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Excellence in Management

I would like to sing the praises of Strata Partners Manager, Bronwyn Dutton. Over the past 6 years, as an owner of various properties, I have had 6 different property management companies, each with different strata managers. Never have I come across such a professional, efficient and interested manager as is the case with Bronwyn Dutton. I have never personally met nor spoken with her by phone having only ever had communication via email. Now theres a skill in itself; Bronwyn Dutton is an excellent communicator, exceptional in the industry in my experience and opinion.
Vicki Reid

Inefficient & Frustrating

I have been involved with numerous Strata Companies in the past that are both professional, efficient and friendly however this is not the case when dealing with Strata Partners. The Strata Manager that looks after our building does not act equally for all owners, with my particular issue been unresolved now for over 12 weeks which means I am unable to live in my apartment.

Non-responsive, inefficient to the extreme

My experience of dealing with Strata Partners have been nothing less than frustrating. Our Managing Agent almost NEVER responds to emails sent by our committee members (despite various follow-ups). Just very frustrating!! Meetings are conducted with a very defensive and almost aggressive tone, rushing through info without any concern for whether or not people understand. Definitely can not recommend.

Poor Service

I agree with the review titled Terrible service. The person who manages my strata plan is NEVER available to take my phone calls, leaving messages to call back are ignored. Strata fees can only be paid through Deft otherwise there is an extra charge.
Totally unacceptable!!

Friendly and Professional

We have been with Strata Partners for one year and I have always found staff to be very supportive and helpful in our endeavors to manage the affairs of our unit block. Any requests are promptly followed up with action.

Excellent Strata Managers

As our Strata Manager, I have found Strata Partners to be polite, friendly and professional.
We are currently going through the experience of a fire order with Northern Beaches Council on our nearly 50 year old building (so quite stressful as you can imagine) but the proactive approach and expert advice we have received from Paul Bailey has been extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.
I have found Paul and Kirsty to be very efficient and always keen to assist with all our day to day requirements.
We were paying our previous strata managers a lot more money in strata fees so any savings that can be made whilst receiving excellent service is always fantastic.
Great attitude and very happy with the attention we receive so I would say that Strata Partners goes beyond expectations and I would recommend them to any executive committee looking to change strata managers.

Terrible service. No accountability

If you read all 5 star reviews; you will see one thing in common. All of those people are part of the executive committee or secretary. What I found; [name removed] knows how to butter up the Executive committee members so he can keep his job. He doesn't care about the owners (technically he is working for). I found his behaviour very bullying the way he comes across. Whenever I have sent out an email about anything; [name removed]'s reply was always non-courteous, under ton of bullying and never replied back in a timely manner. I could go on and on and on.
As an owner; I don't have numbers (votes) to challenge who we can choose as our building management. I guess, we are just stuck with him.

Quality Management

Jamie & Strata Partners have managed our block of 13 units for the 10 years I've lived here. Our block has more than it's fair share of design & building defects as well as routine & emergency issues. I couldn't be happier with the way our block is managed & the way I've been communicated with the entire time. Owning a unit or being a resident in a block is not always ideal but we can't all afford a house so to have a quality manager you can trust is surely the next best thing. I've been involved in lots of unit schemes over the years but this is by far my best management experience.

Professional and efficient

As our Strata Manager I have always found Richard Gintel to be friendly and efficient.

I have held the role of Secretary on the Executive Committee for several years now and have relied on Richard and his team to react promptly to my inquiries and find solutions to our problems.

I value Richard's professionalism and appreciate his support on all Strata matters.

Like pulling teeth - Appalling

I find their conduct, and professionalism to be of the lowest standard, the manager would be shocked applying for a position on the open market.
Communication & feedback is non-existent, they are incapable of forward planning, and management by crisis is their signature. Reactive is his only tool in his bag of tricks, absent of any leadership skills. They do not care about anyone. NO common curtesy, NO accountability & definitely NO pride in their work.
It’s like the blind leading the blind, palming off all responsibility to others, constantly undermining solution based logic, subservient and submissive to a bulling minority, spineless & incapable of any meaningful action/conduct.
Desensitised, oblivious and an aimless organisation they are.

7 years as strata manager says it all

As past Secretary, now Chair, of a large (81 apartments) high valued, harbourside development, I have relied on Strata Partners (SP) for the last 7 years for all the tricky matters. We look to specialists eg legal, building maintenance and engineering, for our unique needs. SP has not let us down. Up to 30 owners attend our executive meetings and they see SP operate first hand. The executive has not receive one complaint against SP from residents

Don't bother

If you want a professional, polite and efficient strata company then don't choose this one. They overcharge for their level of service. They do not communicate well and you often have to call multiple times to get anything dealt with. They choose to build relationships with the executive committee and use that to their own advantage and don't really care about communicating with the other owners. Phone conversations never seem to be polite and are more defensive than productive. You have to kick up a stink before anything is acted upon. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Integrity, compassion and understanding

As our Strata Manager, I personally found Jamie Howard to be a man of integrity, compassion and understanding. This is written as an owner at 2 Lindsay Street, Neutral Bay, since 2000, and as one who has served on the Body Corporate Committee for a number of years. It is disappointing Strata Partners no longer manage our block.

