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Steelcraft Messina Hi Lo

Steelcraft Messina Hi Lo

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I really love it!

I have only owned this for one week and previously had the ikea high chair. My baby was really uncomfortable in the ikea chair so i was on the look out for one which she was happy in. I was going to buy the peg perego high chair but went to baby bunting and tried them all. The steelcraft was by far the most comfortable. A lot of the chairs had the crotch bar too close. But this one was perfect. The seatbelts are secure too so it seems really safe.

Comfortable! Baby loves it!
Looks good in black
Easy to use, i can put bub in myself, take the tray out, adjust up and down and recline. All levers are red which is handy.
The wheels are useful to move baby around.

The fabric does look hard to clean, BUT i juar bought a high chair cover to address that. You could easily use the stroller seat cover.
It does look like it would get hot in summer, but i havent experienced it yet.
Its really quite big and i have hit my foot on the base a few times, but it feels sturdy so that is a trade off.

Overall i am really happy with it and would definitely recommend it.

Hard to Clean , Tray too far Away from Baby!

So this is coming from a Mum who used this for 14 months with our firstborn and attempted to use with our second.. So to begin with it's a really comfortable chair for baby, 3 layers of padding for different age stages, it has 3 levels of recline and has a basket underneath for toys and bibs and a detachable top tray for easy serving and clean up, so defiantly great features. Now here come the negatives.. when starting out solids and you decide you'd like to do baby led weaning this is a bad chair in my opinoin as the tray is up a bit high for baby to reach, I'd have to put food on the very edge of the start of the tray for baby to even attempt to reach for anything.. then there's a big gap between baby and the tray so every time he grabs something it falls in to his lap.. later on when baby's passed the puree stages and self feeding.. there is a hell of a lot of mess.. this chairs padding needs to be unscrewed in 3 different places aswell as have 5 different fiddly clips to free the padding to put in wash.. which you'll defiantly want to do because there's a fair bit of greasiness that gets stuck between the seems and also a lot of food gets stuck underneath the padding that you need to whipe out. also a massive fail for me was the hole where the bottom strap pulls through has a gap around the strap, meaning food can fall right through to the basket underneath.. meaning anything you've got in there.. say a stack of bibs or toys can be hiding food that's fallen through that you wouldn't know about.. when whiping it out after every meal time you're gaurenteed to have food fall through.. I've actually had to block it with blutak to stop food falling through which again makes it incredibly annoying when having to pull it apart (which can already take a good 15 minuets unscrewing and taking clips out) to clean it then reapply the blutak when put back together. Our second born has just started solids, and because I want to let him self feed a little and really not looking forward to clean up all over again plus a bulk piece of furniture in our kitchen I've literally bought a $30 easy whipe down high chair from Target. Don't let fancy features get all of your attention because all you'll want in the end is an easy to clean chair!

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave the above review. We will certainly take on your feedback regarding the ease of cleaning and tray positioning. If there is anything we can help you with in future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Useful but hard to clean

Very versatile and some handy features. Particularly like being able to take the top tray off. So easy to use. Replaced with an Ikea high chair however as I spent more time cleaning it than using it. Needs a lot less nooks and crannys in the seat to make it practical.

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Hi Danielle, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. We will certainly take your feedback on board regarding the ease of cleaning of this product. If we can assist you with anything in future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Seriously, a fantastic baby product. A Must buy!

Seriously the best highchair you could buy. It had a fantastic recline option which means you can start using it early, before baby can sit confidently. It's a great chair that you can manoeuvre around the house, great for when your in the kitchen and want baby close. The only downfall is that it does take a little while to clean due to all of the padding and nooks and crevices, however the padding is great as it keeps it comfortable for baby, so it kind of makes it worth it!

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Hi Natasha, thank you for leaving the fantastic review above. If we can assist you with anything in future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Exactly what I needed

The multi positions to use at the table or as a low chair are very practical,I like the lock-in wheels,sturdy and easy to clean .The insert for younger babies is also useful and easy to uncoil to put into the washing machine.As a Grandmother this a very useful product and would and have recommended it to others.

