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Absolute overpriced rubbish

Purchased a $17 water bottle for my 6 year old daughter. At around 5th week of school the plastic spout started to peel and deteriorate. 2 weeks later she dropped it and it cracked on the bottom causing it to leak. It didnt even last one term! My son has had plastic bottles last one year at half the price. Never again!!! Not happy!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Spritz bottle

My daughter worked chores and saved up for a water bottle. At $26 that's a lot of chores, but hey she worked for it so I said she can get what she wants. Lasted 5 days, the spray mechanism died. She's devastated, and I don't have a receipt to change it. I'd love to say that's a hard lesson learnt, but gee, I can't help but feel really bad for her.

Product Quality

The customer service at Smiggle is the reason I prefer to online shop

My son was given a gift voucher for his birthday in December and during the Boxing Day sale attempted to use it at Smiggle Southland. The EFTPOS was offline at Southland so we were told to go their Brighton store (it was closed). A few days later when we were able to get to the Brighton store, they wouldn't honor the discount we should have received on Boxing Day. I wrote a complaint email on the 4th Jan, no one ever responded despite the customer service team following up twice (they weren't helpful either).

Today received a reply from the Regional Manager blaming Smiggles incompetent internal processes that she didn't have my email address. (Hasn't changed in the 7.5 weeks since I wrote the original email) No offer of a resolution or actually offering the difference around the discount.

The item I purchased has since broken.
The quality team who manufacture these products must be as well trained as the Smiggle team in customer service.

I've provided feedback directly to Smiggle, if my kids are gifted a voucher for Smiggle in the future I would return it without hesitation and if there was an option for zero stars I would give it.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Smiggle Squishies - expensive and bad quality

I bought the Catpuccino squishy, because - cat and coffee... who wouldn't. It looked adorable, was soft and slow rising and was lightly coffee-ish fragranced. Trouble was after a few squishes - and hey squishies are meant to be, well, squished, the paint started peeling. I will have to repaint it.

Expensive, bad quality

Fast shipping

Online purchases were straight forward but you have to make sure you read the discounts properly as some dont apply to certain products.. pricey overall and you pay for the colours and 'brand' but quality is pretty average. Kids love it so we try to buy items that wont break straight away like diaries to write/draw in.

Cheap rubbish!

I have bought two kids drink bottles from Smiggle and they are such bad quality (yet ridiculously expensive!)
Both were useless within 2 months. One which was a week old was dropped whilst walking out of school and cracked. Who makes drink bottles for children that aren’t durable? The others hard plastic straw split in half and had to be thrown out. I will not spend any more money on these drink bottles, better off going to Kmart for $5 and get better quality!

Waste of Money! No value!

Unfortunately my kids like Smiggles products. So I purchased 2 watches, smelly felts, wrist band & school bag. After 24hours ...The Front of the watch falls off often! the watch stops working! The pencil case the felts came in has fallen apart after 7 days and very little use. The school bag threads apart. So it is all poorly made! With a high mark up price! The same value a a cheap $2 or Reject Shop product but 10 times the price.
We wont shop there again.

Leaky drink bottle

$27 for a drink bottle that Leaks. I see sooo many complaints with the same issue now. Why are they still being sold?

Terrible smell in BRAND NEW water bottle

Noticed terrible smell with brand new water bottle when used by my daughter for 1-2 days.
She had tummy ache for 3 days... which could be because of water from this bottle.
Took bottle back to store, staff apologised and refunded.
Checked with another parent who bought same bottle, they too noticed same issue (unfortunately they have lost receipt)
I think this product should be recalled as it is very very unsafe for kids.
Trust me I couldn't swallow half a sip of water when my daughter returned from school with full leftover bottle of water.
You trust a branded product when spending $23 for a just a water bottle....!!

Love Smiggle

I think I have better customer service with smiggle online than I do instore. Always quick with shipment and everything is always perfectly wrapped, the customer service help line is always quick with questions and helpful, where as in store, the customer service is nonexistent, rude and unhelpful, I’m not sure how some people get a job in retail, honestly hence why I give smiggle the 3 star rating, perhaps they would have better luck hiring college students rather than grumpy middle aged woman.

Squishies are expensive but crap

Bought a squishy for my daughter. They are more expensive than everywhere else so i thought they would be goof quality but they are worse than the cheap ones.
Fell ripped off

Disappointed :-(

I spent 153 dollars and two things broke in two mins and the n clock was already broken upon opening I'm disgusted

Great sale, not so good service.

Great selection of sale items during the online Click Frenzy. I had some issues with Afterpay which left me having to pay for shipping which was quite frustrating. Before i checked out i had joined the VIP program hoping to use the advertised discount on items that werent on sale but i didn't receive one. I enquired iinto the matter via the website, and it took nearly a week to get a rather rude and abrupt reply. The Scratch Reward Chart is great, it's been the only one she has stuck with.

Online Purchases

Ordered last week and have had no notice of parcel being sent, despite reassurance from their customer service team. Have noticed instore product quality has also dropped significantly.

Great Doncaster

Fantastic people and service at Doncaster always with a smile and go over and above to solve issues. We had a faulty lamp and it was quickly rectified; big thanks to the team there, top recommendation

Don't waste your money.

I know these are cheap but they sure are nasty! They hurt my daughters ears & don't work on her really iPad. Threw them out!

Drink bottles not worth it

My daughter was given a new water bottle for Christmas. It was dropped once outside her classroom and the bottom cracked. We replaced it with a another smiggle water bottle And that lastest one day at kindy before coming home leaking with a crack at the bottom. I feel drink bottles need to be able to withstand a small knock similar to a young child dropping their school bag on the ground. I will not be replacing this with another smiggle product.

Children’s drink bottle -not worth the money

We were gifted with a brand new child’s water bottle for school. It did not last the month. Last week the end broke off and yesterday the bottle cracked. Such a shame when all our other “a lot cheaper” kids bottles have lasted for 4 years wear and tear. Will not be recommending unfortunately.

Terrible drink bottles

We purchased 2 drink bottles for xmas from Smiggle and both were terrible to drink from. The straws made alot of noise but hardly any liquid could be sucked up. Both my husband and myself pulled them apart to try and fix them but still no luck. Very disappointed and both in the bin.

Smuggle drink bottle not good at all

We purchased a Smigel drink bottle for my three-year-old daughter for Christmas. She was always trying to tip the bottle up and we kept telling her that you don’t need to do that because it had a straw connected to the mouthpiece however unfortunately when we tried to use it ourselves it was almost impossible to suck anything out of it. It is now in the bin because it is absolutely useless. You would think they would have tested this prior to putting it on the shelves.

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There is no way to clean the mouthpiece on the water bottle. This is a mould haven. How do you clean it? We have the spritz water bottle and all I see is bacteria!
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the Smiggle spritz water bottle can be placed in a Dishwasher, but that doesn't mean the mouth piece gets properly cleaned. I threw the wter bottle away after a month or so as I felt it couldn't be cleaned properly

How do you get the mould out from the mouth piece please? Cannot take it apart and after paying 45.00 au I think this is a major health problem?
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