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Rude "manager" with no common sense

I had my bicycle stolen inside the building and I just emailed them asking for the cctv footage.
They simply replied my email a rude way, saying that that is not their responsibility and if I want that I had to pay for it.
Useless service.
[name removed] is rude. Not qualified to be a manager.

Disgusting service

Have been waiting a few months to get an engineer to look at a property that has serious termite damage.I have done more chasing around for quotes etc than strata data combined.I mistakenly received an email from [name removed] telling engineer that we were a nightmare to deal with,
signed off with ''heaven help us LOL.I cannot see funny side of unit possibly falling down.You have to chase them all the time,they charge huge fees and laugh behind your back when asked to do their job. Obviously don't care about clients. DON'T USE THEM.

Great service and advice.

Thank you to the team at Strata Data, Sharon is fabulous in the specialist arena of Insurance for Strata / Community titles. Quick responses to questions, really appreciate that. Nothing is too much trouble.

Mark Amar

Just to let you know that your management of meeting skills are some of the best I have seen. Your ability to manage all of our little personalities, keep on track, stick to the agenda and the issue at hand, keep the meeting on time and "diffuse situations of any bulls who choose to lock horns" is outstanding. You come up with solutions and your knowledge of the rules gives me confidence in Strata Data to manage our property

Professional Team Members

As always the Strata Data team members I deal with are extremely professional, knowledgeable and manage our properties to a high standard, one major area is the fact Pat & Lisa are actually respond to emails in a very timely manner, answer the telephone and action our requirements in an exceedingly timely manner.

Very professional

On each occasion I have emailed Megan, she has been very helpful. She responds in a timely manner with informative and factual information. It has been a pleasure dealing with Megan. She is always professional.

Strata Overview

Mark handles any questions within a prompt time frame, any claims are dealt with straight away so there is no waiting around, we are always kept inform of any issues with the property.

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Hi Phil, Thanks for taking to time to leave such an outstanding review of Strata Data’s services, in particular the service you receive from Mark. We do strive to provide an exceptional experience to every client every time and it’s exciting to see that we are walking strong along that path. Naturally, should there be anything further we are able to assist with, please feel free to make contact with us. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Ailsa Court AGM @ Strata Data Office - A/c payments !

The conduct of the meeting was ok - but as usual, and for some time now, my main complaint is that I cannot pay the 1/4ly subs at the front counter, with my credit card. It means that I must firstly travel into town to draw cash from the credit union - then drive home firstly and/or to the burnside post office to lodge a cash payment for the fees, which incur an additional fee for a transaction cost. I drive past the strata data office several times a week, and just a short stop is all that is needed. It also means that I do not receive any points that go towards my amex a/c.

I would be lying if I said that I find this arrangement satisfactory, and it is definitely not a commendable service.

Strata overview.

I am very impressed with Julie's prompt + professionalism when dealing with issues that arise within the complex from time to time. Julie's strategies when dealing with the occasional irate client (AGM) is commendable - her sense of humour helps as well!

Great communication

I am very happy with Lauren and Ashleigh, who manage the strata group. I am kept informed and up to date of all that involves the general strata business. Any questions that I email in to either our both are answered quickly and with sufficient detail to keep me informed. Their communication skills are and dedication are outstanding.

Great service

Lauren is always friendly and responsive to any of my requests and provides excellent advice when I need it. She is very patient.

Very pleased

Anna Johnson is very professional and very pleasant in her manner. An asset to the Business and a very good P.A.

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review. I certainly do agree that Anna is very pleasant and professional and I know that Anna always strives to provide an exceptional experience to every client every time. Should you find yourself requiring assistance with your property, please feel free to contact us here at Strata Data, we are always happy to assist wherever we can. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Prompt Service

Prompt service and help when requested all of the time from Start Data - no complaints with their service for strata

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Hi Greg, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a 5 out of 5 review. Here at Strata Data our clients are important to us and we understand that prompt attention you our clients’ needs is paramount. We look forward to continuing to assist you with the management of your Body Corporate, well in to the future. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Looked afternoon

As I am 700km away I rely on being looked after.
I appreciate the updates and professionalism that I receive

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Hi Darren, Thanks for such an outstanding review. It’s always great to hear that our clients are receiving the professional service that we strive to provide. Naturally, should you require assistance with your property, please feel free to contact your Body Corporate Manager. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Don’t have much contact

The only contact I have with the company is once a year at meetings. The rising costs every year are worrying especially the admin costs as I do not see anything much is done!

