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St George Car finance

St George Car finance

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Rip off merchants

Never again will we be using st George again.
Never got any kind of statements always had to call them for balances.
Payed loan off early then to be told by st George we owe $436 to close account.
Total rip off merchants
People look elsewhere please.

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate

We were charged obscene interest amounting to over 3 K when we took out a pay no repayments for 1 year car loan

In January 2015 we purchased a new Holden Trax SUV and were enticed into a make no repayments for first year car loan with St George Automotive Finance. We had no access to any statements online or via post for that first year. We decided to sell our 2nd car in November 2015 and then pay off the Trax loan in January 2016. It was only in January 2016 that we found that we were charged obscene interest weekly over that 2015 year that amounted to over $3000.
There was no honesty in our dealings with St George Automotive Finance and if we knew that we were paying this interest during the first year, we would have looked elsewhere for a loan in the first place.

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Loan Start DateJanuary 2015
Car ModelHolden Trax TJ

They’ll tow your car away if you miss a payment

3 missed car payments over 6 years - instead of contacting me they towed my car away to auction off at Pickles car auction. St George did not link my new contact details so they had old details. Worst company ever to deal with. It’s illegal to tow someone’s car without leaving any details which they also didn’t do. I thought my car had been stolen. One missed payment and you’ll find your car at the auctions !!

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate

Would give 0 if i could - HORRIBLE

I will never, ever recommend this thieving company to anyone. They FORCED me into getting finance on a car threatening that if i didn't go ahead with it, they would destroy my credit file, mind you i was only a 19 year old trainee on less then $500.00 a week JUST looking at the options.
The car i received was a lemon, completely written off within a month of getting it, couldn't even drive it, No one helped me when i was paying for NOTHING. They forced me to pay hundreds per week to "settle" the loan using threats. All they do is threaten and threaten. HORRIBLE! Ill be so glad when this is done in a couple of weeks, im putting myself by giving them my entire wages for the next month to settle the loan just to be done with it.

Listen to these reviews - STAY AWAY

I got a broker to look after my loan payment, however he even missed the hidden fees.
No statements - online system is a joke
Ridiculous payout fees
Cant increase payments higher, lower, date.
The most ridged loan... Stay away-stay away- stay away!!!!!!!!!!


Have had nothing but constant issues since day 1 with St George, and still ongoing!

Now this isn't just from a one off bad experience, this is EVERY experience we have had with St George, on a regular basis.

Appalling customer service, rude & careless.
Dodgy & overcharge. Ridiculously high interest rates
Hidden fees & charges that they don't tell you about
Always making mistakes
Poorly managed
NEVER call back when they say they will
Made huge mistakes with our account, then had the nerve to blame us and then refuse to admit it
Always putting the blame on someone else
Overcharged & ripped us off on numerous occasions
Took money from us, without our authorisation

Will NEVER use St George again
Will NEVER recommend St George to anyone
Have nothing but negative things to say about this company.

DISGUSTED is an understatement.

Never Again

I’ve found St George to be a rip off and in partnership with the automotive dealer which did not make the agreement clear on purchase date. The rate of 14% was not shown & the surprise $5.95 admin fee per month is not a service whatsoever. Never ever ever again will I ever use this company or service.
Also I have requested to refinance the loan and extend the loan to make the repayments lower (in which they will still receive the same amount) but they won’t refinance if the loan amount is higher than the value of the car. Not user friendly and as above definitely not recommended. Bring on the way Tesla operates and sells there cars.

Horrible, worse experience ever

Do not recommend to any one, call centres in overseas don't know what they talk...take forever for loan never ending. Worse banking experience ever. Don't even think about st George. They really need to say sorry to me what they done.

No flexibility

Worst experience I have ever had! Can't change payments to weekly, you can however stop direct debits and transfer money in weekly but they won't tell you the payments as financial months vary from 4-5 weeks and if you pay too much you get slugged with an early payout fee as well.

Ripped off

We had vehicle finance 5 yr loan csr unhelpful, asked for statement never received. Asked for financial hardship declined & never sent letter of never called when payment didn't go through no letters or emails confirmation gave no other payment arrangement nor assistance to refinance discussing never ever recommend to anybody hidden fees & charges sent repo several times added & added to hardship then not knowing about balloon repayment untill 4yrs later still owing 43000 + interest car value 50000- 2014 & ripped sneaky lying .. off my daughter same way Suttons home bush & no car place will buy back car with balloon repayment or tradein ripped off today we voluntarily surrender car after 250.00 weekly x 4 yrs should own car bye now.
I asked for letter in writing of no other options for repayment we will see if we get it unlikely will be submitting to ombudsmen financial services.
Payment offer repayments were 1800.00 fortnightly discusting unreasonable will not be paying off bankruptsy only way to go!

worst service I have ever received, wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy

have had a car loan with them for 5 years have called on multiple occasions asking for a statement. yet to receive one, updated my details (married) provided marriage cert lost and never got updated. wanted to pay my loan out early and wanted to charge me $300 so said I'd wait called to close it today to be told I didn't have a 5 year loan but apparently a 6 year loan and that my pay put would be the same as what I had left to Ow. why should I be paying extra for a service I'm not getting. absolutely appalling service and when ever I call they dig the whole deeper. wouldn't recommend this to anyone.