Great High Chair

Not sure why so many are saying this chair is hard to keep clean? My DS is 6 months old and we do BLW (so LOTS of mess!).

But, i found this chair quite simple to clean, considering it has padding.

I just take off the top two trays to wash and then wipe down the rest of the chair with a damp cloth.

I love that it can go high and low, means that we can use it to feed him at the dining table or let him sit next to us in the loungeroom.

Good one

a good one but the eating tray is bit higher so i need to put a cushion underneath for my toddler.
can adjust height and chair can be tilted as well. has got removable upper tray which is handy to clean.
the basket underneath is very good to store bibs.

Very good chair

I have owned a 2009 model and 2015 model. Very practicle chair with it's hi lo features, can say we have used all of the features between eating at the table (up high) or at the tv (down low) Good for little ones with no head control in the recline position and as they get older in the upright position... the crotch bar is great for little wrigglers! And I love that the top tray but it could be made a little easier for 1 handed operation.. it cleans well but the seatbelts are harder to remove in the 2015 model. The seat cushoning hasn't changed much between the models but I think they are relatively easy to clean. They could look at more of a moulded cover with less seams for grime to get in but in the meantime a hand wash with warm water and dish soap and a line dry does the trick for the monthly total clean.. over all i'd still buy this model again

Terrible high chair

This chair is extreamly hard to keep clean. It's not with the money we paid for it. After only 5 months of use the material on the padded seat has started to fall apart. So we will have to buy another high chair - and it won't be this one. Never again!

Wish we never got this chair

I wish we never got this chair. It is not value for money as it is expensive and not worth it. Its extremely hard to clean food gets in all sorts of places and is hard to get out. I am actually going to buy a new high chair as it takes too long to clean it every day!.

Poor quality, possibly unsafe and poor customer service

Looks good but quality is very questionable. Came with a few scuff marks on various parts of the plastic. There are a lot of crevices in the seat cushion for food to get stuck as others have mentioned, I don't mind this since we wanted the comfort of the cushion for our baby. But there are too many gaps and edges and sections under the arms and under the tray where our baby reaches and gets hands stuck or leaves food behind.
Features also sound good but we had problems with adjusting the seat. We liked the idea of the adjustable recline positions but the seat slips on one side and often doesn't hold position when adjusted (without baby in it) and doesn't look completely level - at the back you can see a gap where two plastic bits of the seat should sit adjacent, there is no gap on the other side. Would be very concerned about it slipping with my child in it.

We bought online and had delivered interstate so can't return it to the shop easily. We contacted the manufacturer and provided photos but received a very dismissive and disinterested reply, basically return to the place of purchase for assessment. We have thrown out the box and it wouldn't be worth the postage, since there is no guarantee they would replace it plus we need to buy another chair for the intervening period anyway. We thought they should show more concern/interest in a faulty product given it related to safety of baby products, and at least recognise the inconvenience of returning. But our second email has been completely ignored.

Not impressed by the quality of the product or the customer service of the manufacturer.

Wish I hadnt purchased this

The Messina DLX Hi Lo High chair is a Horrible high chair. Its big, bulky and very hard to clean. Also i'm constantly having to tighten the straps as they are always coming loose. The insert is slippery and is a material that doesnt wear well. It has already balled up on one side.


THIS CHAIR!!!!!!! So Disappointed. It is so bad to clean. And the tray is so far from my daughter she drops her food and then struggles to retrieve it. I wish I did my research first!! Why have you designed such a dud chair guys? Going to have to buy another!! And we are a one wage family!!

Don't get one!

This highchair is badly designed. Perhaps by people who don't have children and haven't done any research. Cleaning it is time consuming and unnecessarily difficult. Why oh why put so many creases and corners in the padding of the seat and in the tray? ! It seems thoughtless and even cruel. New parents trying to do the best job they can and still finding their way in their new role, do not need the stress. Your little one does not need all the padding and nooks and crannies. A simple highchair is more practical and frankly more attractive.

