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Stihl MS 211
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Cold starts are good, but cannot get a restart on hot days no matter what is tried.

I have had my MS 211 C-BE for a little over a year. It has never restarted well on a hot restart. I have tried all the special fuels and even the latest Stihl fuel that smells like VMPA Naphtha. That worked until noon when it began getting very hot in the low 90's and even then with the best fuel it took 10 minutes to restart. It would restart after several attempts, but die before I could reach the trigger to gun the engine. Then when it got running it would not take the fuel. I had a great 210 for several years, but this 211 is terrible for restarting. I think it is getting vapor locked as cold starts are good. It's going back to the dealer tomorrow for the 3rd time. I also have a 180 and it has the same problem with hot restarts. I wasted nearly a half hour trying to get it restarted. Both saws are not dependable like my former 170 and 210 models. I should never have traded them in! The 211 has already had the coil and carburetor replaced, but still not any good. It was in the shot in July 2018 for that work and it going back again tomorrow.

Purchased in March 2018 for $322.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

hard worker

Is a small size with plenty of power if using a fresh sharp chain. I only use for firewood , old dry clean hard wood, alot of my cutting needs doing from both sides (16in bar and 26in timber). a 26in log cut 14in long weight is about 40kg = lucky I have 40 ton petrol spliter.
I cut at least 4 ute loads a winter - around 5ton of timber and the Stihl 211 can handle it , using sharp chains, Clear oil/petrol tanks are good to see levels.
Only complaint I do find is the air filter cover keeps coming loose/undone when saw is working hard. Keep plastic area clean around chain oil outlet when swapping chains to keep bar lubed up. I use up to 3 chains per ute load.
my earlier Stihl mini boss (14in bar) worked hard for 10yrs without any faults =chains/bar only.
There are smaller Stihl mini boss, but would not go any smaller than 211 mini boss.

Purchased in May 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great on redgum, but issues with chain oil feeder

Great little female friendly saw.
Purchases new late winter 2017. Sat all summer, dragged it out sutumn 2018 and away it went.
Always running premium fuel with stihl 40:1 mos and stihl bar oil. Only issue ive had is its hard to start if it runs to an empty tank, keep the tank fueled its no issues.
Top issue is bar oil, usually round 1:1 ratio, noticed it was running hot, top of the bar went blue meaning cooling issue / low oil. Oil was running at 1:1/2, pulled it apart and gave it all another clean & sharpen & service. Now oil has stopped self lubing. Biggest thing is finding tr here's no oil adjustment on the ms211, the oilholes are cleared, still no freaking oil! Turns out its a common issue. Taking it into stihl to find out whats going on, other than this issue the saw is a breeze to use, perfect for female use with the no brainer auto choke & easy pull start.
Its cut many loads of wood, hopefully this bar oil issue can be sorted out.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Not happy with MS 211c chainsaw

I purchased a Stihl MS 211c chainsaw from Ace Hardware. The saw did not restart after only using 1/2 tank of gas. I brought the saw in for an adjustment and the tech managed to get it to run, but did not seem to have any idea what the problem was. I continued use for another tank of gas and it refused to start again. I brought the saw back and asked for the Stihl 29 point engine check. It failed the vacuum check, the carburetor was defective. The tech replaced it. I was told the saw was fine. I tried using it again and it did not seem to run well. After 1/2 tank of gas it refused to start again. I returned it for a refund. I will not purchase another Stihl product. I was not happy with the saw or the tech support I received.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Starting problems; oil leaks

Cannot lock on throttle or hold choke in middle starting throttle position. Needs some throttle to start so need a third hand to hold throttle.
Leaks oil when not operating. Had it serviced twice but still leaks. Dealer says its "normal"!
Very light use. Maybe total of 15-20 hours over five years.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

A great saw from Stihl as expected!

