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Spectra Dew 350 Hospital Grade Double Electric

Spectra Dew 350 Hospital Grade Double Electric

4.7 from 136 reviews

Good machine

I don’t have anything to compare it to but I would say it’s fairly quiet. Easy to clean the bottles and parts. Comes with some spare parts in the box. Easy to use - on/off and suction power dial. Would be good to be able to select the breast shield size when ordering,

Hi JGE, thanks so much for sharing your experience of the Spectra Dew 350. It absolutely is a very quiet pump. :) Did you need any help from us working out shield sizing? If so, please feel free to shoot us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au as we can help you figure out which might be the best fit for you. Best Georgie Spectra teamIt would have been good to be able to choose the size when purchasing the pump so that I don’t need to spend more money and a set of shields here that don’t fit

Best by Far

With my first I went through 5 different electric pumps before giving up. When my second came along i did a lot of research and purchased the DEW directly from spectra. It arrived within 24 hours and was a dream to use. I used it daily for an entire year. The machine is quiet and comfortable. The dial allows you to really adjust the strength of suction perfectly to suit yourself. I have to say Spectra also have great customer service. I accidentally broke one of the tubing parts. When I called them to buy a replacement part they sent me two new ones free of charge within two days. I now have my third child who is 12 weeks old and am using the DEW again. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a pump.

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Hi Steff, thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Dew 350. We also love how quiet it is compared to most pumps, especially being a hospital grade pump. Let us know if we are able to help with anything at all moving forward. Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

Excellent Pump

This is a great pump. I had low supply when my lo was 4 months old and I wad able to user this machibe to help boost my supply. I now take to work 3 times a week and pump for bub, I can express a 150ml bottle for her in 15 mins. Would definitely recommend it.

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Hi Amanda, thanks so much for sharing your review of the Dew 350. ;) That is awesome that you were able to boost your supply and use it at work to express bottles for your little one in such a short time! Please let us know if we can help with anything else moving forward. :) Best Georgie Spectra Team

Better Product

I used medela for my first child and this product for my second. I can say that this is better than the first one. I find this more comfortable and easier to use. I have used this for a few months before switching to formula. Had I not used this before, it could have been only a few weeks before I lose milk supply.

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Hi Myles, thanks so much for leaving a review of the Dew 350. I am so pleased you have had a great experience using it, and it helped you to breastfeed longer than you would have without it. Please let us know if ever we can help with anything else. Best Georgie Spectra team

The best pump wver

This pump is the best pump compare to other brand. It saes my sanity. Easy to use, quiet pump which works perfect when use at night. Have different levels of suction. Easy to clean. The only negative is it doesn't have the let down options. Big style and power operated.

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Hi Maria, thanks so much for your review of the Dew 350. It is a nice quiet easy to use strong hospital grade pump, isn't it? To help out with let downs, make sure you are massaging and compressing when pumping, as that will help you get more milk out, and make it easier to have a let down. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Great product and value for money

This pump is great. It is competitively priced and is of good quality.
It is comfortable to use, with soft sounds. It is not huge in size and is solidly built. Suction is great and good enough to pump both breasts at the same time.
It is easy to clean and maintain, and parts are available readily online. Definitely recommend this to all the pumpers out there!

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Hi Marvo, thanks so much for your review of the Dew 350. I am pleased to hear you have enjoyed it so much. It really is a very effective pump with the strongest suction strength on the market, gentle at the same time, and you are right about the noise being low! Let us know if we can help with anything else at all. Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Love, Love, Love!!!!

When my son was born he refused to latch so I ended up pumping 12 times a day. For 10 weeks I used a Closer to Nature single pump (the noise still haunts me). One day I was browsing Groupon when I saw an add for the Spectra pumps. I was close to throwing in the towel so decided I had nothing to lose so bought one.