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Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback to us. I understand your concerns around increasing costs, It is quite common for levies to increase each year as these levies cover the increasing costs of the Body Corporate. Our responsibility as Body Corporate Managers is to ensure that all known and recurrent expenses for the coming year are compiled in to a budget. This budget is then presented to the Body Corporate at the AGM so that the required level of contribution can be decided upon by the owners at that meeting. Should you have any question relating to the budget accepted by the Body Corporate, your Body Corporate Manager is more than happy to answer them. Feel free to make contact with us any time. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Service Plus

Ashley Hall has given the O.C Sandpiper Place outstanding service over the past year, constantly giving sound advice to a somewhat disfunctional committee.

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Hi J.E.K., Thank you for taking the time to provide such a wonderful review on Strata Data and your Owners Corporation Manager Ashley Hall. Strat Data’s vision is to provide an exceptional experience to every client every time. It’s fantastic to see that Ashley has provided outstanding service to you and your committee over the past year and that the advice you receive from Ashley is sound. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your Owners Corporation well in to the future. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Absolutely useless! Terrible customer service, charging high fees for nothing! Going to change soon

I rarely leave a negative feedback, but this company is absolutely terrible. No maintenance is taking place as planned, complete chaos in the community as they don't really care about anything but charging their fees.

Not able to resolve simple issues! My advice? Look for a better company on Google based on user reviews.

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Hi Alex, Thanks for taking the time to write a review. What you have written is quite concerning as we most definitely don't operate in that manner n dim sorry that you are in a position where you feel that way. Unfortunately, there are times where works are held up due to various reasons such as (but not ,limited to) funding for the works and or approvals from the Office Bearers. Our responsibility is to act upon the instruction from the Corporation from meetings and then from the Office Bearers outside of those meetings. Naturally, I am concerned if instructions are being given to us by the Body Corporate with limited or no action following. As I am unaware of the property location and situation details, it would be great if you could make contact with me directly so that I can look in to the matter and let you know why there is a hold up and get things moving again if I do find a hold up on our end. I can be emailed at mtonellato@stratadata.com.au. I hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Julie Bennett and Casey Medhurst

Julie has been the best Strata Manager we have had so far. She goes the extra mile to be helpful, as does Casey Medhurst. Don't know what we would have done without their support over the various issues we have had.

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Hi Mandy, Thanks for the outstanding 5 star review! It’s fantastic to see that Julie and Casey are going the extra mile to assist you and your Body Corporate to achieve their goals. I know that Julie and Casey are excited to continue working with you and your group in to the future and should there be a need for additional assistance, please feel free to contact me as well. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

prompt attention to problem issues

Prompt responses by Paul and it is a pleasure to work with him. He gets the items for action moving.

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Hi Ian, Thanks for taking the time to write a review on Strata Data and your Body Corporate Manager Paul. I’m very happy to hear that Paul gets your action items moving along and we look forward to continuing to work with you well in to the future. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

Fine with me

We have developed a good relationship over 10 years and the job gets done. Love the AGMs with coffee and cake (Sh! Don't tell everyone or else they'll all wont it. )Love the flexibility that allowed us to do the garden makeover at a much lower cost. I think the personal relationships are what I appreciate. Not just anonymous .

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Hi Glenys B, Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely review on Strata Data. We are here to assist owners in making the Management of their Body Corporate easier and I feel that creating a relationship between our team and our clients is beneficial to all involved. Again, thanks for your kind words and your time in writing this review. Regards, Mark Tonellato Client Relationship Manager

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