I bought this in march 2017 to clear a 1000 square metre block of land prior to building. It was mostly mallee gum hardwoods. The saw did this with ease and literally has paid for itself on this job. put it away for the summer and now I am cutting red gum for my wood fire as winter approaches.. Soon I will buy a farm boss so that I have a large and small saw for the firewood duties.
Don't believe all you read, Stihl is the market leader for a reason. My saw starts easily every time. The blade is easy to sharpen and adjust. I plan on getting a longer bar and bigger chain in the near future.
I'm 60 years old, my first part time job was in a motorbike and chainsaw shop. Just like it was back in the 1970's Stihl is still the best chainsaw and Harleys are still the best bikes. I have both!
Robinvale, Australia

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Would not recommend it

First time using the saw and on the 3rd tank of gas, vibration caused the clip-on cover to come loose ... poor design. Repeatedly came loose. Would start ok and idle rough but would blog out when you tried to pull the throttle trigger while using premium 50:1 mix... until it finally warmed up. After cooling down, same thing all over again.
This was all on the 1st day using the saw ... very disappointed the direction Stihl has went with their quality ... which was the reason I decided to buy Stihl to begin with.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Wouldn’t go camping with out it

We go camping a lot, which means you can’t go without a camp fire, and to have a camp fire you need wood, which means you need a strong chainsaw. This mini boss fits in the back of the ute and doesn’t take up any space, can cut through a 16” bit of wood like butter, minimal maintenance makes this thing a dream to use

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Does have some Issues.

Mixed feelings with this saw. Starts ok most times but does have low down lag or flat spot on start up and needs the revs kept right up to it right from the start or tends to stall. That said mine hammers away all day without issue and with reasonable power for its size. Recently cut down a big gum then into pieces, it worked its butt off for 3 days without an issue.
Found it somewhat thirsty although worst and most annoying issue with it as with many of the same models is it leaks out all its chain lube oil when not being used over number of days so sit it on a decent rag when not in use and dont forget to fill the resevoir again prior to use.
Many other brands of saws can tend to do the same but maybe not as bad.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Bad chainsaw

Bought only 6 weeks ago took it out to cut wood.within 10 minutes it conked out under warranty. 6 weeks to know i have to pay to repair a lemon. Found out this chainsaw is a lemon. So why are Stihls still selling them. $699 later Stihls do not want to no about it. Besides i pay $ out of my pocket to fix it. Got 10 minutes out of it. It's screwed. Not happy jan. Rockingham WA

Date PurchasedMay 2017

not a good saw ...on purpose

I have 8 Stihl chainsaws and one still going since 1986 . That saw had a few new bars and chains as spares left over so I bought a MS 211 which uses these bars and chains as well. Compared to all other saws I have used the MS 211 is the worst. Even for an experienced person it has starting problems. Also the vibrations are quite severe and the choke arangement is just cheaply made. THe old Stihl saw that it is replacing had no such issues and I have meanwhile bought also a Stihl Arbor saw which is a magnitude better then the MS 211 but the same price. I my opinion they have engineered the MS 211 the way it is , because if their products are all too good they cant sell the premium chainsaws any more. There is no way that a company with the chain saw experience of Stihl can not make the MS 211 a peformer. Reminds me of VW............

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Good Saw

I have other saws , Partner s 65 , Stihl 038 magnum , I wanted a smaller size saw so I bought the Stihl ms 211 c be , used for cutting firewood, has enough power , good on fuel , I threw the Picco Duro chain away ,It starts easy , not to heavy , the e start is very easy to use it works well , very easy chain removal and adjustment no tools needed , would buy again .

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Good saw for what it was designed for

I don't have alot of experience with chainsaws but have found the stihl ms211 easy enough to use. I bought this to cut up fire wood and cleanup the occasional fallen trees on a small block, 2acres.
My father has one of these with hole borer attachment, that he has used without problem, to complete a number of fencing jobs. He did have one problem when stihl dealer filled fuel without oil for sales demo. When he got it home it failed after 5 min. They replaced with new one but he had to convince them that he had not filled tank since he bought it. Replaced item fine.
Seems good on fuel, half a ute load of iron bark for half a tank.
I had to learn how to start it when cold, seems to be a common thing.
I am hoping stihl has kept up its quality eg mates hand me down 009 still going strong.
I think this saw is designed for the occasional user, which I am. Time will tell, I have got the 4 year warranty as long as I get serviced within 2 years

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Dont waste your money

Bought this new on recommendation of Stihl dealer. First time used it ran for about 5 minutes stopped and wouldnt start. Took back to dealer who put in "fresh fuel" and said it worked fine. Took it home about two weks later and just second time i used it same thing ran for about 5 minutes stopped and wouldnt start. Took back to dealer who said it needed a new "air butterfly assembly" according to the invoice. Got it home and will try to use it again next few days. If same thing happens dealer might be wearing a Stihl MS 211 necklace. Been using chainsaws for past 40 years, first and last time i buy a Stihl, stick to the Huskies !!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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So I used this machine again today, first time it has been used since it was returned from dealer. Guess what, started finally then ran for 5-7 minutes stopped and, wait for it, wouldn't start again. So now it goes back to the dealer, have called Stihl Australia demanding either refund or replacement, but why would anybody want another Stihl MS211 ????

