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StarCity Removals

4.3 from 28 reviews

A good experience all round

I had an interstate move and it was a good experience. Sam and Dixsan were great. They wrapped everything very carefully. They worked hard. Nothing was broken. They arrived on time. I would definitely use this company again and recommend.

A team that know how to protect your stuff

Our fragile items and timber furniture was wrapped and packed really well. I was really impressed with their skill and efficiency. In our move of 30m2 of stuff, we only had one bowl break - and that was my own fault (I dropped it when I opened the box). Not bad considering we had 6 different plates for everything. Would definitely use them again.

Great service

I used this company twice and I am very happy with their job. The two guys who came one week ago to help with the relocation were nice, friendly, professionals and they didn't waste one second. I highly recommend StarCity Removals.

Efficient & hardworking

Many thanks to Sam and Dixsan who moved our 3+ bedroom house from Newcastle to Brisbane. They were friendly, courteous, arrived on time, and worked hard. Also thanks Mariam, who handled the booking over the phone and was friendly and helpful.

Job Well Done

My son engaged Star City Removals to shift him from Redhead to Yamba NSW. Chris and Hassam arrived on time, and worked extremely well in very hot conditions. They were polite, fast, and most importantly, careful. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Handled with care

James and Danny were terrific. Respected our house and belongings like they were their own and were very careful. Delightful men, polite and hard working. Thanks guys. Angela

Very professional and friendly service

Sam and Daniel were great with our move from NSW to Victoria. They were very friendly and professional. They arrived on time and were careful with our furniture. They were great to deal with and I’d happily recommend them to others for long distance moves.

Awesome removals

We had Chris and billy move our 3 x bed home in Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. We had 32 yrs of “stuff”. Both these boys worked tirelessly to pack our belongings onto the truck. They knew exactly what to do. We then drove to qld and star city timed it perfectly to drop off our furniture the next day, to our new home. Would highly recommend. Would definitely use again in the future! Thank you star city for making our move easy!

Daniel and Sam - Smooth Move - Sharlene Tauia

Sam and Daniel were absolutely brilliant, reliable, hard working and genuine professionals. Our move was interstate Sydney to Qld. Three bedroom and outdoor furniture, well packed into the truck. Would recommend to all for great service from the staff at head office to the hard workers Daniel and Sam. Would actually request those young men to do my next shift Daniel and Sam. Time frame excellent. Prices reasonable.
Will definitely use again and let others know how great they are at doing what they do. Thank you Star City Sam and Daniel
Sharlene Tauia

Costly Mistake. Would not Recommend

We decided to use Starcity for our move which was about 150kms... big move, 4 bedroom house. They arrived at 10am.. they didn't leave until 10:30pm
The general experience was awful. Slow, constant cigarette breaks, and over $3k damage to our new house. The removalists failed to lift the heavy furniture and proceeded to drag it across the timber floors. This continued after requested to stop. Upon viewing the damage we we told to submit the photos to the company and the insurance would cover any damage.
Months later the company will not acknowledge or respond. They denied any damage and no insurance cover. They are not members of AFRA, and suggest anyone who reads this, to seriously consider if you want to be the ones on the end of such a bad experience. Cheapest is not the best...

An added stress that wasn't needed.

Six-hours late to pick up my items. I had three guys come to load and two to unload. I was moving five-hours away and due to them being six-hours late I would have been unpacking a house into the wee hours of the morning EXCEPT I didn't receive my belongings until the following day. My children and I had not expected this and we had not packed overnight bags or sought accommodation. Like the other customers there was some smoking going on and standing around, I worked extremely hard to unload just so I could get things going as I was starting a new job in a couple of days and I lost a day with them being late. Star City sent me another invoice for over $700 as they said I had more items however this was not discussed with me prior to loading. I copped hundreds of dollars worth of damage to my belongings along with some damage to the property I moved into. I have sought legal advice regarding this.

Moving is one of the most stressful things in life; I have moved over 40 times and this would have been one of the worst moves.

Caring for Customers

The move of household goods from a two-bedroom house apartment in Brisbane to Sydney in less than twenty-four hours has been executed very seamlessly and emphatically by James and Danny in a super efficient manner. It's literally amazing seeing the cheerful attitude, sheer physical stamina, and clockwork precision of the duo.

Excellent value for money

Moved from Brisbane to Sydney 2-bed apartment and apart from some delays, they did a great job. Sam and Joe were great to work with. They will quote only a small number of hours for upload and offload so keep in mind that this might end up in a few extra hours unless you have super easy access. But still great value for money.

Excellent! Everything went perfectly.

We did a long distance move from a single storey 4 bed/2 bath home. James and Chris, arrived on time and didn't stop all day. They were just fabulous. I had almost everything in boxes and double taped so packing the truck went smoothly. This was the first time we have used Removalists because we were concerned about cost and damage to good. StarCity Removals proved themselves to be careful and extremely reasonably priced. Mariam at the office was always very polite and accommodating as we changed move dates and size of the truck - who knew one man could have SO much stuff in his garage and shed! Their communication with me was faultless. I would be very happy to recommend them for your next move.

