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Spectra M1 Portable

Spectra M1 Portable

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Love it

It is really easy to use. I have been using this machine for 10 months already. Very easy to clean and maintain. It very light, so it easy for me to carry when i'm going out. If i have second one, i wil use this product again. I definitely recommened this product. Very resonable price

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Hi Ivan, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your M1. :) We are proud of how light and portable it is, and so simple to use too. I am glad you found this to be the case as well! Please let us know if we can help with anything at all. :) Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

perfect pump

I found this pump is amazing.
Easy to clean and with closed tubing no need to worry about sharing.
Have tried other pumps but they did not work as well.
Different levels makes it easy to choose your comfort level.
Small and light so easy to travel with.
Would highly recommend.

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Hi Sam, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your M1 pump. :) It's great to hear that the M1 has been so great for you, we also love how small and light it is too - it is perfect for travel! Please let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping! :) Best Georgie Spectra Team


Great pump. So easy to use. So easy to clean. Easily transportable and not too many parts. The only thing I don’t like are the attachments can come off fairly easily and we nearly lost a bit due to this. Otherwise it’s great and would recommend this product to people.

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Hi Rachael, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with the M1. :) I am sorry to hear about the attachments coming off a little more easily than you would like. If you shoot us a message at support@spectra-baby.com.au and let us know which parts that is happening with, we might have some suggestions to help with that. Sometimes it indicates the parts are needing replacing too. I will keep an eye out for your message to see if we can help you further with this. Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

Really happy I got this, good price too

Actually, my pump died after five months but the warranty was so good I'm still happy with my purchase - the motor went and I was and a loan pump like the next day while they fixed mine, and they did that in like a week!!

Use the machine three times or more a week, works as intended and is quick too. Mostly use it plugged in at the moment but happy it has portable option.

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Hi Kenobi, thanks so much for taking the time to leave your review of your pump! I am so pleased we were able to help you out when you had a problem with yours in a way that didn't create any disruption to your pumping routine. That two year warranty is very helpful for sure! Let us know if we can help with anything at all moving forward. Best Georgie Spectra team

Love my breast pump!

This breast pump is great! It’s really easy to use, very comfortable. Being portable means I can take it out with me if I know I’ll need to pump and although it can be a bit awkward I can move around the house if needed while pumping also. I find it really easy to keep clean as well.

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Hi Jasmine, thanks so much for your review of the M1. I am so pleased to hear you have found it so easy to use and move around with! Let us know if we are able to help with anything at all. Happy pumping. Best georgie Spectra team

No complaints at all - a great pump

I purchased a couple of months ago before my daughter was born - have been using since she was a couple of weeks old for occasional pumping, once every couple of days. Super easy to use and clean. Works really well and the battery seems to last for ages, I rarely have to plug it in to recharge. All in all a great buy, would definitely recommend!

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Hi Natalie, thanks so much for your review of the M1! Your review is a great summary of the pump. :) Please let us know if we are able to help with anything at all. Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Wonderful pump

Very efficient pump! I had the pump for 4 months now and it has helped with my milk supply. It is light, quiet and portable. The cost is much less than Medela it Avent. I love also how easy the parts can be cleaned and assembled. It is also easy to get spare parts from the website so there is always clean Breastshields to use. You can also get spare bottles from avent which fits perfectly with the pump! I would recommend this pump to anyone.

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Hi Nance - thanks for leaving a review on the M1 pump :-) We are super happy to hear that you are loving the pump, and find it easy to get parts as well as keep them clean and assemble them. If we can help with anything at all, please feel free to sing out! We are always around to help out. Best, Alli Spectra Team

Amazing service - easy to use on the go

I was given this by one of my mummy friends. It’s super simple to use and stays charged for ages. All the bits are easy to use and clean. Can get a decent 120 mls from both boobs in about 2.5mins. The only thing I would add is something to hold the express pumps to the breast so I don’t have to hold them up, but otherwise wouldn’t change a thing. Fantastic online support service if you need help.

Hi Jules, Thanks for leaving us a review on the M1 pump. It is a great little pump, so easy to carry with you with its compact size. If you are looking for something to hold the shields so you can be a little more hands free, you can take a look at a pumping bra. We don't stock them ourselves, but there are quite a few out there. Some Mums even make their own by cutting some slits into a crop top :-) If we can help at any time, please just give us a shout. Warm regards Alli Spectra TeamOooh great suggestion - thanks Alli!

