Very grateful!

Having started my plant based journey a year ago, I found it a struggle to stay healthy in conjunction with full time work. Soulara has honestly ticked all the boxes for healthy, easy and delicious meals! I am so impressed! Would only love larger meal plan options. Thank you!

Value for Money
Timely DeliveryYes
Meal Plan(s)18 Meals per Week

Just what I have always wanted...

.... a healthy meal delivery service that is genuinely healthy and nutritious and properly yummy at great value. I'm not usually one for reviews but I am totally impressed and loving Soulara. I have tried various ways to stay healthy especially when I am crazy busy at work and getting home really late, I've never found anything that has been up to the standard I've wanted until I tried Soulara. Thank you for being well thought out, understanding that healthy and nutritious plant based doesn't mean average tasting or dull and repetitive. And thank you for the affordability so I can keep getting it.

Best food delivery service I have tried

This food delivery service is the best out there by far. Better than any other I have tried - and I have tried most of them! Seamless ordering process and delivery, food is delicious and I am losing those last few stubborn kilos effortlessly! I am so happy! Never thought a plant-based diet could be so satisfying. Thanks Soulara.

Can't wait for each meal!

Am on my second week of being a vegan thanks to Soulara and I couldn't be more thrilled.I have given the majority of the meals a rating of 5 stars and am trying as many of the meals as possible - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At first I was left feeling a bit hungry but after about 7-10 days my stomach seems to be used to it and it is no longer an issue. Losing a couple of kilos is an added bonus to what has overall been a fantastic experience.

Couldn’t wait for my next order to arrive

I have been wanting to try Soulara for quite some time and I placed my very first order two weeks ago. I wish to have ordered it earlier. The food tastes nothing like plant-based, they are so delicious and fresh. Can’t wait for my next order.

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Hi Sara, It's great to hear that we were able to surprise you with our meals! Hopefully we can keep exceeding your expectations into the future :) Thanks for the review! Cheers, Soulara Team

Taste far better for plant-based meals

I am super excitedly to start my plant-based journey. I received my first order last week and I am already feeling so much better than usual. I have more energy and I don’t feel bloated after eating. If this is what eating plant-based is always like, then I am a total convert.

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Hi Rena, Thanks for taking those first steps with us Rena! Hopefully we can keep you eating plant based and healthy meals for a long time to come! Cheers, Soulara Team

Really enjoying the meals

I’ve been really enjoying this season of detox meals. I’ve stuck to eating Soulara all through the Christmas and New Year period and so far I’ve felt so great. It’s so nice having a healthy option at my fingertips and the bliss balls have been a lifesaver on long driving trips.

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Hi Hannah, Thanks, we'll pass on your sentiments to our team of chefs and nutritionists! It's always great to have a healthy option to keep you eating well throughout the silly season :) Cheers, Soulara Team

Fantastic choice

I've tried several meal plans but they never worked for me. Soulara is fantastic. No lock in contracts, no frozen food, and the best part is that the meals actually taste good. It's expensive, but totally worth it when trying to get or stay fit and healthy. Definitely recommended.

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Hi Lucia, We try to keep our plans as flexible as possible and ensure our customers are only receiving the highest quality and freshest food we can provide! Thanks for the recommend! Cheers, Soulara Team

Best decision ever!

First order received today and we are already obsessed from the packaging & delivery to the flavours. I couldn't ask for more!! we love you soulara you have forever customers in us!

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Hi Sarah, Great to hear! Hopefully we can keep you coming back for more! Cheers, Soulara Team

Soulara helps me eat healthy

I decided to try Soulara because it had gotten to a point where I’d become really unhealthy with my eating and lifestyle habits and enough was enough. I didn’t actually expect or plan to lose weight - I just wanted to feel better and have more energy but losing a couple of kilos from the meals was a nice little side effect along with all that :)

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Hi Judy, Thanks for the review! It's great to know we've been able to help you eat a bit healthier and get your new year started right :) Cheers, Soulara Team

The Dreamscape Espresso Balls is my favourite

I just place another order for my Detox meals. Yay!!!! I really love the Dreamscape Espresso Balls, I’m trying to drink less coffee but I’ve been failing miserably. Eating these balls gives me the taste without me having to buy a coffee so I guess that’s helping right? Haha!

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Hi Sach, The coffee fix is always a tempting one, and it's great to hear we've been able to alleviate yours! Thanks for taking the time to write us a review :) Cheers, Soulara Team

Serious game changer for my busy life- food for my SOUL

I have tried several meal delivery services and meal prepped for years but nothing is close to Soulara. This is me feeling the need to spread the word after just coming back from a night shift at a busy public hospital(finished off night 7/7,13 hr shifts each). Needless to say when I say I do not have time to cook some days, I really don't. This has lead to so much stress over the years about meal prepping and eating healthy.
Until I found Soulara. It is literally food for my soul. Not only is it convenient as hell, it is extremely nutritious and tasty. The foods are usually to be eaten within the week and trust me they do not taste non fresh even on the 7th day. My gut health has improved, I am more energetic and less bloated. The variety is so amazing that anyone can find something suited to their taste. They are filling, most of them are low calorie and all of them are delicious.
No more anxiety around what to eat at work and great for nights when you cannot cook.

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Hi Jenny, Thanks for the letting us know your experiences with Soulara! We're humbled to know that we've helped you help others in your daily work, and help take off some of the stress around eating with those long shifts. Hopefully we can keep you eating nutritional fresh food for a long time yet! Cheers, Soulara Team

Love em

Just divine! I love the Bali Bliss Gado Gado. I could eat that every day! I had to pause for a couple weeks when I was in between jobs and I hated not having Soulara within reach. I take it every day to work and have converted a few of my friends as well.