Very poor unit .. extremely poor customer service

Brought this saw new late 2016. By beginning 2017, it had been returned to dealership twice - starter problems and bar nuts coming undone midway through operation. Treated very poorly by the local dealership. Another starter problem, cord chewed up during operation, caused me to contact head office. Although dealership has a vehicle and my current mode of transport is a motorcycle, they refuse to collect the saw, even though first two times I dropped it off via vehicle. Contacted ACCC and now a claim will be processed through them. To date, this saw has presented with 3 major problems although limited use by a certified operator.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Stihl avoids genuine warranty claim

MS211. Don't waste you money!!

Whilst under warranty I returned my ms211 to Stihl as it would not start.
The cage on the main bearing had failed destroying the main bearing and as a consequence the flywheel came in contact with the ignition module hence it would not run.
The mechanic at the dealership decided it was not a warranty item as he found " a white milky solution " in the crank case indicating water.
I explained this was as a result of me degreasing and washing the saw just prior to delivering it to Stihl. Of course with a failed main bearing and seal, water could enter the crankcase.
The only other person to view the engine was the WA Stihl rep, who I understand has no mechanical qualifications has refused warranty, but as a peace offering, if I was to sign a letter agreeing this problem was not a warranty issue then Stihl would repair the machine for only $400 .
A new ms211 is $599.

The Stihl service manager in Melbourne is too busy to return my call.

Surely if the Stihl "mechanics " understand how a 2 stroke engine works , would know it is not possible for water to remain in the crankcase
considering the saw had been in use prior to the failure.
I am in the process of taking this further through consumer affairs and the small claims tribunal.
I have three independent reports supporting my claim, one from another Stihl dealer confirming water was not a contributing factor.
I too am a licenced mechanic in WA.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Don't buy this

Got this piece 2 weeks ago and 2 times already was in dealers repair. Needed to cut enough easy pieces on backyard saving on removal of debris after landscapers...indeed got only problems. Went down after 15 minutes of work, repaired in dealers shop, got back and same story. Was using good canned 50:1 premium mix. Was said should be buying only Stihl premium mix, like Stihl is making gasoline or what? Too much complicated service, said chain is not sharp and it;s after 20 minutes of work total. Waste of money.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Never able to complete a small job.

Had an MS211C for 16 months. Been back to the shop some 9 times. Never got more than 15mins runtime out of it. Cost over $1000 in time and petrol to try get it fixed. Stihl refuse to replace or refund. Trashing it in favour of a cheaper saw - only 'domestic' use - don't care if it only lasts a year! Always used Stihl oils etc.

Very pleased

I have several other Stihl products - bought this 4 months ago for cutting firewood & fallen trees on our 2Ha property
I bought it with tungsten tipped chain - which is superb
Very happy with everything about it - no oil leaking problems (perhaps they have fixed it)
The EasyStart works OK - the vibration reduction seems to work well (but makes the saw feel a bit strange).
It was not a cheap saw but happy with the result

Over priced, poor saw

This saw isn't the best one I have ever seen, it is under powered and leaks bar oil. My work has a 16 inch husky and it is 10 times the saw the ms211 is. If it had a 12 inch bar and I wanted it for pruning it would be ok. Overall disappointed and wouldn't buy another one if I had my time over.

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Ms 211 review just bought a stihl ms 211 chainsaw today I was talked into getting this model at the stihl shop I have been reading some reviews on this model Should i take it back to the shop ?before i use it and exchange it for a different model
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YESSSS maybe try a hitachi or huski or oliomac ??? get rid of it even if you drop $100


Stihl MS 211 C-BE Easy2Start Mini BossStihl MS 211 MiniBoss
CategoryPetrol ChainsawsPetrol Chainsaws
Price (RRP) $699.00$599.00
Bar Length40 cm40 cm
Weight4.6 kg4.3 kg
Engine Displacement35.2 cc35.2 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity270 mL270 mL
Release dateMar 2010Mar 2010

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