Excellent Strata Managers

I am currently Chairman and formerly Secretary of a 19 unit Kirribilli block of units built in the 1960's. Strata Partners has provided the building with outstanding high quality service for the past eight years. The Managing Director, and the three Strata Managers we have had over this period and they and their support staff have all given
prompt service and excellent advice during a period of major renovations. During the 30 years I have been involved in the building we have had a number of Managing Agents, but none of them provided a service comparable
to what Strata Partners provides. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other buildings.

The Personal Touch

In a small block of 27 units it is essential to have a Strata Manager, who is not only efficient in the day to day management but one who understands the varying problems of the individual residents, both tenants and owners.
For the last 10 years we have been privileged to have Paul Bailey and his wonderful team at Strata Partners who are without equal in all aspects of building management.

A 'phone call quickly produces an excellent contractor, paperwork is impeccable, Meetings run smoothly. The real bonus, however, is the personal touch and the feeling that they really care about your personal concerns and respond with advice and support.

Excellent Strata Managers

I am the secretary of a Body Corporate which engaged Strata Partners 12 years ago to manage our 1966 27 unit brick and tile building. We have found Paul Bailey and his reliable assistant, Kirsty Noad, to be prompt and efficient. We are very comfortable with Paul's advice, his wealth of experience and knowledge. We have never had the need to question Strata Partners fees and claims for disbursements because we consider we receive value, and service, for money spent. I have a co-operative and cordial relationship with our Strata manager and staff.

Highly Recommended

I have been dealing with Strata Partners for 19 years, 13 of those as an office bearer as either Secretary or Treasurer on the Executive Committee of a block of 27 units. During this time, and especially during my dealings with them as an office bearer, I found them to be efficient and knowledgeable and always keen to assist above and beyond their contracted duties. Our strata plan is an older building built in the 1960’s and there have been occasions where the time committed to some of our problems by our nominated manager over the years has been very generous when compared to the monthly fees charged. I would have no hesitation in recommending Strata Partners as a strata manager.

Good Strata Managers are Gold!

I have worked with Strata Partners, Paul Bailey and his team for 13 years – our building has 24 Units across 3 blocks. The service we have received is professional, efficient and courteous. I am very grateful to work with an organisation that runs a tight ship and a Strata Manager that is knowledgeable and does the job really well with a great attitude. You definitely get what you pay for. Good Strata Managers are gold!

Best In The Business

Our building of 74 units in Surry Hills switched to Strata Partners several years ago after hearing very favourable reports about their friendly, efficient service. An executive committee chairman I know - who owns multiple properties in different units blocks - told us they were the best building managers he'd ever dealt with. The prompt service we've received from Toby Noad during the past few years backs that up. He works incredibly hard to make sure our building runs well. The EC is very happy with the attention we receive.

PS. I noticed a scathing review in this section which beggars belief. A cynic might assume it was inserted by a jealous rival strata manager, because it simply doesn't ring true. Either that, or the person complaining is genuine but has his facts mixed up. Maybe he should look more closely at his real estate agent or his building's EC.

Great Operators

As a Property Manager, I give Strata Partners the thumbs up. I jump up and down with joy when I see Strata Partners are the managers of some of our properties. I know things will get done in a timely manner. It's never a problem contacting them, they return calls and are quick to respond to work orders and requests. Unlike other strata companies that don't answer their phones, don't return calls and make the simplest request like ordering a security key or fob a mammoth task. Keep up the good work!

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Questions & Answers

I have found them as just compliance people - don't do much work themselves and charge a fortune Anyone else find this?
2 answers
Reeny, I suspect your comment is unfounded, i don't know any strata managers who "charge a fortune" as you say, its an industry that earn well below other professionals that look after property trust funds, safety and legal compliance. As far as not doing work ourselves its a matter of facilitation. We don't "fix things" but what we do do is organise the best people to attend to our clients needs in the most efficient and effective way. Happy to discuss your concerns either on line or off line. Paul Bailey, Licensee, Strata PartnersAgree with you Reeny. I find Strata Partners to be appalling - no ethics and bunch of rogues. Stay clear of them. We found out the hard way and are moving on from them. Go to other strata companies - life is too short.

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