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Snap Fitness QLD

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Take money from your bank whenever they feel like it

Snap Fitness Ormeau. They take their monthly fee every two weeks. That’s fine. Lately they have been helping themselves though. They are taking an additional $22.90 each fortnight from bank without authority. Been trying to get them to put a stop to it for over a week. Block walls. Can only talk to staff at the gym. They refuse to give a phone number of the owner or a business address or in fact any contact details. All they say is that they have informed management. They told me it is happening to a lot of people. But nothing is being done. I have had absolutely no contact from management despite phoning the gym and asking every single day. I now have to contact Office of Fair Trading to get my money back.

Disappointed and totally let down!!

Very disappointed. I was sent a text to renew last week. So I decided to go back. Text [name removed] that I was more than happy to join if she would wave the $59.95 charge to reactivate the access card. I did tell her that I had lost it at the time. She agreed after confirming my details to reactivate free of charge. When I got to the gym she changed her mind and said I needed to pay unless I could find it. Not wanting any issues I said I would go back and look for it but remember the offer for a free access card was offered. I got home and couldn’t find it, called to advise but no reply. Called the following day - no reply reply and left a message. The voicemail said they were going to a conference but were checking messages and would get back if urgent. Rang the next day left another message. No reply. I really wanted to start training over the long weekend. Then I got a reply from [name removed] to say she could ask [name removed] to try and find a a second hand card for $30 but I wouldn’t get it until Tuesday as [name removed] would only be there from 9am to 12pm. At this point I was pretty annoyed so she suggested (and I have the messages) that I wait at the door and get a current member to let me in. Isn’t that against protocol and the member can be fined? I would not put anyone in that position. I have been trying to contact the gym since 9am this morning via text and phone calls with no reply to either and no message bank today? So nearly a week down, no access card and no response to my issue. I’m not asking for much.... I just want to get into to gym I signed up to - to train!! At this point I have no idea how I’m supposed to use my membership!! Not impressed at all.

Value for Money

They didn't even bother to activate my access card.

Went and signed up at Snap Nerang 3 days back, followed by an attempted visit to a Brisbane location the following day - only to discover that my access card had not even been activated. Stood outside trying to swipe the card like an idiot for 10 minutes, then attempted to solve online by calling, but Snap has no national customer service (at all) over the weekend. Have just been back to the Nerang location and it turns out my sign up form was not even processed, and had been sitting in a draw for the past 3 days. It was even the franchise owner that took my details in the first place. Very disappointing to have my time wasted like that, and not surprised to see the extreme abundance of 1 star reviews across the internet for Snap as a whole.

Snap Beaudesert absolute Crap

I'm Canceling my Snap Beaudesert membership for and not limited to the following reasons.
I've had trouble getting into the gym with my card from day 1, and other Snap gyms which has never been fixed. The Calf raise machine was broken for 10 weeks then taken away, it is not being replaced says the manager. In general a lot of the equipment is damaged and or broken, and the manager doesn't care. There is filth everywhere in the gym, blood was on the toilet seat for 5 days, let alone the dirty sock which was on the floor for 4 days before another member removed it to the bin. In general the gym is always filthy. I am tired of seeing other members not use towels on the machines while I have to wipe up their sweat on my towel before I use them. I am tired of having to put away or move other members weights from the bars because they are too lazy to re-rack them after use. There may as well be no aircon in the gym, as it is never cool enough particularly when the gym is busy. I have raised these issues and others with the female manager but no action has been taken by her from what I have seen. I would never recommend this Gym to anyone, and I am leaving to join the other local gym which doesn't have these issues.

Value for Money

snap North Mackay a total rip off

I was on month to month with Snap fitness Mackay. I decided to cancel and rang them to do so. The person who answered said I needed to put it in writing so I asked for the email to do so. I emailed and requested my membership be cancelled. They emailed me a form to fill out. I believe I did fill out this form and return it but 6 months later they are still charging me. So I emailed again stating the cancelation should have occurred. As I cant prove I emailed them the form they have cancelled my membership but will not pay me back the 6 months worth of payments they have taken.
I have never attended the gym since cancelling and have not had any correspondence from this gym since cancelling so I was under the impression that it had occurred. I feel totally ripped off by them as they did get my request in writing and this should be enough even if the form I emailed back failed somehow.
I just wish I had of read all the reviews from other people who have been ripped off by snap fitness before I joined. I will ensure every person I know gets told exactly what this company is like so to ensure they don't make the same mistake.

Value for Money

Joining gym

Not impressed with snap at North Mackay, went to join today (Saturday) checked their website it said close at 12pm, got there at 11am and the worker was walking out and said sorry we are closed due to shift change. The hours sign on the door said 1pm. Not really impressed at all as I was keen to join and to get started on my journey. I personally believe the hours should not change due to shift change that just sound silly. You have set hours for a reason so stick to them. Maybe post on Facebook that you are closing early so you don't get people's hopes up!

Value for Money

Absolute Failure

The gym provided me a key card that does not allow access. I allowed four weeks before I cancelled, yet they keep charging for a service I could never use. Maybe the equipment is good. I couldn't say.

Value for Money

snap crap flagstone

have injury so manager said no worries we wont start you till doctor says your all good to go. so signed up for the 10 dollar fee only to have $240 taken out of my account for no reason and trying to get it back is nonsense went in and was told it was for swipe card and i paid for someone else's membership WTH they haven't even given me a swipe card still waiting for refund .you know this place is dodgy when there is no contact numbers.next stop cop shop to make a complaint then a call to ACA.

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