First of all I received it within 3 days of ordering! And OH MY GOODNESS the sound- non- existent! It was such a relief to hear the whisper of the Dew! Immediately my enthusiasm for pumping was back and I lasted for another 6 months until I could physically pump no more. It is comfortable to use and I could do it hands free with the right bra. I continued to use it between 8-10 times a day and my pumping time went from an hour each session (with the Closer to Nature one) to around 15 minutes for my breasts to empty.

Was super easy to clean and quick, easy and cheap to replace spare parts- the website and customer service are great!

This unit is amazing for the price and I will 100% be using it when I have my second in a few months.

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Hi Kristy - wow, I'm so pleased to hear you LOVED your Dew! Its an awesome pump. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We know how busy Mums get, so we really appreciate when people take the time :-) If we can help with anything at all when you get your pump out for your next baby, let us know. Best of luck for the rest of the pregnancy, and the birth! Alli Spectra Team

Great pump!

I didn't pump often during my breastfeeding journey, but when I did, this pump made everything so much easier. Other pumps were really painful, loud and barely got anything out and the Spectra Dew was the complete opposite. It was really comfortable and easy to use, it doesn't make that terrible sound most pumps make and I was able to get almost a full bottle of milk out. Definitely worth investing in one!

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Hi there! We are so pleased to hear you found the Dew 350 fabulous. It is a great, strong, and simple pump to use, and quite popular amongst new Mums. If we can ever assist in any way, please let us know. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

Great pump for the price

I recently purchased this breast pump after using a single tommee tippee pump and it's been great. I think the only improvement would be including information about breast shield sizing. I need to purchase a different size as the standard size is too big but I didn't realise this until I did some of my own research. Otherwise it's been fantastic and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're need to pump several + times a day.

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Hi Ash, Thanks so much for leaving us a review on the Dew 350. We are pleased that you have found it so good. The Dew is fabulous for pumping several times a day. We hear you on the shield sizing information - we've been working hard to get more information on shield sizing onto our website. Around a month ago we got this post up on our blog: https://spectra-baby.com.au/breastshield-sizing-guide/ If we can ever assist in the future please let us know. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

Really works hard

My wife has tried a few of the other brands and this one seems to work the best for her. There are so many on the market and hard to make a decision, but I am glad that I was able to get the double pump. And I love the pink colour for our girl

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Hey Brent, Thanks for leaving a review - we are so pleased your wife is finding the Dew really helpful. If we can ever help or you have questions, please let us know! Warm regards Alli Spectra team

The best pump I've used

I bought this pump from Groupon after being verified by Spectra as a genuine deal. It is the best pump I have used. I use the single and double pump feature and it gets so much milk in 10-15 mins.

After using other brand double pumps I was worried that it would lose suction when using it as a double but it doesn't. It's very comfortable to use and I've never hurt from using it. You can adjust the suction on it to suit your needs.

It's very easy to set up and to use it. I just leave it in the one place and set the suction strength i want and flick the switch to turn it on. I have used it a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks.

I got the pink one and it's been a talking point with a few visitors as it looks like a boob!

Customer service at Spectra has been great so far as I had some enquiries about the pump before I bought it and they got back to me straight away.

One thing I did find odd was the instruction manual because there are spelling mistakes throughout so it looks a tad unprofessional but that obviously doesn't take away from this awesome breast pump.

I also recommend that you ensure the suction is set to minimum or the amount you want before using it incase someone turns the knob to the maximum suction without you knowing as you might get a painful surprise if you're not used to that much suction!

I definitely recommend this pump.

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Hi Ree, Thanks for leaving us a review about your new Dew 350 pump. We are thrilled to hear you love it. And yes, it does kind of look like a giant boob! We are sorry to hear that you found the manual was a little under par. It is translated from the original Korean and so isn't the best to a native english speaker. We are working on an updated version that we hope to have online very soon. If we can ever help at all, please feel free to get in touch at any time. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

cheap and good quality

It is much more quiet then my other pump and I'm getting more milk out per pump then when i use my single, battery operated pump (not hospital grade). The bottles that comes with it are fine for my bub too. For the price of the pump I was very happy with my purchase as it is good quality and easy to use. Other pumps on the market are way too expensive.