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Hi Yana, Thanks so much for letting your friends know about Soulara! It's great to know we're able to give you the energy you need for a busy day at the office :) Cheers, Soulara Team

Absolutely loving Soulara meals

I couldn't not write a quick review because I have been absolutely loving eating Soulara for the past 2 weeks. I actually get excited at every meal and everything has been crazy delicious! I'm in love!

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Hi Renee, Thanks for letting us know how you feel! We're so happy to hear that your excited for each of our meals, we'll certainly be passing this onto the kitchen! Cheers, Soulara Team

The food is so delicious

I’ve been loving the brain-power menu. The food has been so delicious and I’ve enjoyed finding out about how I can enhance cognitive function through what I eat. I’ve been ordering food from meal delivery companies for years but I’ve never felt “healthy” eating the food. With Soulara, I definitely feel like I’m making better choices with what I eat, and it’s even made me more aware when I go out to eat at restaurants.

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Hi Jayleen, Thanks for taking the time to write us a review! I'll pass on your kind words to our nutritionists and chefs, as I know they work hard to create foods that not only are good for you, but can help about the positive benefits of specific foods :) Cheers, Soulara Team

Very impressed.

Being a Chef myself I don't want to cook when I get home!. It's nice having ready made healthy meals there for me when I get home from work. I'm a very picky eater but really enjoyed the meals. They're full of flavour, I'm looking forward to getting some every week.
Thank you Soulora :).

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Hi Lauren, It is always a pleasure to receive such high praise from our customer and I cannot wait to share this with our kitchen team. Every bits of encouragement motivates us to be better. We will definitely keep up with the good work and hope to bring out more delicious and healthy meals in the new year. Cheers, Soulara Team

Quality, Tasty & Enjoyable! Highly Recommend :D

Hi friends, usually I am not one to give a five star review unless it's well earned, but in this case it was. I grabbed 15 meals from Soulara and to be honest they were the best meals I have tasted through a meal delivery service. Here's why.. They are full of real flavoursome recipes with quality ingredients. They taste yummy and I am eating foods that I would never pick on my own. My stomach feels flatter and my body is responding well to the food. I am really happy with the quality I received. The packaging was vacuum sealed, and a decent size so I felt very full eating through my different meals. I had thought that if I cut out meat I would feel hungry but it was quite the opposite. So, if you are seeking a plant based diet that has great options and quality food then I highly recommend trying this company. I will order through this company again :P Yummy

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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to write us this valued review, I'll be sure to pass them onto our kitchen team! It's great to know that we've been able to attain your high standards with our meals, and we hope to satisfy for a long time to come! Cheers, Soulara Team

Girlfriend got me into this!

My girlfriend has been complaining about the lack of veggies I eat, so she's been sending me off to work with these soulara meals and I can really say that I'm not mad about it! I thought they'd be pretty gross as most of these pre-packaged meal services are, but soulara has been surprisingly fresh and filling. I'm also noticing an improvement in my energy levels by the end of the day!

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Hi Eeeejjjjj, That is so thoughtful and considerate of your girlfriend and most importantly we are thrilled to hear that you like our meals. As all of our meals are designed and tested by our team of experienced nutritionists and chefs to provide the best nutritional factors. You will notice more positive changes as you continue to incorporate our meals into your daily diet and we hope to keep you longer with our newly introduced meals. With regards, Soulara Team

The Best meal plan to help new vegans!

Soulara has been the perfect meal plan service to help me transition into a vegan diet! I'm not too familiar with veganism, so it's really hard for me to come up with inventive and tasty meals, not to mention home cooking with mostly veggies can get pretty expensive. So Soulara has solved most of my problems so far :)

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Hi Ellie, That is so great to hear that we can assist you on this and take some of the hassle out for you on your transition to a vegan diet. Cheers, Soulara Team

The food is yummy

The biggest thing I like about Soulara is how “unvegan” it is. I know it is all plant-based, but it doesn’t taste like any other vegan meals I’ve had - even at vegan restaurants. I’m not vegan but I try not to eat animal products where I can, and Soulara makes it so easy and so delicious that I haven’t eaten meat in over 3 weeks. I’m rather proud of myself!

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Hi Emily, Thank you so much for your review and we always aim to provide the best possible meals to our supporters at Soulara. Our chefs and the whole kitchen team would be off the roof to hear such high praise from you and we are proud to introduce you to delicious plant-based meals. Cheers, Soulara Team

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Questions & Answers

I have noticed that there are literally dozens of suspiciously over zealous, over positive, over written reviews of this product and all reviewers have one thing in common ...... they are all first time reviewers. I smell false positive reviews. Such a pity there's no way productreview.com.au can filter out the bogus reviews done by fake positive review accounts. It's just so obvious what Soulara are doing to bump up their star rating on here. I'm about to try the food for convenience but I'm really disappointed to see fake reviews and this has made me suspicious of the company. Is there anybody out there with more than 20 reviews, who has not just started up their account in 2019 who can give me HONEST, GENUINE feedback on this food and the company ????????
No answers

Have just got my first delivery. I'm using this service primarily for weight loss. I would love to hear from people who have had success losing weight on the Soulara foods.
1 answer
Hi there, I didn't monitor my weight while eating Soulara. Although I can say that I felt fuller for longer because eating healthy food filled me up quickly. I was actually surprised because I thought I may get hungry at times, but I couldn't finish my meals at times which shocked me. I believe if you eat right your body wont look for other food later, and so their meals sustain you. What I learned was meat is not the only food that fills you and keeps you energised. Hope this helps :) take care xx

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