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ALDI Stirling Integrated W60B2A411B (Aug 2015, Aug 2016 (Black Edition))

ALDI Stirling Integrated W60B2A411B (Aug 2015, Aug 2016 (Black Edition)) Questions & Answers

MPNs: 54052 and W60B2A411B
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Bernie McDonnell

Bernie McDonnellasked

Does this unit need a custom door or is it standard size

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What db rating has Stirling integrated dishwasher W60B2A411B?

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Why is there no top or bottom on dishwasher?

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sorry I dont know unless the dishwasher is a fixture so cannot be pulled out being installed under an existing bench so does not need a top



Does the model W60B2A411B come with a top ?I purchased a stainless steel one for my rental property and my tennets said it had no top only felt

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Mine is integrated, so it is built in, going under the kitchen top. Hence no side panels or top

Peter  d

Peter dasked

Why don't it dry?

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Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter

Only the longest and second longest cycle have the drying function as part of its program. Save on power by using shorter cycle and cracking door open at end of cycle to help partially dry dishes.....leaving overnight to air dry if possible



I also purchased this model at around the same time. From day one, this machine has not washed the last dinner plates on the bottom rack, (right hand rear corner) anywhere near clean enough, no matter the cycle selected. Have you or anyone else experienced this at all? Plates were stacked in the direction that the finger guides would suggest, that is, leaning outwards towards the sidewall of the machine.(If the rear of the machine were to be called North, then the lean would be to the East).

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Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter

I have modded my dishwasher slightly by taking out the cutlery drawer and using my cutlery basket from my previous dishwasher. I place basket in bottom rack. This does take up a little room but I didn't think that the water power was sufficient enough to wash the 2 racks plus cutlery drawer. So now I only have 2 racks which I find ok.

Secondly, I draw 55 degree celsius water to help the initial part of cycle.

Thirdly, I wash / clean filter in bottom regularly.

I do regular clean of dishwasher with the Finish product

We mostly use longest or second longest wash cycle using Logix powder. For a tougher wash I use a Finish Quantam tablet.

So for me not the issues you seem to be experiencing.....of course there is the occasional dish that may not wash completely clean, but it is only occasionally.

Hope the above helps


Thank you for that. Filter removed regularly,(at least twice weekly)but never seems to be anything there. Logix 3 in 1 tablet is what we have been using since they were first available.Were suitable for previous machine, so kept using in this one. What i have now done, is bend all of the fingers on the offending side, (bottom R.H.R) just slightly past the vertical, the other way, so the plates now face into the centre, and you guessed it, problem solved!. All this time, and a solution so simple. Fingers were gently bent by hand, so no tool marks would cut the plastic coating, and perhaps cause a rusting problem in the future. Machine now a pleasure to open at the end of the wash.



If I use cold water why doesn't it heat up itself?

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Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter

Not sure is my short answer,
I normally use longest or second longest cycle and have set Rinnai Infinity hot water system in kitchen to 55c. ( I am feeding dishwasher with 55c water at start of wash cycle). By doing this I shorten my washing cycle as washer does NOT have to take time to heat water.
I'm pretty sure dishwasher heats water.though.
I hope this helps.



Whats does E2 signal mean ?

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Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter

A list of all error codes are found in your Stirling Instruction Manual that should have come with your dishwasher, and are found on page 35.
E2 is listed as a Water inlet malfunction

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