1 (256L, Black, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LB1 (256L, White, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LX1 (256L, Silver, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LR1 (256L, Red, Left door)Retro Style FAB28LAU1 (256L, Australia, Left door)Retro Style FAB28RB1 (256L, White, Left door)Retro Style FAB28RRA1 (256L, Red, Right door)Retro Style FAB28ASR1 (256L, Stainless Steel, Right door)Retro Style FAB28LP1 (256L, Cream, Left Door)Retro Style FAB28RAZ1 (256L, Blue, Right Door)
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Energy Rating3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars3.5Stars
Fridge Capacity222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L222L
Freezer Capacity26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L26L
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