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Hi Sian, Thanks for leaving us a review! So pleased to hear you are finding the Dew really good for you. Its a fabulous pump, strong and powerful. If you ever need any help or have questions please feel free to contact our Customer Support team, we are always happy to help. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team


I struggled with pumping breast milk. I could barely get anything out. There was nothing wrong with my supply either. I purchased the Spectra Dew because I had heard terrific things about their breast pumps, and I'm so glad I did! It worked amazingly. It's comfortable, doesn't hurt my nipples and it's not too loud like some other pumps.

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Hi Tayla, Thanks so much for sending through your review of the Dew 350. Its great to hear you love it, and that you find it comfortable. There is nothing worse than pumping and being uncomfortable - not good for anyone supply if its painful while pumping. If we can ever assist in the future please get in touch at any time. We are always happy to help. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

Great! Never feel painful

So comfortable to use. I tried the other brand before, it is so painful when sucking. This pump will never feel painful, and it is quick to pump. There is no noisy sound. Bottles are big enough, easy to wash and feed. can be used from new born to 1-2 years old.

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Hi Luyin, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review :-) The Dew 350 has nice strong suction, making it a great pump for quick yet comfortable pumping. Glad you love it. If we can ever assist at all, please let us know. Warm regards, Alli Spectra Team

For the price of single pump now you can buy this double pump!

This pump I would recommend to anyone!Price is the best on the market for double pump and quality! It's so quiet to use and suction is adjustable. I think it's the best investment for having a newborn if you are determined to breastfeeding your bub. It's also handy to come with all the attachments, including freeze milk bags. So easy to use, just connect, turn on. When you finished with it, just removed tubes and wash. I used to hire breast pump from pharmacy $80/month. Not only the price, but also very noisy and auction is too strong.
Love this product.

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Hi Yuqi, We are really happy to hear you love your Dew 350. Its always been a popular pump, its nice and strong and comfortable, plus easy to use. If we can help you at any time, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks so much for leaving a review! Warm regards, Alli Spectra Team

not great!

I started off with a lower grade breast pump and switched to this one. i started off with a 24mm shield and then tried a 28mm shield and they are both awful. I only get around 20 ml from both my breasts. I find I have to stop every few minuets to change the position of my nipple otherwise it stops drawing milk. My little one is 2 months and I use to express a minimum of 60ml with a different lower grade breast pump. so I know it is not my milk supply as I breast feed the baby still and she falls asleep full after feeds.
I wouldn't recommend it

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Hi Dilini, Thanks for leaving a review on the Dew 350. I'm sorry to hear you have been disappointed by the effectiveness of the pump. You mention you have tried a few different shield sizes, and are still having trouble getting a good fit. Could you message us via our website or our Facebook page, as we would love to help you to overcome these problems. Most Mums find the pump itself fabulous, but shield fit can make a huge difference, and it can be tricky to get the right fit. Our Customer Service Team have lots of experience helping with this - please email us support@spectra-baby.com.au so we can help you too :-) Kind regards Alli Spectra Team

Amazing pump and excellent value

Used this pump 4 years ago for 12 months almost everyday and have used it almost everyday for the past 3 months with my 2nd child and it's still going strong! It's very efficient at draining my breasts quickly, relatively comfy and not too noisy. I have not used the double pump function so cannot comment on that. I would recommend this pump to anyone due to its ease of use, effectiveness and affordability. I paid $201 for pump, bottles and delivery in 2012 from a company called sweet beats and it's been worth every cent.

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Hi Mrs Norbo, Thanks so much for taking the time to send a review :-) Really pleased to hear you are loving your pump, and its still going strong for your 2nd baby, 4 years later! Fantastic. :-) You can contact us anytime if you need support. Kindly, Alli Spectra Team

Fantastic pump!!

