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Stain Go Stain Remover

Stain Go Stain Remover

3.7 from 12 reviews

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pioniaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Best stain remover ever


This product is the best! It actually works as described. The instructions are clear and the spray bottle trigger is easy to use. I used this product on very old stains and on various types of fabric and the stains were removed with no problems. Another bonus of this product - it does not have strong fumes. It's the best product I have ever used. Thank you

Purchased in January 2017 at Woolworths for $9.00.


JacquieCanberra 2600, ACT

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User for many years


I have been using this product for many years - it’s fantastic, this is how I use it. Spray it on the stain, leave one minute. Spray it again and work the stain with your fingernail or a dry toothbrush. Work it for a while, spray it again, repeat action. In nearly all instances the stain will disappear, then wash as normal. As is usual, the earlier you treat the stain the better. I have found that in most instances, you don’t even need to wash the item - treating the stain immediately will remove it. You won’t get me using any other product until they stop making Stain Go! God forbid they ever do.

Purchased for $9.98.

Andrew G.

Andrew G.Perth, WA

There is nothing better


Have used this on a wide variety of stains that failed to be shifted by other products, including my mother in law! It does require repeated applications and a lot of "dabbing" BUT IT WORKS!


TransrubbishGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Rubbish. Terrible . Pathetic


Used as directed and discoloured and ruined my grey T-shirt. Contacted the company and they offered a refund. Pity about the $50 T-shirt though. They even tried to say I didn’t use it as directed which clearly I did. Absolutely appalling and disappointing.

Purchased in February 2019 for $9.00.



Ultimate stain remover!!


Cannot believe how well this works! My son had an accident at school and blood all down his white school shirt. I know the instructions said I had to absorb the stain out after treating, but to be honest, I sprayed it and left it on the edge of the laundry tub meaning to come back to it and then forgot (mum brain!). The next morning I lifted up the shirt and there was not a single sign of the stain!!

I have used this on several other stains since and absolutely love this product!

If I could, I would give this a 10 star rating! The best thing ever.


My house mate reccomended me this product the other day after I told her I got blood on my WHITE 1000TC cotton bed sheets (and no not menstrual blood lol). I was visiting my mum so I didnt have time to clean the stain straight away, it had been waiting for me about 3 days. I followed the instructions to the T, lo and behold! It worked like magic. I'm so ecstatic that this worked!where has this been all my life?!

My next test would have to be baby poop stains, haha wish me luck

magic product, but I dont know where to buy it :(


with two cats in a carpet covered home, staingo works as magic. after painful tries with many other cleaning products, staingo saved my life. it works as it says, remove all the stains on the go. I have a staingo carpet and stain remover, it is the best product ever!

but the problem is, you cant find it in any local store. I visit their webpage, the contact details is only a email and I wrote a email, no reply.

is it still a live brand? hope it is, or else it's a big loss.

The ultimate stain remover


I purchased some of this product (in a White container with red writing on it) from a market in Victoria many years ago and bought it home in my luggage to NZ, It has been a godsend but I have now run out of it and want to know how I can get some more of this great product. I have put a message on your white pages ad and hope to get a reply and hopefully be able to access some more. Julie from NZ



Best Investment of my life


Does Not Work!


What to say it doesn't work at all, how can this company charge nearly $ 10.00 for this when it doesn't work, bought it at Coles should be taken off the shelves yesterday.

Does not work.


Tried on two stains, literally spend 1-3 hours on each stain reapplying the stain remover and they are both still visible. Very big waste of time AND money. Definitely not worth it.



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Does not remove foundation


I bought this to remove liquid foundation from an expensive 100% cotton sweater. It was the most expensive stain remover on the shelf and stated it removed make up so I thought it had the best chance. The stain didn't budge at all. Waste of $9 for this specific stain. Haven't tried it on any other stains.

Questions & Answers

Helen K

Helen Kasked

How do you operate it and activate trigger?

2 answers

Under the nozzle, there is a little plastic T-bar which you need to switch, this will then release the trigger from the locked position. Then spray the Stain Go directly onto the stain, ensure you have a towel under the fabric - leave for a minute then spray again and treat the stain with a stiff (nail) brush. Hope this helps.

Helen K
Helen K

Thanks, that part was easy but it is getting the nozzle open, seems to have a tight cap, tried plyers, then scissors, too difficult to cut. very poorly designed



How do you activate the trigger for first use?

No answers

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