Powerful portable double breast pump

The Spectra M1 does the job and is relatively quiet. Obviously the S1 and S2 are the best sellers in this brand, but this one is very efficient and portable. Highly recommended double electric pump from a reputable company. Great for using at work, on the run or at home.

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Hi Jules, Thanks for shooting through a review of the M1 - its great to hear you love it! You are right, our S1 and S2 pumps are our best sellers, but the good old M1 is a solid performer. Plenty of Mums love its compact size. If we can ever help out with anything, or you have questions, please feel free to get in touch. Warm regards, Alli Spectra Team


I did heaps of research for my wife in regards to breast pumps and the customer service from these guys was great. Couldn't fault them. No issues with recommending this product. We found this better than the initial Medela one which we were loaned at the beginning. It's pretty quiet which was a definite plus!

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Hi Andrew, Thanks so much for popping a review up for us! We are really really thrilled that you and your wife love your M1. Its a great little pump. Your feedback about our Customer Service Team is very kind - we do our best for all our customers - its what we are all about, helping Mums! If you ever need any help in the future, please feel free to give us a shout. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

Not as good as S2

We have both the M1 which we bought directly when there was a 20% sale and our friends S2. From using both we reckon the S2 is way better. Well atleast my wife reckons she gets more milk out of the S2 than the M1. Now if you really want portability then you need to get the M1.. It has a battery.. does a good job anyways.. but if you plan to sit at home most of the time S2 beats the M1...

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Hi Numbs, Thanks for leaving a review on the M1. It is a great portable, personal grade, pump. Its size makes it so easy to transport. A fab little on the go pump! The S2 is our hospital grade pump, and has some extra settings so you are totally right in saying that will be perfect for home use, and will likely extract a bit more milk. If we can ever help at all, please feel free to get in touch. Warm regards Alli Spectra Team

Perfect Mobile Pump!

I used the Spectra M1 portable pump for 8 months of exclusive pumping during working hours, and it has since been borrowed by two of my friends to use while pumping and traveling. It's compact, quiet and can double pump without losing any suction or effectiveness. I highly recommend this pump to anyone looking for a pump that is easy to travel with or take to work. The battery life was perfect for my needs and always far exceeded my expectations. The spectra sales reps are incredibly good as assisting in any way they can. An excellent experience from the moment of purchase onwards!

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Hey Mellybelly, thanks so much for an outstanding review! It's awesome to hear that you had a great experience not just with our products but with our service too :) If there's anything else we can help you with please be sure to get back in touch. Warm regards Claire Spectra Team

Fantastic pump!

I've had 2 prem babies and had to exclusively pump for the first few months for both... my M1 has been fantastic. Portable, reliable, quiet... better than the hospital pumps. My Spectra pump has been a good friend to me for 3 years now without ever missing a beat. Love it!

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Hi AJ, Thanks for taking the time to pop up a review of the M1. Wow - super impressed that you have used your pump to exclusively pump for both your prem bubs! Generally we've recommend a hospital grade (S1 or S2) for that job - nice work! You must be a milk making machine :-) PS - love that profile pic - your bubba looks sooo gorgeous all wrapped up and snuggled in like that. Kind regards, Alli Spectra Team

Awesome pump

I've owned three breast pumps, one Medela, one Ameda and now this Spectra M1. The Spectra is my favourite by a country mile. I love how comfortable it is to use, I especially love that it's portable and I don't have to pump next to a power outlet, it pumps effectively, it's so easy to use, I love the hygiene aspects that not all pumps (even expensive ones) have, it's nice and quiet, I honestly can't fault it. I put off pumping this time around because I hated it so much last time, just wish I'd had one of these earlier in my breastfeeding career.

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Hi Leafy, Hey, we are so thrilled for you. The M1 is an awesome little pump, so pleased to hear you love it! If you need any help in future, just give us a shout, we are on Facebook, or phone or customer support email :-) Kind regards, Alli Spectra Team

Spectra M1 - 5 Stars!!!

Great price
Great customer service
Excellent suction and life expectancy
Affordable extra parts including turning a single to a double for $30
As a first time mum this pump is amazing. Highly recommend

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Wow this is such awesome feedback! Thanks so much Nikita, we are so thrilled to hear you love your pump. Please be sure to shout out if you have any further questions. Warm regards Claire Spectra Team

My first Spectra pump

I used Medela with my first and found it very uncomfortable. A friend recommended Spectra and the M1 is not uncomfortable at all. It is very compact, portable and easy to assemble. It will be the pump i bring to work, I have just ordered the S1 as well during the sale because I'd like to have a pump at home. I cant wait to try that.