After using several manual pumps with my first child and spending hours pumping and getting hand cramps I decided to buy an electric pump for my second child. After much research I came across the Spectra Dew and couldn't be happier. My pump arrived 24 hours after purchasing and it does the job in a quarter of the time it took my old manual pumps. It is super quiet and comfortable to use, very easy to clean and I highly recommend it and would use again for any future children.

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Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for taking the time to review our pump. The Dew is such a great pump - nice and quiet and super effective. I'm glad you find it comfortable and it arrived quickly for you! If we can ever help with anything - you know where we are. Kind Regards, Alli Spectra Team

love it.

I'm really happy with the spectra dew 350--it's straightforward to use, gives me a good output, and the reduced risk of contamination of the tubes is fantastic! The only thing I would change are the connectors (rather wish it was inbuilt into the design-- they're easy to lose), and the flanges (would be fantastic if they automatically came with two flange sizes instead of one standard dize-- search youtube for guides on how to select the right side flanges for yourself-- DIYbreastfeeding gives a great guide). Flange size can make a huge difference to comfort (your nipples should be in the centre of the flanges) and output. The lactation consultant at my hospital also recommended it

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Hi Li-ann - we are thrilled to hear you love the Dew 350! It is one of our most popular pumps due to its ease of use :-) The connectors are little but are part of the design that keep it a closed hygienic system - we agree it would be nice if they could be attached, but having them washable is important to keep that liquid gold as pure as possible :-) We are always around to help with shield fit - like you say - its vital. You can always email us at support@spectra-baby.com.au for help with fit or get your flange size checked by a professional (lactation consultant or midwife). Kind Regards, Alli Spectra Team

Best breast pump ever!

The spectra dew 350 is very comfortable for use and been using this for more than 4 months. No issues with pumps. All the spare accessories are available and they are easy to clean and maintain. The spectra bottles that come with this is so lovely. My little one uses spectra. I would definitely recommend this product for friends and would buy again in future.

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Hi Shob, Thanks so much for your feedback and review. We are really pleased to hear you love the Dew 350. Glad you love the bottles, we think they are great too :-) Warm Regards, Alli Spectra Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi I bought my Spectra 350 in August and have used it every day since, I exclusively pump so it gets a lot of use! I double pump and have always found its been great. Last night I turned it on to pump and found the suction to be reduced, I checked that I didn't have any damage in my valves (which were recently replaced), no damage in the tubes, made sure all parts were secured. Ive thoroughly checked the pump and all parts but can find no reason. If I close off the second hole and only do single pump it gives me my usual level of suction (this applies to both holes as I checked that both were sucking normally) and plugged in both of my kits to see if one was faulty in some way but both work perfectly on their own. I've never had reduced suction when double pumping before, it's decreased so much that I get hardly any milk coming out and barely feel the suction. Please help as I really rely on this machine to feed my daughter :( thank you in advance.
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PUMP FIXED! I had a friend look inside the machine and the arm that moves the piston was bent ever so slightly so the disc inside the tube wasn't totally sealed causing a small amount of air to escape, he fitted a small washer and bent the arm straight again and now it sucks like it's new again!

Has anyone else experienced their Spectra Dew suddenly no longer suck? It was fine yesterday, I cleaned the parts and went to use it now but no suction. The machine is pumping, there is air in the tubes but no change in suction when I move the dial, even to maximum makes no difference. I've tried different tubes, valves, everything but nothing is fixing it. Thanks.
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Nope. Sounds like a dodgy machine - I’d try exchange itHi JHS, thanks for checking in about this. :) I would encourage you to shoot us a message at support@spectra-baby.com.au as 95% of the time, suction issues are able to be corrected with some adjustments to your shield kit. :) I will keep an eye out for your message so we can get this resolved for you. Best Georgie Spectra team

Does this lose suction when used as a double pump or is suction the se as when you use it as a single?
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Hey Ree! The suction drops slightly when used as a double compared to single, but this pump has very strong suction, not many mamas are using it on the max suction level, and therefore would just turn suction up slightly when double pumping compared with single pumping. Please send us an email if you have any more questions! Claire Spectra Team

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