I hate it!

The worst thing about this is all the nooks and crannies for food to get trapped in, awful to clean. It's overly complicated, I struggle to find the stupid clips that release the trays. Even my patient husband who likes this high chair can't easily raise it up and down so poor bub often sits a foot lower than us at meal times. No idea how to get it to recline.

The tray is too far away. Our baby feeds himself (BLW) and he can't reach the trays. It's going to the op shop today. Wish I'd brought the simple, easy to clean high chair from aldi.
Might be good for a bigger/taller baby and parents who prefer cleaning than hanging out with their baby.
I recommend going simple. Glad we didn't pay full price.

Good, comfortable, hard to clean!

This high chair is comfortable and convenient in its high/low design. However it is hard to keep clean and having to remove covers to clean it on a regular basis is inconvinent. The only other negative is the wheel locks get stuck when the front wheels swivel forward. As a result the wheels lock and become stuck and can only be moved by hand. Overall I am happy with it but feel it may have been a little expensive for the design flaws.

Great high chair!

We are happy with this high chair so far. Bub has fallen asleep in it several times... so it must be comfortable enough! It gives bub good back support, he's on the small side so we have raised him up with a small cushion underneath his bottom. Handy basket underneath to store bibs and feeding equipment etc. Cleaning is never fun especially when he keeps dropping everything on the floor... but its not too bad with the wipe down material on the seat and the removable tray is really handy. I read other reviews that when bub starts to self feed there are issues of him reaching the tray table... I'm assuming a cushion to lift him up might work when the time comes. For now we are happy with it and is serving its purpose well for bub's developmental stage.

Takes up to much room.

I purchased the Messina, in May 2015 I don't like it. I should have done more research and actually got something that is more slim and easier to store and also easier to wipe down.
Has the two trays
3 reclines-
adjust the height
The vinyl plus the extra padding makes my baby sweat and he gets all hot and bothered and becomes uncomfortable.
Takes up a lot of space
Hard to clean.
Before placing my 9 & a half month old in the seat, I adjust the seat to the upright position and it tends to un click and recline whilst he is still sitting in the chair. Not happy about that.

Wouldn't recommend this at all

The screws come off just above wheels. For last 5months we had put screws back at least once every week. Very dangerous for little one. I sent them email about safety issue of screws but didn't get answer just asking me to send them pictures. The seat cover fell apart already after gentle hand wash. Paid good money for this but it is not worth it. I would not recommend this high chair at all.

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Hi Soo P, thanks for your review. Can you please give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can follow this up for you. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

Would be perfect if it didn't have so many places for food to hide!!!!

This chair looks great, I do love how it wheels around easily and you can easily adjust it to a high and low position but cleaning it is such a pain!!!!! It is just one of those chairs that has so many places in it for food to hide, you have to really dig in to get to certain places to get food out. I dread cleaning this every night after dinner. It is great when your babies are little and don't make any mess, After that its just annoying. The tray isn't the easiest to clean, unless you want to take it off every night and clean it like that, it's a little time consuming.

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Hi can you still get a replacement seat cover for a messina DLX high chair
3 answers
Hi Kim, thanks for your question. We don't currently have any stock of the replacement seat covers available however we are hoping to have stock available mid June 2019. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.ThankyouHi Steelcraft team. Can you please tell me where to purchase the covers when they are in stock? Thanks!

Any chance of getting the padded insert for Cat 31324 high chair please
1 answer
Hi Rtr Senior, thanks for your question, We no longer have the seat padding available for the 31324 however if you would like to email us a photo of your highchair to au-support@britax.com we may have something available that will be compatible. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

I’m missing 2 clips from my highchair, can I buy these seperately?
1 answer
Hi Skyla O, thanks for your question. Please contact customer service on 1300 303 330 for spare parts pricing and availability. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

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