So easy, effective & quiet.

I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago and was a bit unsure what I needed in a pump. But for being s first time mum this pump has been perfect. Really easy to use, doesn't hurt and expressed lots in a short amount of time. Love it. Wouldn't buy anything else.

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Hey Aneta! Thanks so much for your review - we are thrilled that you love your pump!! Have a beautiful week. Claire Spectra Team

best nursing purchase i have made!

the brand didn't cheat my expectations! in maternity i used a professional Medela but it was way too expensive to buy it at home. Spectra was by far my choice. the price, the characteristics, accesibility, the design make it for me the best pump at the moment. i couldn't breasfeed without its help.

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This is such an amazing outcome Alina. We love to hear when mums' breastfeeding journeys are prolonged with thanks to our awesome range of pumps :) Congratulations on your bub and all the best! Please let us know if we can help you any further x Claire Spectra Team

you get what you pay for

I purchased this pump at a baby expo at an awesome price whilst pregnant with my second child. I expressed with another brand of single electric pump (the yellow one!) with my first son to boost my supply after he was born due to breastfeeding difficulties. This time, I was certain I wanted a double pump to save me half the time. I decided on the M1 because its portable, it has a rechargeable battery (so no plugging and unplugging or being tied down to a chair whilst expressing) plus it could be either a single or a double pump and it was half the price of a single electric pump by other brands. I have found the double pump function to be great and I love not having to plug it in every time I use it. I also love I can use wide neck bottles using the adaptors you can purchase. I seem to get as much milk using this pump as I did my other one. The only con that I see is that there's no ability to adjust the suction without changing the speed. That would be the only improvement I could suggest. At times I have found the minimum speed on the pump still to be a little bit strong for me, but it does have a massage/let down mode that you can use.
Unfortunately though this pump is not the quality Id hope for. My original was replaced after under year by spectra because it stopped charging. Spectras service was good. However my new pump which I received only six months ago also has a charging problem and spectra has told me that despite the fact they now offer a 2 year warranty on this pump, in 2013 they did not and therefore I don't get a two year warranty. Im really disappointed I expected better from them.
Value for money, portable, rechargeable pump.
No ability to adjust suction strength without speed.

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Hi there Melissa It's really disappointing to read this. If you would like to discuss your claim further (which I understand has now been settled), please feel free to contact me at support@spectra-baby.com.au and we can discuss it. Spectra offers a generous 2 year warranty on all pumps - this warranty was previously 1 year but we upgraded this, and we continue to offer outstanding support on all products purchased from us. We hope that you are pleased with the resolution you were offered. Claire Spectra Team

Beautiful design, very portable and effective

We ordered the M1 on recommendation from a friend. It's a beautifully designed pump, very portable and effective. The build quality is also great.

Hard to imagine this sleek and tiny device can perform a double pump function but it works well. The back flow filter also effectively stops moisture from entering the tubes and pump itself unlike the Medela Symphony my wife used in hospital.

You need to order it online but delivery was prompt.

Only feedback is that the standard issue teats are a little fast flowing for a newborn.

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Hi there :) thanks so much for your review - we are thrilled to hear that you bought your pump based on a friend's recommendation, and that you love it too! I'm going to pass on your feedback about the teats to the manufacturer also - this is the first of it's kind I've received so it's really valuable, thank you! Kind regards Claire Spectra Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm using Spectra M1 close to 2 years and changed motor once. Recently, i notice that the suction pressure has weaken. Could you please advise a possible caused? I hope replacing the parts will solve the problem as I love this pump very much.
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Hi Celine, Thanks for reaching out about your M1. It is a fabulous pump, and such a great size. Usually we find that when suction starts to reduce it is an indication that the shield set parts need replacing. Usually the valves and membranes need to replaced every 3 - 4 months (more frequently if you are exclusively expressing) and the backflow protectors every 6 months. I would definitely replace those parts and am confident that will solve your problem. If you still have any worries after replacing your parts, then please get in contact with our Customer Support team and we will be happy to do further troubleshooting with you. We are on Facebook, so you can message us anytime, or use our email or phone number. Kind regards, Alli Spectra Team


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