I thought i had paid my car loan off yesterday thinking it had been a long 5 years to be told when i phoned to confirm that oh you missed a payment 5 years ago so now you owe us 1 more payment plus interest on 5 years. You people are a joke as a bank i never received a letter from you stating i had missed one... have a look at my payment history. Oh and by the way you did the same to my daughter last week with the same story!! It might help if you put court instead of ave or road as the customer service if that's what you call them read out!


Had a loan sorted with another bank, St George rep at the caryard had a good sales pitch, 2% less interest rates than the loan I was with so I switched to them instead.
Completely skipped the part where if you paid the loan off early you were hit with every bit of interest you might save by paying early, which was hidden in tiny writing in the contract which is couched in lawyer worthy language.
Huge hidden fees.
Their internet system is useless.
Never going through them again.

The worst bank ever!!!! Do not go with them

I am happy to say that I am finally paying out my car loan with this pathetic bank and taking my business somewhere else. I have put up with them for 3 long years and in that time I have found the to be completely useless in their customer service. The amount I have to pay to close the loan is also an excessive amount but it will be worth it to know I never have to speak with them again. They show no flexibility whatsoever in their dealings with me as a customer; I couldn't even change my payments to fortnight payments instead of the initial weekly installments. I was also told that the only way I could get my ex of the loan was for him to die or pay an astronomic amount to close the account. I was young and naive when I got the loan and have learnt a lot from my dealings with this bank. Do yourself a favour now and don't make the same mistake I did.


Don't even deserve one star, go with another provider they are rude don't let you pay in advance without paying a huge fee to do so (i only wanted to pay 1 payment ahead but it would have cost me another $286 to pay $190 ahead) these guys suck.

Hidden fees and dodgy accounting

I recently refinanced my car loan because the interest rate was cheaper for me. Upon paying out the loan, I discovered all the extra fees, which the car dealer who set up the finance option for me had conveniently and hurriedly glossed over for me - exorbitant establishment fees, dealership fees and, worst, a fee that I apparently pay every single time I make a payment. Fancy that - Let's charge you a fee to make a payment. Being young and naive, I let myself be manipulated by the dealer. It's very sneaky and dishonest. Calling up to clarify these things doesn't actually clarify anything, either. In fact, I must admit, I felt more confused after calling, questioning the possibility of a refund (as I was listed on the statement) and being treated by an idiot.

On the topic of the statement, these are difficult to understand, and don't seem particularly accurate. I pay the same amount every single week, without fail, and I somehow manage to go into arrears. With the payout, the list some unknown refund and then take it all back with incomprehensible fees, that happen to work out to exactly the same amount as the listed refund.

It just makes no sense to me.

But now I must say, good riddance and never again will I have any dealings with St George bank. I've lost far too much money because of them already. .

Service Team are wonderful! Customers are just ret*rded.

I have never had a problem with the service team.
I guarantee it's just people don't read their contracts before signing.

Obviously repeat business is not a priority!

Poorly structured online account details and rubbish customer service. Lost paperwork / no records of calls (we kept copies), no file notes taken during phone calls. Now we are trying to pay the account out, they make this even harder! Never again...

Ruined My Credit File And Lied

So after having a car that I owned outright for 9 years, I decided to upgrade to a newer car. We went through a car yard broker who used St George auto finance. No problems. Approved. Fast forward 2 months and my husband has a terrible accident that renders him unable to work for 2 months and involved intensive physiotherapy and rest. So after a month, I contact St George after reading "We understand unexpected things happen in life, were here to help"... biggest mistake of my life. I contacted them and they were great on the phone, understood our predicament and told me to call then when my husband returned to work. (which he did 4 weeks later). Payments recommenced and we ended up selling our car V8 as we purchased a camper trailer and needed a 4x4 to tow it. The loan was paid out on the V8 and we walked away with nothing after early termination fees and charges had been added. I then applied for finance on a 4x4 which was declined because St George told the finance company that our loan was POOR... So after a massive complaint to St George, they informed me that by putting loan payments on hold whilst you are sick or injured constitutes hardship (no papers signed...nothing) and affects your capacity to borrow in the future. So a big thanks to St George bank for misleading information, and now I no longer have a motor vehicle for the first time in 22 years because you have ruined my credit file because my husband was injured for 4 weeks.

Don’t finance with this company

I financed a vehicle in may 2015 through st George auto finance, I am a young male (23) and work very hard for my money. The dealership I bought the car off said they would organise the finance for me because I didn’t know how to. I thought I was getting myself a good deal because it was a brand new car and all, so I expected low rates and to be looked after by the company, I was eager to get the car and just signed the papers and didn’t know what I was getting myself into, anyway I’m paying roughly 12.8% on a new car over 7 years and I feel like I’ve been robbed. After doing research after getting the loan I found out imb do new car finance at about 5%! How greedy of st George. They’ve ruined my finances and caused me hardship (running cost insurance etc)

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Questions & Answers

What happens if your car is insured and you have 12 months payments to go and your car is assessed as a write off and your market value is 6,500 does the insurance company payout the loan and do you loose everything after paying car off for 4 yrs.?
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How do I Find out the Balance of my Loan?
1 answer
I had to contact the company and request a final payout figure. This was the only way I got an up to date figure.

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