Shame I couldn't leave 0 stars

Arrived two hours late for collection. Two (out of 3) lazy guys wanted to spend more time smoking and on their phones rather than moving boxes.
Arrived four hours late on drop off. Would probably still be unloading now if I didn't help out too.
StarCity then thought it appropriate to charge for additional time and space. This was not agreed or discussed with me.
I would never use them again. Caused more stress than anything else. Shame because 1 of the staff was an awesome worker and top guy. Clearly, he is with the wrong company...

Excellent service

3 bedroom townhouse short distance started on time and finished very early due to Chris and Daniels experience. They were the best we have had in 14 house moves. Highly recommend Chris & Daniel for your move

Excellent service

I had never used a removalist before but this was a long distance one, Star City made it a positive experience. I moved on the 20/07/18. Chris was incredible. He was organised, incredibly efficient and friendly not only to me but all of my family. Excellent service and made my move run smoothly.

Lovely service and support for a challenging move.

We moved a huge house full from Sydney to Albury and the guys were absolutely wonderful. They were good company around us, our kids and pets and were tireless and cheery even when we were exhausted. Great service by the office too with genuine care and interest in our situation. I’m so glad we chose them out of all the companies out there.

Never again! Do not use this company!

I have had the worst experience with StarCity. I had an interstate move from NSW to QLD and instead of paying to my make life easier, they stressed me out more, overcharged me for their mistakes and damaged my stuff!
To begin with i was told that the truck was arriving just shortly after 12pm on Friday, 25th May 2018. I took the day of work so i can be at home when the truck arrived which was a total waste of my work day as the truck did no arrive till 6pm! I was not called or given any notice. I had to be the one who called to find out what was happening and what time it would be arriving. Even then i was told 4pm and at last it arrived at 6pm!

I am not sure how you run your company but your guys are overworked! By the time they got to my place, they were exhausted! one of the guys literally stopped and kept repeating how tired he was an hour into them being at my house. They were really quick for the first hour but after that they just slowed down tremulously!!! By 10pm me and my girlfriend had to be the ones to help them carry everything downstairs to the garage to make it easier for them and quicker too but even that didn't help. [name removed] was absolutely amazing! He really tried and i give him props! The other one unfortunately did not even know what he was doing! I had to direct him on how to dismantle the beds. I could have just done it myself as when they delivered it he did not know how to fix the bed back! You guys as a company on the other hand should not be working your guys till the brim. It is not right!

On top of them taking so long which was NOT even my fault, i was charged for an extra 2 hours! How is it my fault if your guys were tired and took extra long when it could have all been done in half the time. Unfortunately this has no reflection on the amount of items I had. The boys were exhausted beyond words it was ridiculous, hence them moving slower than usual and being unable to pack the items I had which resulted in items being left behind and then I had to PAY MORE for you to come pick up the rest of my stuff with another truck which did not arrive till 9pm!!!!! I live in a family residential area. How do you think it looks if i am moving out of my house in the middle of the night?! It is INAPPROPRIATE and UNACCEPTABLE. If the truck was delayed i should be have notified about it. Do you understand how them being tired led to a sequence of different events. You guys needs to treat your staff better.

This is not my first time moving and my usual company was unavailable hence why i went with you guys but i know for a fact that i did not have 25 cubic metre worth of stuff yet along 21 cubic metre! I have moved countries and never had an issue before. If your guys did not pack the truck properly because they were tired, that is not my fault! I still have stuff that did not go and its not like i am moving down the road! I'm moving to another state. How was i going to get those stuff over. They charged me to send another truck to pick up 5 items! and charged me $500 extra and told me i can claim it back and do you think they let me claim it back?

To top off everything, there were damages! There is a dent on my fridge, the guys took the paint chip off the wall in a few areas in my new house. It is a rental property and it is brand new and we are the first tenants.
I do not care what or how you do it but i expect all the damages fixed or i expect to be compensated for all the damages as it was not my fault and i am not paying for it.

What is worst on top of it is the fact that the very next morning, Saturday 26th May 2018, i got a call from [name removed] at 9am to ask me for final payment. Not a single question about how did the truck go or how was the move or did everything go alright? Just straight ask for money. Even after i went off and said my peace about how it was not done till midnight, all i got was , "Im sorry, now how would you like to pay the balance.?" Honestly poor service. I have absolutely nothing good to say about my experience with your company besides the fact that [name removed], your driver was amazing!

If all you guys know how to do is take money from your clients and not return it or compensate them, you should shut down!

Excellent service

My move was from Sydney to Melbourne and Chris and Chris were fantastic. They arrived at both places on time, and worked efficiently and carefully. They made what was a stressful situation as easy as possible. I couldn't be happier with the job.

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